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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Scoring 1A in SPM Chemistry

Posted by Chong

A reader, Lix asked how to score in SPM Chemistry at Malaysia Students Forum (powered by Google Groups) so I write this post with the hope that Lix and other readers will benefit from it. I assume her to be a form 5 student this year since she mentioned the word ‘Kimia’ in her post. For your information, form five year 2006 is the last batch of secondary school students studying Science and Mathematics subjects in Malay.

Let me start this post with my own experience in SPM Chemistry from grade 4C to 1A. Last year, I scored 4C in Chemistry in my mid year examination. I didn’t even know how to write a correct chemical equation. I started worrying that I might get bad result in SPM Chemistry. From that moment, I studied very hard and finally scored 1A in SPM Chemistry. You should start revising each and every chapter in the syllabus now. How? Follow these tips:
  • Master basic but important concepts
  • Memorize important facts and processes
  • Practise past-year SPM papers
  • Practise all trial papers

Master basic but important concepts – You must at least know how to write correct chemical equation, do simple calculation and understand basic chemical concept likes Mole Concept. Note that there are only a few types of calculations in Chemistry compared to Physics so please master all the calculations. Try to learn them yourselves reading the reference books first. If you really couldn’t understand them, you should seek help from your class or tuition teacher.

Memorize important facts and processes – Memorize the colours of chemical substances, understand the salt preparation process… It works effectively although some might argue that memorizing facts is the wrong way of learning. I personally agree that you can surely get a 1A in SPM Chemistry if you could memorize all the facts. However, I strongly recommend you to understand each concept and fact before you start memorizing them. Learning Chemistry becomes more exciting and enjoyable using this method.

Practise past-year SPM papers – Past-year SPM questions will repeat from time to time because of the limited scope covered in SPM Chemistry syllabus. This is no secret that most SPM candidates realize it. Practice makes perfect. Try every question and learn from your mistakes. For essay questions, get the marking schema from your teachers so that you can see how the marks are allocated and which points or keywords deserve full mark, etc. Learning from the essay marking schemas is a highly effective method!

Practise all trial papers – After SPM trial examinations, try to get other states’ SPM trial papers and practise them. Try Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) SPM trial papers too! You can either exchange SPM trial papers with your friends from other states or get them online through certain websites. I was lucky because my Chemistry teacher collected other states’ SPM trial papers for us last year. Sometimes, one or more exact or similar questions will come out in the actual SPM Chemistry paper. SPM question leaks do happen every year.

In conclusion, you have to study and understand every chapter carefully. Believe me, you won get 1A if you have read only a few topics and focus on only certain chemical concepts. Like it or not, read-understand-memorize all topics is the only way to guarantee a 1A in SPM Chemistry.

Update: There is a very useful message posted by a reader at Malaysia Students Forum, sharing his/her personal experience on the topic 'How to Score Well in SPM Chemistry’. It is certainly worth a good read!

BooNBoX wrote,
You know what, there's an old legend in secondary school. Normally you hear this story when you are about to enter Form 4.

"Bio, Physics, Chemistry... the difference between these three pure science subjects is that, all three require different brain usage in a different percentage... In Biology, where you need 75% of MEMORIZING skill and 25% UNDERSTANDING of your text. Mean while for Physics, it's the other way round where you need only 25% MEMORIZING skill (my friend derives the formulae other than memorizes it!!) and 75% understanding. Chemistry is some way in the middle and should be the easy for all ... ... you need half memory and half understanding, i.e. you are not only memorize the formulae and concept, you need to apply them as well ..."

To be honest, for the first monthly test in my chemistry, i was about to fail ... ... i did even know how to get the numbers of atoms in a mole of oxygen gas ... ... becoz I couldn't see the concept and i did understand it... i could not imagine the concept... so.. the most important thing is .. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT THE CONCEPT...

then... you learn the basic, how to balance an equation... this is the most basic AND useful skill in chemistry... even in STPM, sometimes you really scratching your head til bleeding but still couldn't figure out the meaning and the question... all you need to do is to balance the equation and you will get the concept for that particular situation/condition... then you are half way to the answer...

the question is .. HOW TO LEARN TO BALANCE THE EQUATION ?? well... ... this is different for every individual... it's more or less like Maths... ... someone good in Maths (and understand what is Maths) could normally do better in balancing the equation... ... just take it as a simple Maths equation and maybe you will get a clearer picture ... ... break the molecules into simple element... ... ... take it simple and think simple .. then it will be...

HOW TO SCORE OK (WELL MAYBE) IN CHEMISTRY ... the most important key is ... ... go through every chapter and learn the basic concept... then... understand its concept but doing some practice questions ... ... doing questions will let you know how to apply this concept ... ...

e.g. : you study about thermochemistry... you know it's about heat produced/asorbed in a chemical reaction... ... but you won't be able to do the questions if you never done it before ... ... becoz you don't know how to apply the concept !

With the concepts in your mind... you should be able to do most questions ... but ... what if you want to do ALL QUESTIONS ??

HOW TO SCORE WELL IN CHEMISTRY then comes in your memorizing skill ... ... you need to memorize examples... ... you need to memorize the colours of elements... ... formulae... ...

you probably know about daniel cell... how to draw the cell and know which way the current going around the circuit... ... but if the question ask you to give an example ??? what if the questions asking you to build an experiment to know what element contain in an unknown substances ??

so to score very well, you will need this.

that's all i wanted to tell you all based on my personal experience. Some might feel not comfortable with my way, I understand that becoz i believe every individual got its own way to excel. Hopefully you can benefits the best from my opinion other than following it blindly.
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  1. Hmm, I scored 5C for chemistry in my trials but in the actual SPM, I scored 10 A1 and 1 A2, my chemistry A1. This is what i did in that one month time to elevate my grades drastically:

    1. i attended intensive Chemistry tuition one month before SPM. actually i had chemistry tuition before during form 4 but i stopped at December before my form 5 started as i found tuition too boring at that time.

