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Saturday, February 03, 2007

STPM blues

Posted by Melanie

You know, i often hear people saying this " DO NOT GO FORM 6, It's a waste of time". "FORM 6 is so easy". If it is easy , and a waste of time, do you even think the government would set such things in our education system? I'm sick of such stereo-typed people. I hope i do not offend anyone here though.

Form 6 is not as easy as you think. I've had a p.h.D teacher in my school who said " form 6 is the hardest exam in your life. if you can go through it , there is no doubt you will do well in universities."If you ask me if i was prepared for the whole thing before i enter form 6, i would say i am prepared. I came from an average family and my sister is in a private university , so my parents could not afford to send me to private college.i was very clear i am going to form 6 after i finished form 5.

Anyway,David Hans requested me to write about my experience when i switched to arts in form 6.

. I was a science side student in form4 & 5. A science side student WHO DO NOT enjoy science. Hence , my result is always lousy , and i am always the one with the lowest mark. Not in class though, but among my friends. I was looked down . So when i enter form 6, i knew i cannot continue staying in science. Besides, I am fed up of being looked down. I took the risk of moving to arts side alone. i was scared , but i knew i had to move on no matter what. My SPM result was just a "so-so" result ( i do not mind to reveal it, i scored only 5a's in SPM) , and i do not want my STPM result to turn out bad as well. (still awaiting for my result). When i entered form 6, i had this dream to get first in class and get the highest in all my exam. And yes, i did it. I studied hard, got the 1st and was always the highest in all my exams. Like i said , i am fed up of being looked down , and i need to gain some respect from my friends in arts. I do not want to be looked down anymore. So to those of you who are not sure of switching or not , look at your result. If you keep getting 'c' or 'D' in your science subjects and still going to science side in form 6, you are commiting suicide. Know your ability. Forget about the "cool-ness" when you're holding an organic chemistry book. It is the result that matters.If your parents insisted you to stay in science saying bout the prospects of science side, talk to them nicely , and explain to them. And arts side has a wide prospects too. Who is the one who manage a hospital? A doctor does not manage a hospital you know? [I'm not trying to say the bad side about science side ya.. :) ]

When i told people how stress i am when i was preparing for my exams , then they'll ask me " what side are you in?"... when i said "arts". they'll go on saying , " Oh , no problem one. easy.". And this is what i hate. Arts side in form 6 , is A TOTAL DIFFERENT from form 5. It is a lot harder and be prepared to write up to 15 pages for each exam. i would say arts is a lot about reading and memorising. AND no , it's not easy when you have to memorise hundreds of pages.and if you are taking economics, it's even worse. You need to memorise graphs and write tonnes of notes.Honestly , my ball pen lasted me only around 3 weeks, and mind you, my handwriting is small. Not only that, You need to be hard working enough to read the many pages of boring notes. You can easily fail if you're in arts , because once you do not read , you can't do anything. There is no objective (except for econs), so basically if you do not study , you can just sleep through the test.So, arts side is not easy. It is just as tough as the science side. What makes arts side easier?we still write 7 essays, 2 quantitative, and 30 multiple choice questions with half of it is counting in 3 hours.Or for some papers, we had to write more than 10 pages. Science and Arts= same level . So , if you feel down about moving to arts side, you do not have to now.

No doubt to those who are from science side , you would have a problem adapting with the arts side people. Especially if you are not mandarin-spoken like me. I am the ones that basically cant even write my name in mandarin , and couldn't speak more than ten words of fluent mandarin. Yes, that is how bad it is. Did i tell you i did not move to arts with any of my friends? So, having to be in a new environment with no one you are comfortable with was a tough experience to go through. I even reach to a point i wanted to give up. I did not mix with anyone for the first month. I felt so lazy to go to school , and i slept for almost every period. Anyway after a while , slowly i got to mix with them . I learnt mandarin through talking with them .(because most of them are mandarin-spoken, you can't expect them to learn english for you.Majority wins ) Ofcourse, i need to endure to be laughed at my "weird" accent. But , over all , i enjoy learning , and now, i can speak almost fluent mandarin. You see, that was an extra for me through the two years of form six.

If you asked me if i regret going to form 6, i would easily answer you "no". Form 6 is the 2 years i enjoy the most in my high-school life. It was also the only time where i look forward going to school and enjoying my time even though during the many exams i had. One of the hardest part to go through was that in form 6 there is a lot of test going on. I even had times where my whole month is filled with test and quizzes. Form 6 is also the time where i realise three hours is like 3 minutes. Most of my papers are three hours, and i am still rushing for it. So , three hours is nothing to me now. Time flies. I had a lot of fun in form 6 and being the eldest in the school. So to those of you who are going to form 6, i wish you all the best and i guarantee you will have a fun-filled 2 years like i did. I am still waiting for my result, wish me luck guys. :)

Form 6, No regrets.

- Melanie -
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  1. Hey Melanie, that was a good post. I had 5As too in my SPM and I'm proud of it. =)

    I was also not sure if I wanted to study Science in Form 6 but after my sis persuaded and explained all the opportunities for me, I went ahead in Science stream.

    Well, unfortunately, my Chem sir sucked! He was one of the lousiest teacher ever. But, we could not depend on our teachers all the time, so we also learnt to be independent and studied hard.

    Form 6 is not easy and is never going to be easy. Science or Arts, it's the same. Both sides need diligence, hard work, and determination. No wonder some of my friends always remarked that STPM was the 3rd most difficult exam in the world. I am inclined to agree with them.

    To those who opt to go to Form 6, be prepared for thick books, lots of notes, lots of Math exercises, and should also be very well prepared in case you get lazy teachers. Never depend on your teachers. If you get a really dedicated one, then lucky you.

    That's all. =)

  2. Hie thr Josette! Thankx for complementing on my post! :)

    It's true wt you say , never depend on any teacher. I had this lousy MUET teacher who keep looking down on our english. (cz i was in arts) and she could'nt be bothered to teach us. So i had to study all by myself . My friends who depend on the teacher scored really bad even when they took it for the second time.

    Teachers are just guiding you. They do not determined your good results. :)

  3. I've been visiting your blog everytime i'm online and been promoted to my students. Yes I'm a Form 6 teacher,currently teaching Economics Paper 1.
    I never had an experienced studying in Form 6 as I continue study in diploma level.
    Anyway, I'm not trying to convince all of you to love your teacher, but I can't agree on one thing, 'lazy teacher'.
    From my experience with my colleagues, especially the first year teaching STPM level (2004/05), I found out a few of them have this policy of hands-off. STPM student is a pre-U student, so let them 'feel' the way THEY felt as a first year student in university. Let the student be prepared for themselves. Berdikari is the buzz word.
    However, I don't agree with them 100%. What I know is all student needs to be self-motivated, willing to study by themselves or among themselves, but as a teacher, as long as there is an opportunity, I will ask them to see me for further discussion a the selected topics.
    My point is, "Lazy teacher" is not all but maybe he/she is the hands-off teacher. How to know if he/she is lazy or not. Find out if he/she is teaching SPM level as well. If he/she have been hardwork on spm student, then IMHO they not lazy, just giving you some space while taking breathe before starting extra classes for SPM students.
    But again, I'm not writing here on behalf of all teachers, simply one opinion.
    BTW, I will suggest this post to my student.

  4. I wouldn't use the term 'lazy teacher'. I don't even bother to label them at all.

    I know it's frustrating to have teachers who are not able to help us. I've been through the same thing during my Form 6. However, I was lucky to have a very motivating Economics teacher.

    On the first day of our class, she reminded us the purpose of studying in Form 6. If we have no intention to pursue our studies in (especially in local) university, it was better for us to quit then. She made us realized the purpose we were there in her class.

    Regardless of what type of teachers you have in your class, in the end, it's all up to you. Because in Form 6, if you want to get into university, you have to earn it yourself. If you think you need extra guidance, engage with a good tuition teacher. Make lotsa notes and non-stop revision. Discipline is the key word here.

    Perhaps a little competition with your schoolmates will help. It worked for me and my ex-schoolmates.

    One day, if you are able to get your favourite course in your chosen university, you will realize how proud you are with all the efforts and sacrifice you have made.

