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Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Should You Expect in Form Six / STPM?

Posted by Chong

I think all lower sixth formers had gone through their orientation week since enrolled into form six on the 15th of May, 2007 and have been streamed into their chosen streams and classes before the midyear break which commenced on the last Saturday. Being the vice president of my school form six student council, I myself have had a busy yet satisfied week organizing activities for lower sixth formers. While it was fun to meet new friends and play games with them, I found that majority of them are not well prepared themselves to meet the upcoming challenges in form six – the main challenge will be to successfully enrol into local public university and get the chosen course after form six.

Some of them, sad to tell, were still in the holiday mood while a few had their hair dyed in fancy colours (maroon seems to be the most popular colour) on their form six registration day. Did they expect form six to be free of any school rules especially rules on proper attire and pleasant appearance? In this post, I am going to write on what you should and at the same time shouldn't expect in form six.
  • Lax school rules – I notice that the administrators of school usually treat sixth formers more lenient compared to form one to five students. While Ministry of Education of Malaysia does not grant permission for governmental schools to allow students to bring mobile phones to school, schools usually ignore this regulation when it comes to sixth formers.

    While the school may not be promoting the sixth formers to bring mobile phones to school, administrators usually close their eyes to it, as long as sixth formers do not violate the rules too obviously. In other words, do not use their handphones during the teaching and learning process, show off them to form one to five students or use them to play songs or music in front of their teachers.

    The same lax school rules apply to attire. The days when the discipline teachers pull you out during the assembly to humiliate you because your hair (for male only) are longer than permitted or you have a fashionable hair style are gone! However, I would like to stress that while some school administrators choose to shut their eyes on sixth formers, you should always follow the rules and regulations. Bear in mind that we live in a world governed by laws and regulations and hence we could never run away from them. We should train ourselves to adhere to the rules instead of breaking them.

  • No textbooks; reference books are used instead – Yes, you don’t have official textbooks for all STPM subjects. Hence you don’t have to apply Textbook Loan Scheme (Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks, SPBT). Instead, you could buy any reference books and use them in your class as textbooks. While some teachers will recommend certain reference books for you, it is your decision to buy which reference books from which publishers for your STPM subjects.

    Thanks to the salesmen, teachers will often have many sample copies of reference books from different publishers. I would suggest you to borrow the sample copies of your teachers to compare them and perhaps make the right decision of which reference books suit you best and which to buy.

    For your information, it is illegal to make a pirated copy of the original reference book as it infringes the copyright laws. So I highly recommend you to buy the original reference books from the local bookstores. If you do not afford to buy them, why don’t you apply Biasiswa Kelas Persediaan Universiti (BKPU) Sastera or Sains offered by federal government? For your information, you will get RM90 per month if you are granted BKPU (Sastera) while RM110 per month for BKPU (Sains). You can apply for this scholarship during the first month of your lower sixth; enquire your teacher-in-change for more information.

  • Teachers guide you instead of feeding you – The teacher will act more like a lecturer lecturing the students using transparency and visuals from compact discs (CD) prepared by Ministry of Education. Do not expect your teachers to be feeding you with comprehensive notes and detailed explanations like they used to in your secondary education. The teachers will regard you as young adults instead of ignorant teenagers since you are now completing your pre-tertiary education. Self-learning is a keyword for your success in form six. You are just one step away from the university!

  • A lot of assignments, presentations, projects and practicals – You should expect your form six life to be very hectic with many homework assignments, presentations, projects and Science practicals to complete. You should learn how to search for information online, create presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint and complete projects if you are not familiar with them. A little computer skills will surely make your life easier.

  • Quizzes, tests and exams – Quizzes to test your understanding of certain topics; monthly tests to force you to revise what you have learnt so far; midyear exams, final year exams and trial exams which challenge you to do better and do your best in the actual Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) examinations. Not to forget Malaysian University English Test (MUET) that you are going to take once, twice or even thrice to get your desirable results or bands. Mind you that you have to get Band 3 or above to qualify yourselves to enrol into degree level courses offered at local public universities.

  • Learn Mathematics and Science subjects in English – Since you (SPM 2006) are the last batch of students studying SPM Science and Mathematics subjects in Malay, you are going to experience the drastic change in medium of learning. Like it or not, you have to adapt yourselves to learn these subjects in English. Personally, once I have overcome the obstacles to learn in English, I find learning Mathematics and Science subjects in English very enjoyable. Since English is the international language and most resources and information available on the internet are in English, learning these subjects in English is certainly an advantage.

