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Friday, March 31, 2006

Failed to get JPA Scholarship - First Complaint of the Year

Posted by Chong

I was very excited when I received phone call from a friend of mine saying that he was short-listed for the JPA Scholarship Interview. After congratulating him, I quickly logged on to JPA Scholarship Interview Short-List. I typed in my IC number and clicked the 'hantar' button. To my surprise, I saw the following message.
Maaf. Permohonan [my IC number] tidak berjaya.

Suddenly, I shouted: "Unfair, our government is unfair!"

My mother came out from the kitchen (she was busy washing dinner plates at that moment) and tried to comfort me. After five minutes, I finally accepted the truth, the evil truth.

Yes, I am a straight As student. I got nine 1As and two 2As for my 2005 SPM. I still remember the day SPM result was released. I was quite happy and depressed at the same time when I received my SPM results. I scored 1As in Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris, Sejarah, Matematik, Matematik Tambahan, Fizik, Kimia, Biologi and English for Science and Technology (EST). I even got 1A for my GCE O level (English 1119). However, I got 2As in my Pendidikan Moral and Bahasa Cina.

The first question I had asked myself was 'Am I a Chinese?'. These two subjects are the SPM subjects taken by most Chinese students. I speak Chinese and think in Chinese. I even took part in Chinese Debate Competition at national level last year. Why can't I get 1As for Bahasa Cina? Pendidikan Moral is just another 'kacang' or simple-to-score subject for most of the students. Later in the evening, I applied JPA Scholarship for the course Computer Science. I knew that I was decreasing my chance if I applied Medic, Pharmacy or Engineering related course.

I never realize that our government is such evil that JPA didn't give me a chance to attend the interview. For sure, I will not blame the government if I failed in the interview. Why can't YOU give me a chance?

I can't sleep tonight although it is 3:23am as I write this post. I want to log the first JPA complaint of the year in this blog. I am sure that this is the first complaint after checking the local medias' websites.

After reading my own post, The Numbers Tell the Truth, I feel that I am too childish to complain anything in this case. Perhaps there are many more As candidates out there fail to go to the interview. Perhaps many straight 1As students target Computer Science. Perhaps I will do better in my STPM... I start to feel asleep now.

For those succeed to win the Scholarships in the end, make sure you really appreciate it and feel thankful to our government. Malaysia Boleh!

Update: I rechecked on 3rd April 2006 and found out that I was short-listed to attend the JPA Scholarship Interview.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shortage of scholarships..??

Posted by Plunny

On the previous entry about scholarships....Here is some extra information....Take a look here....especially the saucy comments...


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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I, Chong

Posted by Chong

I am a boy, an 18-year-old boy this year. My name is Chong and I live in Malaysia and just got my 2005 SPM results on March 13. I scored straight A (nine 1As and two 2As) in my SPM and 1A in my GCE O Level (English 1119). However, I want to make it clear that I am very weak in English, so please kindly report any grammatical or spelling error(s) if you find out one. I am Being a Chinese, I speak Cantonese at home and Mandarin with my friends.

As a lower sixth former this year, I'm interested in education in Malaysia especially on academics. Being a computer scientist is my ambition and getting into Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is my biggest challenge now. I blog regularly on Malaysia Students - a team blog on Malaysian major examinations including SPM and STPM. I love anonymity though you might call me "penembak curi" but I realize the dangers of revealing my true identity in the online world including the blogosphere. Malaysia is not as open as you might have thought, at least not now.

I started blogging since year 2005 but stopped in April last year because I had to focus on my SPM examinations. I was a beginner blogger until I really learned blogging in December last year. I read others’ blogs and started my own. I did a search using Google to find a blog created for Malaysian students and to my surprise, none of the results is the kind of blog I have expected. So, I start this blog as a community project on March 1 and hope other bloggers and readers can join us.

I want to make it clear that Malaysia Students is a community project and is owned by all of us (the community). Everyone can participate, contribute and support this blog by being a regular reader and/or commenter. Contributors will be added regularly and you can be a contributor too!

Thanks to all contributors, especially Reign226 who is an active poster at Malaysia Students. If you are a reader reading this post, thank you for supporting Malaysia Students, a growing online community blog for Malaysian students.

Update: Corrections on grammatical errors. Special thanks to efecp.

Update: Added a new paragraph (second paragraph) about my ambition to be a computer scientist.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Post-STPM guidelines.

Posted by Reign226

Haha, I feel a certain sense of the blind leading the deaf by doing this article, but I guess something's better than nothing. I can't really find any other blogs out there that talk about post-STPM activities extensively, so all the more reason to visit this blog more often ^^.

