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Friday, April 13, 2007

How to Score in SPM Pendidikan Moral

Posted by pianolover

Well, this is my first post in MS blog other than my self introduction one. I will mainly talk about Pendidikan Moral in this and also coming soon post as i got an A1 in my Pendidikan Moral and I also attended tuition class on Pendidikan Moral.

So...How to Score in SPM Pendidikan Moral

Some of my friends tell me that the subject Pendidikan Moral is hard for them. But it is easy IF you have a good memory and can think and analysis things logically.

Firstly, let’s go through about the format of Pendidikan Moral for SPM 2006/2007 (and I believe it will not change for these years.)

Generally, that’s TWO papers for Pendidikan Moral.
  1. Paper 1 is the questions you had to attempt while SPM
  2. Paper 2 is the project you need to do or they call Folio you need to do when you are in form 4 and form 5!
Just for your information, as I know from some markers that they said that Paper 2 usually will takes 10% of the marks in SPM! This one I don’t know it is actually true or not!

Before we go to Paper 1, the main topic in this post, I just comment on some tips and something you can do to get maximum marks in Paper 2!
  • Get a good relationship with YOUR Moral teacher.
  • Ask the teacher what he or she wants in your folio. (There are certain words that you MUST use in each article. Ask your teacher for more information on it!)
  • Do everything he or she asks in your folio. (e.g.: Number of photo, format of essay and use computer or handwrite……)
  • Behave as a “good boy” or “good girl” in moral class. (Supposed to be in school or all the time!)
Like my classmate, we cooperate with our teacher and ALL of us get full mark for Paper 2!

Then, for Paper 1, there are 2 sections:
  1. Section A is structure question.
  2. Section B is essay question.

You are provided 2 ½ hours that I consider it is very long time for you to do double check and triple check.

Make sure you had memorized all the Moral Values (“Nilai”), Definitions (“definasi”) and Key words (“kata kunci”) before you go to any moral test and SPM!

*I will mention again some tips or methods that you can use to memorize Moral Values (“Nilai”), Definitions (“definasi”) and Key words (“kata kunci”) easily.

For section A:
  • You MUST answer ALL questions!
  • Questions consist of moral values, definitions and KBKK (That means reasoning or logic.)
  • Answer ALL questions in FULL SENTENCES and NOT in point form!
  • Don’t separate your answer. (That means don’t separate one point into two sentences.)
  • Don’t use those words in below that shows something uncertain:
    • “iaitu”
    • “sesuatu”
    • “seseorang”

For section B:
  • Answer ALL questions although it requires you to answer 2 only!
  • Answer the essay question in only ONE (1) paragraph only!
  • Answer in format below for each moral value.
    • Name the Moral Valuev Give 2 keywords (“kata kunci”)
    • Give your elaborations. (1 elaboration for 1 keyword.)
    • Give THREE (3) moral values for each question! DON’T GIVE ONLY TWO!
For memorizing the Moral Values (“Nilai”) , Definitions (“definasi”) and Key words (“kata kunci”), you can use any method that suits you. For those have no idea on how to start, you can memorize one moral value everyday. I’m sure you can do it from today till the day you sit for SPM!

You can also make your own pocket notes that contain every Moral Values, Definitions and Key words or even some notes on answering SPM question. You can bring it along wherever you go and take it out and have a look when you are free. It is a good idea on how you spend your free time well!

Well, this post only gives you a general idea on how you can do your Moral question. I will be giving more details and examples on the coming post!

Any question or if I say anything wrong feel free to ask or correct me by posting a comment here!
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  1. Moral is quite an unpredictable subject. Once, I scored a 96 in one of my exams. But, for STPM, I only managed to score a B. No idea what went wrong.

  2. this is because you or even your teacher don't what spm want.
    things that you can do is to find a teacher with marking experiences and ask him or wait for my next post for more technique!

  3. haha.. i think MORAL had changed its format after my year, i still remember that during my year, what we did was..

    before exam - MEMORIZE

    the moment the exam starts - WRITE ALL NILAI BEHIND THE PAPER


    after exam - BIG 'V' .. hahaha

    but i can say it's quite unpredictable, it's ABSOLUTE ! means if your answer not on the marking scheme, then BYE BYE !!

  4. moral exam is a piece of shit exam. totally useless.


  5. Can I know how to do a moral folio Form 4 for SPM?

  6. i will write this more detail in next post.
    pls look forward to it.