  • Leader of club, society and uniform body – Sixth formers are usually elected to hold the crucial positions in most clubs, societies and uniform bodies since members are confident that sixth formers have valuable experiences in leading an organization or carrying out an activity. This is not true, however, if you come to another secondary school to study your form six as your former secondary school does not offer form six. In that case, members tend to choose form five popular students or former students from that secondary school instead of “strangers” (sixth formers) to hold crucial positions. Read more about assessment of co-curricular activity participation.

Form six is very meaningful to most of the people that have gone through it. One of our blog contributors, Melanie wrote “Form 6, [n]o regrets” at the end of her STPM Blues post and I totally agree with her on this. Do you have other expectations for your form six? What do you expect in your form six life? Do comment to share them with us.
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  1. As a former form 6 student, I have deep sentiments towards it. Honestly, it's a very good one and a half year for me in terms of personal growth and maturity.To my opinion, form 6 is not a bad choice at all.

    However, when one considers about form 6, there are considerable amount of drawbacks one should take note. First of all, form 6 is a very tough program. The time in form 6 is certainly not a bed of roses. To get something out of form 6, one must study. There will be a great deal of efforts and patience. You will need the discipline to study as much as 8 hours a day when time comes. I am not kidding when I said 8 hours. Please don't drop your jaw, because this is the extent of craziness that form 6 demands from a student. If you are not prepared to do so, think twice, form 6 might not be your choice.

    If one really plans to go to local university, there are more reasons for you to study extremely hard. If you hadn't know, a cgpa of 3.5 will not get you any good course. Even courses like forensic science, physiotherapy etc etc will need a cgpa of 4.0 to ensure entrance to such courses. Do keep in mind, the percentage of students getting those grades is less than 1%. So it is seriously difficult to get such grades.

  2. hello there .is it true that stpm in science steam is very hard.i heard from my friend chemistry is divided to 4 different part.is it true?can you explain all about chemistry and physic stpm.i mean how much paper i have to answer in chemistry and physic subject.also about math t.is it same as add math or it more like basic math in spm.i hope you can answer my question in fast time.

  3. I personally find that STPM science stream, when compared to SPM, is extremely hard. I do believe that STPM art stream is tougher than SPM arts. However, STPM is hard or not is very subjective and hence I would suggest you to ask others who have finished their STPM. By the way, why did you ask this question? Will the response influence you decision or choice?

    STPM Chemistry is divided into 3 main parts, namely Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. Each Science subject has 2 papers, paper 1 consists of objective questions while paper 2 has subjective questions. For Science subjects, candidates are required to carry out Science practicals in schools and submit the reports for assessment by school teachers. Maths T is a lot harder than SPM Additional Mathematics. It has two papers -- Paper 1 and 2 -- both consisting of subjective questions.

    For a clearer picture of the format of the question papers, why don't you visit your nearest bookstore and have a look at the model papers and even the pass-year papers available?

  4. Hello chong.thanks for your help.for your information I was a new form six students.You can say "enam rendah".I want to take science stream in stpm but my teacher advice not to take the risk .She say "awak cuma tempah jalan bahaya jika ambil course ini.tingkatan enam sains is only for very very excellent student ".he ask me to take art stream but i don't want to.So what your opinion about this ?should i follow my teacher advice or obey it?for your information,i got 1a 3,3b 7,5c 1..

  5. I always believe that one should decide his or her own future. You're the one to decide your own future! Science or arts is up to you. Were you a SPM Science stream student? Once you've made your decision, go for it and never regret.

  6. I am just start my Lower six this year.My teacher want us to do Folio Pengajian Am.Can someone teach me how to do?

  7. Hi, thanks for your informative post. =)

    I have a couple of questions though...

    1. What are the best ref. books for:

    Pengajian Am
    Maths T

    2. Which are the best tuition centre's in KL/S'gor for STPM?

    3. Is Physics are pre-req for Med? Locally and international U's.


  8. Form 6ers are not all experienced in co-curricular stuff. And I totally agree with the way some schools offering clubs' responsibilities to Form 5 students rather than Form 6 students who came from others schools during their SPM. No offence, but these new Form 6s students are new to the school and the Form 5 students should be given fair treatment.

    I was a Form 6er 3 years ago and I stayed in my school since Form 1. I saw many cases where teacher advisors of various clubs tend to choose Form 6ers to take on important positions in clubs regardless of whether they are old or new students. This is really bias.

  9. mm.... im student from penang.
    juz left few day for stpm...
    no motivation, and feel strees..
    anyone can help??

