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Friday, March 09, 2012

Don't Go To University For The Sake Of It

Editor's Note: The post below was first published at Kenny Sia's blog here. What!? You don't know who is Kenny Sia?! This well-written post with a clear message is definitely worth a read, especially for students who got their STPM results two days ago and are now applying for IPTA placements and also candidates who will get their SPM 2013 results on March 19 or 20, 2014 (to be confirmed) - here's how to check STPM and SPM results online and using SMS. Links to relevant posts were added.

Written by Kenny Sia

Wanted to write about this topic for a while, but then I got carried away with work.

Recently I had to interview a round of job applicants for some positions I was hiring.

I was looking for sales consultants and an administrative assistant to join my fitness centre. These are entry-level positions good for fresh graduates, and I was looking forward to resumes from - maybe - business or hospitality grads in my inbox.

Ultimately, I didn't end up hiring any of the fresh graduates, but that's another story altogether. *remind self to blog about the atrocity of fresh grads*

But what surprised me was that in amongst the 20 over resumes that I received, a few who applied were actually Bachelor degree holders.

Not only that, they were degree holders in... Engineering.

An engineering graduate applying to a become a sales consultant at a fitness centre. Are you kidding me?

Is he gonna make a robot greeting customers at the front desk?

It sounds almost as ridiculous as a blogger opening a fitness centre.

Not that I have anything against engineering degree holders. In fact, I am one of them. Lim peh right here holds a Bachelors Degree in Electronic & Communication Engineering, with Honours.

Which is really just a fancy way of saying "Hey look, I am holding a piece of paper that I spent 5 years in university working on, but acherly I donch really know what it was all about!" :D

I got a theory with regards to students, in particular MALAYSIAN students, who study engineering at universities.

Kenny Sia's Theorem On Malaysian Engineering Students: "99% of Malaysian students who do engineering at university do it because their friends/parents/government ask them to, not because they really want to."

I'm serious. If I could have a dollar every time I see an engineering graduate getting a job in something COMPLETELY unrelated to what he studies, I'd be so rich I could buy a fake $5-billion dollar boat made of gold and dinosaur bone.

I know it's true. I am one of them.

My parents spent hundreds and thousands of dollars sending me to an overseas university, and I end up writing a blog and running a gym.

What a waste of time. What a waste of money.

I'm surprised my parents hadn't disowned me after I wasted so much of their money on my university education.

It's quite sad to think that the best thing I did in uni was joining the university gym. If I only knew which career path I'd take, I would never have picked electronic engineering. I would do something more related to what I am doing right now - like a commerce or hospitality degree. Why the hell did I choose to study engineering in the first place?

I blame it all on society pressures.

What to do? I was fresh out of high school when I was forced to make a decision on what course to do at university.

I was 17. How the hell do I know what I want to do for the rest of my life? I never had the chance to see the world nor explore my interests. Yet at 17 I was put in front of a university brochure and forced to make a AUD$100,000 decision.

My parents being parents are more than happy to comply. In Malaysia, there's no such thing as a "gap year" like in Western countries, where kids after high school take a year off to do travel or volunteer work as a means to discover their interests, before continuing on their university education.

In Malaysia, kids must go STRAIGHT to college or university after they finish high school. Never mind the fact that most universities/colleges are privatised money-guzzling business entities now. In Malaysia, if kids don't go STRAIGHT to university, they must be delinquents and therefore failure in life.

So what do I do?

I chose the so-called "safest" career option - engineering.

Why? Because back in the 1990s, Mahathir encouraged everybody to study technology.

Why? Because we got MULTIMEDIA SUPER CORRIDOR. And CYBERJAYA. And MULTIMEDIA SUPER TUALAMPA. And apparently everyone who study engineering will make a lot of money.


Tell me which one of Malaysia's richest men have an electronic engineering degree?

When you think about it, it is so sad. University is so expensive, so important as a pathway in a person's career development. Yet so many of us rush into deciding on what course to pick when we really have no idea what we want to do straight after we finish high school.

In the end, all we're really doing is going to university for the sake of going to university.