    2. i get my teachers' number, and whenever i come across any qualms during my revision, i would give them a call to ask for their guidance.

    3. i become very disciplined and was quite devoted to my revision books for that entire month.

    4. i prayed hard. however successful i am, i must say that what i did was risky. we should not procrastinate our study or before you know it, you're already far behind your studying schedule.

    also, tuition does not really help a student if a student does not take the initiative to understand a certain topic the teacher is teaching. for me, the best teacher would be myself. after the spm examination, i have become more disciplined in doing my revision consistently. i would like to share a good way of revising:

    study the topics far ahead of your teachers' pace. when your teacher comes to the part where you have read and understood, it would be like a revision for you. that way, revision would be made so much easier as you have gone through the information twice without you knowing it or feeling the stress.(this is recommended for students who think that tuition is a waste of time or simply too expensive, because it is tested and proven effective for me)

    i've been using the way i mentioned for my stpm chemistry so far and i found out that i actually fare better than most of my friends who attends chemistry tuition.

    i must stress, however, that if you feel strongly that you need tuition for a certain subject, you should just go ahead and have it, instead getting more lost instead.

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips with us. I will try your suggested study method which is to study the topics far ahead of the teachers' pace since at least until today, I don't attend any tuition class. I can't afford the expensive form 6 tuition classes!

  3. i recommend Pelangi's fokus kimia.. that thick reference book..

    that's some good stuff. just read it through and through and use it for everything you do. Sure can one:)

    But maybe times have changed since my SPM days... which was only in 2003. really, it's a good book.

  4. jayelle - I agree with you that Pelangi SPM Kimia is very effective. I used Pelangi's most of the time although I had Sasbadi SPM Kimia too! Personally, I think Sasbadi one is slightly different from the syllabus (according to the textbooks) while Fajar Bakti one is too detailed with a lot of extra information not tested in the SPM Chemistry examination.

  5. HELLLLLLP!!!!!one and half months 2 exam and i am still between passing and failing kimia....i am good at other subjects like physics and add maths but kimia....dont know why i cannot understand.....

  6. To tell you the truth, Chemistry is not a subject of my interest too! However, as the science stream students, we can never run away from taking it even in form six! So, I believe the tips written in the post above may help you.

    Besides that, I would suggest you to pretend you are very interested in Chemistry when doing your revision. Tell yourself that I like Chemistry and reading and understanding all chapters are my pleasure. Pretending you love Chemistry as much as you love Physics and Additional Mathematics will work effectively for you. At least, it worked very well for me during my SPM preparation.

    P.S. If you need any further advice or guidance, do comment and please leave your email address or blog url so that I can help you more effectively. ;-)

  7. i think the best way is to score an A is to practice alot by doing trial papers. the answers are pretty standard. elaboration would be based on the marks allocated. the first 6 topics of form 4 is very important. good luck and god bless! :]

  8. I was searching for something in google and i found your this blog. I'm in form 4 this year and I'll be in form 5 next year(2007). After reading all your blogs, i feel like i have to put this comment down, well it's not really a comment but asking for help!

    I really need to ask this question. HOW TO DO BETTER IN PHYSICS? I've spent quite a lot of time on Physics but I'm still failing it. When I'm doing an exercise i can't answer the questions. I just cant get the right formulae in it! pls help me...!

  9. HI..i JUST came across about this blog..and wow!!..it's a good blog.however it might be abit late for me to have such info cos i've finished my spm in 2005...all the tips given of cos is usefull but how many would actually sit down on the table and start be dicipline towards their studies?only those with strong will power could do so i guess..
    i got an A for kimia too..although it's not A1 but from a person that in the border line since form 4 till getting A in SPM..guess i could share some advice here too...all i did during form 5 might shock u guys..i have 2diff kimia teachers..each teacher teaching me form 4 and form 5...most important is to find a good teacher..find those u heard famous among ur frens..tuition centers that is well known with tips?or even good grades..go and have a try..tat teacher must be someone tat could joke to avoid u falling asleep..u can forget teachers in schools as most of them..hmm..could hardly help u since they have soo many students to help...some might not even wanted to help..hmm..imagine having kimia form 4 and form 5 classes 4days in a week...it would be much easier as when u re-learn the basic in form 4 could help u abit few days later when u learn new topics in form 5..^-*..therefore, chooses time where the form 4 class is before the form 5 class..i agree that kimia needs 50% of understanding and memorising...understand every process..try imagine urself doin such experiment and ur memorising part would definitely be easier..the only thing u need to memorise was those tokoh tokoh..and those color i guess..btw..FOKUS is the best..hehe..

    physics..hmm..i think physics is easy..although i hardly pay attention in form 4 but i did well in exams..i also dunno why...actually..physics essay is the easy scoring mark part..however, i'm not sure about tis year format..therefore i dont know how to help u..sorry....

