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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Art is Fun!

Hi, I’m Tany, I’m 24 and currently studying at Segi College majoring in Video & Animation. Currently I’m staying somewhere in Damansara but I’m originally from Ipoh. I used to be a business student, and also in secretary course, plus I was in Japanese school in KL (Teikyo) taking Japan’s pre-u course before. I love a lot of things, mostly watching horror movies, being on the net 12/7, editing videos and lots more that I can’t possibly list here.

Art is Fun!

by Tany for Writing Contest 2008

Are you creative? Some people believe that in order to express your creativity in art, you need to have the natural talent. What do you think? In my opinion, everyone is creative in their own way and we can express our ideas in so many different ways. And that’s what makes us all unique! I love arts. I love anything that’s pretty. I love expressing my ideas & creativity through arts; so therefore I chose to major in Video & Animation! From my experience, when people hear “Video & Animation”, they get scared. Why? Because they think it’s such a complicated subject. Or they think they’re not creative enough. Or worse, they hate it, especially dealing with technical stuff.

Let me tell you, being an art student is so much fun! I’m enjoying every moment of it. I was a business student before but sorry to say, I hated it. I hated dealing with accounts, numbers, math… I hate CALCULATIONS! I hate studying too. All the things I had to memorize… oh my god. I was in executive secretaryship course too… but there was no difference! Being a video & animation student, I don’t have to deal with numbers or memorizing. I get to express my ideas & creativity through movies that I made, scripts that I wrote and drawings that I painted. Hey, you wanna know what’s the most fun out of all? Getting to watch movies! ;) Be it in class, or even at home and no one can say, “Why are you wasting time watching movies?? Aren’t you supposed to be studying??” It’s because I am studying the movie ;) Techniques that they use, the cinematography, the script, the plot, and things like that. For my project, I get to experience shooting a short movie just like real people in the film industry do. My first group project? A short horror clip! Now, I’d dwell more into my experience of shooting my first short ‘movie’, but it’ll be long. I would however talk more about it if I’m given the chance next time :D

Another thing about it is animation. Who says watching cartoon is just for kids? Now you can get an excuse to watch cartoons! I learned a lot of things about cartoons. Do you know who Tex Avery and Chuck Jones are? I don’t think all of you do. But what if I mention Mickey Mouse, or Bugs Bunny, or Tom & Jerry, or Disney or MGM? Hehe, get the hint yet? Yup, they’re the creators :) And they’re awesome. So if you like this kind of things, go for it. Don’t let other people brainwash you into thinking that you’d get nowhere by majoring in art-related course (oh believe me, I’ve been told that!) or that other subjects are much more useful when applying for a job (I’ve been told that too!). If you have the passion for it, then DO IT! It’s fun :) Only you can decide your future, not others. Unless, of course, you have the passion for art but you want to get stuck with the job you have no passion for… I’ll let you ponder about it…
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  1. I mostly agree with this post as i have the same problem as you are. Right now, i'm still in dilemma whether to apply course that related to my passion which is making animation and games.


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