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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Discounts & Offers: 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia, KADS1M)

1Malaysia Student Discount Card (Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia or KADS1M) was launched by Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives and Consumerism with the objective to help undergraduates and students at private and public education institutions of higher learning to reduce the daily cost of living. Students need not apply for this card. The higher learning institutions are responsible to submit the information of the students to Bank Rakyat instead.

KADS1M are given for free to students who pass all the following criteria but the government is considering to include overseas, distance-learning and part-time students:
  • Currently pursuing higher education with minimum 1 year term (certificate, diploma, degree, masters, phd) in Malaysia
  • Full-time students
  • Malaysians
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The Star Online wrote,
Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia (KADS1M)
1Malaysia Student Discount Card
Govt to extend 1Malaysia discount card to overseas and part-time Malaysian students
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians studying overseas and part-time students at higher learning institutions will soon be able to enjoy the benefit of the 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (KADS1M).

"However, after receiving positive feedback, the ministry is considering to extend the scope to include overseas, distance-learning and part-time students.

Rohani added that 927,397 cards have been distributed and students who had applied could collect their card by the end of the month.
1Malaysia student discount cards are being distributed in batches to students at local public universities since September while local private universities, colleges and other higher education institutions from October 2012 onwards.

Using 1Malaysia Student Discount Card, students will enjoy the benefit of up to 60% discounts at various retail outlets and shops around the country. Specific discount rates offered by participating merchants are only for selected products and services according to the terms the conditions set by the respective merchants.

Discount Highlights for 1Malaysia Student Discount Card Holders

  • Desa Water Park: 15% Discount on Ticket
  • Bukit Merah Laketown Resort: 10% discount for waterpark, watereco & waterpark combo
  • The Lost World of Tambun: 10% discount on up to 6 entrance tickets per card
  • i-City: 10% discount at Snowalk & Water World
  • Clara International Beauty: 10% discount
  • KLIA Transit: 30% discount on one way ticket
  • Malaysia Airline System (MAS): 10% to 25% discount on Economy market fares, additional 10kg baggage allowance, parent to get 10% discount from applicable Economy market fares to parents of student for Induction and Graduation ceremonies
  • FireFly: 50% discounts on Y class fare, 20kg complementary checked baggage, complementary refreshment on board
  • Rapid KL: Student RapidPass 50% discount for bus 33% discount for bus, LRT and Monorail
  • A&W: 50% discount on regular and large root beers
  • Daily Fresh: 10% discount
  • KFC: 5% discount for transaction below RM20
  • Little Taiwan: 10% discount on minimum RM30 purchase from ala carte menu
  • Marrybrown: 10% discount on total amount in a single receipt
  • Station One Cafe: 5% discount
  • The Chicken Rice Shop: Special student meal @ RM9.90nett
  • Focus Point: 20% to 50% discounts on selected frames and sunglasses
  • Optical 88: 5% to 10% discount
  • Kinokuniya Book Stores: 10% discount on normal price book
  • Koperasi Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Malaysia Berhad: 5% - 15% discount
  • MPH Bookstores: 10% discount on normal price book and stationery
  • Times Bookstore: 10% discount on normal-priced books, 5% discount on stationery and magazines
  • Metro Driving Academy: RM200 Discount for New Driving License Class B2 (Motorcycle below 250cc) and D (Car)
  • Mydin: Special price on selected non-food items
Visit 1Pengguna.com for the most complete and updated list of all discount offers by the participating merchants.
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  1. This card is the most awesome card EVER..... in Malaysia...

    Theme parks: Stress breakers for students who studied too much? really? study too much?.... I will probably use this like .... Never.
    Could use like cinema discount.... naji use your a**hole brain next time... please.
    -Desa Water Park
    -Bukit Merah Lake-town Resort
    -The Lost World of Tambun

    Beauty product: Students must be stressed out til they looked like old hags.... so we must give discount for beauty product. Kiddos
    -Clara International Beauty

    Transport: Students must have not heard of the Rapidpass? redundant much? it's like using an umbrella indoors (when ceiling dropped).... I will probably use KLIA transit like once or so but who travels to college using KLIA transit? If you're rich or can afford, you probably rent a place near your campus. If you're poor like me or can't afford then you'll take the "rabbit" bus (the rabbit lost to the turtle anyway). Any other contingency/situation shows that your wasting resources traveling.
    KLIA Transit
    Malaysia Airline System (MAS)
    Rapid KL
    Fast food outlets: The normal cost of a standard meal at these restaurants are like RM7 above (with drinks of course). Lets say the most discount can be given is 10percent. So RM7-RM0.70 = RM7.00++ (this figure include service and government tax).
    Fact: Junk food makes people fat..... Its scientifically proven by skinny people.
    -Daily Fresh
    -Little Taiwan
    -Station One Cafe
    -The Chicken Rice Shop
    Optical Shop: Well, this one is kinda useful. Glasses make you look smart. Najib wears it, so do mahathir.
    -Focus Point
    -Optical 88
    Bookshop: Why now only you give the discount card? What if I stop becoming a student? I still have to apply for those bookshop cards... I have popular, mph, kinokikuya and whatever bookshop cards i have. At the end of the day, the only useful card is my Mastercard.
    -Kinokuniya Book Stores
    -Koperasi Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Malaysia Berhad
    -MPH Bookstores
    -Times Bookstore
    Driving school: I've pass my driving license. They didn't teach me much. Almost got in to an accidents but now I'm the "KING OF THE ROAD". Well people drive as though they just bought their driving license from 7-11.
    -Metro Driving Academy
    Shopping: Mydin Sucks.
    One very obvious blunder is that when they provide for student studying overseas, when they come home, they are somehow graduated and how are they eligible for the discount once they're no longer students?