  10. At this point of writing.. SPM results for 2006 has already been out..

    All i have to say is... UNDERSTANDING was the key to scoring last year. The chemistry paper was one of the most *crazy* unexpected "macam-tak-pernah-belajar" paper. If you have been fed with tips and "cara menjawab", sorry for you.. XD

    In my case, my chemistry teacher's method of teaching was to make sure we scored, not understand what we were learning thoroughly. A big mistake for those who thought his method was like gold. My class was usually given a few answers to memorize before an exam and everyone would 'score'; false hope in other words.

    To cut a long story short, if you need tips and contoh answers right before an exam to feel secure.. You're in trouble if the Examination Board uses the same format for the next SPM chemistry paper. You seriously need to know what you're doing, how to do it, what is it for and real life applications of it if you're wanna do well. Sorry for scaring you soon-to-be SPM takers but better now then never!

    p.s. Don't ask me what i got for chem... LOL

  11. Hi, well I am one of the candidates for this year's SPM and I think I like Chemistry far better than Physics. Sometimes, I just don't know what formula to use and hence I couldn't answer the question correctly and there goes my mark. Well, I do have a request, that is, do you know how to score 1A in Music? It seems that it is hard to score it and I am beginning to fear it. Could you help?

  12. I'll be sitting for my Chemistry paper tommorow for the SPM trials. I'm not really ready for it. But i would like to know, will the results for SPM trials be very important in the future? I'm quite worried about it. Seeing all my friends studying so hard.. I feel so helpless because I'm doing quite badly for my trials right now.

  13. hi,i m having my chemistry trial tomorrow and i m not ready for it plus i m really sucks with my chemistry.I have try with past year paper but i dont even know what the question really want?
    In your view,m i hopeless in chemistry?Coz that is not much time left for my SPM...I like chemistry but i really can't understand with its concept,can u help me?
    i really hope that i can score my chemistry in the SPM...

  14. To be frankly,chemistry is among the easiest subject of the 3 science subjects,it is far easier compared to STPM as the syllabus it covers is too little.

    the difficulties in SPM for science subjects should be as follow:

    The marking scheme for chemistry and physics is pretty constant and easier to score.

    However for Bio,it is different thing.Papaer 3 of Bio changes every
    year(marking scheme) making it difficult to figure out the way to answer the question.

    Trust me,Biology is the hardest to score,but I not sure whether in SPM it is easy to score,just that it is difficult to score in other exams other than SPM


  15. As I do not attend tuition for all the subjects except principles of account,it comes to me that Biology is the hardest to score:/

  16. lol...after reading all ur posts..now i c..u all can score better in biology n physics rite?

    Hmmm..let me share my opinions..

    For those who can score in biology...rarely they can score in chemistry n physics rite? This is because they have HIGH MEMORIZING skill...as u can see all biology structure n essay questions can found in book..means wat i tried 2 say here is..to score well biology..read ur book alot n memorize..n of coz..attempt some trial question..

    For who can score well in physics (like me :P) then, they rarely can score biology n chemistry too? This is because they have HIGH THINKING skill..most physics question..u cant find it in books...n dis is oso bcoz our physics text book is very thin! compared to others..d question is more to test ur thinking skill..!
    in calculation oso, simple formulae r given in books..but most of d calcualtion question in exams..requires u 2 think..dat is can u apply, combine and derive a new formulae from simple formula?

    Chemistry.......hmmmmm.........haha no comment...coz it requires BOTH! memorise & think...but to really score well...u muz know the about all the EXPERIMENTS too!

    hehe..dats all i can share..aha! Don't 4get dis!

  17. Hey,
    Thanks for the tips...It's very useful indeed "anonymous"..hehe..
    :) for my trials i think i got 5C too..and my teacher forecasted me on getting A2!!! I'll prove him wrong then.. WILL PRAY HARD!

    Pray Until Something Happens!

  18. Well..as u can c chemistry is quite IRRITATING & ANNOYING!!...miss ONE word bye bye....

    some examples:
    4 carbon compounds 1..

    WRONG : Purple colour decolourize
    CORRECT: Purple colour SOLUTION decolurize

    for the esterification:

    WRONG : Catalyst - Sulphuric Acid
    CORRECT : Catalyst - CONCENTRATED Sulphuric Acid

    for electrolysis (observation):

    WRONG : Copper deposited at cathode
    CORRECT : BROWN SOLID deposited at cathode

    WRONG : Oxygen gas released at anode
    CORRECT : COLOURLESS GAS released at anode

    WRONG : Copper electrode corrodes
    CORRECT : Copper electrode BECOMES THINNER

    Tips - the observation is they askin 4 WHAT YOU SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES not based on yr knowledge

    And the drawing oso...always remember dat d boiling tube (or any other apparatus) which heat is applied to it MUST be supported with a CLAMP ..if not 0 marks 4 ur info (many students 4get dis although this is sum said nonsense)

    I know this is very irritating..but to score A1...bet this in your head and the most important is always borrow the marking scheme from teacher..den u'll know how d marks are allocated. So all the BEST!!

    ~~~Jeff Henry~~~

  19. heyy~
    my chemistry exam marks last year was very...aish..,i failed every tests..
    thanks again, this blog save my life..XD
    i'll try to follow the tips given here...although i can't discipline myself, i'll try to..~_~


  20. hihi^^

    I'm taking SPM this year..
    and I just had my monthly exam..
    and sadly..I scored a C for my chemistry....
    but that's not the point..
    the point is..
    I did very well in my objective paper but not my subjective paper..

    basically I suck in form 4 chapter 8 & 9 because I can't memorize a thing!! Is there any easy way to remember the salts' name and their colour and their equation? The method my teacher taught not really working for me..

