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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Popular Pre-University Programmes in Malaysia

Posted by Chong

Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM, English: Malaysian Higher School Certificate) / Form Six

All form five students who have taken their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM, English: Malaysian Certificate of Education) examinations will be automatically offered form six as long as their SPM exam results meet the entry requirements. Application is not required for form five students.
Entry requirements:
(a) Science stream - a combination of points from Mathematics and two science subjects must not exceed 18 points
(b) Art stream - a combination of points from Mathematics and any two subjects must not exceed 8 points
Duration: 1.5 years
Fee: Free in terms of tuition fees and examination fees
Intake: May
Recognised and accepted:
Local public universities, internationally (Most universities consider STPM results equivalent to GCE A-Level results)

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Malaysian Matriculation

Students may apply for admission into local matriculation programme during their form five before sitting for SPM exams via their respective secondary schools.
Entry requirements:
90% of the places are reserved for the bumiputeras, and the other 10% for the non-bumiputeras. The selection criteria are not publicly declared. Actual SPM exam results will be used. Generally students living in rural areas stand a higher chance to be accepted.
Duration: 1 year (2 semesters)
Fee: Free (All expenses paid by government)
Intake: May
Recognised and accepted: Local public universities

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Advanced Level (A-level)

Entry requirements:
SPM, O-level or its equivalent with five credits including in English, Mathematics and Science with a pass in a second language. Conditional offers will be given to students with forecast results.
Duration: 15 / 18 / 24 months
Fee: RM 16,000 - 18,000
Intake: January, March, July
Recognised and accepted: Internationally

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Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)

Entry requirements:
Minimum five (5) credits in SPM, 'O' Level or equivalent, including English and Mathematics. Conditional offers will be given to students with forecast results.
Duration: 10 months / 8 months
Fee: RM 10,650
Intake: January, March
Recognised and accepted: Internationally

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South Australian Matriculation (SAM)

Entry requirements:
SPM, 'O' Levels or equivalent - 5 credits including English and Mathematics/Science. Subject pre-requisites apply. Forecast examination results are accepted for provisional admission.
Duration: 1 year
Fee: RM 8,550 - 9,000
Intake: January, March (express intake)
Recognised and accepted: Internationally

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International Canadian Pre-university (ICPU)

Entry requirements:
SPM or 'O' Level or equivalent - 5 credits including English and Mathematics/Science. Subject pre-requisites apply. Form 5 students who want to apply for the Pre-U program can use their school forecast or trial results.
Duration: 1 year
Fee: RM 15,000 - 16,000
Intake: January, March, July
Recognised and accepted: Internationally

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Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP)

Entry requirements:
Minimum five (5) credits in SPM, 'O' Level or equivalent. Forecast results are accepted.
Duration: 1 year (2 semesters)
Fee: RM 15,000 - 16,000
Intake: January, March (express intake), July
Recognised and accepted: Internationally

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International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP)

Entry requirements:
SPM: Minimum five credits including Bahasa Melayu. Some institutions require you to have strong credits in English, maths (sometimes even additional maths) and the science subjects.
Duration: 2 years
Fee: RM 25,000 - 51,000
Intake: August
Recognised and accepted: Internationally

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Foundation Programmes

(specific for entry into courses in the respective colleges)
Entry requirements:
Minimum five (5) credits in SPM, 'O' Level or equivalent. Conditional offers will be given to students with forecasts results.
Duration: 9 months to a year (2 semesters)
RM 3,750 - 9,000 (private colleges and universities)
RM 10,000 -19,500 (foreign university with local campus)
Intake: Varies but most institutions have a January intake
Recognised and accepted: Specific colleges or universities

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American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP or ADP)

Entry requirements:
(a) Students (SPM /GCE 'O' Level, UEC) need to have a minimum of 5 credits in academic subjects including credits in English and Mathematics. They must also have a pass in Bahasa Malaysia.
(b) Students with STPM, 'A' Levels, Canadian Pre-University or Australian Matriculation programs are given advanced standing in the American Transfer Program. Credits awarded are evaluated on an individual basis.
2 years in Malaysia (5 semesters or 65 credits) + 2 years at the university abroad of your choice
Fee: RM 25,000 - 46,000 (for the first two years in Malaysia) + RM 80,000 - 160,000 (for the remaining two year at university abroad of your choice)
Intake: Varies but most institutions have a January intake
Recognised and accepted: Internationally

Vocational Programmes at Polytechnics Schools

Entry requirements:
Varies but generally lower entry requirements compared to other pre-university programmes
1-2 years (Certificate)
3 years (Diploma)
Fee: RM200 per semester for public polytechnics
Intake: January and June for public polytechnics

1. All above quoted fees are estimates, approximated at the time of publication and are subject to change.
2. American Degree Transfer Program and Vocational Programmes at Polytechnics Schools are not pre-university programmes but tertiary education programmes. They are listed in this post as they are the popular choices among students who have completed their SPM examinations.
3. Kindly leave your comment to correct the inaccurate information (if any) posted in this post.

