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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Bad SPM result is not the end

by Baihaqi Bahrin (Share your thoughtful opinions with 50,000+ students in Malaysia!)

Living in this auspicious life, SPM results seems to be a mandatory benchmark to value students on their oncoming future, and the never ending questions of how many A's do you get is a good earworm for those who scored goodly but is a mental abuse to those who didn't get to what has been expected thus leaving them into an idea of a self failure leading through a self mental suicide and into the phase where they ignore to progress themselves in life and creating a weltschmerz feeling within themselves.
“The biggest atrocity of all is to indoctrinate our children into a system that does not value their creative expression, nor encourage their unique abilities.”

- Benjamin Greene
We live in an education system where the learning process is not sufficial than getting the actual result itself, what's the point of studying things which is only beneficial in exams but not in your life. I'm talking about implanting the neccesity of studying and what you can do with that knowledge.

You can study your heart out and get good results but life is full of suprises and unexpected events and maybe SPM is not your moment of triumph, but patience and soon shall it come, just because you get bad SPM results doesn't make you a failure, you know who you are, you don't want to be walking on this path with fear, you need to live life to your full expectancy and to not forsaking that idea of living just because life doesn't play along with your way of living, you don't want people to be looking at you with sympathy but if you're willing to fight your way through this academic failure, to not give up and to keep prospering the gift of life, if you're determined enough to change yourself, your character and to the idea of being successfull, to learn from your mistakes, if you really want it bad enough and to fight for it, sacrifice your day and night for it, if living without it seems worthless, you have to do something about it and stop blaming the bad things that encountered your life in order to reclaim your moment of triumph in the future.

Start thinking about your future study plans, get a head start in organising on your studies when you're in college how long will you spare your time on studying and when, how will you study or where, how will you divide your time in a daily basis for activities and make a good study habit and etc, but your hunger, how vicious are they? Let that flame ignite in your heart and remember that you're reclaiming your moment of triumph, your glorious comeback it takes that one step to change everything how people will see you. Don't keep on hoping to a certain person someone to support your dream live independently, live with your own flesh and anticipate with the worst, people might be offering hands but it's not going to be eternal, be furious be passionate in what you're studying.

The past has passed let it go, this notion of people of your current situation is temporary, you will feel lost, you will feel worthless and you will absolutely feel defeated but life is all about consistency and the greatest comeback always comes from those who have fallen, and I believe you'll need a great fall before taking that leap of faith. You've survived a chapter of your life, let people make you feel worthless, the words of people or the less interest they show in you shouldn't be a bother because once you step back in the game, that one step, all you need is that one leap of faith, to change everything to change how people will look at you, their perception of you and every single thing about you just one glorious step, the comeback that's what you're waiting for, you life doesn't end just because you have bad SPM results, no the world doesn't work that way although society might claim it to be. Remember that your life has values, but when it comes to effort, it's all about you, SPM might have been a game over but the past has passed, let it go.

Thomas Edison

For instance, Thomas Edison the father of lightbulb, in his early years was accused by the teachers which they said that he was "too stupid to learn anything." But that words of rejection won't keep lingering on Edison's mind and he is now a famous inventor, Edison made 10,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, "How did it feel to fail 10,000 times?" Edison replied, "I didn’t fail 10,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 10,000 steps." thus reclaiming his moment of triumph and this act of not giving up in order to reach one's goal has been a contribution to the humanity as you can see light bulbs shimmering the night in almost every places you go to.

Let not the weight of hardship in this world burdens you because when there's still a chance to progress and improve yourself, you shouldn't give up unless you're done with the way life is treating you but consider yourself an eternal failure once you've completely given up on life, or you can choose the second option, which is the urge to not give up and to not giving in to the idea of letting the failure stops you from glowing your true potential, it might seem like it's the end of the world or probably your life, but it's not, the idea of successful in life is subjective, it's how you want it to be, you yourself know what you're capable of and people can't change that and always remember to embrace your self worthy. Whatever you do, never ever give up in life and keep on progressing.

Personal note from Baihaqi Bahrin:
It's kinda saddening to see such potential people giving up on life just because to the idea of getting bad results in SPM and I've seen a person who refuse to study till the age of 28 just because giving in to the idea of getting bad results in SPM which he thought it as officially the end of his life's journey, I composed this in order that it will help them people to keep progressing in terms of education, how can something so great turned out to be so hopeless? SPM results is not your actual "how succesful you'll be" benchmark, it's what you do in your college years. The mindset, I would like to change that, I would like to see people reclaiming their moment of triumph, I would like to help people, because no matter how far we tend to be ignorant, we all need help.
Baihaqi Bahrin

Baihaqi Bahrin would to stay covert if possible, his only intention in doing this is to motivate people to keep on progressing throughout their lives and probably in terms of education, and to not giving in to the idea of getting bad results in SPM is the end of your journey.
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  1. Pls stop producing triggering articles about SPM. I think that your article is more triggering than your advice and can put students into depression. Beacsue you're literally stating the fact they did bad and THEY KNOW they did bad. Your article doesnt have to shove that in the face. Pls. delete al articles related to spm. If not do not write an article at all. If you cannot expose yourself to mental stress and illnesses, which ARE real and is happening right now but people are very little-exposed to mental illnesses. remove the article now

    1. Relax, adam :) he's advising the spm leavers who think their world is going to fall apart just because they get unexpected result.

    2. Triggered much? I think this article is amazing lolol

  2. I think this one is very good :) thanks!

  3. What is your advice for these students?

    1. I think if these students are really not good in those memorise and write kind of exams/tests, perhaps they should consider further studying in polytechnics which are more hands-on and skills based.


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