  5. hello thr Hcfoo! thankx for taking time to read my post! :)

    hey, i got a good econs teacher in form6 too! she was the one that motivated me a lot to study. and like i said , we are the one who determined our result. No matter how good the teacher is , it is still up to us. besides, they're not the one whose goin to the uni.it's us! maybe i should make this my next post! :) cheerss

  6. I think there are 2 kinds of teachers.

    The really dedicated ones who really teach, for example, both my Math teachers, Biology sir, and Chem teachers from the other classes.

    The other kind is the one who does not bother to teach properly. They read aloud from the computer screen, word for word.

    Hey, I'd rather take the CD he's using, put it into my own computer at home and listen to the narrator whose English is better. My Chem teacher had the ability or talent to change perfect English into broken English.

  7. I agree with Josette's comment that "I'd rather take the CD he's using, put it into my own computer at home and listen to the narrator whose English is better".

    Our government has spent a lot of money in preparing the teaching aids in the form of compact disc (CD) for Science and Mathematics subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics T. In my school, my Pure Mathematics teacher often uses the CD for teaching us. It has audios (sound), colourful videos, attractive animations, short notes and exercises, making the teaching and learning processes to become more exciting and interesting.

    For other subjects, my teachers seldom use the CDs. Instead, they teach us using the reference books. I tried to borrow the CDs so that I can burn a copy each and play them using my own computer at home. However, my teachers were reluctant to lend them to me because "these CDs are provided by the government to the teachers as teaching material in class teaching only. They're copyrighted by Ministry of Higher Education and you're not allowed to make a copy of it yourself." What a cute reason!

  8. Thank you Melanie. Your post gives me a view into the life of Form 6 students. As I've said before, I'm going to go through the same thing as you as I'm a Science stream student during my SPM years. Moreover, I don't think any of my friends will move to the Arts together with me since they're like the majority of the Malaysian society, Science is always better than Arts. However, your post and your experiences have proven that Arts and Science are equal. As I'm still waiting for my SPM results which will be out soon, I've been thinking a lot whether is it a right thing to do to switch streams and I hope that my choice of moving to the Arts will be a right choice for myself when I enter Form 6 this year. And I would like to wish you and everyone best of luck in your SPM and STPM and may you all achieve your desired results.

  9. I get C in my chemistry,biology and physic.I want to study Science in Form 6. Is that mean I am going to fail at STPM or I am not suitable to study Science but I don't want to study at Art.

  10. harlow there anonymous :)

    well , nobody can say that u will fail STPM. or rather nobody can tell you which streams u suit better.

    what i wrote above is what i've been through.. and it's juz a guidance.

    and , ONLY YOU , and YOURSELF , knows the best. If you think you're better off in SC , then Sc stream it is.

  11. Form 6?
    Form 6 = Fun.Stress.BurntAss.

    Burnt Ass = Few KG of Chem/Math/Bio notes.

    Stress = Rushing day and night for the syllabus

    Fun = Overrides all above,the experience you get in F6.The satisfaction after STPM.

    F6 = FxSxB !! LoL :D

  12. I get 5c's in Chemistry,Biology and Physic.Can I still go to science stream in form 6?

  13. hie anonymous :)

    No one can stop u from goin to science stream. The question is , can u cope later ?

    Know your own abilities. No one knows it better than u.

    Good luck

  14. Hello Melanie,

    It was indeed a good post and I was very much pleased to have read it. I was quite surprised by the many similarities we have when reading your post. I have recently searched for many sites to understand more about the Form 6 life and luckily my eyes have caught this site.

    Like you, I was also a Science stream student in Form 4 and 5. In Form 4, I have scored quite well in the Science subjects, as in Physics, Chemistry and Biology but moving on to Form 5, the results were always bleh. Managed credits but not really good. Mind you, I was beginning to feel that I'm able to score just because I can if I want to but I don't anymore since the subjects were becoming unenjoyable to me *chuckles*. I actually wanted to study Accountancy but I stayed in the Science stream instead only because I had to. Having taken the SPM in 2006, my results were not what I've expected. Again, like you, I managed only 5A's out of 11 subjects. It was quite a blow but what's past is past like some would say. Recently, I was offered a place in Form 6, Science stream once again. Knowing I'm not going to bother studying Science subjects again, I'm determined to switch to Arts later on. As you've said, I'd be commiting suicide if I take the Science stream again.

    Having read and beginning to understand more about entering the hectic world of Form 6, I'd like to ask a few questions just to clear things up. I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I might as well ask away.

    Considering I'm going to switch to Arts stream in Form 6 and there are many subjects offered, which 4 subjects should I take? I have a great interest in English and Accountancy but I'm still not sure which field I'll take when furthering my studies in university later on. Be it English where I can take TESL, etc or Accountancy which obviously I'll be able to study Accountancy. Any tips for that? Say..what subject should I take for either my interest in English or Accountancy?

    Also, I now understand that the Arts stream is just as hard as the Science stream so I'm determined to not waste my time. Having an offer to Form 6 is much like a 2nd chance for me to do better than what I've achieved for my SPM. Having read your post has really made me think *grins*.

    For that, thank you for the useful words of yours. I'm sure I had tonnes of questions before but it seems that most of them are already answered when going through the information on this site. Although, if I have some more I'll certainly ask but this is it for now though.

    I'd appreciate any feedback on my previous questions.

    All the best,
    Syasha :]

  15. I got 3Cs in my science subjects in spm and I still want to do science in STPM. I am willing to work extra hard and put my heart and mind into it, do u think I should go arts instead? But I am very determine to do science.

  16. yeah, i know i'm making a history by doing that, and few people would really believes that I can perform, but nvm, thanks anyway, juz bless me. I will work as hard as you did in my prefered stream and get the good grades!

  17. Hello Syasha!

    Thank You for taking your time to write such a long comment.

    I'm sorry but im not quite sure if there's a subject for English in STPM? all i know is just MUET.what i suggest is you take accountancy , and do well in your MUET. MUET Is a must in form 6. so , you would have a choice when u go uni to whether continue with TESL or Accountancy. Where else if you're taking English (if thr's a subject for English ), it'll be difficult for you to cope if you're taking accountancy in UNI. Accountancy is not an easy subject tho. I've seen my frens getting ZERO for their accounts exams. Many would drop accounts and go for Maths.

    I wouldn't encourage you to take BM tho. You would be surprise many would fail their BM in STPM. BM is really tough in form 6.. and you're hearing that from someone who scored an A in her BM. (i got an A).I would say NOTHING IS EASY in form 6.

    It's good to give yourself a second chance to do something to proove to ppl u can do it. AND getting straight A's in SPM DO NOT determine you getting good results in STPM. i have many frens who score much better than me in SPM, but you know what? NON of them won me in their STPM results. I got 2A's and 2B+ btw.A Satisfactory result. I know ppl judge me saying im in arts , but again , at the end of the day it's the ALPHABET that matters. NOT THE SUBJECT YOU TAKE.

    But again! Hey , guess what ? in my school (my school is one of the top in the state) , there's LOTS of science side who got pretty lousy for their Pengajian AM.

    Use the second chance you have! Proof to ppl YOU CAN DO IT!
    Good luck girl!

  18. Andrew Ho,

    I wish you all the best. You can do it if you believe you can!SPM RESULTS DOESN'T DETERMINE YOUR RESULTS IN STPM!

    Good luck!

  19. Hello again Melanie ^__^,

    First of all, thank you so very much for giving a useful reply. My options and knowledge on STPM have become a bit clearer right now.

    I've decided not to take Accountancy after all :P I've been adviced by many not to and I do think it's fine with me. With that, it's back to the start again. I'm in such a blur in choosing which subject I should take. I know for sure General Studies is a must but for the other 3 subjects, I'm still not quite sure what I should take.

    I know there isn't any certain subject for English but since I'm in such a blur with the whole getting into Form 6 thing, I was actually wondering which subject I should take so I can take English-related courses in any university after STPM. Any thoughts on that?

    So..any help for me on choosing which subjects I should take? Right now, it'll be really helpful if I get advice on taking which subject. I'm in such a state of not knowing what to do, I feel awful.

    What subjects have you taken for your STPM, Melanie? Would you mind sharing about it and how much it helps in securing a university course you want to take in the near future? I'm just intrigued in how the subjects we take will ensure what course we're able to study in university later on.