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  1. I took mufy (monash university foundation year) in sunway

    1. How much is the fees for the foundation year in sunway?

  2. Hi Chong.I'm a post SPM 2007 student and I hope you can help me.I am a good student in my school and I scored 11 1a's in my trial.The thing is my parents want me to go to Form 6 so I did'nt apply for the matriculation course.I am wondering if I have made the right decision because my friends give me very shocked expressions when they here that I'm going to Form 6.I feel that I have made the biggest mistake.Do you think so?If so wat shud I do?
    Btw I heard a rumour that Jpa will not offer you a scholarship if you apply for many others.Is this true?
    I hope you can help me.
    I'm not a rich girl too so private unis are out of question.

  3. Every pre-university programme has its own merits and demerits. Perhaps you should wait for your SPM exam results and apply for JPA scholarship. I don't think you've made any mistake. Form six / STPM is one of the most common way to get into the local public university other than through local matriculation or university diploma programmes. What you heard about JPA scholarship is not true.

  4. hey there chong..mind if i ask u a question? i'm currently taking mufy in sunway. juz finish my orientation 1 day ago, but now i thought of it, i feel like i wanna take ausmat instead coz mufy is kinda like a more restricted pre-u education which does not hav much options of university to go to.I noe monash university is a prestigious university but the fees is way too unacceptable without any scholarship, so can u pls gimme ani advice regarding my prob??

  5. You're right that Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) is a more restricted pre-university education programme compared to AUSMAT. But didn't your parents assure you that they can afford your tertiary education at Monash University after MUFY before registering for MUFY? If you parents can't afford Monash University, can they afford other overseas university if you choose AUSMAT? Answer these questions or you might consider local public university via Form Six / STPM (May intake).

  6. I took South Australian Matriculation. If you are into doing Assignments in an average rate, together with Examination papers, then this would be the best course. It saves you time if you study hard!

    If you want to be aware of your tertiary program course, and what to have a great foundation before you step into the University, A'Levels is the best option!

    I do not know about STPM, sorry.

    MUFY is restricted, and Monash isn't the BEST University in the world, so, it's good to have options!

  7. Hello.. i also decided to study MUFY.. Any comment to me? It tat hard enuf?? I am quite scare..

  8. hey der.. im a post-spm 2007 student too.. i was wonderin which course or foundation thingy is best for medicine.. cuz im serious confused rite now. and wats da difference between ausmat and sam.. is it true canadian programme is not recognized in some colleges?

  9. Hi, I'm interested in taking the SAM but after coming across this blog, I'm wondering about AusMat. What are the differences with the both of them? And which colleges offer AusMat? At the same time, I would like to know more about SAM. How hard is it? and is it possible to take more than the 5 subs given? Is it allowed, and if it is, is it possible to study all of it in a short time since March is the intensive course?

    Maybe someone could email me about it? My add is [email protected]


  10. I also took MUFY before. Just graduated last year. Those who wants to do MUFY should go for the January intake because the March and August intake are considered accelerated. Jan intake - 10 months
    March - 8 months
    August - seems like 10 months but actually less than that cos there's a long holiday in December.

    In my opinion, MUFY is quite easy. With 250 out of total 400 mark, you can get into Monash for biz degree. That's an average of 62.5 per subject.

  11. hi. i think that MUFY is rather restricted but it's okay bcos monash is afterall one of the best univs in international ranking. so no need to fret.

  12. hello
    i just finished my spm. i got 10 a's for spm.
    im wondering if i should take foundation in science or other pre-u programs.

    i'm planning to continue my studies majoring in dentistry at uni padjajaran indonesia. anyone, help meee?

  13. About the Malaysian Matriculation
    Appilcation, the fees required is only RM225.

    You will get RM1000 per semster from the government.

  14. Syasya Fickry,y u wan to do dentistry at indonesia?

    i heard tat indonesia using their mother language to teach.Will u be able to adapt with tat situation?