Okay, let's start by pouring cold water on everybody's faces: you might not get the course you want. There are people out there who blindly put in their STPM choices, sometimes even putting in Biomedical Sciences when they didn't do well in their STPM. Therefore, I hope that everybody will visit Ji Fen and get the respective university's guidelines for the academic year 2005/2006.

Let me elaborate on the methodology of Ji Fen. After much thought, I have finally arrived at the methods they use to compile the reports. Every year, they will interview students who have successfully entered university and gather two bits of important information: Which faculty they are in, and what grades did they get.

So for example, they will visit UM's Law Faculty and interview ALL the law students there and then compile out a list that gives the maximum CGPA of the law students enrolled there, the minimum CGPA and the average CGPA. Thus the reports for 2005/2006 is actually for last year's STPM candidates who has already enrolled into the local public university.

So far, the report stretches back two years, and if you consult both year's reports, it gives you a fairly firm picture of the CGPAs of people who have successfully entered university. So for example, if you got 3.00, please don't apply for UM Engineering because all engineering courses in UM never had students who scored less than 3.40 (with the exception of Materials Engineering).

The only real question is how the grades might fluctuate year to year. So there is still an element of surprise, but Jifen is still in my opinion an invaluable tool to gauge your chances of getting in.

Anyway, now that you have sent in your BPKP form, it's now time to contemplate the possibility that you might not get selected for a course. Every year it happens. Sometimes you can have really high grades and yet not be offered the course you want. Think of it as the Malaysianberg Uncertainty Principle. It's a fun thing that keeps all STPM candidates on their feet in anticipation.

My advice would be, if you can afford it, to just choose and enroll in a private institution first, like MMU, UTAR, UNITEN, etc. Your classes start somewhere in May/June but the BPKP results will be out only on the end of June. I'm not sure if there will be a second intake after the end of June, but this is one way of doing things.

For those applying for courses that has an interview (yours truly included), be on your toes during mid April when they announce the list of people who qualify for the interview.

Anyway, there will be a three month wait for all of us. So kick back, relax, enjoy. Because you really can't do anything else right now. ^^

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Posted by Plunny

As usual, right after the announcement of STPM and SPM results, application of who knows what type of scholarships goes round and round....Be it straight A's scorers or not, they must be thousands of applicants for one single type of scholarship offered....Be it from the government or giant companies in our so called beloved country that offer either scholarships or loan or sponsorship for further studies...Of course in hope of nurturing potential talents for future establishment...

But lets get it really straight...Exactly how much quota are reserved for non bumi's applicants..?? Unless of course you score 15A1 then I guess that's out of bound whether you carry the aborigines of this country or not....Just look deeper and clearer into our country BRILLIANT education system....Exactly how many percent of aboriginal gets a flat score?? And you can bet your head that those who did are going overseas under full sponsored of non other than government whose so willingly to SEND them abroad to so call produce the next generation leader...(Majority of these beneficiaries either never return to their mother land OR return with non other than a memory full of HAPPY HOLIDAYS abroad and BOUGHT certificates....You named it what sorts of bachelors they got) Seriously, if you want to compare the quotes, try quoting the percentage of top scorers with race......Don't be surprise to find out the majority happens to be not the NATIVES.....I'm certainly not exaggerating....If you have problem believing....Go scout around non bumi's straight A's scorers...Especially the Chinese.....Exactly how many of them actually manage to get hold of the JPA scholarships..?? Of course they are...Perhaps one out of ten..?? How generous, the government hasn't forget us the third class citizen in this wonderful race discrimination country (Not being discriminative but look at the bigger picture, the whole country's system is doing it. I'm nothing but a tiny dot ) Even the state scholarships are doing the same thing...What to do..?? After all we're still under the same system ain't we......?? The same country....

For more information, you can check it out here, the comments presents self confessed ex-citizens who's living happily in who knows what country now and proudly admits they didn't bother to pay back the loan they got from the certain parties....(Providing you're not an aboriginal) Why??? Simple...Pay or not pay...You're still not coming back because even if you do, you're nothing but a dot that no one even cares. (Unless of course if you represent the country in potential International ranking sports like Badminton or Squash) ....Obviously their permanent residence ABROAD now are much more better, proves a hell lot that its not your races nor colour that matters, its your brain...And unfortunately, that's just not the top priority in the hierarchy of this country..

