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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pre-university Programme: South Australian Matriculation (SAM)

Posted by Erlina

Pre-university Programmes Overview: Form Six, Matriculation, A-level, AUSMAT, SAM, ICPU, IB, Foundation

South Australian Matriculation (SAM)

The South Australian Matriculation (SAM) program is an internationally recognized 1 year matriculation program that is administered by the Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia (SSABSA), a statutory authority of the South Australian government.

Students who successfully complete the SAM program are accredited with the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and provided with a university entrance score that is used by universities around the world to select students for degree courses.

Entry Requirements
SPM, O level or its equivalent with 5 credits including English.

January and March

RM 8,550 - RM10,000

The SAM program consists of 5 subjects. They are as follows:
  • English studies or English as Second Language (ESL)
  • The remaining subjects must include one subject from each from List 1 and List 2:
List 1
  • Chinese
  • Economics
  • English as second language
  • English studies
  • Legal studies
  • Malay
  • Modern history
List 2
  • Accounting studies
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Information technology studies
  • Mathematical methods
  • Mathematical studies
  • Specialist mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology
In addition to these subjects, students will have to study the compulsory MQA subjects which include: Malaysian studies, moral/Islamic studies and Bahasa Malaysia (exempted if a credit in Bahasa Malaysia has been obtained at SPM Level)

It is important for students wishing to excel to consistently perform well in their course work as 50% of the final marks are from the coursework set and marked at college. The remaining 50% is based on the examination that is set and marked by the SSABSA. On top of that, students in the SAM program must also achieve s satisfactory score (10/20 or better) in either English studies or English as second language to obtain the qualification.
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  1. Can i know is it the whole SAM course cost RM8550-RM10000?Which university or college offer this price?I had asked a famous private college it cost RM9895 1st semester..

  2. I had check up a few private colleges locally. Found that the price had not agree with wat is mention above. It costs much more than wat is mentioned. Around 18k.

    I think many of us would be glad if there is a list of fees for the pre-U courses.

  3. The course fees are increasing years by years and it's impossible for us to list out the fees because we couldn't get it as easy as you think.We can't even check through online and the fees sometimes doesnt include the examination fees so please understand.

    Sorry and thank you.

  4. For S.A.M what university recognised this cource and if i
    study S.A.M where can i furthur my studies after that ?

  5. why the fees is so expensive?
    is that mean,the matriculation was held at overseas??
    adakah sama matrik ini dan matrik tempatan?

  6. SAM is recognised in most overseas countries and also in local private universities...
    Obviously SAM is done in M'sia unless one would opt to do it overseas...
    However,after ending the course,one could further their studies abroad or locally depends on their TER...

  7. SAM can be done in Taylor College but of course the price is quite high i guess. I am going to take this course after SPM in taylor college.( If my result allowed me to)

  8. I think it is expensive because it is faster than foundation. SAM only takes 9months

  9. actually i find its not faster as they finish exams in november and results come out in jan the next year. if your going to australia in august its good but all other countries take students in sept thus there is a long wait.
    there are some foundations that begin in jan and end by sept thus saving a year but its for specific programmes like medicine
    if i have to wait till the next year for entry id rather a levels or if i can save time foundation

  10. is there business and management course in SAM? Is taylor the only place to do SAM?

  11. could you let me know the subjects to be taken in SAM for furthering medicine, and i understand that SAM is recognised in india but not AUSMAT.
    SO how would i know that we r taking the right course.

  12. which are the universities that recognise SAM..n whats its difference wif a levels...where can i study after doing SAM??

  13. i'm now taking SAM, and thinking if i should take up specialist mathematics. I heard from most ppl it's a difficult course. Is it so? Is it similar to add maths?

  14. does the college itself provides a scholarship in pursuing the SAM???

  15. wat college offer the lowest fee in studying SAM??

  16. can you introduce of a college has SAM foundation with the fee about 10k ??

  17. Mathematical Studies is even harder than the specialist maths... although the name of specialist seems to be very hard... SAM is a perfect and one of the shortest pre-u program in the world and it is world recognize..im currently taking SAM in taylor's college... the things we learn from SAM is almost the same as Cambridge A level but not as detailed as CAL. STPM is one of the world hardest Pre-U programme...CAL is easier than STPM follow by SAM and it is true that malaysian matrikulasi program is the worst pre-u programme ever... If you take SAM, it will be easier for you to proceed your studies in Australia and without IELTS needed(If your ESL is more than 14B)

  18. I think the above comment about mathematical studies being harder than specialist maths is wrong. Please get your facts right.

  19. what's the difference between Alevels and SAM?? Can SAM take me to a prestigious uni IN UK or US. do reply asap

  20. Where can I get the application form of SAM ?

  21. well, i am studying SAM at INTI IU now...so i can share what i knew about SAM to u all...The tuition fee is about 20400++(humanities) and 20700++(Science)excluding additional fees(acommodation etc)..private universities that offer SAM program are INTI IU (nilai campus) and Taylor's Uni...other than SAM, there is also an AUSMAT program that similar to SAM...SAM program takes 1 year for Jan intake and 8 months for March intake..(additional info: i'm taking spe maths, specialist maths is harder than mathematical studies...maths studies is same as addmath in SPM and spec math is even harder that that...so, few ppl took spec math-my class only 3 ppl included me...spec math is useful for those who wants to study engineering and actural science...for the others who interested also can take so as yr chosen subject)...subject offer in INTI: biology,physics,chemistry,ESL(english-compulsory),mathematical studies,specialist mathematics,research project(for Jan intake only),accounting,economics,legal studies,psychology...

  22. for the assignments, can we need to give in the drafts first be4 handing in the actual one?


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