  10. wat is da life of a private candidate takin form6??? do we hav 2 go thru all da assignments, projects & monthly test like all other sch candidates??? wat bout participation in co-co as well???

  11. No formal textbooks for Form 6 students??????????

  12. 1. What are the best ref. books for:

    Pengajaran Perniagaan
    Pengajian Am
    Maths S

    2. Which are the best tuition centre's in KL/S'gor for STPM?

  13. Hey, I will be registering for form 6 soon. I'm in science stream and i planned to take physics. Most of my friends are taking biology. I prefer physics more to biology but when i tell people that I will be taking physics, most of them will be shocked because they think that physics is more for guys. I was just wondering if I study physics in form 6, will I be able to switch to arts' courses like business admin in university?

  14. About there are more guys taking Physics, yes, it is quite true but this shouldn't discourage you to pursue Physics stream if you really prefer Physics over Biology.

    Yes, it is possible to switch to Art stream for your university study if you take Science stream (physics) in your pre-university (form six / STPM).

    Read this thread at Student Malaysia Forums: One of the advantages of taking Science stream over Art stream is Science stream students can change to Art stream whereas Art stream students can never change to Science stream.

    For example, if you take Science stream for your SPM, you can choose Science stream or art stream in your pre-university education such as diploma or STPM. However, once you've taken Art stream in you SPM, you cannot choose Science stream for your pre-university education. This is because the requirements of Science stream are your results in Science subjects.

    So, this advantage applies to your situation. In you choose Science stream in your pre-u, you are able to choose Science or Art stream for your tertiary education.

    Have any other questions? Please ask them at Student Malaysia Forums.

  15. Hey Chong, thanks for your quick reply. I really appreciate it. By the way, do you know any website that provides the info on careers in physics? I tried searching on the internet but I was not very satisfied with the result. If you could share with me, I would be very grateful!!

  16. Don't worry JJ.

    Being a girl myself, I have chosen Physics instead of Biology and I do not find anything wrong with that.

    Yes, I did get the "Hah? Why Physics? Boys' subject la" kind of reaction when I told others about my choice.

    If you like Physics itself, just go for it. Just for you to know, the class I was in has 10 girls and the other 20 students are all guys. (again. nothing wrong with that).

    As info careers on Physics, the most known career is engineering and engineering itself has many different subs such as mechanical (which include wide job aspects too), chemical, electric and electronic (e&e).

    You can click :


    for a (quite) brief info on different types of engineering.

  17. Anon, no idea why there is no formal textbook for Form6.

    But usually the teachers will recommend the same text book for the classes they teach in.

    Also, try look for second hand books from the seniors. It's much cheaper and if you're lucky, the books will be in a good condition.

    Speaking of which, anyone in Klang wants to buy Form6 text books? I am from Science Stream (Physics.

    For more info, you can email me at

    [email protected]

  18. Thanks, Nevvy for the encouragement!! =)

  19. hi...i had 3.58 cgpa in my STPM...can I get medicine programme in local university?...or which is the best private university to go in malaysia?
    is it IMU or AIMST or perak medical college or UCSI...plz do help me wit the in4..thz

  20. What we must done on order to succeed in STPM? I'm a new lower six student...
    Can anyone teach me?

  21. Hello!

    I graduated from my sixth form 1.5 years back.. i transferred from science stream to art(which has taken me excruatiatng 1 month due to red-tape)

    Reading art subjects then was a blessing. Life wasnt hectic at all compared to my fellow science stream frenz (more so, when entering university)

    despite having closer-knit with some pals, urgrading my insight into the real world (people in form 6 is totalli different from those during 2ndary level)and meeting with my precious one (:>), I still got plenty of time to chill around and mainting good grades.

    I have never regeretteda minute for entering sixth form, in fact, i would still go for the same path if i were to choose again .. i have eventually found my real own self and enjoyed most of the time to the max. i miss u, U6A4!!!

  22. hey there, i am a science stream student. But, i'm always dissapointing that i always falied in my science subject. What can i do with that, althought i've put my best feet forward?

  23. Looking back to my years in STPM, there is one thing you guys must remember, you're on your own and there is no one there to guide you. Actually STPM is the time that resembles University life, where you have to find your own reference, do your own homework, do your own practice and tuition, not to mention coping with so many chapters of each of the subjects. As an advice, although it is tough, but you'll know when you get into University, it's worth it. STPM had prepared us to be a better person, as the first years of Uni will be our basic, where these basics are almost the same as our STPM (based on my experience where I'm a Biology-Chemistry student taking Applied Chemistry in University). Try your best and win yourself a ticket to University. You won't regret taking STPM. Good luck, guys....