The same applies for private giant company's scholarships....For an instance, the giant Airline Company who's suffering from loss every year....Or the giant Oil Company that actually has to change their signature colour in the new Formula One season even though they're practically SPONSORING some particular team...???? Perhaps you still can say since they're local born empire.....Its still acceptable that they choose to support back their descendants in HOPING for producing better talents in the company in the latter world......But then....They are still giant foreign companies that plant their roots in our BOLEH LAND......Heck...That makes them even more recklessly invest in our so call local talents.....Why..?? Hello....Your making a living from someone else's land, its just a reasonable return to the natives right..? So true but when their returns go biased to REAL NATIVES instead of REAL TALENTS...

For example.....Someone I know who failed a not so relevant subject and scored an average CGPA in his STPM actually got selected for the airline scholarship interview....While another friend of mine scored two A's and hardly even heard a mouse squeaking about the scholarships....If this STPM scene is too obscene....What about the fellow that score 4A's in SPM manage to get a FULL scholarships and soon to be a pilot..?? But straight A's scorers just landed in the hard wrecked STPM..?? Reason behind this scene..?? Simple...They happen to be Chinese....And well...If you're too smart a Chinese....Erm...You get the picture....I'll just quote another example.......In my SPM year....I was an average scorer and still applied for the Oil Company's scholarship.....And well as expected I wasn't selected for the interview...So are my fellow friends who score flat.....But the thing is.....Some of our natives friends got selected with results similar to mine.....And the only non bumi's friend I know selected for interview...Happen to score half the amount of some straight A's scorers..?? Well....Easily said.....If you're not the first class citizens aka MALAY or second class aka natives.....You have to be REALLY average only.....If you're not the unlucky third class like us...Apply if you have scored average and above...The probability of you hitting the jackpot is like ten times higher than us....

Anyway.....This entry is not to discourage any scholarships applicants....Its just some information and you're free to judge and doubt of course....But well I guess our surroundings and news will prove it.....You can still try....In fact...You MUST try.....You can't lose the chances right...And if you're really good...Sooner or later you're gonna be discovered....Whether by other parties or you SHINE yourself out...All the best to all applicants out there...!!!

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Friday, March 17, 2006

STPM Results Announcement

Posted by Reign226

Well, the STPM results have been announced officially yesterday. I didn't as well as I had hoped (guess I shoot pretty high, haha) but nonetheless, now students everywhere will be faced with an important decision in life: which university do I apply to?

The number of people who obtained more than 3 principals is quite high, about 30,000 students if not mistaken. This also means that more than half would have failed at least one subject, which is a pretty shocking rate of attrition but a relatively normal thing for STPM. For the 30,000-odd of us who passes through this hurdle in our journey towards a local public university, another hurdle remain in the form of the anachronistic BPKP/UPU system. By the end of the day, there will be at least another round of attrition and letters crying foul over the selection system come July, as it does every year.

Negative sentiments aside, I'm going to wait for the Ji Fen report for this year before finally committing to my 8 choices. The report should be out in a few days time.

I'm not going to elaborate on how this report came about, other than it represents a pretty accurate, if perhaps horrifying, insight into the true nature of the toughness of the courses at certain universities. At UM and USM, most of the applicants for the field of engineering average with a CGPA above 3.3.

My advice to you would be to be realistic in your choices. If you didn't get a good score, save yourself the trouble of applying for the top universities. There is a practical side to this advice in that if you choose a course in which you are qualified for as a 4th choice, then the person who put it as their 1st will get it first, and you might not be offered a place when they finally reach the 4th round of processing and all the people who put that course as their 1st, 2nd or 3rd choices get their places and the course is full, thus denying you the place you otherwise would've gotten.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

2005 SPM Results – The Numbers Tell the Truth

Posted by Chong

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination results released on Monday, March 13 and here are the numbers that catch my attention.

Education director-general Datuk Dr Ahamad Sipon said 945 candidates scored 1As for all their subjects – 283 more than in the previous year.
- The Star, 14 March 2006.

Well done to all straight A1 scorers! The number reveals that many candidates get excellent results for their SPM 2005. I am sure that all or at least 99 percent of them apply JPA scholarship.

For those have no idea what JPA is, JPA scholarship is a full scholarship offered by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Malaysia (JPA) for SPM leavers t o continue their studies abroad. Offered by our government, this scholarship is very famous because the successful applicants can further their studies in universities in countries such as USA, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Before you think highly about our government for the great scholarship, I want to show you two other numbers.

4779 candidates scored straight A. (945 scored straight A1 and 3834 scored straight A1+A2)
– Sin Chew Daily, 14 March 2006.

