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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Malaysia Students Blog Turns One

Posted by Chong

Malaysia Students blog will be one-year-old on March 1, 2007 since it was created on March 1, 2006. I still remember the first day when I created Malaysia Students while waiting for my SPM results with the hope to build an online community among Malaysian students. I got the idea to create this blog when I could not find a blog that blogs mainly on academics like SPM and STPM examinations. Since I had had my SPM examination so I thought sharing my experience would benefit some junior students. Furthermore, I believe writing some guides on how to score A1 in certain subjects would be helpful to some SPM students.

It is heartening when a few contributors caught the vision even in the first month of the creation of this blog and joined me to make this blog a team blog. Frankly, Reign226 was one of them and he was the one that had inspired me to put more efforts in building and maintaining this blog. All of his posts are very informative and well-written in good English. Another great contributor is BooNBoX -- a reader and also an active commenter of this blog before he joined us. Of course, all other contributors are great also because they enjoy the spirit of helping others.

As time passes, more contributors joined us. I am very proud to announce that we currently have seven blog contributors including me. More contributors mean more topics to be covered on Malaysia Students blog and it will certainly benefit our readers. The topics blogged on this blog have expanded from SPM to JPA scholarships to STPM to undergraduate awards and to tertiary education. Every time when I logon to my email account and read the new contributor application email, I am excited to welcome the new member to our blog team. It is a fun and exciting experience when we meet a group of strangers with different education background and learn from each others.

Currently, we have over 100 visitors daily and averagely 110 readers through email and feed subscriptions. Readers are our motivation to write more useful posts on this blog. Moreover, readers’ comments and suggestions are always welcomed. We are pleased when our posts receive constructive comments since we know that there are people reading our work and taking time to comment on it, either to provide value-added information or to ask a question. We really enjoy helping others in the dark with our knowledge and experience.

To celebrate Malaysia Students first blog day, we bought her a brand new domain name. I am proud to announce that Malaysia Students blog have been moved to www.Malaysia-Students.com as you read this. So feel free to update your existing links to this blog. We really appreciate if you could add our blog to your blogroll so that more new readers will discover this blog. Thank you, our contributors and readers. ;-)
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  1. Congrats to Malaysian Students Blog.

    I suggest that your contributors write about something on how to choose the right course and university when STPM results and UPU form are out. I believe students should understand (the tricks) on how to get into the uni or course of their choice.

  2. Good suggestion, hcfoo. Actually I plan to highlight some posts on the topics like post-STPM guideline, UPU / BKBP application process etc written by Reign226 last year when the STPM results are out.

    Anyone that has experienced it is always welcomed to shed some light on related topics, for instance on how to choose the right course. ;-)

  3. chong: why not put a chatbox on the side so visitors can leave a msg , and we contributors can interact too?

  4. No, a chatterbox like the one on your personal blog is not suitable to be placed on Malaysia Students blog because it will attract spam messages like "hi, please visit my blog", "your blog is nice, read my blog" etc. Mind you that the number of visitors of our blog is increasing, so maintenance (deleting spam messages) of it will take a lot of time.

    Another disadvantage of the free chatterbox is that it'll automatically put unrelated advertisement link at the bottom of the chatterbox. I personally think that the advertisement link is very "spammy" and we don't provide free advertising on this blog.

    For your information, I tried Gabbly Chat on this blog from late October to early November last year. However, it slows down the loading of this blog significantly. In Malaysia, there're still many Internet users connect to the Internet using narrowband dial-up connection. Consequently, I removed it.

    In conclusion, I don't think chatterbox is suitable for Malaysia Students. Maybe it's more suitable for personal blog. Thanks for your suggestion by the way.


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