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Monday, June 16, 2008

Popular Surveying Courses

Posted by Erlina

I bet that no one is interested in this topic but these courses are getting on the track starting from few years back. Surveying is the science of determining the relative positions of points above, on or beneath the surface of the earth (both land and sea) through the collection and analysis of data. You will need prior study in mathematics and not forgetting evidence of good numerical skills.

Land Surveying

Land surveying concerns the science and art of determining natural and man-made features on the Earth’s surface for different purposes. These include specifying boundaries and ownership of land, determining exact boundaries within which construction should take place, establishing the positions and shapes of a certain area to produce topographical maps and surveying sea areas for port constructions or harbor maintenance.

US Land Survey Officer
Surveyor at work with a leveling instrument. Image by Wikipedia.

You will learn to use equipment, techniques, and hardware of profession necessary to measure horizontal and vertical angles and distances including theodolites, compasses, remote sensing equipment, global positioning receivers and so on.

The archaeologist is surveying
An archaeologist is surveying. Photo by Wessex Archaeology.

Building surveying

If you like the thought of working on projects that range from multi-million ringgit developments to small renovation and conservation schemes, consider building surveying.

This course will train you to scrutinize and assess building plans to see if it is fit for occupancy, estimate damages of a building which has been ravaged by fire, flood or structural failure, and provide survey results to local authorities about any refurbishment work that needs to be done in a building. It contains elements of law related to building and safety, estimation value of property and construction of knowledge.

The degree balances the elements of practical and professional skills necessary for employment, and the academic theory which is required as a foundation of the field. Through the course, you will achieve the intellectual and personal skills necessary to follow a successful career in the areas of building surveying, building control, facilities management, maintenance management and building conservation.

Quantity Surveying

Majority of students choose this course in Malaysia. Quantity surveying involves the technical study of analyzing and measuring the quantities of raw materials required for construction projects. Before a construction project can take off, it needs a quantity surveyor to calculate the quantity and cost of the materials and labor required for the building work.

You will gain balanced instruction between the development of practical skills necessary for employment and academic theory required to support professional practice. Key themes in the programme include principles of quantity surveying and constructions economics. Essential to the course are fieldwork in quantity surveying practice, land surveying and interdisciplinary project work. Information technology (IT) is a tool you won’t be able to do without and is utilized in the most modules.

As a graduate, you may choose to specialize in the building, civil engineering, refurbishment or maintenance sectors of the construction industry.

Property Consultancy and Valuation Surveying

This course prepares you to work as valuers. As a valuer, you will be involved in the valuation of property, property consultancy, estate agency as well as market and feasibility studies, investment advisory and project management. In short, you put a price tag on property.

This course will equip you with knowledge which can be applied to activities such as estimating how much a property(house, shopping mall, hotel, golf course, etc) is worth. You will also learn property law, economics, property investment and ways to enhance the value of property.

The programme will provide you with and education in the financial, legal, planning and construction aspects of property in the context of the general investment market and give you a thorough understanding of the economic functioning of built environment.

As a graduate, you may be employed as a valuer, estate agent, property of consultant or investment advisor, developer and planner. You can gain further professional qualifications to become a Chartered Surveyor.

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