This year, JPA is offering 1290 scholarships for SPM 2005 leavers.

Not good in math? Let me do the math for you. Let say all straight A1 candidates win the scholarships, the remaining scholarships will be 1290945 = 345 scholarships. So, all 3834 straight A1+A2 candidates have to compete against each others to win the remaining 345 scholarships. In other words, only less than 9 percent of them succeed to win the scholarships.

I can assure you that there will be news on excellent candidates failed to get JPA scholarships after the winners of the scholarship have been announced. We (Well, I am one of the straight A1+A2 SPM scorers) can do nothing to change this scenario. The only thing we can do now is to apply JPA scholarship online and forget about it. For those who are not 2005 SPM candidates, just sit back and watch.

Feeling depressed? Make sure you don’t follow M. Valsala Menon’s action of falling three floors from the school building after receiving her SPM results recently. If you are really depressed, open up and talk to your family members or friends. Talk to us here at Malaysia Students if you like.

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Posted by Plunny

Supposingly introduce yourself as one of the contributor in this site...I'm currently waiting for my STPM results which is due in less than 24 hours...Interesting ain't it....In this very moment, i'm freaking out waiting for the deadly hour and yet introducing myself here in this very blog...

I came to know this blog through Reign226...And i'm not very good at this sort of self introducing things...But none the less, visit my personal blog if you want to know more....

Last, you can call me Plunny....Cheers....=)

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Monday, March 13, 2006


Posted by Reign226

There is something I feel needs to talked about and this has to do with percentages in the STPM results. You've probably met the teacher (or students of a teacher) who likes to go, "If you get 60% and above for mock, sure get A one!"

I dunno. Maybe these teachers feel like they are doing a service to the students by calming down their fears, or maybe it's because we live in a society that places A's above all else that even the teachers, who are supposed to be proponents of a holistic, well-rounded education system, is trapped into saying these supposedly soothing words.

Before I go on, allow me to give you some statistics for the past year results:

2003: 60,000 candidates, around 760 who scored 4.0 CGPA.
2004: 70,000 candidates, around 350 who scored 4.0 CGPA.

Percentage wise:

2003: 1.2% of candidates scored straight As.
2004: 0.5% of candidates scored straight As.

So if you are in a class of 50 students, you will gerengtee score A if you are placed between the top 0.25 to 0.6 in class. Since a student cannot exist as 0.25 or 0.6th of a person, then logically none of the classes will get straight A students, so nobody in the nation will get straight A.

C'mon people, these statistics are useless. It doesn't matter if you're placed top in the class or not. By comparing yourself to these standards, you can be the jaguh kampung and still come out with paltry results.

Focus more on studying and less on speculating. So kepoh for what? ^^

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

An Open Letter.

Posted by Reign226

This link points you to a very enlightening letter sent by Prof Azmi Sharom, an associate professor of the Law Faculty in UM. It is interesting in that, in the history of the Malaysian education system, I have never seen anything even approaching CLOSE to the kind of vocal criticisms that the professor voiced out. In fact, I'm even more amazed that it's published in a newspaper that has been long regarded as just a mouthpiece of the government.

Kudos to The Star and doubly so to the great professor for writing history.

Most of us know (and don't worry if you don't know. That's why you are here) that the local public universities have been slowly on a decline. DAP leader Mr Lim Kit Siang himself have put forth many articles on his blog on what he thinks is a crisis in higher education, and I can't agree more.

Conceptually, there are several flaws of our education system, most prominent of which is the inter-mingling orgy of cross-breeding and shameless fornication between the ruling political party and the higher echelons of university administration. This can potentially be a problem for an unstable country where the nation's minds can be hijacked to achieve trecherous consequences. But Malaysia isn't such a country, and freedom must be accorded to universities so that their intellectual endaevours is not tied down by needless bureaucracy.

Yes, I understand that this is Malaysia and freedom is seen as a dirty word by some, but without it, there is little hope of achieving “world-class” universities.

Intellectualism cannot grow in a repressive atmosphere.

We all know that in this country, there are many laws that restrict our freedom to express ourselves, but the irony is that for lecturers and students there are additional laws levelled at them.

You must be aware of the University and University Colleges Act – that wonderful piece of legislation designed to ensure that university students are little more than secondary school pupils.

According to this law, we can’t say anything for or against government policy without getting ministerial permission first.