  7. My Moral teacher... im speechless. My whole class hates her. The Form 5 classes she taught failed to get an A (the highest in my class was 68) in the recent mid year exam, but the classes the other (more experienced) Moral teacher scored 70 and above! Think numbers like 80, 85, 90 and etc

    now she's making our class do past year papers (im not sure if that works because less than a quater of the class actually bought the book) . She barely knows the marking scheme. She had to ask the other Moral teacher for guidance.

  8. First of all, thanks for your tips.
    Your attitude towards learning that subject was quite good.
    But, I just wondering your opinion about what the point learning that subject in school.
    I am sure "to score high mark in exam" is not your exact answer.
    So in reality, are all of us putting all values that we memorized for exam in our daily life practise?
    Pls rethink.........

    1. Shut the fuck up man,don think urself as philosopher mf

  9. Thanks for these tips. Sometimes I don't get the subject. It's funny when my marks were that stable and suddenly Moral as the lowest mark. =.=||| My friends were all wondering about it and all I have to say is I'm not made out to memorize stuffs, just understanding the concept will do.


    As much as I understand how our education system or around ASIA seem to be exam-oriented, I beginning to sometimes wonder, how much have mankind decrease in quality? A lot of A but where's the improvement in our development?
    Skills, talents? Do they even need this? But reality will remain reality after all. :/


    Hahaha, but the subject became our daily topics as we throw at each other how bad each of our moral values are XD. Having a C means I'm a bad girl XD

  10. i got a ques..r u sure we have to write the essay in only 1 paragraph? for the section B

  11. You have to write it in a paragraph. last time a moral teacher went to our school and said that when answering in many paragraph, the teacher marking your paper will first see your moral values. if it is wrong, the teacher will not continue reading on. the whole thing is counted wrong but if you write it in a paragraph, the teacher marking will have no choice but to read the whole thing. and if your definition or example is not at the correct moral value, but the correct value is wriiten, the teacher will "kaitkan" and here comes your marks?!(this means if your moral value is at the top of your paragraph, while your definition and example is at the bottom, the teacher can take the correct moral value and give you marks for that because you have given the correct answer but not located at the same place, eventhough if there are other moral value and definition in between them?!)

  12. hi.. taking spm 2007.. soon.. -.-\\

    i failed in writting essays, and had to go to kelas pemulihan.. *paiseh* but it actually help. you have to know the marking scheme. very important. nilai, followed by penerangan (with kosa kata and kaitkan to the situasi) + contoh, if needed. ask ur teachers for it. if the nilai is wrong, the whole thing is wrong! >.<

    the prob that i'm facing is i don't have enough time. exams and test, i don't have enough time to recheck my answers. how come ah?!

    well, everyone GAMBATEH - moral paper is v hard to score (as so i heard) =.=


  13. actually we dun av to memorize ol d thing. its only d keyword..n we r informed dat d format has changed.so i think its easier 4 us to get better mark in spm soon.anywy,gd lak to ol moral students!

  14. For Pendidikan Moral. No use for u to memorize the nilai and difinisi only. Please ensure u know how the marking scheme works. What to answer if the question of "jelaskan" "huraikan" and etc. Its different.

    [email protected]

  15. LOlz...here i am...online with only 18 hours left and i still haven't settled every single stupid nilai +definasi...i might screw the test..whu noes.. but gud luck to everyone else la..at least we can all stand united taking downs this dumbest obstacle set by our rather beloved government..but i heard its still better than their latest scam = civics...
    chaoz ppl n gud luck!

  16. Thank God, Pendidikan Moral paper this year is quite easy :P
    Actually beside moral values and its definition we also need to be careful with the marks given at the bottom right hand side. For example, the question ask you to give two related moral values and the mark is 6m. so we need to come up with
    1 moral value + related to question definition + "contoh"
    1 moral value + related to question definition + "contoh"
    that is what my P.moral teacher said. she also said that you can give extra "nilai" even the question ask you to give 2 suitable nilai, you can give up to five nilai. if one of your nilai wrong, the examiner will give mark for the third or fourth nilai you have given. btw my teacher is P.moral spm paper examiner.

  17. What will happen if a student answered the moral essay part in 2 paragraphs? (one 4 each nilai) Will a lot of marks be deducted?

  18. "What will happen if a student answered the moral essay part in 2 paragraphs? (one 4 each nilai) Will a lot of marks be deducted?"