  21. hi..im going to take spm dis year(2008)..feel really bad in chemistry, biology, physics n add math..i juz finished monthly month..unfortunately, i nearly failed in my chemistry paper..i dunno..i have study all d important fact but still can't score..pls help me..

  22. WOW..All the tips given are extremely good and i can surely practice everything stated ^^..thank you!!^^ but i do have a question here.um...how to feel all fresh and ready to study?? i mean, i always feel sleepy and tired especially when i have to attend science subjects class after recess time in school..do help!!T_T thanx!!^^

  23. hey k_im91!
    i faced this problem too last year, then i found out that the sleepiness and tiredness results from eating during recess.
    because more oxygen is needed in ur digestive system for digesting, thus ur brain has lesser oxygen.
    so u hardly feel fresh.
    try eating small portion of fruits or even drink water only.
    and b4 that eat a slighty bigger meal during breakfast! it'll keep u fuller and fueled up.

    hope that'll help.
    peace out!

  24. according to the previous post :the difficulties in science subject should be

    however it's a different story 4 me.i got A1 for bio, A2 for phy but a low B4 for my chemistry.haiz....i used to get at least A2 when i was in form4.then my result became worse when i'm in form 5.i love bio and chem.anyone noe where can i find past year trial exam papers(chemistry)?

  25. arghhh..!!!!what tips i can be do well in my chemistry?!i have final examination in october...i will throw out from my class if i failed in chemistry,physics,add maths n enginering drawing!someone please help me!

  26. hey blitz, i learn engineering drawing too.. i always failed. but i do well in this trial. i past. my teacher challenge me to get a2 for this spm. i hope i can do this.. for chemistry, not ever once i got...well...40. my proudest mark for chemistryis around 20..no 15 actually. i have no idea how i going to score a1 for spm. can i do revision by read the question and answer from last trial exam. i mean just read the question and answer not try to do it. well it just the same thing right?

  27. Chemistry is can do one la...
    Not difficult..
    Only thing is just to watch out for the paper 3
    Coz very hard to obtain marks..
    Papar 1 is easy..
    My trials I got 47/50
    Anyway i really love chemistry and I just love the concepts and the terms..very interesting..
    Therefore, want to score A1,
    Love chemistry ..

  28. I never pass my chemistry exam in f4 & f5 (maybe school's exam is too difficult.. haha~), but i manage to get A1 in my SPM.

    Actually, all of the topics of the chemistry will come out, 1 question per chapter, it is just depend on which sub topic that will come out.

    I'm pretty sure that after paper 1, definately you got some time to prepared for the next paper. You can forget whatever chapter that came out in paper 1, because paper 2 won't repeat what chapter that already came out in paper 1.

    Join intensive class. Last year, tips that my tuition teacher gave me was almost 70% accurate ( of course not exactly the same question, just that the topic that he spots almost came out, like a God~ haa, he analyse the trend of the ques from 1989 till now~~)

    Almost all of the question have their own trend...
    for eg. some question will come out every 2 or 3 years...
    some question came out every year....

    But makesure you know all the basic thing.... like how to write a equation, calculating, memorize the experiment(chemistry is almost all experiment based)

    I'll try to get tips from my previous teacher. ^.^

  29. wow fascinating u get 5c for chemistry when trial and the actual spm you A1.i got 6c for my chemistry this trial and i wonder if i could get A2 or A1?

  30. i never pass in chemistry..,, huhuhu
    that too bad..,
    but i will berusaha... huhu

  31. wether u'll pass chemistry or not, it's all up to the teacher. If he (or) she is bad, ur result's going to be bad too. I'm form 4 right now, at the 1st sem i'm very good at chemistry but at the 2nd sem, a practical teacher take over our class and that made me not good at chemistry anymore. (because her teachings are the worst!! She's confusing us and sometimes herself too.) next year, i'm going to sit for SPM 2009, so i'll follow all the tips written here so that i'll get A1!!!

  32. i'm going to sit my chem paper tmrrw...
    chem is easy to learn but i'm blank evry time i'm sit for chem paper...
    bio is the most tougher??
    my trial result is a2>b3>b4...
    its vice versa...

  33. I very nervous after i sat for the chemistry SPM 08
    but to my dismay its not really that difficult right?
    My trial not that good..
    I got A1 for chem..
    A1 for bio and A1 for physics
    Haiz, but dont underestimate the dynamically changing spm examinations each year..
    Good luck for to everyone for tomorrow's Bio paper..
    and physcis is coming too..
    Relax and dont tension..

  34. hey scooby.. do not fear salts.. it takes time to familiarise urself wif it.. what u need to do.. is go thru it thoroughly several times.. n i think shuld be able to grasp by the 3rd time.. things get easier when u do it more often..

  35. I am quite new in commenting blogs so I apologise in advance if there is any inappropriate statements or phrases in my comment(s). To be candid and personal, Chemistry is the second most intriguing and interesting subject among all the three Experimental Sciences. The first is Biology since my competency in the subject is quite notable and satisfactory. Without the intention of being tangential I shall present information on how how I manage to acquire and consistently maintain a relatively high mark in my Chemistry exam.