There is a point to be said here. The UUCA is a law passed to basically limit freedom among the local university students and academicians alike. The fact that the Opposition parties in university has always faced harrassment is something to think about. I feel that university students are encouraged not to think too much about the uni-level elections and just vote for anybody (Anybody being the pro-government party). This in my view creates a wrong and diseased meme for all students, who will grow up carrying this habit of not caring about politics and simply voting.

The fact is that, any level-headed person will see that an Opposition is required in any democracy. It wouldn't be called a democracy otherwise. Earlier this year, the opposition parties basically boycotted the university elections citing unfair treatment and harassment. And this is, sadly true as I have read personal experiences of people who went for the elections. They have these groups who terrorize and basically make life hard for anybody working for or sympathetic to the opposition. Would any sane person do this? I cannot think of a reason for this kind of behaviour other than that it is sponsored by people in certain quarters who would like to see the voices of the opposition silenced.

Unfortunately, rational thought and level-headed thinking is something that is lacking in our culture, which is still steeped in religious beliefs and propaganda. The fault has to lie with the administration of the university, and by indirect correlation, the ruling political party, which stands to enjoy the greatest gains from this unholy alliance.

Why don’t you just leave the day-to-day running of the universities in the hands of the universities? I bet the Ministry has enough on its plate without having to decide about trivial things like professorial promotions and the approving of leave for academics to go to conferences and holidays overseas.

Indeed. I couldn't agree more. I hope that more people will be exposed to the injustices in our education system. I am appalled that most would prefer to remain katak di bawah tempurung and not seek to advance understanding of something so important in their lives (I am referring of course to students themselves). I hope that you have learnt something valuable from this post and carry this knowledge with you everywhere. Once again, I am pleasently surprised that such a vocal, critical opinion has been published. Let's hope that in the next few months, the good professor does not suddenly disappear from sight. =D

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Friday, March 10, 2006

The Introduction.

Posted by Reign226

Hello, I'm a new contributor to this blog and since this is my first post, I suppose I should give a proper introduction so that all of you can know me better and maybe invite me out for a teh-tarik or something sometimes.

My name is not important. No really. Don't you find it a chore to try and remember a stranger's name sometimes? A popular poll conducted by AskQuestions Sdn Bhd recently concluded that 90% of all people forget the names of strangers they have been introduced to within the first 10 minutes. Unless of course the person is from the opposite sex and is reasonably attractive.

I usually go with the monicker Reign226. I'm a frequent poster at a place called ReCom, which is a pretty robust community of students in Malaysia. I strongly urge you to check out their forums especially for information regarding scholarships.

Currently I'm waiting for my STPM results, which is due out next week I believe. Hopefully I will be able to regale you with stories of my journey towards university then. However, there's some bad news: performance of Mathematics, Computer Studies and Chinese dropped this year. Now this might not seem like a big deal, but if you take into account the fact that last year's results suffered a 50% decrease in straight-A scorers compared to 2003, then things become a little bit more interesting.

If you are an STPM student, you're welcome to leave comments here and link to your own blogs. It's always fun to read about fellow STPM-ers who have fought through this tough examination. I can't explain it but I feel a certain sense of camaraderie for them.

Anyway I shall end the post here. Not very informative, I know, but that way, things can only get better ^^. I hope that the other contributors can also give a short blurb about themselves, so I can get to know the people I am working with.

(Reign226 also maintains a personal blog here where he usually blogs about things that nobody cares about.)

Update: Link to personal blog removed.

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SPM and STPM Results out Next Week

Posted by Chong

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2005 results and Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) 2005 results will be released on March 13 and 16 respectively.

The timing of the release after the National Service (NS) second intake and before the third intake was to ensure that SPM candidates could get their results from their schools respectively. In the past, students undergoing NS had to obtain SPM results in the campsites.

A total of 438,132 students sat for the SPM examination last year while 81,142 took the STPM. Students can obtain their results from the school from 11.00 am while private students will get their results via post. This year, STPM 2005 students can check their results via SMS. First, type STPM, followed by your identity card number and send to 39003.

According to Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, a ceremony honouring top SPM students was expected to be held on March 14.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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Why don't we (as Malaysian students) create a free-of-charge website for Malaysian students? After taking into careful consideration, we have finally come out with an idea to create a blog like this since it is free (powered by Blogger) and easy to manage.

The contributors of Malaysia Students are Reign226, BooNBoX, TyplotioN, Carrs L, Melanie, Alphonso Tan and Chong. In addition to that, Plunny is Malaysia Students' former contributor. We will post education news and articles regularly on this blog. Since our main vision is to create an online community, you are most welcomed to be a contributor. To apply to be a contributor, please read Invitation to be a Contributor.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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