  15. im spm 2007 candidates
    i want to share my pathway to overseas studies
    i continue studies in the newly foundation studies course at taylors university
    FIS: Foundation In Science
    its just started on July 2008
    me and my 8 others friends were the inaugural batch
    its quiet fun, and the best thing is, this course is monitored by The University of Melbourne.
    Then, if u not meet the requirements, u stil can go for other universities that accepted our accreditation such Uni of Birmingham-engineers, Uni of Queensland-Biomedic to mane a few.
    The truth, this course is tough because the outline is monitored by u can suits urself to the environment as the time goes by.
    click the link:


  16. Hi, I want to get at least diploma in electrical engineering or certificate in skills or what ever relevant to technical stuff.In 2004-2005, I was study in Politechnic Kuching & didnt manage to repeat 1 of paper & was called to repeat the test. At that time I was unable to attend the exam because I have been offer to work with offshore company posting as a field specialist better known as Field Engineer (just the naming a lil confusing). Few months later I received a letter from Politechnic that I got GB (Gagal Berhenti means I have to start from scratch)for not attending the exam I suppose to. I enjoy working with the company for 2 years work outside malaysia but then my morale just went down as there are more procedure to work offshore Since the terrorist threat cause the government to stricken the immigrant worker with more control pass & transparency. I got issue with the work permit because I dont have a certificate from polytechnic due to GB. I feel all the stressful & frustrated becoz the company feels that Im no longer needed & ask me to quit the job cause they cant send me to the place or country that Im assigned. So Im very eager to study but dont know where to get a better place to study with the experience I have.

  17. Hai there! Would someone PLZ help me.I am a SPM 2008 candidate.For now i am still waiting for my spm result.Can you tell me,what is the best thing to do? Foundation studies , A-level,STPM or Diploma.I would like to study for biotech.And can you plz recommend me any good university for me to continue my studies? How about foundation in science in UNISEL~

  18. could you explain about noc they issue to go study overseas ?

  19. iam a spm 2008 student and my results are due in another day!!! i am still not sure of what is my ambition so i plan to study pre-u 1st and think later..is it possible like this?????? i also thought of choosing either sam,ausmat,icpu or cimp as these courses are only 1 year long..but i don't know what's the difference between all these courses and which colleges offer them...so i am very lost!!! i don't want to consider a level as it appears to be very like stpm to me...and i really don't want to do stpm... pls someone help me...

  20. i am a spm 2008 candidate. I would like to give an opinion to who is still searching to continue their studies.

    -read the article throughly and think. Maybe this is what why Chong supllied the article.

    -look at it from some aspect. Your money,spm result,ability(roughly,refer your trial result and your confidence),parents,time,future occupation,etc.Never get carried away by somebody who ask you to take that course and blah blah blah...THINK! IT IS YOUR FUTURE!

    Still searching for mine although i am qualified to take any course(mine spm rslt, 10a 1b). However, personally i prefer to take STPM although i am a bumi(this cause havoc phone calls in my house,anoyying...)

    Want to know why i choose STPM?
    -cheapest(i am not stingy), i want to spare some money to go to oversea for master(sponsor?it is not enough,really...)

    -STPM prepare a strong basic for all of you. So, you may need not to strugle so hard during degree(susah susah dahulu, senang senang kemudian).Plus, if your result is good,you may skip your 1st year degree. Even, i heard that some can skip more than that!Compared to matric, they have to go through it(if wrong,please correct it).

    -Allow me to adapt the uni situation where u have to find anything u want compared to matric where u ar given everything(texts, etc)(if wrong,please corect this)

    -and some other reasons.

  21. Just got my 2008 SPM result :
    B/M C5
    English A2
    Moral A2
    History A1
    Maths E8
    Add Maths G9
    Physics E8
    Chemistry D7
    Biology C6
    Eng. for Science/Tech. B4

    Do I qualify to go into Form 6 Arts stream ?
    Pls comment....not sure how they calculate the requirement....getting conflicting info
    rgds the entry level....pls help

  22. Anonymous,
    Had you receive any offer letter from your school?
    If you really want to enter form 6, you should try to appeal it.

  23. Thanks Erlina for your comment but what I
    would like to know is; based on my recent SPM '08 result above, do you think I stand qualify to enter Form 6(Arts)? How does the qualifying criteria work ? Your comment pls

  24. can i noe izzit geo in STPM hard to score??
    i'm science student.i just finish my SPM last year.i wan change to art stream,but i cant find out any suitable pakej on art stream.
    anyone can me gv ans? thx a lot~

  25. Colye
    Have u registered yourself for F6 ? U can always consult your school counsellor on this matter. They will be in a better position to advise u

  26. If you are going for STPM, then you will have to follow the package offered by the respective school...if you opt for Arts stream, then you can drop the Bio & Chem. You can take the Physics & Accounting as extra subjects with external tuition. Check with the school counsellor rgds this.

    If you opt for A level in a semi private college, then you will have a better selection of the subjects that you like to take....check this out with the respective colleges

  27. Hi, " PLEASE GUIDE ME "
    I like to choose a foundation program in Malaysia, my high school diploma was vocational and had less science subjects, even I forgot most of it, which program suits me?
    which university?

  28. Is there any International PRE-U program(ICPU, SAM or others) intakes for September?

    all the ones I saw was only for January.