    Thanks again for the advice and encouragement. It means so much to me considering I had no idea at all about the Form 6 life and STPM before. Teehee.

    Syasha :]

  20. Hey mel!!

    U realli hav a gud post there gal! Wel after readin it im kinda Nt confused anymore b4 steppin in form6 dis comin tuesday..Similar to U im a pure science stud n managed to get oni 6a's..wel now i intend to switch stream to the arts! But the prob here for me iz i hav a passion for actuarial science and want to pursue it later as my degree! This actuarial science degree( i do not whether U hav heard bout it ) consists of 70%mathz topicz n de rest is business related! I heard from my peers that if i were to go science stream then i cannot take Mathz T which is only allowed for the science stream students! Are they right bout this??..Or is is still possible for me to pursue this degree with Mathz S??..If after 2yearz doin f6..N den i hav no regards doin this degree im planning to switch my career choice either to accountancy or finance. Will i be able to cope up with accounting in form6 without any basics of it?..im willing to work hard bt there are sum Nutz who r discouragin me to not to take up acc in f6! i mean everythin'l be hard if v don put in effort..Well im planning to take up accounting,eco,pa and MATHZ(dis is de exisiting prob 4now)..i realli need ur help as soon as possible..If u cud reply to my mail it would be much more convenient for me! Anywayz i'd like to thank U in advance..souls like u outside there who hav helpin mind..im sure'l be blessed by GOD! ps; i hav no guidance from ma folks..N frens!..TX=)

    -Janane- ([email protected] ; [email protected])

  21. Syasha,
    If you want an English-related subject, how about Literature in English? I took it myself at SPM level and loved it. ^^

    According to Doctorjob (July 2006), you are allowed to take Mathematics T even though you are in the arts stream. You are also allowed to take both Mathematics T and S if you wish.

  22. Snow, sorry to point out that "[y]ou are also allowed to take both Mathematics T and S if you wish" is not true or a wrong fact. It's clearly written on my Peperiksaan STPM 2007 Arahan dan Panduan Pendaftaran Calon Sekolah/Institusi that a candidate cannot take both Maths T and Maths S at the same time. Read this comment.

  23. There's a reason why I invite people to correct my mistakes. ;)
    Hmm. I'm not sure. That's just information I got from Doctorjob, I double-checked. o_O Oh well. I'm sorry,it must have been a mistake in the printing. Maybe I should file a lawsuit against Doctorjob... XD Kidding.

  24. Hey!!

    I've read both (snow & chong)'s post! Tanx 4 answerIn ma QueZz..so i cant take both Mathz..Wel can i take maTz T tho im in Arts?..Does doc.job got that part right?..

    TaNx again 4 helpin me Out!

    MuChaZ GraCiaZz=)


  25. Hello Syasha.

    sorry for the a lil late reply.

    For yr info , i took BM , ECONS , business and PA. Econs and Business are pretty tough , so it's quite a clash to take both. I din have the chance to choose. It' really got me crazy when i was studying. I wud suggest you to take either econs or business and take Mathz. Again Maths in f6 are a lil like Add maths. Is your Add maths good?

    About securing a place in uni.. which uni are you talking about? if you're talking about private uni , there's definetely a place for you. if you're talking about public uni , i guess the ONLY way to secure a place is by scoring well. It doesnt really matter what subject you take in STPM. The most important is the "alphabet".

    Enjoy and cherish your form 6 life. i MIss mine a lot! :)

  26. Janane,

    I'm sorry, I really don't know anymore. Wikipedia says the exact same thing as Doctorjob. X_x
    I asked a friend of mine who took STPM a year or so ago and she said it's possible for a student from the Arts Stream to take Mathematics T, though. Then again, that could be outdated information. Anyone care to verify or disprove this?

  27. Hey Snow..

    Wel hi! Hmm..i have gotten back into skol for once..N i hav met my Maths teacher and asked him bout this Maths issue! He wasn't sure too so he offered me de Majlis Peperiksaan's directory..and i called em to verify And guess what..they dio let mr take up Mathz T!! So to those ppl out der wonderin whether an arts stream students can take up Mathz T..well the answer is a yes! But do consult ur teachers and let em know! FOr all the help regarding this i would like to thank snow N chong for replyin ma postZz..! Keep on doin gud deedZz! God bleSz!


  28. Hey Melanie.. I glad to hear bout ur xprnce while u in form 6. I had 5As too in my SPM. Some may say dats was a gud result, but not for me. I only got 5As out of 12 sbjct dat i took. We r in da same boat, I'm going through the same thing as you as I'm a Science stream student during my SPM years, but I`m da one who DO NOT LIKE science sbjct.. i only love add math. When i got da offer to continue my study in f6, i av been offered to go for science stream. I manage that i cant do well in my STPM if I still in science stream, so I switch off to art stream. Everybody look down to me and i really hate that. Most of them think, being in art stream is not popular as students in science stream. Eventhough how they say, now understand that the Arts stream is just as hard as the Science stream so I'm determined to not waste my time. Having an offer to Form 6 is much like a 2nd chance for me to do better than what I've achieved for my SPM. I won`t regret for being form 6 arts students. hopefully i can go through in my STPM 2007.

  29. Anonymous:

    i wish you all the best! Trust you will enjoy your form 6!

  30. Hi Melanie,
    I am a form 6 student currently and doing my upper 6 now.My condition was exactly like u, I switched my stream to arts. I am taking history for my major instead of other arts subject. Therefore, I am pretty sure whats the feeling of writing non-stop even though the hand can't move anymore.well, some of my senior just got their results recently. One of them got offer from the National University of Singapore which ranked 19 in the world by year 2006. So, i definitely deny the fact that most ppl say that form 6 students will just end up in local universities. If you are smart and pass the exam with flying color, you will be the one who making the choices.(that senior even got offer from Nanyang University anf UM)
    Well, Melanie. This post is fantastic and I am sure I will visit your blog next time. All the best~


  31. Clautis :

    yea, form 6 to me is something much much better than college. You can get into uni by "earning" it. My result's out yday and i got offered to UUM in Kedah. Im pretty happy bout it , altho i noe Kedah is quite dead. But that Uni is the no.1 in Msia for business studies.
    i wish you all the best , and remember , form 6 is a one shot thing! If you don't do well , you cant pay to re-sit! so, Good luck! Enjoy your form 6!!!!

  32. hi,Im new here.i just found this website.Wish i could earlier know about this blog.Apologise if dont understand what i wrote.My english is not that good(trying to improve it as Im worrying my MUET)." DO NOT GO FORM 6, It's a waste of time",I always listen from other ppl.But they said form 6 is difficult.Therefore,they keep saying study in college is better.T.T.Lastly i decided to study form 6.hmm actually i want to ask about,if i want to study architecture this course,do i need to take subject visual art?i hv asked many ppl,they said its better to tk the extra course since architecture is combination of science and art.Besides,with extra visual art sub,its a better advandage they might let u studying architecture in local uni.So,im still confusing about it.If its unessesary,then i dont want to take because physic,chemistry,maths and co-curiculum activities are driving me 'crasy' and busy around.Futhermore,the visual art teacher is always 'disappear'.Its depend on your luck to find him.he seem to be a busy teacher in or outside school.T.T...thanks if reply this.

  33. hey Melanie, it feels good to be encouraged by your post. I'm in form 6 and it's not a waste of time. In fact it's fun!

    the friends,the teachers...Everything!

    I hope all sixth formers reading this won't regret their choice :)in choosing this path.


  34. Sorry , i hadn't been available to reply the comments. was really tied up with uni. my apology to all :)

  35. geez..it was such a relief reading ur article, seriously i can relate to all this cuz i was an ex science student who switched to arts in form 6..now I'm heading' 2 upper six..n i tot i made a mistake (some told me i had less job opportunities, bla blah), but i guess not..gr8 article..it helped

  36. Hi there Melanie..
    Nice to meet you, I am SPM candidate 2007 and now i'm waiting for the results, since i finished my exam.

    I am thinking , I maybe want to go for SOFTWARE ENGINEERING.. just maybe,not sure yet or maybe other in ENGINEERING , and i was thinking to continue my study in FORM 6,Science Stream ... is there a good suggestion??
    I hope i can get your opinion as fast as possible ..
    Thank You and sorry , my English is not very well.

