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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Format & Free Syllabus for STPM & MUET in 2012

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Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong announced in April that from year 2012 onwards, new modular system will replace the existing terminal system for Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM). He also announced that there will be no change made to the STPM syllabus.

The current STPM system, known as the terminal system which is similar to PMR and SPM, assesses STPM candidates in one major STPM examination at the final of the one and a half year of Form Six studies. The new modular system, which is similar to Malaysian Matriculation (Matrikulasi), will test sixth-formers continuously over three semesters.

Finally, after 29 years of terminal system since STPM inception in 1982, STPM is set to undergo a massive facelift next year. In fact, the government has announced the change to happen in STPM 2011 back in 2009. Now, it has been confirmed that the new system will be implemented from STPM 2012 onwards.

As a former STPM student, I welcome the change whole-heartedly. This is because it will lessen the burden of STPM students and better prepare them for tertiary education which is using the modular or semester system. The assessment weightage of the new modular or semester-based system is based on 20% coursework and 80% continuous assessment.

It is also confirmed in the news report that the content of MUET and STPM syllabus (sukatan pelajaran STPM dan MUET) will remain no change. Previously, student who wish to get the STPM syllabus will need to pay to order it from Malaysian Examinations Council (Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia). The good news is the MUET and STPM exam calendar and syllabus are available online for download free of charge.

Another related announcement by Malaysian Examinations Council was starting next year, MUET will be held three times per year, in March, July and November. The test fees will also increase to RM100 from current RM60.

Download MUET and STPM syllabus (sukatan pelajaran STPM dan MUET) now!
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  1. i want to ask that i'm a 2010 spm candidate...can i start doing form 6 on 2012?

  2. may i know 2012 form 6 intake is when july or september?

  3. i still not sure how form 6 new format works?

  4. The new modular system for F6 is still on balance. Please wait awhile before MPM announces how it should go. As for new batches of F6 students in 2012, there is a strong possibility that you guys will be the pioneer and I would say 'lucky you' because modular system has many benefits to you. :)

    by [email protected]

  5. hi. i am woking as an court interpreter and interested in taking STPM exam.So i need guidance regarding this.

  6. may I know that, if I wish to further my study in overseas based on my STPM result, does the new syllabus of form six affects the qualification of overseas university's intake??

  7. i jas want to knw dat if the new form6 modular system has the same standard as the old stpm..wer it is accepted worldwide....

  8. hope the new syllabus doesn't affect in overseas

  9. can i please know what are the minimum requirements of SPM results?


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