By the time we find out how much we hate the course we're doing, it's too late.

Next time when I have kids, I'm gonna force them to take a gap year travelling or volunteering to find out where their true passion lies before they enrol into University. After all, if they are gonna be spending my money on their university education, they may as well do it right.

Don't want them to end up like me - studying so hard for a piece of paper that I never ended up using. Parents, please don't rush your kids to go university for the sake of going to university. If they decide wrong course at University, die lah.

Might as well go Uneverstudy.

Editor's Note: Agree or disagree? Please feel free to submit an article to share with us your point of view and we will publish it accordingly.

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  1. I'm a guilty internet addict who had wasted the past 3 months waiting for my SPM results that will be released in...3 days. I'm new to this blog (which is awesomely helpful btw) Correct me if this is the inappropriate place for me to share my worries.

    Recently my parents have become more concerned about my future education (they're usually so calm & accepting) and began to offer advises on the course I should take ranging from the ones my two elder brothers took (Computer Software Engineering & Business Accounting) to Hospitality Management and so on.

    However, I'm a pure science stream student with a desire to pursue the medical field which I keep bottled up most of the time since my family could never afford the mental amount of fees. (Non-bumi here, so this is based on the assumption that I'll not be entering IPTAs) I did drop a few hints...they were not well received. As such I dodge my parents' well-meaning queries so that we will discuss it only after I get my SPM results. I'm thinking that if my results are unremarkable I will set my sights on less competitive fields. BUT, on the odds that I get a stellar result I hope to get the opportunity to pursue my ambition. But its a long road with much twists turns & confusions (and according to some forums on the net medicine is no longer a bright future in Malaysia) I wonder I should make my decision right now. Should I give up on the uncertain dream of becoming a doctor or is it worth it to take time off (say a gap year) to check if my interests are in order? I know I have a long way to go (pre-u and so) but I want to make myself a clear goal so that it'll be easier for me to decide on where to start, where to go. I always imagine that SPM is just the beginning..

    1. Greetings. If you have such deep passion of pursuing in medical field, you should proceed and of course you still have long way to go in twists turns, obstacles, defiance and confusions. that's part of life without it..it is paradise.

      About the some forums on the net medicine is no longer a bright future in Malaysia. well, it is not bright future to begin with. this is not about the job. its all about saving other people's life although the doctor just making a light work but has to do also, that is why there's the problem of efficient quality. to make things clear we need quality not quantity.

      You know what you want which is to becoming a doctor. but if it still worries you take a time off who knows it may helps you for better future.

    2. Hey, Its not about whether the future of medicine is not bright, its not like people have stopped getting sick and all. First of all, being a doctor or wanting to be a doctor your main focus should be helping people not making money. If you will become a doctor just for the sake of getting money then trust me you will be just one of those doctors who asked my friend to drink hundred plus and IT WILL BE ALL FINE while my friend was running from a very high fever and in a bad condition. Being a foreigner in Malaysia, trust me good doctors are a very very VERY rare specie to find, that is what i have learnt in past 4 years. All it takes is the passion, my advice for you would be to just take a few days to think about it and see if you can handle those 8-10 years (nothing to be scared of since you start earning after year 5) which it will take for you to be a specialist. When you are a really good doctor money is something which is going to be least of your concerns. If not Malaysia you can even go abroad and they value doctors a lot. Chose wisely, sit down with your parents and try to explain it to them what you really want. Best of luck anyways. :)

    3. Want to be a doctor? Think again. Suggest u speak to ppl in that field. Wanting to heal people and working as a Medical doctor are two different things. A friend whos a doctor and studied medical for 8 yrs gave up after few months working in a hospital. He's now living happily as a real estate agent. 1 year off might not be enough if u were to ask me.