  24. hello. i'm a college student and i wanted to take medical. there's no other way except taking STPM due to financial problem. i am already twenty if i take STPM next year. may i know if it is real that government schools do not accept students like me? i heard that Form 6 only accept fresh graduate secondary students.

  25. erm...
    wen does Form 6 usually starts?
    after de announcement of SPM results?
    how do i apply?

    thx in advance

  26. i just start to suffer that what should i do after get my SPM result.Many people tell me that form 6 is great,but if u didn't get the good result in your STPM.then u cant go to any government University. Mean u are wasting 1 1/2 year. i would like to study about psychology or veterinarian. So, can u tell me how to get my target for psychology or veterinarian in Sabah? I dun wan to leave my home town. Please reply me..cause spm result is coming..T_T

    [email protected]

  27. hi, i'm currently waiting for my spm result to be released this month. i've pondered over which pre-u course that i should take for a very long time now, and i was wondering if you could help me resolve my dilemma. many of my friends have told me that form6 is extremely hard, especially science stream, thus most of them opted for a-levels or foundation instead. is form6 syllabus that hard and scary? cos i believe that if one puts enough effort, then it shouldn't be a problem, right? and some of my friends said tuition classes are necessary in form six. i dont like the idea of that. is it true anyway? and does the courses come in packages? if i want to take bio, must i also take a maths subject?

  28. hi,i"m just started my lower6 this year.I want to further my studies in business management.Now i"m taking pengajian am,ekonomi,bahasa melayu,pengajian perniagaan and muet.So am i doing the right choice?Can someone help me?

  29. hello...
    im a new lower 6 student and im taking science stream-biology.
    so...can anyone give me some tips to study biology?
    really appreciate it!!!

  30. hey i am just finishing my spm..i am confusing whether wanna go for stpm..i have been asked opinion from my fren about form 6..most of they obviously disagree me to go for form 6..Based on their comment, they felt that having form 6 is a wasting of time and it is even tougher then A-level..i am in sci stream during form 5..if i had to go for form 6, which stream should i choose?Firstly, i plan to further my studies in pharmacy but my frenz commented that sci in form 6is really very tough..it made me confusing whether which stream should i choose..act i am interested to indulge myself in law too..the prob is if i am in art clas i have to take acc i am not really good in account..can you give me some advices?

  31. hey there, I'm SPM'09 leaver and still waiting for the result now... So worry if i can't get any scholarship to overseas such as JPA, BNM, Khazanah, Sime Darby and a lot more... and i wonder if and only if i failed to secure one of them, i would have to go F6 as my last option. I can't really get into A-Level in private college albeit some of them provide 100% tuition waiver or maybe less according to my result. In my Trial SPM JPWP KL last year, i have achieved 8A1 2A2 and planned to study A-Level in private college but my parent don't let it. My family is a medium income family, thus i think i won't able to get any FAMA(father and mum) scholarship to study A-Level. Just wanna ask... If i have to go study F6 in the end, what subjects should i choose? I heard that Pengajian am is a must and how about the others?? I'm interested in pursuing Actuarial Science in my degree so i guess Maths T and Further Maths T would be very beneficial for me. Can i combine science stream subjects and art stream subjects??? Can i take Maths T, Further Maths T, economics, accounting/business studies and PA??? or i must take physics together with the maths T and Further Maths T??? Just wondering... and which school will i get if i study F6??? which school around KL/Klang Valley offers Further Maths in the F6 study package??? hope to get the answers soon from the seniors... Thanks in advance... =)

  32. Hi Nicholas, you can take a combination of both art and sci subjects although usually the max u can take is 5 subjects. The subjects offered depends on the school. Usually you wont be able to study arts subjects if ur taking sci stream since its categorised dat way. However, you may take personal tuition classes outside and register to take the exam for the subject chosen if your school allows it. You will need to enquire information from your school just in case if there are certain restrictions for taking extra subject outside your stream. Hope it helps =)
    ~jasslyn~ 6 former of yr2008

  33. If there are any other questions you would like to ask, you can send an email to me. My add is [email protected]. It will be more convenient for me to reply =). Im glad to help if you have any problems. All the best~!

  34. can arts stream student takes science stream in f6?