    Well the reason you're supposed to write in one paragraph is so that if your Contoh for a certain Nilai is wrong, the examiner can still use that Contoh for your second Nilai given that it is correct. Example :

    Nilai Rajin. Kita haruslah berjimat semasa berbelanja. Nilai Kesederhanaan. Kita haruslah sentiasa tolong-menolong.

    The contoh for Rajin is definitely wrong, but it can be used for Kesederhanaan. Thus, you still have 2/4 marks. But if you write in 2 different paragraphs, you will not get any marks at all.

    So it ultimately depends on how you wrote your essay, or rather did you write the Contohs correctly or not.

  19. From my experience, sometimes there are scenarios like these:

    Sila nyatakan nilai-nilai yang sesuai bagi pernyataan berikut:

    XXX & YYY represents the moral value we should answer.

    Teacher A's answer:

    Teacher B's answer:
    Nilai yang sesuai bagi pernyataan berikut adalah XXX dan YYY

    This is the problem I faced when I consulted two different teachers about the answer format.
    Both teachers insist that their answer format is the one given by the MoE.

    Since I couldnt get a satisfying resolution, I choose Teacher B's format in the real paper.
    Int the end, 4B is what I get.

    I think it's wise to consult teacher about the correct answer format, if not it might cost you the result.

  20. hi i m a spm candidate for 2008 aka this election year. i came across this website yesterday while surfin d net 4 some chemistry trial papers 2 work on.
    i found d tips n strategies given r quite useful n helpful as well as i hav a 1 step further understandin bout d spm format n how 2 answer. unfortunately i m late by 2 years...

    (P.S: do skip this section 2 avoid wasting of ur valueble-time-which-should-b-use-to-study-borin-moral-instead-of-readin-this-rubbish)
    actually 2 me, moral is d lamest subject in d entire universe... wat about nilai nilai? excuse me? r v gonna need dat 4 jobs application neither in d so-called masyarakat? how many graduates find wat they learn from moral lessons helpful or applicable? its not like physic, maths or anything, it just totally bullshit! or how can written pratical actually show d true nature of a particular person?? a D in moral doesnt show da d person is like born evil n is meant 2 spent his whole lifetime in prison lock-up, isolated from other mankind to avoid spreadin of bad attitude like it is a disease? dat unlucky fella may juz hav bad memory or analysin skills but mayb a good nature person at heart. Ironicly, an A in moral doesnt prove dat u r an angel either. Really, it doesnt make sense at all learnin moral in written practical 2 improve d moral value in a person! action speaks louder den words! moral shouldnt b juz about memorizin useless nilais n crap its definisi, it should be based more on action than words!!!


    NOw back 2 serious matter.... can sumbody pls send da markin scheme of bio, chem, phy, moral, sejarah(especially this), bm n eng to me?? i juz cant seem 2 find it anywhere n d teachers seemed sumwat reluctant 2 spare me any either... hope sumbody would hopefully take notice of my very untimely comment n assist in my request 4 markin schemes..tq very much 4 everything u shared in this blog!

    my email add: [email protected]

  21. im new here (just discovered this place a couple of hours ago) & i find it very useful 4 the to be spm moral candidates. im one of the 2007 spm candidates by the way (i wish i known this blog sooner).

    for moral, the most important thing is to memorize. i like boonbox's comment. what he wrote was very true. you must, yes, MUST memorize every nilai(s) & their respective definitions. the kata kunci however, for me, not really important to memorize.

    having a good relationship with your moral teacher will also help you. my teacher was one of the marker & he kindly shared some tips to score in moral to us.

    when answering section A, you must start your sentence with e.g. XXX telah "mengamalkan nilai..." or "nilai ... telah diamalkan" oleh XXX. my teacher stated that the word "amal" & "nilai" is a MUST when answering the questions. for those who were worried about scoring in section A, my one advise is to do a lot of reading to know what's happening around you because most of the questions will ask you about the current events occurring in our environment. basically its a kbkk questions where they'll ask you to think deeply.