    First and foremost is the choice of your primary Chemistry reference book. Currently, we are spoiled with choices of Chemistry reference books which are readily available to be purchased in the ubiquitous bookshops in Malaysia. In choosing a high quality reference book one must consider the physical layout of the book. An excellent reference book should have a well-written introduction and a summary at the start and the end of each topic respectively. Using these features, a student is able to obtain an overview or the 'big picture' of a topic thus aiding comprehension during critical reading. In addition, the reference book should be visually appealing in accordance to the student's personal preferences and the facts as well as the concepts should be organised in a coherent manner. Usually, at the end of each topic the author(s) include(s) several assessment questions to reinforce understanding and comprehension. These questions should be of varying difficulty and the answers included should be highly accurate.

    Secondly, similar to Physics and Mathematics, Chemistry utilises symbols to convey meaning regarding a certain process or concept. Familiarisation and mastery of these symbols are imperative if one harbours the intention to excel in Chemistry. Memorise and understand the common notation used as well as their denotations. A majority of students have the proclivity to memorise the symbols blindly and within a situation in which understanding of these notations are absent. It is germane to refrain from memorising concepts and facts without truly having a firm understanding of them. This statement is also applicable when discussing about calculations in Chemistry. When doing mathematical calculation it is obligatory for a student to understand every aspect of the calculation which spans form the formulas implemented to the meanings of each of the numerical figures involved. Parallel to the moral value conveyed by the hackneyed proverb “practice makes perfect” students should constantly and consistently expose themselves to myriad of questions of varying form, structure, format and ,most importantly, difficulty. Questions are normally accessible to students through exercise books, reference books, textbooks and past-year exam papers.

    These are the few tips which I hope are able to assist you in your academic endeavour specifically in the scholarly world of Chemistry. I am not insinuating that these tips are absolute and suitable for every student. Bear in mind that each student is bestowed different gifts by the Almighty and, as a result, different ways of acquiring as well as assimilating knowledge at an optimum level. If anyone is interested in discussing about Biology study tips or any science subjects for that matter, anyone can contact me through my e-mail address which is [email protected]. I may post several comments in the future regarding on how to procure an excellent mark for Biology exams. Hopefully you can benefit the best from my tips without following it blindly.

  36. Don't forget about the passing mark.. SPM 2007, passing mark for chemistry is sadly 15 or 18. So getting an A1 wouldn't be that hard if you've been scoring B3 or above.

    Anyway, my problem is that I understand the whole concept. But I really suck at memorising all this nonsense. No wonder why my Sejarah sucks.

  37. how to score in prinsipakaun .... i m a science stream student...

  38. Is the salt very important in spm??
    i haven go thruough it yet....
    i now in form 4...
    and i don know how to study...
    can anyone teach me....
    i don even know where to start..

  39. my friends say hor tat bio hav 2 memorized many things d
    may i noe wat are the things tat hav 2 memorized leh....

  40. hi??
    em...this year i will sit for my spm..
    em..i don know how to do a flexible study timetable..
    can someone give me some guide to do the timetable?
    i also weak for my chemistry,physics and biology grades...

  41. hi??
    em..this year i sit for spm..
    i don know how to do a flexible time table...
    i weak for my physics and chemistry..
    can someone give me a guide to do the timetable??

  42. hello, im taking SPM this year.
    i get for physics and bio 5C in monthly test. can anybody help me changed my grades to A1. i got 6 months left for SPM, Oh My God!

  43. hi ! i am 2008 spm candidates. i scored 9A for my spm and 2A for my chemistry as well as for my biology subjects.
    for those who will sitting for spm ,my advice is trust yourself and chemistry is the easiest subject among the 3 pure sceince subjects.
    thanx for the tips and the techniques in answering chemistry questions .

  44. hey there evryone..

    i'm sitting for spm this year..my result for sure is so bad,. i got &D for biology, 6C for chemistry and for add math, it's FAIL..
    may anyone of u help me..?
    gve me a useful tips or something..

  45. hey there.
    thanks to all! thanks a lot.
    i'll try to follow your advice.
    i must try! i dream to get A1 in chemistry.
    and all others subject.
    this year i'll sitting for SPM 2009.
    i felt afraid,nervous, etc.
    whatever it takes! i must must must get A1.
    i want to make my parents proud.
    while i'm the youngest among my sibling.
    wish me and others SPM CANDIDATE 2009 good luck!
    thanks you all again.


    actually is there any recommended reference book for biology tat emphasis more on exam-based marking scheme?
    for me i m weak in my bio....my bio is at the boarder line....T.T
    my teacher said tat my technique of answering the question is not tat accurate...
    can anyone provide some tips how to enhance my technique of answering the question wif the points allocated in a question

  47. For the science subject(bio, physic and chemistry), no nid to wory too much.Buy reference or revision book fom Pelangi or Oxford Fajar(These two are the best).Remember buy past year ACTUAL SPM question book (CERDIK if i nt mistake)(can b buy in book store before ur 1st trial exam). The most important thing is b confident. If u can get B3 in these three subject in yout trial exam, u should had no problem to get A1 in real SPM. (Involde some political reason, figure out urself XD)

  48. hye,im a lazy gurl actually n i start realise spm is not easy!!i fail in my bio n got c for my chemistry..i also got a2 for physics..how can i improve my science subject??i know n i belive in myself dat i can do it..my pr0bs is i jux realise i dont really have time for spm!!could u plis giv me some tips for how to manage my time???

  49. hi all...
    whatever it is...
    hard or easy..
    MUST STUDY hard and smart.....
    as my ambition is to be a doctor...
    wish for me and all candidates for spm this year do well in all exams...