  35. i just finished my SPM last year.im thinking of taking up form 6.but almost everyone i told that to discouraged me to do it (even teachers) because it's really tough. im in a dilemma here.i scored 2 a's 3b's and 4 c's in my spm,and im a science streamed student.
    what shud i do???
    and im thinking of majoring in dentistry.

  36. what is the max qualification if i want to study biology class in form 6?

  37. anonymous: you may though not all schools allow it. But you will have to strive really hard in f6 because it is not easy to study science subjects without a strong foundation.

    nikki: I would say that your SPM results may render the confidence in doing sci stream in f6. However, it is not impossible if you are willing to put a lot of effort in studying. Remember, SPM does not reflect your performance in stpm. Its entirely different. If you are able to strive hard for f6, you will be able to adapt easily to uni life particularly sci stream since you are planning to major in dentistry.

    anonymous: I think what you meant is the minimum qualification. lol. There's no minimum qualification for each subject, it actually based on the total points of your SPM subs grade (eg: B3 and A2 = 3+2). The minimum points is 18 if I am not mistaken. You can check with your school teacher. I bet they are more familiar with the no. of points accepted for f6.

  38. anonymous: yes you may if your school allows it. But you will have to put a lot more effort in your studies.

    nikki: f6 is difficult, same goes to A lvls. (although the scope is wider for stpm and moreover, its all squeezed into one final paper instead of two like the alvls) Your SPM results will not reflect what you can achieve in stpm. The only thing that determines your performance in stpm is your resolution and incessant determination to give out your all in your studies. If you have that mind-set, go for it. =)And trust me, eventhough f6 subs is tough, you will not regret taking it when you enter uni. (although, slots for dentistry in government local uni is very limited for stpm students, you will only hv the chance if you get 4.0. But you may opt for private unis which offer dentistry too after f6, they accept stpm students too)

    anonymous: I believe what you meant is the minimum qualification. lol. There is no minimum qualification for each sub. The acceptance is based on the total points of 5 subjects (eg, 3a1s and 2b3s = 3+2[3]= 9) and the minimum points is 18 if i am not mistaken. You can double check with your teacher as I believe they are more familiar with the system. =)

  39. I will be taking STPM in private. What is the advantage and disadvantage of doing STPM in Private . I plan to study at KTAR. Can anyone give me some advice?

  40. does anyone know when form 6 class starts?

  41. 10 may, but its orientation first i think. =)

  42. according to the form 6 letter , the time of melapor diri is 9am .. is it means that v go to skul at 9 am on 10th of may ?

  43. hi friends..im intrested in doing a accounting degree...im taking akauns,maths S,ekonomi,muet and pengajian am in my stpm this year..is this a good choice? as i never take pengurusan perniagaan...? i need help...

  44. hey guys!!
    I am new student in the form6 in science stream and i am already late 1.5 year( i went to an exchange program to oversea)
    what i want to ask is really hard for form student to enter university comparing student who took matric or diploma?

  45. hello there? can i know what are the career choices for STPM arts stream students for taking certain subjects as pengajian am,economics, account and business management? And do they have chances to do architecture? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

  46. hi,there! I've been following this website ever since I finished my spm.From all the +ve comments i read from here ,i've been interested to continue my study in form 6 :).Fyi,i study in the science stream during my form 4 and 5,and during my form 4 year,I participated in many extracuricular activities .Making F1 in school challenge one of them...ermm.to make it short,what i'm going to share here ..i only got 5 a's and two credits for my spm result.Later on,with my mind bearing that I will not gonna burden my parents with the college or uni entrance fees.I made myself go for stpm..without thinking about others opinions..i would like to appologise first,since the story i'm gonna share later is not soo please to be heard by others who oredy make up their mind but my experience in form 6 is not so happy that i'm expected it to be..T_T..as i'm remember..the first month are quite well...but i'm be patient and wait for the miracle to happen..the main reasons why i still holding up myself bcoz i dont have any idea at all in my mind now...huhuhu..maybe anyone can give me a way or guide me wat should i do...thou..

  47. i'm the SPM 2010 batch... how bout the syllabus(math and Science) this year? is it in english??

  48. stpm is the time where we'll cherish the moment until we die...the memories will last long and forever........gud luck n ol d best for the form 6 students......

  49. Physics, Chemistry and Biology are taught in English or Malay language in STPM?

  50. I am taking Literature in English as one of all 4 subjects I will sit for STPM. The problem at mu school we don't have enough educators especially for this subject. can I survive getting good grades if I stick with taking this subject by studying alone? I really need quick respond. I'm so frustrated because some people just turned to the negative way and I need motivations too


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