    4. im a certain species called the in out uni student.. form 5 science stream cuz family sez so.. but naturally gifted artist... hence... chaos
      im spent 7 years trying diff things.. all i were gud at but.. at the end it all come down to what do u love thats can bring u joy n the big buck at the same time.. there is a niche in evrything just diff perpective n execution.. so explore before u commit... less time n money will be wasted.. look between the ages of 7 n14... what did u excel in? thats would be a sign.. but still there will a fork in life u might have un explored talentsdue to lack of edu-broadness in MY.. try MASS COM.. wide field.. i did law then jump masscom.. then now persuing psychology.. so yea... trust me i been tru hell..all the while my passion was film n dance.. so wtf jack of all trades could b certain master of some.. so take ur time.. remember getting old is fun being old not so.. but all has its pros and cons.. breath in have an open mind.. dont just use the internet for PORN N GAMES..i aced many exam just studying online and using the TEXTBOOKS AS mouse-pad{pun}

      gud luck.. oh yea gud advice in life carefull which circle of stereotype are u drawn to.. noe the morals and shit.. but being naughty is gud for spriritual n mental selff discovery so.. all comes down to BALANCE..YINYANG MOTHRFCK3Ssssssssss....find the G spot..

    5. Hi,
      Firstly, I think you should be sure about your ambition. Is medicine what you really want to do for the rest of your life? Do note that studying medicine and working as a doctor is two very different things. Talk to your family doctor, friends or family members that are in the medical line and ask for their experience studying and working. After all that, if you have made up your mind about pursuing this line then talk to your parents frankly and ask for their opinions.
      Secondly, you can try to find scholarship if your results are good. Otherwise, you can also find a loan, most of which comes which an interest. If I'm not outdated, some of these loans can be repaid after you graduate so you get to repay them after you start working so you won't have to burden your family that much. (Public bank i think have this option, PTPTN i think offer loan at a reduced interest rate) All that being said, you are investing a tonnes of money (and time) into your education so that's why you have to be sure of your ambition!
      Thirdly, if it is possible, I do suggest you have a gap year, like what Mr. Kenny wrote and confirm yourself about what you want to do with your future.
      All the best to you =)

    6. i totally agreed with u.what so grand about MBA or having a post or undergraduate certificate..some dont even have degree but only Form 5 or even less, they are able to a boss who dare to take the risk and/or even sit as General Manager or Director of certain position. What have u got to say??

    7. honestly, if you really have the passion for it but not the resources, i suggest go for a profession along the lines of your interest. The few that come to mind would be medical biotech (in IMU), foundation in science (most universities). generally if you are able to obtain a scholarship via good results in the foundation program, then you're off to a great start. Anyway, my two cents worth would be to NEVER give up on your passion. Dont give up. Theres still hope. Go for it, and I wish you all the very best in your future.

    8. Well, you can try out Raleigh International if you are considering a gap year, and you can get out into the international community and help people. If helping and saving people is your passion, then doing Medicine should be alright with you, since it is all about helping and saving people. --> http://www.raleighinternational.org/?gclid=COXwquC06bwCFWFS4godj0IAHA
      Cheers! and All the Best!

  2. Ah, peer pressure. It's hard to go against the norm in today's society.
    I have to agree with you, many of my Engineering friends are mostly doing it because of their parents, and because it's considered as the 'normal' and 'cool' thing to do. We need to get our priorities straight. It's not about aiming for what's cool or earning big bucks. It's whether or not we enjoy what we're studying. Why bother studying something that puts you to sleep faster than a cough syrup? Studying should be as entertaining as it is informative :) Thanks for this!

  3. Very inspiring me. I admitted Kennysia is a blogger that can write motivational articles in humourous/ sarcatism ways

    most of people I met ( who is younger than me) telling me that they didnt know where to go after SPM/ STPM. I tell them, why don't you go survey by yourself?
    From this articles, i came up with "listing what are you want to choose" programme. LOL sound like retard, but after they listing what they want to be, I can advice them what and where they SHOULD go after SPM/STPM..