  50. Someone asked how to score Prinsip Akaun . Based on experience,1st (if u really dun know anything about the said subject),u shud find an excellent tuition teacher. Preferably an accountant(with teaching experience).My tuition teacher is an accountant but she has previous experience in teaching as she used to run a tuition centre. The most important thing is to tell him/her on the 1st day of tuition that u don't know anything abt PA(my experience),she/he'll understand & start with d most basic...i.e. aset,liabilti,& etc....

    It took a while 4 me 2 comprehend....I've been attending d tuition 4 9 months,& I've been passing.My cuz studied 4 2 1/2 months(with me) & she got a 5C if I'm x mistaken(4 SPM)....I think dats a huge accomplishment( she had other subjects 2 study 4).Seriously,we had x idea abt acc at first.
    Anyways, to cut it short u shud , seek help(any means necessary)>master d basics(dey r soooo important)>try to understand & be ahead of ur teacher & class(it really helps)>practice2 till ur fingers drop>keep a pa tuition book( I have a few books where use I use in tuition & sumtimes I even bring them 2 school for reference,it helps tons>lastly,u need to aim for d right q's(just like all papers)>time urself> & u know d rest.....

    PA in my opinion is easier than chem & physics combined....this is coming from sum1 who used to fail miserably in acc....as u progress u'll soon love it coz it's easier than add maths(trust me).
    I hope I helped u.
    All the best =)

  51. hi peeps :) i am one of the 2009 SPM candidate. i find it was very tough in learning the Chemistry subject. i often failed in it and lost my hope to do well in next exam. and i believe that my result will be the same. moreover, i entered the KAWAD KEBANGSAAN competition, and had to skip the class almost 3weeks. so, i already missed a few topics and had to do my own revision. but, i never understand in what i am reading. im admit that im a little bit "lembab" compare to other students. so, pleaseee. if anyone can save me before it just too late?

  52. understandin is the number 1 key to success. my friend doesnt really study everyday. But during classes, he never sleeps and he RESPECTS his teacher a lot. If he has anytin to ask, he must ask. he's the top student altho he revise randomly and not that frequent

  53. for me , im this year spm candidates too.. chemistry very easy to learnt,,, actually wat we required is all about understanding ... esp we need to focus on form 4 chapter 2,3,4,5. all basic we must try to understand it ... :) i wish that good ,luck for all of you,, i strongly recommend the super hot (pelangi) reference book for all of you !!

  54. there are not more than 3 months again before sit spm examination .. i am worry that i can't do well in chemistry ..
    help me guys ..

  55. i gona take my SPM2009 dis year..i always got failed in every exam in chem...hmmm,sumtime i tot 2 drop dis subject..i dun like the way my teacher teach...i hope sumone help me how 2 pass in SPM2009..

  56. hi, i am mimi-e and i would like to ask u something....
    See, I got caught cheating on my trial Chemistry exams 2009 eventhough i am surely confident that i can pass. My biggest problem is now i am regret with what i had done and to tell u the truth i am planning and on my way to improve my chemistry as well as my physics and biology. i'm afraid that many teacher will had a bad impression about me after this. But still, i regret it and wanted to clean the air. But i guess it might be hard was'nt it? I need your help. How to deal with this matter! I don't know whom else i wanted to turn to. i read you tips and it is a good one, but here i am had turning the situation to worst. i know i had made a bad decision ever in my life but i need a second chance. Please help me on how to improve my pure science subject.There is no way i can face with my chemistry teacher right now and tell her my problem.Please.....I really need your help!

  57. Useful tips! Truly, chemis is a subject that needs more understanding rather than memorizing. I'm quite interested in these science subjects too. Just for extra, for those you really understand well and interested, i just suggest you dig deeper into each section, which means that you study out of the syllabus. Still, you have to differentiate the knowledge you used to answer in the exam, but you own extra knowledge means that you have certain advantages than the other. Just like the carbon compound in F5, by study further, you can read through about Alkyl, Amide, Cyclic compound.

    And the happiest thing that i want to share with you all is, i'm taught by the teacher who wrote the chemistry text book. However she don't even use text book to teach us at all! Really, no text book required! She is so professional in her subject that can directly tells you the whole chapter.

    Impressive huh?

  58. i hope i had a teacher like yours..lol XD..am starting to revise from now on to get better marks now...:P

  59. bykkn semayang, bace quran..lepas usaha tu..jgn mudah bangga dgn result yg kita dpt..insyaallah boleh..kimia nih byk menghafal..so kesihatan otak kenelar jage..
    jgn makan benda dalam haiwan,
    jgn minum air yg ada semut,
    jgn tgk nasik menggelegak,
    jgn tgk tahi mase berak,
    (better jgn tgk kemaluan)
    byk baca quran,
    better to focus 10 minutes,
    rather than study for 1 hour while listening music @ watching tv..

  60. Hye..
    i'm student at form 4 right now... but i already feel the pressure for SPM.. and the bad news lately,, my chemistry is FAIL!! no just me but all of my classmate... And this first fail in science subject.. even though i guy with spectacle but i feel my my life at the end... Can you please help me give some advice, questions, tips and notes.. if you could, just e mail at [email protected]...
    anyone of you...

  61. Who can understand this???

    study requires calm,
    talent requires study;
    think thoroughly understand optimum,
    the wise observe carefully.

    HOwever, very few can understand. Try to think what is my message.

  62. Salam to everybody....

    I found out that all the post from his blog was so useful as lot of tips had been given by all of you. For me, I think that all the science subjects are not to burden on me as long as we understand the main concept and memorize all the facts that we have too.. And the most important things is when we answering the exam question, the thing is we have to understand what the question asked us to answer.., don't just blindly put what u have in your minds in the answer space., and of coz we will get bad results..