    4 the essay section, just follow what have been posted. its definitely true :)

    i've heard some people said that moral is not important unlike physics, biology, chemistry, add maths, etc. but to me, i think its as important as the others & i don't think its a waste of time to study it. my teacher said studying moral can help in the career world (dunno whether its true...XD)

    i never study moral as vigorously as my other schoolmates & i probably in the average group. i even used an outdated reference book from my sister who was 2 years older than me (note that starting from 2007, the formats & marking scheme is different of the previous years). as the 1st badge, its pretty difficult as not much were known about the new formats.

    the night before moral spm exam, i still remembered i spent 3 hours memorizing the nilai(s) & definitions.

    today, i proudly say that i got an A1 for moral :D

    -hope i help shed some light in the moral dilemma-


  22. As far as i know for moral, this is what my teacher teach; (since she is a moral paper marker)

    - Question ask to give 2 nilai but always give 3 because to act as a failsafe just in case the first nilai is wrong. (p/s Rasional is a very safe nilai because every situation needs Rasional)
    - Thats why in essay at least 3 paragraph per nilai.
    - Every paragraph 1st sentence is the nilai. Next sentence watak+kata kunci1 (you usually need to seperate the definition from the text book)+kait dengan situasi. Next sentence followed by contoh of the application of nilai starting with buktinya or contohnya and watak is important, i.e kita... dia... mereka...
    - In the same paragraph, the next sentence is watak+kata kunci2+kait dengan situasi. Again with the watak and contoh.
    - Do the same thing for the next two paragraph aka nilai per paragraph.

    - Whenever they say berikan definisi or maksud nilai, always give the full definisi
    - However when they don't ask definisi or maskud, lets say jelaskan... or huraikan... nilai berikut always give watak and kata kunci (p/s this what my teacher say why a lot of student lose mark)
    - Remember, they always give watak in the question and always analyze that.
    - Don't forget your akta-akta, forget the akta-akta that was already asked, they never ask it again.
    - Use common sense to answer when cara menangani or contoh.
    - Also, always look at the marks they give, when they say terangkan nilai yang patut diamalkan ... and they give 2 marks they want you to give a nilai, next sentence watak+kata kunci.
    - If terangkan 2 nilai and 4 marks that means nilai, next sentence watak+kata kunci. Next Sentence nilai 2, next sentence watak+kata kunci.
    - but if 3 marks or 6 marks, a contoh is required.

    All question are always based on text book so read the issues on the text book. The nilai in the textbook is also always reffered to.

    Good luck everyone... - Cerav

  23. any idea where to get the list of the nilai and definisi?
    Quite tiring to flip the pages one by one to search for all 36 of them.

  24. Copy and paste this link into yr toolbar...since when was "the" sharlene lee so hardworking...zzzz


    Search yourself...quite easy to find...

  25. Just dropping by and was wondering....this year's marking scheme has changed with the previous years right?..and from a comment i read they say that we have to think rationally and logically to answer the KBKK questions....but from what i have checked....even the KBKK questions has to be found inside the textbook and marking scheme....if the answer was from your OWN rational and logical thinking..it MIGHT be wrong...even if my teacher thinks that the answer is correct...but they cant do anything because they say it wasnt in the scheme....any ideas?....and one more thing...do you guys think that the NILAI BERTANGGUNGJAWAB has to do with relieving the society from gejala juvana??...that should be correct right?...even my teacher thinks so....but they said what is not in the marking scheme is not excepted in anyway what-so-ever....funny right? =.=

    ANd goodluck to anyone who is having their SPM this year....just around the block... xD

  26. question : for moral structure, can you give 3 or more answers if the question asks for 2? will you be penalized if one of them is wrong while other 2 is correct?

  27. People who think that all the problem can be solved by using 36 moral values are STUPID, including my Moral teacher...

    On the other hand, there is a rumor that Ministry of Education had developed an advanced software long ago that can produce Moral subject marking scheme and mark our Moral SPM paper!

    But seriously, why the software can't even recognise obvious answer as stated in the comment above:

    Nilai yang sesuai bagi pernyataan berikut adalah X dan Y

  28. May i know where to get all the kata kunci?i'm a private candidate hence haven't had any proper moral lessons in school:)

  29. lol.....i hate doin moral project....n my moral teacher when she teach i can even slp....hehe

  30. dis year me spm ....sad....but 4 moral i wont worry bout it.....the subject i worry is bio...chem...n physics.....

  31. my moral teacher gave my whole class highest 53 last term and she say thats the real marking scheme. Wat the hell, and its not like we are second class or last class student. Second class students diff teacher can score 70-85, we maximum 53, struggling to pass.

  32. Well, im a Spm candidate this year, 2010. And this blog is really good. But, i read through the comments and fins some really really true. Anyways, i memorize all 36 nilai(s). But i got 28 for my school paper. And 19 for JPS (Jabatan Pendidikan Selangor). But other class, which is quite similiar to what i wrote have got 58 and so on. Why is this so? Teacher or me?