    My advice is
    *Don't afraid to choose. At the end, You will know it hehe

  4. I took engineering for the sake of my dad. He himself is an engineer. And quite a successful one at that. Studying halfway. I realized that I didn't want to get tied down to an office table. So I stopped my course. (Money wasted of course). And went to korea for a year. And God, was it an eye opener. I hope people really know what they want to pursue as you'd most probably be doing something you wouldn't like until you retire. Good luck :) kudos to this good Blogpost

  5. In average, those who possessed a degree cert earn way more than those who do not, of course it depends on how the individual excels himself/herself at work eventually. Furthermore, not everyone has the same luxury and luck as you, I have seen many people who gave up their studies to pursue their true passion ended up struggling in life. Yes, everyone wishes to pursue their true passion, but sometimes reality bites! if a family does not have strong financial background, whether you like it or not, although it sounds a little corny, in my opinion, the only way to salvage the family is through education. You cannot expect a poor student who has been offered a place to study a less preferred course in the public university to give up their studies to pursue their true passion right? Why don't you compare yourself with those who do not have passion in E.E yet still doing better than you in this field?

  6. "Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart." - STEVEN JOBS

  7. The fact that so many university students aren't working in a line they studied for just goes to show how much rubbish (and money, and family face for that matter) there is.

    I've not met anyone in my 1,500 FB friends who's actually working what they studied for. Myself included. I am a multimedia grad (I studied to write games and simulation programs with all the animations and graphics), and I am in the travel/hospitality line. I've been in banking, in retail but never in IT line. AND I studied overseas even.


  8. The problem in Malaysia is that there are little variety in jobs being available. Too little professionalism in the society. For example in developed economies you can do well by being a graphic designer but in Malaysia not many are not professional enough not to steal your design. Hence you don't get much respect for doing a degree in design. So you have to look at the society to comment that university is not useful. Look at developed countries where many CEOs are engineering grads.

  9. Personally I choose Engineering is simply because this is the least boring course:
    1) I don't like memorising like laws and medicine
    2) I have no sense and not fond on business management and accounting
    3) Even though I like doing practical work/activity, I don't like something like public relationship

  10. Engineering is by far one of the best majors you can go for, at least in Malaysia.

    It's actually one of the best out there in terms of opportunity. Come on, being an engineer doesn't mean you'll be rich. It means you increase your chances of getting employed! Becoming rich means you must be smart! Not studious. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! Malaysia's economy is in the shit hole thanks to our corrupted politicians. Politics aside, engineers are in demand. Being an engineer helps you get a job. Also, please be smart about picking a job as an engineer. Don't use that degree to work at a fitness centre.

    You try any other degree like design or mass communication or women studies or whatever, you see whether you can get a job or not? In Malaysia no because the bumiputras will sapu everything!

    Engineers are in DEMAND so what other option is left for young non-bumis you tell me? And also PLEASE be smart about which engineering major you choose! Don't go work as an aeronautical engineer in a country that doesn't make aircraft or a naval engineer in a country that doesn't make ships! It's stupid, especially when you complain about Engineering in general.

    If you take up commerce or hospitality... Can I ask you something? Which corporation is going to hire you? Corporations want people with skills and working experience. A degree in Commerce or Hospitality isn't a skill! It's knowledge! A degree in Commerce gives you knowledge to set up your own business. It doesn't get you hired! It doesn't give you a job! YOU will be providing jobs for people! If your family has enough money to support you then go ahead and do commerce. Setting up a business is expensive!

    Engineering on the other hand is a degree that gives you a skill (theoretically at least, which is why companies NEED you to have working experience). A few other examples:

    Being a doctor means you have skills in managing your patients, hence you get hired.

    Being a lawyer means you have skills in prosecuting/defending someone. Hence you get hired for your skill.

    Commerce? You have the knowledge about finance to set up your own business. You hire people, you don't get hired.

    Hospitality is a joke. There's no point in spending thousands and thousands of dollars to learn how to be hospitable. There are FREE hospitality courses online. Stop wasting money and making greedy Universities even richer by majoring in this. It's not worth it. Trust me.

    Engineering is one of the best majors available IF YOU KNOW what it's going to be like. Which is why I agree with the author. Don't go to uni for the sake of it. KNOW what job you want to do first BEFORE you get into a uni. Heck! Some jobs don't even require you to go to a uni, for example being a pilot! Go to flight school! Don't waste money and time on a uni! It's a rip off.