    The commenter is currently pursuing his professional qualification and had just finish his Pre-U studies not long ago. He hopes that the lecturers at the University level are highly skilled and knows what they are talking about, if not, they students will likewise be talking BS all their lives...... He isn't tied to any particular Higher Learning Institution but is currently searching for the best course and facing more challenges. He is sorry if he offended anybody in particular.

    1. U talk too much.. Being thankfull us easier than being a whiner..

    2. Which is why we are receiving low grade services coz we're easily pleased. We have the rights to have high quality services, products etc fight for your bloody rights.

    3. yea...it's not much useful...cause I couldn't afford for most of it...by the way...most people oso thinks that this card isn't helping...most of those foods are fast food..government asking us to eat healthy and yet it still gave discount..

    4. Good comments.....
      yeah I totally agree with you and I have posted your essay on facebook.... and don't bother with all those negative comments. They have got no brain to think and most of them can't write a proper essay even in PMR level....

    5. Dear Anonymous,

      Neither can you write in English.. So please stop condemning people for having an opinion..

    6. We shall not be easily pleased by low quality products, just like this siswa card. Not saying we are not grateful, but we deserved something better.

    7. I do agree with u that the card is not being useful..how can the card be any of help if it doesn't promise much n only for something we don't really need..the discounts are not any help at all..

    8. Ummmm, argument is invalid, cause my whole batch of 100+ people use this to go to the theme parks listed. Not everyone is a spoilt brat like you. A lot of us need help. Can you give it to us? Guess not. I do agree could've been better, but these benefits are enough. And saved us a lot. You don't want it, don't apply. Simple.

    9. You think you alone in this world ah??? Everything revolves around you ah??? Be realistic. Might not benefit you, but it does to other people #self-centredbrat

  2. Oi... why you here writing essay ah? class too boring already ah?
    Saw you surfing the this site so just kacau u.

  3. why bother complaining when it doesn't even cost u to pee for the card...u must be one of those bastard students ... poor u

    1. Well, takes an idiot to know an idiot. Takes a pitiful person to know another. And, a basmati to know one;) Save it buddy

  4. According to the above post, cards will be distributed to students at private uni from early of October. Its the end of October and non of my uni mates from different course have not receive any news on this...

    I WANT GO TAKE PLANE!!!stress gile assignment ni~

    And ya, to the guy who just finish pre-u and is writing essay...come help me do my 2000 words report :)

    1. easy , i just finished in 3 weeks lol

  5. Please read the small print
    Firefly offer 50% off only for last minutes flights 2 hrs before departure at the highest price.
    Cheaper? ?????
    Not convenience at all

  6. weak arguments from the first commentator.. as you dont need a this one malaysia card to have a student discount for watching movies you just need your own student uni id.. but i agree that the theme park discounts are quite useless..

    beauty products same useless..

    discounts for food choices i feel that they should include more choices in the future..

    optical shop discounts quite reasonable for students wearing spec.. but i think this discount comes with terms and conditions..

    air ticket for mas, even after 25% discount i dont think i will be cheaper than air asia.. firefy i have no comments..

    books store discounts 10% wont have much of an effect for students.. but better than nothing..

    metro driving is only good for students who havent have their license yet..

    to sum it up.. besides food, rapid bus and books discount, the rest will be under utilize.. hope the prime minister will revise this card for better perks for the students..

  7. Be grateful with what you have now rather than complaining something that you did not have before. If it is not quite suit for you, maybe you should think of others who might need it more than you do.

    1. I wonder where our education Had brought us.

  8. dah dapat compalin, tak dapat kompalain. thank you pon tak dek. student pekejadah.

  9. Banyak bunyi pulak. Kalo dah ada member kad, tak payah la guna mahasiswa kad. Guna mastercard kau jelah kalo nak bising. Tak bersyukur punya orang. Stiap agama mesti ada belajar pasal bersyukur. Besyukur apa yang kerajaan sudah bagi. Stop complaining bust*d.

  10. org yg uruskan kad siswa ini tidak ada akal, penting diri sendiri... kenapa kad siswa ini byk d beri keistimewaan di semenanjong malaysia sahaja?? sabah & sarawak sikit saja.. tidak adil langsong... lebih baek jgn buat kad siswa 1 malaysia, buat kad siswa semenanjong sja laa..

