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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Enjoy Our Examinations

Posted by Chong

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) and Malaysian University English Test (MUET) examinations are just around the corner. Have you prepared yourselves mentally and physically for them? I hope that your answer is a confident yes. This post is not another post on SPM or STPM 2006 tips but serves as a gentle reminder on things you should have done before stepping into the examination hall and during the examination weeks.

First and foremost, you should have revised all the topics covered in your syllabus by now. You will never score well in your examination if you do not read the reference books. I know there are quite a lot of topics in the syllabus to be examined but you should have mastered most if not all topics during your form 4 and 5 for SPM or lower and upper sixth forms for STPM. So, it should not be any problem for you to revise all the topics at least twice or thrice before sitting for the actual examination.

Besides that, go to your school on time. If you are late, you will definitely mess up on your answers. If you drive, drive carefully to your school to avoid any possible road accident. Some candidates choose to return home immediately after the papers in the morning to take a lunch and maybe a refreshing shower at home before going back to the examination hall for the following papers in the afternoon. There are also some candidates choosing to take their lunch at school and do some final revision in the school library. Personally, I would advise you to return to your home to take a shower if your house is not too far from your schools.

Before stepping into the examination hall, make sure you have brought the examination slip, identity card (IC), scientific calculator and essential stationery. If possible, bring two scientific calculators (borrow it from your brother or sister) instead of one because your calculator might run out of electricity during the test. I am not joking or trying to be funny in advising you to bring a spare calculator. Last year, one of the candidates in my school broke his calculator accidentally and luckily he managed to borrow a calculator from his friend.

During the examination, you should utilize the time allocated for each paper. There are many candidates who love to sleep or pass up their answer sheets just after they have finished answering the questions especially the multiple choice questions. I do advise you to redo all the objective questions if you are able to finish answering them early. For subjective questions, you should check for spelling errors. Proofread your essays and make sure that your essays do not contain any first draft slips, spelling and grammatical errors.

In addition, I would advise you not to discuss the questions immediately after you have submitted the papers. It is because you might lose your confidence once you have found out that some of your answers are wrong. Indirectly, this will affect your confidence in answering the following papers. Why busily comparing your answers with your friends’ ones while you can save the time to read through your notes for final preparation before the next paper begins?

Last but not least, sleep well and eat healthily. You have prepared yourselves about two years for the examination and you definitely want to answer the questions at your best performance. As we know, lack of sleep or tired minds will certainly decrease your performance. Keep in mind that most of us will sit for SPM and STPM examination only once in a lifetime, so enjoy the experience!
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  1. It's a nice blog...
    It's my first time be here and read through all the blog...
    I'm a student who are going to sit for STPM this year but unlucky that my answer is havent prepare well for it.Already felt regret that didnt study well before this and only do rush work now.I do know that regret now can't do anything but just try to revise what I can do now.Still got a lot of syllabus havent finish on time.Anyway,it's nice to come here again in future.
    P/S:Sorry for my poor english and I know that there are a lot of mistake in grammar.haha.......do correct for me if you find out.thanks.

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  3. Thanks for all your advice.. I will get myself well-prepared for the coming exam! Wish me luck!

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