    In a nutshell, these are the questions you have to ask yourself:

    1. Am I going to major in something that I like and risk unemployment & flipping burgers at a stall? (Hospitality)
    2. Am I going to major in something that I don't really like, but get a job and then use that money to pursue something I like? (Engineering)

    1. I totally agree with you. Engineering (and law and medicine and accounting) are all part of a legacy of discipline and professionalism. That's why in addition to college degrees you actually need a license to practice (when applying to public society). I am a professional licensed engineer, and unlike the author of this article, I know many many engineering grads who work as engineers. The author sounds like a bitter sellout, that doesn't mean there aren't any passionate engineers out there. There are actually many of us.
      The reason why some engineering grads go work in business/consulting etc is because employers favor engineering degrees.
      Engineering is a fantastic discipline because it teaches you scientific rigor, equip you with tools like programming and computer skills, train your mind to solve problems and analyze data. Finance and business entities love engineers. Engineers love engineers. I know of many engineering grads who went to law school and work in technology patents and legal consultations for big tech companies.

      Don't be fooled by this article. Engineers are very much in demand.

    2. Finally! Somebody said it! Yes, engineering is VERY much in demand! Glad to see some intelligent and realistic thinking people around here. Everybody just says "do what you like blah blah blah"... LOL next thing you know you'll see them without a job and even worse, in lots and lots of debt due to the thousands of dollars they waste on their education that didn't give them a job to make up for that lost money

    3. So which engineering major do you guys prefer?

    4. Basically I tell my friends to aim for the 4 pillars of engineering, as they are the strongest and most versatile. They are:


      Any of these greatly increases your chance of getting a job as all these fields are heavily in demand.

      As for me, I took psychology as my bachelor degree because I was interested in it. Guess what? No job at all. NOBODY would hire me. Regretted it. Wasted my life by holding on to false hopes and bullshit lies that people tell me, that is "Go for your passion".

      Then I looked at the job market and saw that engineers were in demand. Guess what? I went back to uni and took up engineering. It was bloody tough. But guess what? Once I graduated as an electrical engineer, I'm now working for Texas Instruments. Something that was WORTH IT

  11. True. But sometimes you just gotta go some wrong paths to know which is right LOL

    1. Well, sometimes its ok to try the new path eventhough it is not the correct path for you. I almost go to japan to do engineering. I spend two years in preparation program. But at last I realised that I cant cope engineering so I quited. So now I start all over again, fill up the UPU for diploma.
      But Im not sure is there any IPTA that accept students after a year gap from matriculation.

  12. My work is to assist international students to get university offer in UK. In the past I also arranged private tuition for university students. I knew a lot of PhD students and lecturers in UK. Guess what? I actually will not recommend degree education unless there is truly a need, for example if one wants to become doctor, lawyer etc then degree education is a must, otherwise it would be better to save up the money and do something else. University is not for everyone and it will not make you rich either.

  13. To me the most important education is from home and the basic 12 years at school. Uni education is only secondary or optional. If a person has been nurtured from young to be a person who are disciplined, perseverance, responsible and have self confidence, he will definitely succeed in all areas with or without a degree.

    1. Fully agreed with you. Its the attitude, discipline & responsibility that take you to greater height. Having a degree give you an add advantage.

  14. I couldn't agree more. I was groomed to get good grades since young. I had little thoughts about what I want to do in my future. Till I was done with SPM and start to figure out which way should I go next. It hit me so hard that I realized I only had good grades without knowing what I actually want to do. With my good results, parents suggest me to go for medic or dentistry etc, but honestly I just dont know if i'll like it. And I have only 2 months time to decide my course for university bcs I'm not sure if IPTA actually accepts students who took a gap year after matriculation. Any suggestions?

  15. seriously.. u blame the society/government for going to the university? and u compared professionals with billionaires? how the hell u became a blogger with such a short mentality suprises me... the world that u lived in (and discribed in your blog) is called capitalism, and widely accepted around the world including china and russia.. deal with it... you dont like capitalism go migrate to north korea..

  16. Greetings,im Jason and im planning to study Veterinarian as i love working with animals.Would it be a good career pathway in malaysia and do you have any advices for which Uni that is good in this particular field?