    So i hope that best of lucks to all 2009 SPM candidates and 2010 SPM candidates as i'm also in form 4 rite now..

  63. thx 4 infromation abt chemistry..frm tiz infromation i think i wil get gud result anyway 10q so much.

  64. i'm studied at kota bharu
    i'm fOm4
    i don't know what must remember in chemistry..
    please help me!!

  65. hai,,thun ni saya form 4 n ambik aliran sains tulen,but saya nervous coz many people said chemist very difficult subject like bio..huhuhu..tolong saya..saya tak ada keyakinan dalam subjek ni.saya takut gagal.sila beri beberapa tips untuk saya..ini emil saya [email protected] help me okay..

  66. ahh,chmist,bio,physic...not difficult as u know.......u must understand what it want and u must understand d concpt..its 2 easy if u understand...so try 2 understand and focus in clss that is very important 2 u all...dont say tht sc is 2 difficult....if u like this subject i sure tht u will get A+ in this subject......try..n dont give up and never give up....

  67. omg..this blog is good, it's so encouraging
    I'm form 5 this year and doing so so in my studies, not very good and not too bad
    I've experience that hard work pays off in my PMR, but then i only started studying when i was approaching PMR, and it's the same with SPM, it's still so long and i don't feel like studying at all. Any ideas on how i can concentrate on my studies starting from now and not doing it last minute?

  68. hi there!
    this blog is good b'coz it provide me wit some tips i never think of.
    anyway, i'm taking my spm this year. and my first test 4 this year was horrible...bio,phy,chem are not satisfying..i'm also worst in sej,add math and engineering..but i'm good in math.
    so if someone know how the correct way in memorising,please help.....really need it..

  69. hi there...
    chemistry is one of my favourite subject...
    but im quick scare if i cant score for this subject n also for all the subject like bio,addmath...
    i want to get 10A+ for my exam(amin)
    i hope all of us can get successful on our exam..

  70. omg..this blog is good, it's so encouraging
    I'm form 5 this year and doing so so in my studies, not very good and not too bad
    I've experience that hard work pays off in my PMR, but then i only started studying when i was approaching PMR, and it's the same with SPM, it's still so long and i don't feel like studying at all. Any ideas on how i can concentrate on my studies starting from now and not doing it last minute?

  71. OMG! i really have to study this subject.like seriously study.if not, im dead.my result wasnt good enough to achieve an outstanding result in SPM.

  72. how 2 memorise the salt chapter n thermochemistry stuff..such as exothermic n so on..n..the examples for all of it...i'm sitting 4 spm this year..n.. 4 add math...how 2 improve in that subject???..it's very tough!!!..help me~~

    biology n history hard too...any tips on how 2 memorise d facts??

  73. hi, i'm spm 2010's candidate too.
    in da last exam,i've got A- for chem,physics n bio.syukur, i got all A's in the exam.but now, i'm afraid coz, all people put a high expectation on me to get straight A's again 4 the trial and actual spm.it's good 4 me to get all A's now.people looking up for me now to get all A's in spm.and i think, actually, i dont have a stable knowledge on those science subjects. i need courage n motivation!!!please help me. i hope i get 10A+ in spm 2010.wish me. i found this site quite inspiring.

  74. thank u choo much 4 ur tipz...itz really helpfull...bt anyway spm is near and i got D for chemistry in my trial...can u help me out?

  75. im feeling very nervous for spm!!3 mor months only....and im very weak in my chemistry and add.mathzz....itz very tough...please help me!!!

  76. since i was in form 4,i always fail in this subject.then next year,now i'm form five in the first month of the year i still feel bored for this sub.but after my teacher ignoring me because i'm not his favourite students.he only gives attention to well students.students yg get high mark and plg leceh pon 70.not only in teaching me but when i'm talking to him.buat layan tak layan je.almost time.the other students t get the experience like i was too.from that time i relly work hard.in my school sometimes that teacher likes to take past year question for midyear xm.so, i memorize all the answer from 2006 until 2009.then,i got B.from that way i more confidence to pass this 'musim xm'.betul2 sakit hati dgn cikgu tu jd i berusaha untuk get A+ in chem.i want he to respect me like others too.treat me like cleaver students too.this teacher like pencetus semangat for me.pray for me.10A+

  77. I do think chemistry is rather interesting,much more than the two other pure science subs and I scored a consistent A for most of my test and exams in school currently.
    I study this subject by applying and understanding,and doing a lot of practices.For form4 students who still have a nice one year ahead before SPM,it is strongly advisable to study chemistry by answering pass year questions.Do not wait until 2 or 3 months before your trial or actual examination since you'll realize by then there isn't any time left for you to re-read and re-understand all the facts you left out!!Practice a lot!Pick out the questions that is in your current syllabus and get yourself familiar with it!Besides,study and tackle questions based on the question-analysis of pass SPM papers(you can get it most from your reference books,exe books or online).
    Good Luck=D

  78. I'm so tension now !! still have 1 month to exam , and yet i still fail my biology !! what i gonna do ? i already try my best to understand , but still have a poor result !! my sejarah too . how i want to memorize it . :'(

  79. Chemistry....what to say? Trials today....almost fainted.....almost cried....so can someone give me some tips on how to score chemi....especially chapter 2 Form 5 (shock horror....carbon compounds!)