    1. now government simply giving money would u ever think what will happens to our economy
      If government still continue do like this our country will be country

    2. Definitely true. More like, what's the benefits again?

  11. The BN government has done alot for the students, why are you complaining so much to the government? They even come out the second round of the RM250 Book Voucher. Take whatever the government gives you and stuff it up your ASS. The card has not done anything against you.... What more you want the government to give you? Free education? This card you can use ur whole life cuz you are not going to graduate! Happy to see there are still people who thinks that we should be grateful to BN. Support BN in order for our education to go success.
    Mara student.

    1. You're an idiot and delusional. The gov has been making a fool out of you. You have the rights to demand for services/ products that are of good quality not sub standard quality. The gov is taking advantage of your gratefulness and giving you low grade stuff because no matter what, you're grateful.

    2. I support the guy who has written the first essay.... Brave man and sorry we have all those idiots who are so called "students" asking you to write essay?
      Bodoh tak tau sendiri tulis... typical malaysian idiot.

      Mara students are idiots and live off of the peoples money by pretending to study.

    3. I agree!!!!want see actual democracy here...How stupid can we get? Dear Lord!!!!
      It is time for change.

    4. Oh my goodness! What good ever came out of BN? We are all top class citizens but all we get are substandard services and Rm250 of book voucher? Oh please those 'vouchers' and free Rm500 for stupid people who voted BN, those money derived from our tax money, you idiots... BN has been fooling us for 5 decades now and you're still supporting BN? Don't be delusional and please ubah la. Settle only for top class services, DAP can do a much better job in 2 yrs than BN can do in 50 yrs

    5. Faceplam.. Just faceplam.. Never thought there are still students like that..

  12. U guys talks to much like stupid chicken...just be grateful n thankfully rather than doesn't have at all...nama jak student tp tiada otak.

    1. So tell me again what's the point of having a government? To give you anything they feel like giving? Seriously, the government is elected by the people to serve the people, not themselves. If they are not giving the service the people deserve to get, we always can complain. It is for the country's own future. Haiz...

  13. Bersyukur la kad ni dpt membantu kurangkan perbelanjaan x kiralah makanan segera ke apa ke.. aku dlu time belajar masak nasi plus telur mata je hari hari xde nk complaints mcm korang yg x bersyukur nie..kad dh bg nk bising.. x bg pon bising.. belajar ke idak x sure lg.. pointer 4.0 ke yg nk complaints ni..
    duk ckp byk pasal gomen tu.. jgn la as anonymous. Bg la nama n ic sekali..

  14. Bersyukurlah Malaysia masih aman! *macai's everywhere~*

  15. kalau apa yang kerajaan bagi pun anda tak mahu bersyukur, PERGI CARI NEGARA LAIN YANG BOLEH BAGI SEGALA KEMUDAHAN YANG ANDA NAK. agak2 ada tak negara lain yang bagi kemudahan yang macam anda semua dah dapat di Malaysia? baru merdeka 50+ tahun, tapi sokong usaha kerajaan pun tak nak, anda nak kene jajah balik kot baru reti nak bersyukur.

  16. Fikir malaysia teruk? You rasa jadi student kat malaysia teruk? I worked my ass off and earn quite a lot of money to pay my tuition fees, all of them by myself. I did it. I sacrificed 24 month of time just to earn money before proceed to university. I studied hard. I made it to one of u in europe. To be sure, it harder here. I didnt take any ptptn nor mara. I went trough everything on my own. I worked in evening and i went to classes like any other normal students. Its hard. I can rarely eat nice foods. I can hardly sleep. You guys are being too ungrateful for what you guys have in malaysia. I did not regret coming here but i miss malaysia where i can happily live there, a country with no strict rules, no high formality, tak ada benda yg boleh halang i dari buat apa apa. But im sorry i malu dgn students sana dimana student tak pandang dunia luar and tak cuba untuk maju dengan kudrat sendiri.

  17. Govmt shud be afraid of ppl, not the other way around. That is the tru meaning of democracy.

    1. Don't think that's really what it means...lol

  18. pls be thankful lah!! why everything must have a complaint??!! complain here and there!! very free is it?? come and help me to do my assignment lah bitch!!

  19. And yes ! We still have to appreciate ,what ever we have.But,to those who support BN I am so speechless ,who knows maybe you love the way they treat you or you are one of the stupid bastard .

  20. I second that~
    Just try to think for a moment,at which moment will you use this card?
    and even if you did ,there will still be many conditions to meet.

  21. can anyone help? how to relate externalities with this discount card?

  22. should have some smartphone or laptop discount for students

  23. Sir, where do I can get the 1 Malaysia Discount student card?

    1. You get it from your university's or college's admin office. Check with your school office.

  24. kad siswa tu boleh guna untuk pergi legoland tak ?

  25. kad siswa tu boleh guna untuk pergi legoland tak ?

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