    Best regards :)

    1. Hey are you a spm 2012 leavers ? If so, please come join me in UPM campus bintulu for Diploma in Animal Health and Production and can link to Vet Degree if you got good results. Please browse upmkb.edu.my for more details. They provide borang dalaman for direct application now (no need go through upu system). Feel free to email me through [email protected] :)

    2. Sorry, is 2013 spm leavers, taking result in this coming march :)

  17. Hi Mate, after I have read you post, I would have agreed with you if I have never entered to university. Before I have entered university and even the first year I have entered the university, I have been wondering why do I need to study? Am I in the right course? Am I wasting my time? Luckily, during my second year, I have got the answer that has motivated me until today. One of my lecturers has told me a very simple answer: "Education is all about knowledge gain. With the knowledge you have, you will not be fooled by others."

    Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. People debate over the subject of whether education is the only thing that gives knowledge. Some say education is the process of gaining information about the surrounding world while knowledge is something very different. They are right. But then again, information cannot be converted into knowledge without education. Education makes us capable of interpreting things, among other things. It is not just about lessons in textbooks. It is about the lessons of life.

    Thus, why not entering to an university and gaining your own lessons of life!

  18. I was a university dropout. I quit on my second year because I was already getting offers from all over the place and now, years later, I can safely say I made the right decision. Most of my classmates who graduated are just starting out their careers and I've already had a few years experience under my belt. Most might think I'm might be in the creative/advertising line where college degrees don't matter but talent instead. Oddly, I'm in corporate, doing consulting for fortune 500 companies.

    And I'm not a genius! Far from it. But I'm street smart. I'm also an advocate of continuous learning. Formal education to me is a big waste of time and money (aside from taking medicine). You can learn a lot of things from books, the internet, and most importantly, on the job and your network of people.

    If you think you wanna take your time and have fun first, go ahead to university, that's the norm. But let me tell you something, it's more gratifying to be able to retire in your 30s and then have your fun then. If you've known what you love to do at an early age, and good at it, skip the hassle and leave the rest behind.

    1. I was wondering how did u get to land a job or receive many offers when resume (at least a degree need to be in there) is needed and interview?

  19. We live in a world where we are told who and we we are suppose to be. Why can't we learn to learn? Why can't we be free to be who we want to be? Why do we do we constraint our hopes and dreams for the sake of earning money to survive?

    I agree with this post wholeheartedly.

    I see people who are just existing in this world. Just drifting in the wind because our society tells them.. "Grow up. Don't be childish. Don't be selfish." I see people who have lost their spark in life. Dead eyes without the spark of passion and life. I see people who live only today's present, never for tomorrow's future.

    The dreamers of tomorrow who make a better world are those souls who refuse to grow up and let their dreams take them places where no one has never before imagined and dreamed of. They strive for ideals that make our world worth while living. They are not dead to the world, their very zest for freedom and to grow, imbues them with the very light of life that gives the world colour and meaning. Their soul seems to radiate the vitality of life itself that inspires. They make impossible dreams come true.

    We only have a single life. Live it. When the end comes after a life of wonder and joy, you can smile and say... " I did it."

    1. you are deadly wrong... its capitalism (google capitalism vs socialism).. once u born in this world (90% of the world is capitalist government) only 2 path u can choose either "the ruling class/capitalist" (those billionaires) or "working class"(proffesional/social worker/etcetc)... the universities are pillars for young generations to survive in this capitalist democracies world.. if younger generations dont go to universities you risk economic colapses.. the fact that only 1% of world population is a "ruling class" for to became a billionaire is 1 in a billion..

    2. i think the society was right.. take your degree 1st.. always play on the safe side..if you want to be a "ruling class" make sure u have the capabilities, skills and the means of becoming one.. if u fail.. the only that can save u is to become one of the "working class".. dont be fooled with this blog.. the writer only giving false hope to young generations.. it is NOT easy to be a "ruling class" unless u are ready to gamble on your life..