  37. shamzi ; im glad it make u feel better ! =D

    Tomyamsup : i guess you have to made up yr mind on whether u want to have software engineering first. dont worry about not having a good english. :)

  38. Hi there again , Melanie ..

    I'm thinking to take I.T courses, like Software Engineering , Programming , Computer Science , Internet Technology , and a lots more , but I dont know which want suits me and interesting to me ..

    Also , Form 6 have Physic and mathematics , which is good to me, and maybe other in engineering which i also intereted to it..

  39. Eloo there tomyamsup,

    Considering that you're thinking of taking up Science stream in Form 6, the subjects offered are usually paired up like so:
    Maths T.

    In your case, you'd most probably choose Physics instead of Biology since you're interested in taking IT courses.

    You could also take an extra subject if you're up for it. Taking into consideration of what the pre-requisites are for certain IT courses, you could take Computing (as far as I know, it's rarely offered in schools), Maths S, Further Maths T or even Economics.

    If you're still unsure of what course you might want to take in the future, try going to university sites for further information. It helped me a lot in figuring out what I will be taking after STPM. Helped me have an aim too.

    All the best then!

  40. Well , Thanks for the advice Syasha, it really helps me .. =)

    And there is last question for me to ask , If i failed my History (SEJARAH) , will i able to go in Form 6 ??

    Sorry for the previous post , its a bit confusing ..

  41. No prob! Glad to help actually. I was once clueless about the whole Form 6 stuff too so I understand.

    As for your question, yes you could still manage to enter F6. I have a classmate who, believe it or not, failed most of his papers but managed to enter F6. However, he was able to do so only after he sent a letter of appeal and also because there is more than one intake. I believe he was among the students from the 2nd or 3rd intake.

    It all depends on the merits accumulated according to your grades actually so don't fret. I'm sure you'll do fine in your SPM ^^

  42. Hi everyone,i have just got my spm results and i managed to score 4As and 7Bs and it is certainly a big blow to me.

    I have got 3b for both my chemistry and physics,and a 4b for my biology(I used to score good grades in 3 science subjects but results in spm really turn me down).

    However,it won't deter me from continuing pursuing sciences.I have actually planned to apply for scholarship to further my studies but i guess with a poor result in SPM i can hardly be awarded although i possess certificate in advanced english awarded by Cambridge University.I wouldn't spend my parents money unless i have no choice.

    After looking at the posts of Melanie,studying in Form 6 has definitely intrigued me although I have not really considered taking STPM.

    Here are my questions anyway.

    1)Will I be notified if I get admitted to a form 6 class?

    2)Is there any chance of getting scholarship with 4As and 7B in SPM examination with good speaking skill and possesion of international certificate?I hope if anyone can answer me,so what I do won't be a waste struggle.

    I would be delighted if any of you can enlighten me as soon as possible.

  43. hi i just got my SPM result and i got only 3A's. i want to take up biotech but i'm not sure if i'm able to take up science stream for form 6? btw, i didnt credit biology but i passed. can i? and if i get qualified for form 6, what subject should i take for biotech? i'm also considering computer science.

    please help. i am very confused about my future.

  44. Hi everyone. i didn't do well in my SPM but i was a science stream student. what are the qualifications to enter science stream for form 6 and is business information technology a good choice for the future in case i can't enter form 6 science? please help


  45. Those who said STPM is easy is DUMB
    They have never experienced it, or they have never tried to get A in stpm.
    HELL, for each subs we have to read books which each of them is as thick as the dictionary, and you could comment this exam as "easy".
    Ever heard of UEC?The cert given to Private chinese high school students. Many claimed it to be "tough". I took both STPM and UEC, have to say that STPM is FAR TOUGHER than UEC.
    Im a science student, but i never think that art stream is easy. I've frens studying economic, I tot one of the test book and read, the theory inside is brilliant!
    "Who could ever figure out these stuff oh..." This is what first came into my mind.
    Some ppl juz love to judge something without having any understanding.
    Anyway, congrats author for choosing whats stream u like, and whats fits u.
    I chose science stream becoz i loves physics and maths, but im really untalented in Chemistry which requires big brain to memorize things.
    So instead memorizing thick books in chemistry for over 2 months, i failed to score A too, so pity wtf.

  46. Hi melanie,
    I juz got my spm result,it was bad actually,only 3'As.Many people said that my result is not too bad.I had a problem with my parents,they insist to send me in U.I know their intention good.But the problem is,i want to study science stream in Form6.

    I already talked to them.They said 'they pity on me coz if i study in form6,i have to "pecah otak" when study'.My aunt talked to me that study form6 was wasted of time,it was hard.

    And i felt very sad..I really want to study in form6..

    Please help me..any advices?????
    Sorry,my english language is bad..


  47. Well, since Melanie is not around for quite some time, I'd help a little bit to solve your ER enquiries...

    @BabyRose - STPM is, no doubt, one of the harder exams available, but there were successful cases where people did well in STPM even their SPM results were not good. All you need to do is consistency in studies and work hard!

    Studying Form6 is not wasting time at all consider all the benefits that you can gain from it. I don't want to say much cause I've already posted an article about Form 6 life here. Look around in this blog and you should find your answer...

    @Anonymous - Well, for your info, I do agree with you, that STPM is never easy. STPM is tough, but you can go through the exam easier with consistency in studies as I said earlier. Find more details on Form 6 in this blog.

    *desperado* - How was your SPM results? I don't know about the qualification to enter Form 6 right now but it should be easy. Few years back they were calclating your gred points as the qualification. Take your best 3 to 6 (I forgot how many exactly) subjects and add up their gred point, you would be considered qualify as long as it's below 18 marks for science stream if not mistaken. (Example: Best 5 subjects, B4,B4,A2,A1,C5 total 16 points below 18 points than qualify.. this is outdated, please consult your school teacher for latest updates on the qualifications)

    @Henry - 1)Yes. But the results will be through your previous SPM school. You may want to check with you Form 5 school.

    2)It really depends on what scholarship you are applying. Forget about JPA, Petronas and those prestigious awards as it is even hard for straight As students to get them. But there are lots of grants/small scholarships which would award you some cash. (like those Chinese ethnic association/clubs etc...) Do open your eyes and be more sensitive to environment.

  48. I notice that some of your questions are actually overlapped with some of other posts posted in this blog.

    Do spend some effort and read through them as they might solve your emergency.

  49. Hi BooNBoX,
    Thanks for ur advice.I really appriciate that.

    First of all,i really need some advice on form6,I'm interested in human resources(HR).I would like to apply IPTA after form6.'Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pengurusan Sumber Manusia'.

    Which subject do u think i should take in form6??
    Bm is compulsory subject??If not compulsory,i would like to drop the subject..
    I planning to take Bm,History,general study,economics,math s.Do you think it is a right option??
    please help me..


  50. hie anonymous,
    Bm is not a compulsory subject.It is advisable to drop if u're weak in BM coz i know many ppl who fail their BM. However if u are good in BM, it could be an easy paper to score.And about ur option in the subjects you're taking , yes, it is a good choice. History can be tough if u're nt into memorising.. u can take Business as another option. It does involve memorising as well but it is easier

  51. Hye melanie,
    Its me again,i'm not sure if i'm good in Bm or not.On my spm 2007,i got B4.It was teribble.In my past exam i usually got good marks in Bm..

    I'm afraid to take math s bacause it is same like add maths.My math was A1 but my add math was C6.Usually I'm not pass add math.I think i'm commiting suicide if i take math s.

    Between Bm and History,which is more easier??


  52. I'm not trying to offend anyone here, especially the writer... i really agreed with some of the things that she wrote here... but to be frank, Form 6 Art stream is DEFINITELY easier than Science stream... I knew it coz i myself also use to be a science stream student in form 5 , and switch to art stream in form 6... and i really found that it is not as tough as wat my fren studied in science stream.... Dun get me wrong, coz i am not saying that Form 6 Art Stream is not tough, it is tough, just that, when compared to Science Stream, Science is tougher..... therefore, in terms of "toughness", i dun think that Art stream = Science stream... They are not of the same level....

  53. Hi there. If I'm going to take law in university, what subjects should I take in form 6?

    I prefer PA, Bm, Econ. and Business. I'm quite afraid to take history as i only scored B3 in my spm and in form 6, one needs to study 4 history books, ie Tamadun Dunia, Tamadun Islam, Sejarah Malaysia and Sejarah Asia.

