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Friday, January 23, 2015

Challenges within the education sector in Malaysia

Guest post by John Kelly (Write a guest post and share your insightful opinions with us)

Introduction to Malaysian education

Malaysia is fast proving to be the destination of this world. It is one of the fastest growing Asian countries, with trade, tourism and economic growth all excelling to its fullest. Furthermore, higher education in the country is also spreading its wings, thick and fast. Top global universities are giving away affiliations and opening up their branches within the main city of the country. This has resulted in lots of opportunities for students, not only native and living there, but also abroad to benefit from the top quality education on a much affordable cost, in comparison to countries like the United Kingdom where the cost of education is really high. However, where Malaysia as a country might show a very bright picture, the education within the country still has to grow and evolve to a lot further extent, before it can globally be an attraction for top education and research as well. There are challenges and obstacles within the higher education system, making an impact on the overall progress of this industry and student satisfaction. The government of this country can take strong actions and make possibilities for this sector to prosper and grow.

Malaysia Education Sector Challenges

Just like most countries in the world, the education system within this country is structured between two strong pillars. The government and private institution, both seem to have their own distinct issues, but there are some which are found to be relatively common in both the sectors of the country. We will discuss four major and significant challenges that Malaysia currently faces within this education category.

Lack of research and development support

Most of the times, when we hear or talk about this country, we hardly ever relate to anything scientific or education related. This is because; there is no support when it comes to an educated research and development. The country seriously lacks infrastructure which is affordable and efficient enough to provide space for groundbreaking research and scientific breakthrough or opening of a global level research and education center.

The government needs to provide top infrastructure and subsidies, which can allow interest groups to develop their own research space and create opportunities for others, since the country has no issues with the talent. All it needs is the right direction in this regard. Once there is enough support and proper infrastructure developed to benefit from, Malaysian education will automatically start to find its wings and spread it across. There is a dire need of proper structure in place if the country wants its education sector to have the same popularity as its tourism destinations.

Lack of proficient educational leaders

Unfortunately, due to poor support in the development of education, the country has failed to provide top quality local academic and educational leaders who can lead the way and grow others with them. There is a serious gap between students and top teachers to guide them. Global universities rely on talent imported from their origin country, to establish the same standards of education in their branch in Malaysia.

In order to have proficient educational leaders, the government and the education sector can do two things. First, organize the proper trainings and talent exchange, through which native Malaysians can go and learn how educational leaders operate around the world and secondly give them enough opportunity to excel or dedicate their lives within this single category. This will not only promote the talent in Malaysia across the world globally, but will give the native educational leaders and professors a much needed exposure.

Lack of opportunities

There are no significant opportunities for students to look forward to. Be it getting international exposure, a chance to work with global brands or belonging to a top scientific institution. Lack of opportunities creates a negative impact on the overall education scenario of the country. If there are enough opportunities and attractions for students, just like other countries, then the growth in the education sector will quickly pick up the pace.

If there are enough opportunities, then the country will obviously attract both local and foreign talent. It is up to both private and government sectors to create space and those opportunities that people are looking for. Just like tourism, they need to promote this category, just like tourism and other economical areas.

Lack of innovative teaching methods

This country seems to rely mostly on contemporary and traditional ways of learning. There are no new mechanisms or structures in place to enhance learning and introduce creative ways of transferring information through the use of social media and technology.

The easiest solution to this is to arrange enough trainings and experts from abroad who can train into developing and introducing top of the line innovative teaching methods. New and improved teaching ways will help increase learning and make transfer of knowledge much more interesting, seamless and interactive.

John Kelly is a famous author, who manages different websites and keeps a keen eye for education scenario globally. He actively contributes to the website Write Essays by GetEssayDone and provides useful information and consultancy on academia.
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