  20. Just chose a course that you like. Any degree will do. Overall, is not about the subjects we learn. Is all about life and survival skill. Malaysia education system is too results oriented. Youngsters nowadays are too ambitious and innocent. There is a lot need to be learned.

  21. im currently taking my Diploma in Audio Engineering which short for music . back when i was in secondary school , i was a pure science student . originally i was in art course , but my dad ask me to change class and enrol in the pure science class . short story my SPM result didnt go so well .

    year after i was accepted in UITM , shah alam (bumi here) to take some Law bullshit course . but i didnt go the the interview and i lie to both of my parents saying that i didnt get any acceptance to any college or uni . all i want to do is art . i realized at that moment i was most passionate about arts . painting , dancing , music , poetry all kinds of arts . so i narrow it down and i chose music of course .

    yes with the decisions i've made my friends call me stupid infact they think i am the stupidest among them because i only study "music" and the rest of them studies in psychology , A levels , civil engineering . they laughed at me . i have no regret because at the end of the day i am doing what i love and most passionate . but i have to struggle so hard and do 3 DIFFERENT PART TIME JOB to help my parents pay my college fees and for my expenses . i've met a lot of people and most of them are great musicians including from outside of malaysia . it is very inspiring to see them with such success .

    some say music is a dying field which is so not true . theres a lot of jobs opportunities in music . like a lot a lot . my point here , following your passion and dreams may not be a smooth ride .you have to be strong and keep reminding yourself why did you do this .

    dont listen to society on what you should do . its your life not them .be strong and dont be afraid to take risk .

  22. If and only if I read this blog two years ago. 

    I got excellent result for SPM2011, offered JPA scholarship to do engineering in Japan. Well , I really want to study at Japan, but not in engineering. My real passion is to study microbiology.
    Well, I just accept the offer without further thinking because, hell yeah, it's Japan, my dreamland. But then before I can go to Jpan, I need to go for preparatory course at UM for two years. Just a month before finishing the course, my teacher ask me, am I really into engineering? Because my math and physics is not that good, and I admit it. I've been through hell and what's more, Japanese dont allow calculators. I really enjoyed studying there with Japanese teacher, but at the end I cant cope with engineering. They suggest me to think back, what I really wanna do. 

    So I think back, I quited the course and now waiting for my UPU result in my beloved course, microbiology.

  23. And it is because engineering is the cheaper choice as a profession. So what to do? Luckily i picked the path which i wanted to do but with a little bit drag of time. I got no matrik, no foundation, stpm is like hell, and my parents dont have any RM100k for the course I want that is major in biology. Fyi: I am studying in UPM for Diploma in Animal Health and Production that can be link to Vet Degree if your pointer got 3.8 and above. Anyone interested in becoming my junior please brwose upmkb.edu.my for more details. Now it is even provided with borang dalaman for direct application (no need go through the racist UPU system). P.s. local university is super duper cheap!

  24. If you measure success in life with the amount of money and position that you had, you probably havent really live a life. Finding what you wanted to study is not all about money, but its about pursuing your passion and doing the thing you really wanted to do. Heading to university does not gurantee you to be rich but it is the baseline for you to start your career with. Bottomline, ask yourself what do you really want in life? If you can answer that well, you are on the right track.

  25. I am not saying that I'm agree w this author but for me all you have to do is study what you want so you can give your best when you work later. Doesnt mean that if you are not an engine student then you cant get any job after graduating. That's bullshit. As long as you are happy w what you do,you can always go far in that area. Don't be too small minded & think that only engineers or doctors or lawyers can make more money,any degree also can make you rich if you really do well in your area. For example,in a company,if there is an engineer without a marketing people then they also can't sell products that they had created. The same goes for finance people. Every engineer need finance people to do audit for their financial statement of the company so what I want to say here is everyone of us need each other. I am one of group that hates engineering students in university that looks down on students from other courses cause they think they are so great but believe me most of the engineering students failed and always repeat paper. Yes,I was once an engineering student but I quit halfway to go for something I really like & now I am really happy with what I am doing. So my advice to SPM/STPM leavers,please choose well what fits you & what you wanna do for the rest of your life. Not just for 5 yrs or 10 yrs but whole life.


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