  54. hey all,like other blogger in here,i also got 5As in my SPM result and i got an offer to do science when i was in form 6 (currently in Uitm right now taking diploma business) yeah like other said,science subject in STPM is gonna kill some1 if they unable to achieve well for the science subjects in spm.Like me i got 5C for my chemistry,physics and also add maths while bio i got b4 and A1for my maths.I was in form 6 for like 3 weeks and i found science stream is very difficult.The book is so 'tebal' and i found its very hard for me.So,when i got an offer from Uitm to do diploma in business,i am so grateful for that and i found art stream is extremly easier than science.So for my advice to my junior who gonna take f6 this year,i will say dont take science if ur spm result is just so2 like me.aRT STREAM also cool as science science stream and because u will see lots of peluang kerjaya when ure taking art stream and for sure,those who came from science stream.. art is like makan kacang for you

  55. hello.. i'm peggy. it was a good post! i took my SPM results juz few weeks ago. i got 8A's. now i'm confusing where i'm gonna to enter. Form 6 or private U? i've applied foundation in management for private U. but actually, i didn'y study prinsip perakaunan during form 4 n 5. so, i'm not sure whether it's a good choice or not.it's my family's decision. frankly speaking, i don't have any ambition. therefore, many teachers advice me continue wif form 6 n it's not tat costly compare to private U. during form 4, my ambition is to be an engineer. but now, i felt so frustrated of being an engineer coz my physics did not score a distinction. i got B4 in physics. instead, i got A's in chemistry n biology. an engineer must not poor in physics, right?
    i'll choose science stream if i enter form 6. but, the problem is which subject i gonna choose? Physics or Biology? although i wish 2 b an engineer, but my physics is so poor. futhermore, physics in form 6 is more difficult, right? then, what should i do? besides, i'm not very interest in biology too. now, i'm so confuse n tire to think bout dis problem i've to face. i'm scared tat i'll not do well in form 6!!! plz give me some comments n guide me what i'm gonna do.. please!! thank you very much n sorry tat my english is so lousy :p

  56. Baby Rose ,
    I would say Sejarah is easier .. coz if you study and memorised everything, you will definitely score. But again , this is my personal point of view. :)


    Hie, thanks for the honest comment. What i was trying to stress here is everytime people like to brag about hw smart science stream kids and tat they are better in the studies.and this is what i strongly disagree.If they are smarter than those in Arts , why most of them couldn't score well in Pengajian AM? If u were to say that the Sc students have more things to study ... but hey, they are smarter rite? They should b able to do it. I am sorry but i still think both Arts and Science are at the same level. Science is about understanding and applying certain situation and Arts is more on theorical.

    Anonymous 1,

    You know why we got bad results in Science subject? Coz it's som ething u're NOT interested in. The nature is , things we don't like , we just couldn't care less about it.

    Anonymous 2,

    Yeah..Physics is difficult in Form 6. Are you realy sure engineer is what you wanna do for the rest of your life? If yes, go for it. Take physics in form 6. Nothing comes easy and all these bumps and bruises u go thru.. will earn you your dream - an engineer. The choice is yours. Don't worry about yr english.. mine is nt too good either :)

  57. Anyway.. if anyone of you are bored studying do drop by my food blog :)


  58. dear melanie & friends,

    I was very encouraged to go for form 6 after reading melanie's post & your comments. most of my anxieties were answered & I would like to thank you all.

    Im also a science stream when i was in form 4 & 5 but I think I gonna switch to art stream in form 6. I was thinking of taking economics as one of the four subjects for STPM. I was wondering, can anyone give me a clearer of picture of what is economics, please? I mean, is it hard and what do you learn in economics? care to share? :)

  59. i just noticed, there's too many spelling errors in my previous comment (up). sorry for that :(

  60. Hie there anonymous. I've been told that economics in form 6 is a total different from the one they studied in form 4 and form 5.economics is divided into macro and micro. Micro is more on personal-used-economics while macro is world and country's . Macro is relatively a lot more difficult . Be prepared to memorised tonnes of graphs. Yes, graphs. I got B for my economics ( micro i got A but my macro was bad so it pull me down to B) so i'm not really a right person to give tips.The funny part about economics is during the exam , i was extremely surprised coz all the questions i spotted didn't came out. so that explains why i got B. hehe... Anyway,don't worry about ur spelling mistakes. this ain't a spelling test!haha! all the best in form 6!

  61. Hai, Melanie.
    Firstly , i would like to thank for post this.
    After i read it , i felt that what u had said is totally true!! Mostly i agree with u .
    And i felt that i gt many things are same with u . my spm result is 5As too.. bt i will go to science steam cz i really lik chem. n i hv two sisters still studying so before finish my f5 i had knew that i going to f6 too.
    When all the people or my friend knowing that i going to f6 they all keep saying "DUNT GO !!!F6 IS SO HARD !!.."" Honestly after i had heard this i really sad . cz they are my friend and i need their supportive for me. anyway they nw is support for me.
    And now i hv start my tuition classes because as u said there are some lazy teacher . so , i know that study F6 u hv to depend on urself bt not the teacher (if the teacher is bad)
    Although now im still feel a little bit scare after entering F6 without any friend. However, i would like to live in a new life too.
    At last , hope u can get the best result !!!!
    jia you!!!! ( know what is mean?)

  62. Hie there anonymous!

    I'm glad my post gives u inspiration!.. Glad to hear u're goin to tuition now. Amazing how you like Chem coz i never like Chem. Never u'stand how to even make a persamaan kimia! haha! Good luck in form 6! I hope you enjoyed it like i did!

  63. hello guys~~~
    hehe...actually i was surfing da internet looking 4 sumthin..n then i found dis site talking about da stpm..reading ur comment,suddenly i feel dat i want to share my experience....we have same background lor...during my spm years..i was in da science stream..but i bet dat science did not suit me well...coz i got really bad result for my spm..i only manage get 5A's only..n guess wat??my science subject sucks!!!got c and even d for my physic..aiyak...n i think bcoz of dat...i didn;t got offer for matrikulasi...but i didn't care much coz i think dat i'll get place in local u...but then...sadly i didn't get offer...dat truly makes my life miserable...coz i really don't know wat to do anymore..i'm ashamed with my frenz coz they all get places in uni...but then,my parents actually encouraged me to take stpm...which i dont eva think about dat....haha..then i got persuaded to take stpm...so then my life as a form 6 students begin...actually i've got offer of science stream,but da teacher encouraged me to better change stream to art...ok fine...i started to learn in art subject..i take P.A,ECONS,SEJARAH, n BISNES coz my +math sucks,so i don;t wanna take risk....but i think being in f6 is very enjoyable u know....although its quite tough...ex:econs...its my 1st tyme learning econz..n guess wat??my 1st test fail...but it doesn't matter...i motivated myself dat i actually can do it...i enjoy being in f6...n i think dat count....coz i really wanna improve myself n change my result...n then...it actually pays back...i manage to get 2A n 2A-..i got A for my bisnes and sejarah and A- for P.A n Econs...as being 2 years in f6,i don't think dat i actualy realy hard,its just da same as being in f5,but in stpm...if u study u can score,if not..sorry no 2nd chance...yeah...glad to be in f6....n bcoz of dat result,finally i've got admitted in local u,now curently i'm taking law in local u....gudluck guys!!there's nothing impossible in dis life~~the end

  64. hie there anonymous. wow congrats for your excellent result. The thing u said about form 6 is true - no second chance. Either you pass wit flying colours or u fail miserably. Before i enter form 6, there are some exams that i won't study .. but in form 6 you hate it or like it.. u juz gotta study. i guess one of the main reason is that the exam is 3 hourssss!!!! if u cant do, that 3 hours is the most miserable time of ur life. Btw, u mind to tell me which uni are u in now ? i'm also in a local uni now.maybe we could meet up.

  65. i did quite well in my spm.i also applied for upu n matrix.but it was my faith that i didn't get it.the only chances that i have is taking stpm.but my father didn't agree.he want her daughter to study in local u same as my brother did.i heard from my frenz that if i want to pursue in doctorate i must get 4 flet.is that true..i also wanna know how hard is f6...