  33. Hi, im a student sitting for SPM this year. Some comments i see are very useful. And complaints as well. This is really be considered by goverment. Since, SPM is very important for us. For those who can afford A levels, please go ahead. I have a cousin who have few A's for A level, and companies don't even want to take a glimpse! of SPM. So yeah. Anyways, goverment should take notice of this. It will bring down the "views". But in the same point, you want to get A work for it. Its true.

    Back to what im here to say. I totally agreed with what "[email protected]" said. But complaining was never good. Tho, i still want to say what i want to say.

    My friend, (call him XX), he can score as high as 80++++ for moral! But! His attitude can be as bad as an ace of spades. Trust me. So does this mean moral, hafal moral can help improve one's attitude? Think again.

  34. if din do project thn 100% fail lor=.=

  35. moral is total bullshet if u ask me ._.

  36. This is very useful.. thank you for this.. it really helps as i am now doing it in form 4 itself... thanks..

  37. g,thanx 4 tips.i'd owez ask my teachr stupid Q,.to drop de 'cute' sbjct!smtime de Q match wit all nlai,n its realy suck coz i mmorize de nlai a mnute b4 de moral pper is gven,crazy isn it.so de whole Q answr is rpeated.wat a mesz..

  38. I saw there is many version of kata kunci...I don't know which one is real...My teacher give us is different from others...I am so confusing...

  39. Hi can you email us the version you teacher sent you so that we can compare and check? Thanks!

  40. Dont ever compare your mark with the other (esp if they were thought by the different tcer). Some certain tcers are a bit straight if compared to the other. My students always compared their marks with the other. It is better to have lower mark now than later. To answer the structure q’s when they asked what values were involved, always reused the question sentence to answer it. for eg. “apakah nilai yang patut diamalkan oleh Ali? (1m)” Answer: ‘Ali patut mengamalkan nilai rasional”. If the marks were 2 or 3, then u must included penerangan (kata kunci) and contoh. For the esei, do write everything in a single paragraph. It is advisable to memorize the definition for rasional and bertanggungjawab as those values were ‘normally’ accepted as the answers for every questions. k ciao for now, all the best.

  41. I started getting A+ for my Pendidikan Moral paper after reading the tips on this site... Thank You

  42. hey ,can you give like example for moral esei ? cause i really confuse abt it o .0.thank you

  43. Hi, May i ask some questions which are really confusing me.
    1) Is nilai "Rasional" is suitable for every questions?
    2) Where i can get the Standard definisi and kata kunci for each nilai? I found too much different definisi and Kata kunci which are really confusing me.
    3) Recently, my friends said that nilai "tanggungjawab terhadap keluarga" and "bertanggungjawab" can use in same question? As i know, my school's teacher said that is not allowed.
    4) Is the soalan structure must answered in complete answer or point forms?
    5) If nilai have 3 kata kunci, we must masukkan kesemuanya dalam esei kita? Jika tak, zero marks we will get? Is it?
    6) Akta wihout years, is it allowed?
    7) Is Kata ganti nama is allowed to use?

  44. I having my 1st time (spm persendirian) tis year. Unfortunately, no 1 know about changes of d formats of moral. It took me study continuous up to 20++ hours without sleep just for d nilai, kata kunci, definisi. Even when having my exam I really don't know which one shall I follow or write. That totally not mentioned of nilai for the paper 2 at all. I double & double to read d question but it just request for pengajaran only. I started to write with nilai but I afraid I will be wrong, then I cancelled all previous esay & rewrite a new one which requested by d question. Until now a day I still in dilemma whether I wrote d correct or wrong one. The government of education shall inform the students & teachers about d changes of format. How can they just put it behind by saying the government have d rights to do it or changes it. Weven d teachers also doesn't know about d new format so how can a students can score a good results when they totally don't known about which one is the correct way to do it. For me it was a terrible thing as I studying until feelings nausea but I still can't have a good score in moral as I studying harder than others. In my opinion, the spm moral shall repeat again for the sake of all students and fairly. I totally don't agree with the education style which suka-suka tukar format without any early of information to teachers and students. Even myself learned a lot of nilai moral but I don't see any from them what call respect. If I can't have a good result, I not blamed myself but to the education department.

  45. How important is memorizing the nilai? I'm really having problems with that, cause it does not have any connection whatsoever. At least sejarah had a story, this? Random words that they want you to use. Please, I really need help , thank you. :)


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