  80. Hey............how much i need to score atleast A- in biology, physics and chemistry......Is it if i maintain 60 like that can score A- in spm

  81. hey.. i just want to know, can i score A+ in my spm, even though i really did not have so much time to study?? how i can do that?.....

  82. may i ask you one question? really want to know, is it true that peka can influenced result in spm?? how' that?

  83. hi ,its ony 30 days for spm and i just do much practise as i could,do all the trial papers,not only 2011but the previous also.don be upset with trial result still got 1 month,it can make difference,for all the subjects,dun compare ur trial result with other good students.be confidence in yourslf.it will boost ur energy.if u compare,u will be upset,and you cannot move forward.just bthink if now c then it will be A+. one girl she fail until her trial for add maths but spm A+ .isn' it a shock .she just work hard.her trial is not good but spm vice versa

  84. Assalamualaikum.Currently I'm studying in Tun Ghafar Baba MJSC or known as mrsm Jasin. The chem teachers here are so caring. However, I never score A + in chem. I always get 75, 77, 78 ,80 then it will fall down back..But I'm sure, with great determination, everyone can get A+.
    Here are some tips that I would like to share with u guys

    1. Please memorise first 20 elements in periodic table
    2. Also memorise the charge (i guess) for each element.Eg:

    for +1 charge
    Helo Lina Nak Cahwin Ruben?Cis Frustnye Abang Nash

    Cuba CkPb Mgpe Znfe

    And so on..If u don't memorise it, please do it now. Don't proscrastinate


    Forgive me for all my mistakes
    and please pray for our SPM,for batch SPM 2012 TGB MJSC


  85. i got 90 in physics for my end year term in form 4 but my marks went down drastically untill 51 for the trial. when i was in form 4 i went to tution. the sir was very good n the notes + the way he teaches was awesome. now i didnt go bcoz he had went continue his further studies. what the teacher teaches in school i couldnt understand. i even tried to do a lot of revision esp (electromagnetic n electronic).

  86. arrhhh !!!!
    it's already SPM !! i'm trying to doing well on 26/11/2012..it's chemistry paper !! i really scared ! i only got 44 in trial.. and how do get A in real SPM ?? i need a help to make my teacher happy and proud ! i really scared if i can't score on paper chemistry !!

    physic !! it's more scary !! i never got A ! i always got C for physic subject !! what should i do ?? i really want my teacher happy when see my result because since he started teaching my class..only one person can get A..while others always get the same grade ! paper phsic will be on 21/11/2012.

    admath !! the serius one in my life !! in class i can do it.but in exam..urrhh !! blurr !! FAILED is always with me !! if pass only about 40 !! i love admath but why i can't doing well ??? admath paper on 20/11/12..

    biology !! the last subject on SPM exam !!! i only cant get C+ and B ! i really want A !!! i don't like to memorize !! it will make me crazy !! it always hard to me to memorize easily and fast..how to do it ??

  87. Chemistry is really easy once you get the main facts understood and memorize.

    But, sometimes it really depends on who your chemistry teacher is. During my form 4 and form 5, I hated chemistry not because I hate science related ( I was a hater of it in the past )things but its the teacher whom i am so frustrated at. He spoke broken Malay and English and often say Yes and No in Kadazan and always sindir those who follow reference and revision answering techniques.

    In gets confusing during his lessons when his words are hard to comprehend and he never really taught in full detail on how to do experiment ( truth to be told, i never really get the gist out of his lessons for the experiments ). Even if you go to tuition its no use because the only acceptable answer is his answers. Which annoys the heck out of every one because it takes 4 brains to fully understand a lesson fully.

    But what really amazing is that, his lessons works like no others. Granted its hard to understand at for the first 6 months but by the end of form 4, chemistry is like kacang and all of us develop a new language; Mr Wu ( not real name ) 's Theory. Sure at first you might fail for about 2 times then suddenly at the last exam, you'll be surprise how at first you were failing and suddenly you managed to get A1. In the end, our batch got all A1 in chemistry in SPM.

    The thing is, no matter how hard you try to study from the reference books, the only way to score is to fully rely on your teacher ( and your seniors when the teacher is hard to understand). Don't be afraid to approach him when he is walking to the toilet to ask questions, don't be an idiot when you get C and kena sindir, and most of all get his phone number and spam him with lots of questions. Reference books are good, revision books are great yes. But whats the reason you have a teacher for?

    P.s : If your chemistry teacher is confusing like mine, i suggest you ask your seniors to help you. Especially those who can score well. My teacher is so hard to work with that we practically begged our seniors to conduct study session for us on the method of understanding the theory of Mr. Wu. Oh and, don' t go to tuition if you think its a waste of time because re-doing all the past year and trials question papers is your lucky charm for an A.

    And for those form 4, a question. Does Ionic compound 'kiva' charge or 'uso' charge?

  88. i'm taking SPM this year and.. i think i just pass for 2 times or once in my life.. it was sad.. i just know to to do the formula equation and balance it well. and i get some practice doing the balancing by playing games in internet ! it was fun and i master about it !! then, i get it was a interesting subject to be learn..and i never hate it... laziness is the point that will take me to the FAIL !! how to throw away this Ms. Lazy from me..

  89. Although this post was made on SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 2006 and it's 2016 now. I still find all the information given very useful after 10 years of time. Now that I realise every subject especially Chemistry require deep understanding and application in order to score well. These are the most important techniques for learning through decades. Even another 10 years pass by soon, I think students still need to use these techniques.


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