  66. hey..
    well,i was in science stream in f5 but i didnt get well in 4 my result..then,i decided to take stpm but the thing is i didnt get offered in science stream! art stream it is..i was so dissapointed n depressed.i always wanted to be a biologist,majoring genetics, Genomics. i guess i cant now.i have a really great passion in english n biology.i used to study everything in english when i was in f5..biology,add.math,chem and physics. i hated physics!!
    now that i'm in art stream,i'm seriously confused n dunno what sub should i take..more like what is best for me?

    i decided to take pa,bm,eco,pp that is offered in pakej A in my school.i wanna take up geography becuz i love gods creations and of coz it's interesting to study.but my school offers it in pakej c which consist of pa,bm,geo,psv...PSV???u've gotta b kidding me!i can barely sketch things, my hands are stiff like twigs!!

    so..pakej A it is..but i can hardly like a bussinesman!! all i know is i wanna take up subjects that offers many opportunities to get into Uni and something that i can pursue for the rest of my life...what courses do the Uni offers for pakej A..if anyone can answer...and if i do well in MUET can i take up degree in english linguistic with this pakej a?

    plz..someone help me!!

  67. hello again melanie. thanks for answering my question (the one with a lot of spelling errors & was asking about economics).

    i changed my mind about taking economics & switched to bm instead. but to be honest, i still cant made up my mind yet. the art subject packages that were offered in my school was ridiculous!!!

    i was thinking of talking PA, PP, Eco & BM but my school dont encourage any subject combination other that theirs. my school have 2 packages; BM or Eco; PSV or History. I dont wanna take neither PSV nor History. Im tired of memorizing dead peoples' names & dont have any interest in taking PSV seriously even though im good at it.

    im currently stucked with the option of taking PA, PP, BM & History :'(

    my question is, what are the courses offer in universities for that type of subject combination other that "perguruan"?

    im currently waiting for an official letter from the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri for my appeal for changing course & still in the science stream (biology). i have no friends in this class because most of my friends (from the same school) chose physics. all of them speak chinese & even though i myself is chinese, i cant speak a damn word T_T (i blame my father for not teaching me chinese when i was young XD). i can only speak english to them :( they must've thought im an alien :D anyway, its difficult to blend in when you're the same race but cant speak the mother tongue...


  68. I certainly agree with Melanie that arts stream in STPM is not easy, especially when it comes to memorising, the most sickening method of studying(for me, not you maybe!) But I scored 4.0, just received the results last March, and got my first choice into UM, under Bachelor of Law.

    I was a science stream student in Form 4&5. Well, I started off quite badly, with no A at all in mid year, Form 4. I felt that I was being looked down by my friends, just like in Melanie's situation. But I didn't look down on myself!(that's very important!) Instead, I pushed myself to study even harder and harder until finally my SPM results was a string of As! It's not impossible, to all of you out there, that believing in yourselves is the key to succeed in whatever you do, regardless of what others think about you.

    The reason why I switched to arts stream was simply because I didn't like science, and I thought I had phobia of being in the labs!(haha!) So I truly enjoyed myself in Form 6, I knew that I was studying what I like, as long as the subjects have nothing to do with science. I thought Econs was the easiest, contrary to Melanie's opinion. It was the only subject which I had always scored A or A- in all exams or tests. Econs requires a basic understanding, especially the front part where you learn how to draw "keluk"(graph) If you don't understand the whole thing from the beginning, I suggest that you start all over again whenever you're doing a revision.

    It was weird and disappointing to many people though, about my decision of changing stream, as most of them said I had wasted my big chances of being a doctor or dentist or pharmacist etc. But I was so confirmed with my own decision, I knew that if I take science in Form6, I could end up being nowhere in public universities, or maybe there'd be somewhere for me to study those weird, lousy science courses. (sorry to offend) And there's an advantage for me as well, since my second ambition is to become a lawyer, taking arts stream could make my life easier. I applied for law and with my STPM results, I knew I could get it.

    So here I am, being a law student in UM, loving everything about it. Maybe this is the right path for me to go through, after all my hardwork in the past. So, to STPM students, my advise is to study hard, even during breaks or holiday. You don't have time to go for vacation, bear in mind that you'll have 6 months of free time for you to enjoy after STPM. Just put your best into it, always remember that if you do well, your life would be much easier, when it comes to getting a place in uni for the courses you want.

  69. Sarah Lee :
    Hie. i would have to start by complimenting on yr great comment which kinda inspire me! and congrats for the good result! People who go form 6 would understand that it is not easy to achieve a 4.0!

    There is something i never understand about the typical mind set of malaysians.That is doctors , pharmacist, engineer are considered good jobs! and the rest are lousy jobs. Just look at Donald Trump, (im using him coz he inspires me a lot) he is worth billions! and in Malaysia itself, robert kuok is worth more than donald trump! and these are businesssmen that most Malaysians considers as lousy jobs or jobs for d school dropouts!

    i'm glad u love yr life in UM! i'm in UUM now. i like the study environment altho most would argue that it is too much greeneries ;p i go holidays every now and then during breaks so i still see civilisation once in a while. hehe.

  70. Hey Melanie!
    Wow...it seems really weird and super deja vu reading ur post,mind you,I read all the post leading frm ur 1st post on your STPM experience.The biggest wow would be to see my name...yes,its also Melanie and no kidding,it is on my IC too..haha,what a coincidence & I guess it could be one of the reasons why I got attracted to reading your post.Honestly I was shocked at 1st.Call me an old 'ah porh' for being so forgetful,bt the 1st thing tht went through my mind was,'Did I subconsciously wrote a post on this blog?'
    But yea,after reading it (tho it sounded so much like what I went through & NO,Im not making it up:),I feel so much better that Im nt alone in this.
    This is what happened to dear ol' me 2yrs back;SPM results was out,BM-B4('huh?hw can?'),Eng-A1,Moral-A2,Sej-C6???..moving on (the killer subs)C5,B4,C5.To make the long story short,I only gt 3A's.Boy was I sad...the embrassment,when ur friends gt 10 or 12A's.That even my very-active-in-co-curricular-activities b rother cud get 5A's was enough to make me wanna hide my face frm the outside world.Bt thank goodness,my bro was also doing F6 at tht time and suddenly it dawned on me tht tht wud b the same path tht I would b treading on for the next 1 & half yrs.Blame my uber-lazy self for nt studying hard
    Anyways here I am doing my Upper 6 nw in an all boys sch in Klang.(I guess I just gave out a clue to where Im studying for those Klangites,bleh)and Im ENJOYING it!Yes,F6 has quite alot of advantages esp so in my sch(since F6 & female students are a minority,we kinda get 'better' treatment,haha,I wont elaborate much on tht).BUT,no,it wasnt all rainbows & sunshine.F6 is tough and for me,times tht 20 times over.Why?For one,in my circle of friends Im one of the few tht took up F6 (bt later I found out,ironically tht most of my childhood friends took F6),2ndly,I requested for a transfer to this present sch cos I found the sch tht I was placed in was extremely new thus the inexperience teachers plus it had all those stupid rules associated with a so-called 'sekolah bestari'.So what happened on my 1st day in my new sch?No friends...thankfully I met some of my ex-tuition mates and acquaintence.
    Its been a year now since I started F6 and yes,its been hectic in this last few months since STPM is drawing near.Im in the midst of supposedly-studying for my trials bt hmm...the sloth in me has overcomed all pep talk/motivation to get a 3.5 average targeted.haha,and to those who had tht pre-set thinking tht F6 is all work n no play,thts so WRONG!haha,F6 is one of my most 'happening' yrs.What with half ur schmates possesing a car we being able to drive,wohoo.Going anywhere is such a breeze.
    On the topic of the choice of subjects/stream I took...Yea,Im also a Science student-turned Arts during F6.And Im glad I made tht wise decision.It is definately nt easier than Science bt it has its advantages cos half the time you can actually crap about something (if you didnt study)and voila,a pass.Note tht,a PASS.Thts the truth,cos I have been thru it,bt it doenst always end up tht way,Ive failed once or twice in Econs bcos I didnt studied.Being an Arts student is nt easy esp if u were frm Science cos ppl generaly think ur lazy or dumb (which is also false,cos one of my friend scored 10A's in SPM & is doing Arts now)thts why u switched.And Ive battled tht till now,esp when some of my Science stream friends achieve a 3.0 in Mid yr n I only gt a meagre 2.78.It should be easy to score bt I was just plain lazy.Tht in my opinion is one of the many downfalls of taking Arts.You think its so simple,so u study at the last minute n think u can get a 3pointer then when the results are out,the sight of red inks n GAGAL just hits you on your face.But again,thts just my opinion.
    Form6 could be depressing,esp when you draw what you think its a really good graph for PA,only to be told its a 'salah media'.And yes,I totally agree with the amount of memorizing.Im taking reading subs.PA,of course,Econs,History and English Literature which equals lots n lots of reading and memorizing,besides thinking critically abt almost everything which makes me a very critical person,haha.
    Ok,I think I've sucked my brains out as to what I wanted to write here.It a really long post eh?haha,sorry for the cheong hei-ness(longwindedness) of me.
    Looking forward to your replies;)


