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Sunday, March 15, 2015

5 Definite Ways to Secure a Scholarship

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5 Definite Ways to Secure a Scholarship

by Diviya (a Petronas scholar)

Imagine this:
“ Random person: Hey girl ah, finish SPM now doing what..?”
“You: Dunno la, see first. Never get any scholarship..’

And imagine this:
“Random person:   Hey girl ah, finish SPM now doing what..?”
“You: Oh, I got a scholarship from...to do....”

Okay now, which is better? The first scene or the second? I would say second. It’s always great and prestigious to say that you got a scholarship. If you have always feared interviews for a scholarship, then fear not. You have come to the perfect place. Keep reading, and you’ll know why.

Ladies and gentleman, here let me present to you, *drum rolls please*,

5 definite ways to secure a scholarship. (note that these ways have to start since high school, not just before a scholarship interview)

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1. Be legendary!

Remember that you aren’t the only one applying for a scholarship. Thousands of students are too. Here’s your chance to show what you’ve got. Show off your talents and potentials. Collect as much certificates for participations in your high school year. Every scholarship agent wants to sponsor an all rounder student. It means nothing if you have 9A+ ++ but zero participations in other activities. Join as many activities as you can, be a leader (class monitor, prefect, president, secretary), join competitions (debate, drama, public speaking).  Try to join International or National Level activities. It gives you so much more credit!

2. Get good grades in your TRIAL examination

Most people take trial exams for granted. People, you must know that some scholarships require you to hand in your trial examination, eg: ASEAN Scholarship. It comes to no avail, if you have Straight A’s for you SPM but, very less A’s for your trial.


Gain as much confidence as you can in your high school years. You wouldn’t want your scholarship interview to be the first time you have ever spoken in public. Try debating or public speaking. It helps you be super confident, smart, eloquent and fluent in English. On your scholarship interview day, DO NOT BE NERVOUS. Although sometimes being nervous is inevitable, you have to fake confidence. Don’t errr..err.. It shows how incompetent you are. Use proper English (it doesn’t matter if your English is not that good, you don't have to use bombastic words, idiomatic phrases. Just proper grammar) Don't laugh or smile too much in an interview.


When going for an interview, always DRESS for success. Depending on which interview you are attending, you have to be dressed suitably. For example, I wore a blazer and slacks to my Petronas Interview but for my JPA Interview, I wore a baju kurung. First impressions does make a big deal.


You have to know about your sponsor (eg: Petronas, Bank Negara, Maybank, JPA) Just in case, they ask about their CEO or their Chairman, you have to know the answer. And make sure you read about the course you are applying for. They WILL ask you about your course. If you’re choosing chemical engineering, make sure you KNOW about it.  Most interviews have solo interviews, group interviews, IQ tests, Maths & Science tests. You have to be prepared. Read about it on the internet (most seniors write about their experiences online) Know the current issues. And develop fast thinking skills. Most likely your assessors will ask questions and you have to answer them quickly. Dont take way too long to think. You have to be fast and clear and loud.

Here you go people! 5 definite ways to secure a scholarship! Good luck and all the best to everyone who’s going to any interview! Hopefully you guys will get it! :D

Diviya (@heyheyitsdiv) is a 19 year old girl, with an extreme passion for oratory, writing and reading. She received the Petronas Scholarship for the May Intake 2014. She spent 11 years in a Convent school and comes from the town of Muar. She aims for precision and leadership and has a keen eye for socializing and meeting new people.
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  1. Yes, I agree with the tips. It's not enough to get good grades. You also need to be well prepared for the interview. But if you have difficulties with your writing, you should get help from writing services. Good luck.


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