  71. hie there melanie no.2 ;p

    i'm sorry it took me a while to reply yr comment. my laptop's keyboard is screwed so i have to rely on the screen keyboard which is really slow.
    it's not a coincidence that we both had the same experience because i do believe a lot of students out there is in d same situation. We should be grateful that we had d chance and choice in our hands to switch becoz i know many of whom that wanted to switch bt was not allowed by either their schools or parents. i juz don't understand our fellow malaysians. what is so degrading about studying in ARTS?

    i've said this gazillion times but that won't stop me from saying it another time that form 6 was the time of my life.

    i'm really glad u enjoyed form 6 and most of all, happy and sure that yr decision of moving to arts was correct. i wish you all the best in your upcoming STPM , and do enjoy yr form six and have fun!

    Best regards,



  72. the experiences posted by the sixth formers' seniors here really inspire me to go for form 6.

    its been roughly 4 months plus i entered form 6 & i can say that im beginning to enjoy it :)

    im also a science turn art student but one thing i dislike in this school is; most teachers think sixth former art students have no future, yes, NO FUTURE. i practically hate it when my PA teacher comes in during lesson & started saying coming to an art class puts him in a bad mood. for 5 minutes he will talk about the glory of the science students; the future engineers & doctors. he said we are meant to fail because there's a curse that whoever study in art site will definitely fail.

  73. hie anonymous :

    I'm glad the comments here inspired you and that now u're starting to enjoy form six.

    I felt sorry for you for having such teacher. U see , teachers never realise that they play a major role in shaping and inspiring students to study. I actually had the same experience with you during form six. My MUET teacher couldn't be bothered to teach us because she thinks we wouldn't score after all. I proved her wrong. I studied myself and did all the exercises and model papers and scored. Most of my friends who was affected by what she say - believe they wont score and did badly.

    My advise is , believe in yourself. No one is cursed to fail. that is probably the lamest statement ever made especially when it comes from a mouth of an educator! if yr teacher is so confident that yr class would fail, prove that she's wrong! all the best!


    Melanie Ong


  74. can i know between form 6 and A level,which is a better choice if money is not the problem ? What are the best and correct ways to study either in form 6 or A level ? TQ...

  75. Hi melanie,
    I'm sure that i will study hard either in form 6 or A-levels,but to get a scholarship to study in university overseas like australia,I should choose stpm or A-levels ? I know that both are internationally accepted but which is better to get a scholarship to study overseas ?

  76. Hi Melanie, I'm glad that you've stood up for STPM students like me. I felt so confused when my friends asked me why I'd choose STPM. They said I'm a fool to take up this path. I'm sick and tired of people looking down on STPM-ers. Thanks so muchfor ur encouragement!

  77. Anonymous : You're most welcome! Believe in your decisions - One of the most valuable thing i learn in form 6! :)

  78. wow..this sure is a loooong argument..hehe..anyways..I'm a Form 6 student too. I'm in Upper six this year..Truth be told..Form 6 IS NOT A WASTE OF TIME..not unless you really take the time to study n score good results..come to think of it..It's not even 2 years. It's juz 1 n a half..afta 1 year n a half..we'll be doing our degrees..Tell me now..Where exactly is time wasted? i'm in the arts side..I dare quote after Melanie, teachers do not determine our results, we do..they won't be the ones to mark our papers during STPM..anyways..don't give a hoot what others say about being in form 6..it's our career path not theirs..Do whatever u have to do to earn that scholarship or place in Uni..prove to others we can do just as well or BETTER..that we don't need to be 1st class priorities or extra money just to get a place in Uni..It's all our hard work!

  79. FOR ALL F6 WANNABE . FIRST THING U WANNA DO WHEN U GET TO f6 IS TO APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIP(which is a small allowance of rm100 per month, all form 6 students eligible to get it). don't be like me who was too shy to ask around .

  80. I.... fail my bm test in stpm... sigh... I would love to know if I retake... can I only take one subject instead ?

  81. some teachers in good school, dont do their jobs at all, their just sit there the whole day doing NOTHING...keyword "NOTHING", they just sit there knowing the facts that most students will try to do well on their on, the fact that most students in good schools are very berdikari let those teachers to have a chance to rest on their laurels and when students dont do well, they will not be blamed but when their students excel in their exams , they get all kinds of compliments.

    i am really msick of lazy teachers being overrated and big headed, because in reality,teachers do not do much, they always makan tulang and makan gaji only without doing anything. Come on, who agrees with me?

  82. So thats the way of getting back ur self-esteem ? Going for Art but not Science during Form 6 ? lols ...

  83. Hi to all,

    Im new here. I wanted to go form 6 after my spm, and luckily i came across to this blog n i find it pretty helpful. I plan to take bio, chem, phy, PA n math T. Any1 out there (seniors) who were in science stream n took these similiar subjects too? Is it ok to take 5 subjects? How do u cope wif them?

  84. If the school that i am studying is offered subjects that i dun like. Just like between it hav BM( i dun like BM). Can i drop it in actual exam? Can i took another subject that i like through tuition in outside?

  85. Hi, melanie. You inspired me. I am same like you from science want to go to art stream. But, JPN didn't approve me. This is because my sc subjects less than 15 agrregate. Now i stay at art for one month. I found out that it DAMN HArD...I don't think i can cope. I LIKE aRT subjects so MUCCCH.... I feel torture to study sc subjects. At class, when the teacher teach, it feel like they Blaaablaaabbbb.....I get 8A's in SPM. I want to take bm, sejarah and buisness studies. I feel that i can cope in art.... I appeal again for the second time. I really hope that i can transfer to art as soon as possible. If i get 4A in STPM For example, aren't i worth than i go to sc and get CCC and DDD...don't you agree with me? now, i study art subjects....prepare to fail the science subjects.....what is your opinion?

  86. i'm sorry the art change science that is now i stay at science for one month.

  87. I am currently studying in form 6 ( lower six actually). Let me tell you about my experience. I've scored 8As and 2Bs in my SPM 2008.I am also active in co-curricular activities. I even manage to represent my state 3 times. BUT... still I didn't got any place neither at uni nor the matriculation.At the time I checked the result for matriks.. I burst out into tears.. quite sad you know. But now, joining Form Six is not bad after all. So, I take it as a challenge. For all that taken Form Six.. NO REGRETS!!

  88. Finally, someone who is out of the norm! I've encountered many of them saying that Form 6 is a waste of time and all.. These stereotypical snobs often condemned the Arts students, deemed 'not-so-intelligent' in the eyes of parents, teachers etc. It's terribly sickening.

    I'm going to sit for my SPM in 8 days, and I'm in the sciences. Though I don't like science and am not gonna do anything related to that field in the future. So I've decided to go to the Arts in Form 6. However I'm a bit uncertain about the choices and combination of subjects for Arts. I understand that the General Paper and MUET is compulsory. So what else do they offer in Arts? I'm more of a Literature student.

    But I'm pretty much looking forward to Form 6. :)

  89. how i wished i stumbled upon this site earlier not in the midst of my exams. it's too late for me to start all over again. sighs. and that's why, i'm struggling half dead now.

  90. hi melanie..
    just wants to ask if u know...
    can i choose dentist as my career after my stpm although i didn't take bio in my stpm..for your info i took general studies, maths t, physics and chemistry only...coz when i checked the requirement for dentist studies in usm website its written tat as following:

    minimum grade B in pengajian am,
    dan mana-mana 2 subjek berikut,

    a) biology
    b) physics
    c) chemistry
    d) maths t / further math

    is tat means if i got 4 B i've meet their minimum requirement...
    i'm really confused needs someones help...hope your answer will clear my doubt...thanxs

  91. if 1 subject fail,what gonne to do?

  92. if i wan to appeal my bio (stpm),will my actual grade fall? of maintain?

  93. hey melanie.. your post really have motivated me.. i am going to form six too.. decided to change from science stream to arts.. was a science student in form 5.. i plan to study psychology next time.. any suggestion on what subjects to take ya? thanks alot..
    P.S u reli got me motivated! =)


  95. hi..everyone..i have read all post and comments....its make me feel relieve...
    f.6 not bad as many people think...so igot an question...does anybody know what subject should i take if i wan to get tourism management in future after stpm..?im now been offer to art stream in lower 6...anyone??
    and i still blur of form 6...what should i bring to school for first day?

  96. hey.
    well reading your post was very interesting but you're really one of few that i know that believe in the malaysian education. i am just 18 and i believe in education but after experiencing studying overseas since form 4 has just shown me that our malaysian education has been constantly disrupted by politics and such and it was giving me no direction, especially in the subject we do. we should be able to do the amount of subject we want to persue in and im not saying just taking (say) 2 subject because "i hate studying." i am now doing maths, english, business, chemistry and physics in high school. yes we have the criteria to what we can choose but my point it comapred to the 12 subjects we take for form 5, that is kind of ridiculous. im trying to say that i don't believe in the education system in malaysia because for most of the teachers i know, they dont even compare to the level of motivation the teachers have at where i study now. most of the people i know, knows that there really isn't a future for our generation in malaysia because of such matters that are i must say,q pathethic. there are so many things i can say. this is just my opinion but i do respect the fact that youre doing this.

  97. after i reading all of d comments,i think i wanna continue study in f6.d problem is...tomorrow is d intake...n i got science stream...i really wanna study f6 coz i still wanna stay wif my parent.i dunwan apart wif them but i m not raedy yet to study again..it's just to early tis year d f6 start...so wud should i do? i m neither interested studing at matrix,ipta nor ipts...i m not ready to apart wif them...and what i wanna said is i really love high school life! it's really awesome! d only prob is i m not really wanna sudy rit now...mayb nex month,i will.so i really hope f6 will start nex month even d truth it's tomorrow...can anybody giv a piece of mind to me...thanx

  98. hai,im new here..im also studying f6 now but i think it is so difficult bcos im very slow to catch up what teacher saying..my fren all can,juz only me:( hmm,i took bio,chemistry,MUET,PA and maths in my stpm..yea,im a sc stream student..
    i got B in my bio so i scare i cant do well in stpm too!do anyone got the secret for doing well in bio?hehe,sorry for my poor BI^^

  99. My Maths T teacher is a kind person but is arguably the lousiest teacher for teaching maths.She teaches 'bulat2 from the textbook without her own input to make students understand the subject matter. She justifies her poor teaching with this: "Aiyoh,I've so much paperwork to do.F6 Maths syllabus is a lot. A lot of maths questions I also don't know how to solve. After so many years of teaching, I'm so fed up and tired.Please don't blame teacher la . You better take tuition.I also can't help la."
    Can u believe that?
    If I've to endure long hours at school just to follow her useless teaching,I'd better quit school and study STPM on my own with tuition outside school.However, F6 science students are bound to go to school bcoz of science practicals in school labs.The worst is,I found that many teachers hate their job.If that is the case ,one can imagine the level of commitment these teachers have.

  100. I debuffed my working seniors who are Network & Systems training engineers when they say F6 is a waste of time before I took up F6. After enduring hours of counterproductive
    colocium aka Power Point presentations, cheating science experiments , mandatory yet useless classroom lessons by seriously aloof teachers ,time-consuming yet meaningless co-currucular activities in F6... then only I realised that those cold-bashing seniors were right after all.STPM may sound nice by recognition, but its F6 implementation is totally substandard , especially some error-filled textbooks that ruin my study.I wonder how those textbooks get the approval to be sold.Must either be substandard checking by Education Ministry (or dirty hands of bribery and corruption).Malaysia oh Malaysia ! Apa pun Boleh !

  101. Next year I'm gonna be upper 6 student and looking forward for it!I got 5A's for my SPM and I was kinda like,I' happy with my result evetho it's not what I'm targetted for.Anyway,I would recommend f6 because it is a very good platform for you you to get ready with university life.YOU WONT REGRET IT.Like I do. :)

  102. Hey .. I'm a medical student, living here in Pakistan, due to some personal reasons we are moving to Kualalumpur, Malaysia in sometime, I haven't yet completed my A2, I was to complete it this May/June session :( .. I want to know what do they require there to enroll yourself for MBBS in a good university? Do I have to complete my A level necessarily or are there other options to get into that?

  103. Well, I see similarities in your story. But i failed my exam =/
    but! I have no regrets going for form 6. Even though alot of people thought i've wasted time there since i failed.

    But i've learn many thing about life in form 6. it got me out of my comfort zone, i felt form 6 has changed me. No regrets even i fail

  104. hi,nice to meet you.Next monday i will start my form 6 life alr.I study in science class for form 4 and 5.But my science subject result bad..i get D in my scinece subject.Now i want change to art class.But i suddenly feel what is my ambition in the future alr.Because last time my ambition is want to be an arthitect.But from now on,i dun have study any subject got related to this ambition alr,because i will cahnge to art class.So,i want to ask what careers can to be in the future if i study art class? thank you =)

  105. Hi there.
    Is it possible for a bio chem student to do physics- related field jobs and vice versa? Cos I really don't know what i wanna be and it has been troubling me sooo much and the school said it is too late to make any changes. I was also given a lot of advice from people to stick to either sub- stream so i just choose Bio chem... Also if lower 6 is REALLY tough will upper 6 be as well?

  106. Hi...I am a science student and is thinking of moving to arts too...actually i like science subjects but dont know what to do after that...And,my parents suggest me take accounting...i'm thinking of to take Accounting,Business studies,Economics and Maths in form 6.What do u think? Or english literature? i like that too...but i dont really understand which subjects are compulsory...please do tell me...thanks

  107. If i wanna be a lawyer what subject should i study in form 6????????

  108. hi melanie, i'm a stpm student right now. i'm in my first semester. now is already 2013, so i wonder if you still read this and reply me. hihi. i feel you like how you said that you reach to a point you wanted to give up. and felt lazy to go school since you go form 6 alone without any friends. thats happening to me right now, i'm science stream student before and i just got 3A's in my SPM. i didn't to get into any uni, so i decide to go stpm. for my first test i didn't get any A or B or C for the subjects i'm taking now. i felt lazy to go school, i didn't join co-curricular activities. thinking of toughest is stpm make me scared. i just don't know now, should i try? i'm waiting for polytechnict for this december intake. but, idk if i should go on or go for the poly? can you help me? i start to change right now to be more hardworking than before, but my mind still thinking abt the hardest of stpm, everyone keep saying stpm sangat susah and thats make me feeling down, seeing my spm results... stpm .... hmm

  109. hey there melanie

    im glad that i've read this really
    coz im n the same case as you do
    i was wondering whether should i continue form 6 in science stream as i did not scored well and not to hide i only scored just a pass which was a D in both my mathematics and chemistry and that two subs were the ones made me fustrated as i couldnt enter college due to the min. requirements of at least a C in both maths and chemistry to cont science courses in colleges.

    so i was wondering whether u could help me out on this in advising or not? or to just switch to arts stream for my form 6?

  110. Gud share...i 2 recently switch frm sci 2 arts in f6... So stil nt so familiar w/ new environmnt..but im glad 2 hv accomodatng friends n the schl is my old schl..so i look fwrd to the 1.5 yrs left...really glad 2 hv read this so tat i knw tat its nt just me...tq so much ^^

  111. Hi Melanie
    I am from Science stream and I wanted to be a doctor but since it is so hard to get medicine even if you get excellent results that's why I change my ambition to lawyer.
    can I know which subjects are compulsory to study in Form Six if I want to be a lawyer?

  112. Honestly, I regret coming to sixth form.......


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