  29. hi..i got a 7d in chemistry for my spm n im doin biotech 2nd sem at a private college..but now im facing difficulties, i thought of changing course to computer science at uniten..should i do it? or not? im having a BIG BIG question mark in my head wen my finalz r just around d corner.. im struggling for my organic chemistry n im scared to even think of upcoming biochemistry..neway,microbio n genetics arent great deal for me, but chemistry z bothering me way to0OO much..i dunno what should i do but i have to decide something b4 it gets too late..

  30. Dear anonymous who is trying to decide whether to change major/course,

    I had the same problem before as I didn't give much thought when I pursued my degree in Pure Chemistry. Later, I found out it was not for me at all. It took me a while to realize that there are other options for me so I hope you will sit down and think about it carefully. It is never too late to change to another course/major, better late then never right? :) Just make sure you weigh all the pros and cons before making the final decision. All the best to you~

    Sick of Chem,

  31. help me please ! i'm a spm/2008 candidate and i score 10A1s 1A2. i'm currently on an exchange program abroad . i'm getting nervous because i have no ideas what and where to study after i complete my exchange program now . my parents encourage me to go straight for the course that i want , but my friends encourage me to take A level as it is world recognized . which is better ?!?!?

  32. i've completed my SPM 2009.my result are as follow :
    1)BM = D lulus atas
    2)BI = D lulus atas
    3)Moral = C+ kepujian atas
    4)sejarah = C kepujian
    5)mathematics = C kepujian
    6)add.maths = E lulus
    7)physics = E lulus
    8)chemistry = G gagal
    9)biology = G gagal
    10)english for science and technology = D lulus atas

    based on the stated results i've obtained,will it be possible for me to enter form 6?

    assuming i would not be able to enter form 6,What is the best next thing i should do?

  33. hi... i am a post SPM student of 2009 and currently i have a lot of ideas in what to do.. i am considering ADP or other pre-u studies but i am still not so sure where i stand.. so i hope u wud assist me by giving me the pros and cons about doing ADP or the best possible course to do after SPM.. thanks! :)

  34. Im one of th spm leaver.my result's an average. Bm A+ english A+ sejarah A+ agama A+ math B bio B chem B phy B est B+ addmath C . Im in much dilemma rite now. I was thinkin to further my study in medic before but im not convince enough on my chemistry. I never seemed to like chemistry. And if i took medic i'll be dealin with much chem. I prefer bio rather than chem but its quite heartbreakin as ive been puttin much hope to score my bio durin th exm but at last it turned out tht my grade fr bio n chem ws th same. This situation reallyyyyy upsets me and ive been wonderin if i can go on with medic field tht mostly circulate wit chem tht i dnt like. Anotha thing tht botherin me now is that ive been thinkin to take architecture course n ive got a secure place fr it. But th prob is i dn knw if i can cope with much calculation as im a more readin type person rather than havin a technically maths brain. I never likes calculation. Now i got an offer frm local u to pursue in bach of archi and also matriculation offer fr sc hayat. If possible i wnt to take a level so that i cn gain more confidence on wht im gonna take in th future at th same time providin me a strong base bt th prob is my parents didnt courage me to take it as they wnt me to decide fast on wht im gonna take and they prefer a foundation programme instead. Im reallyyyyy confuse on wht course to take n hopefully anyone can help or ge someone advice fr me. If im goin fr medic, ie gotta decide fast to catch up wit th private cllge intakes fr foundation.and pls any suggestion on good medic sch aroun th town , i mean not out of kl state tht offers twinning programme with affordable fees ? Imu is out of my list as th fees can reach up to 1 mil and i dn wnt to burden my prnts fr that. Did help college's Either archi or medic as those two strands of field differs frm ech other.anotha thing thts blowin my mind if im gonna take medicine is do i qualified enough to take tht course with my spm result.

  35. hye im a mrsm stdnt (non bumi) i gt 9a 1b+ in spm (2009) but i didnt gt any offer frm gov to pursue my studies.im frm middle cls fmly,so i knw tat prvte cllge is out of que..lastly stpm is my destiny.before this i nvr think to stdy in f6..i am so sad!all my friends gt alot of offers so they al pursue their studies in local u...im leave at back alonely...

  36. I want to know about STPM intake. I'm a SPM leaver of 2008,now(2011)I don't pursue my studies at any institutions due to an accident, so I would like to know, can I take STPM for 2011 intake.
    My SPM result is 6As,3Bs & 1E.
    SPM 2008 for STPM 2011 intake???
    Accept?? or Unacceptable??

  37. Hai..
    I just took my SPM in the 2011. My parents want me to do pre-u programme. I'm planning to do my tertiary education in medicine. So can I know which Pre-U will suit me.. A-levels, SAM, AUSMAT, Foundation in Science.... Thnx.

  38. Hi, I'm currently doing Foundation In Arts(FIA) in Sunway Uni and will be graduating on March. My parents want me to get into Business Programme for my degree as I've took accounts for my elective subject for semester 1 and 2 and currently finance for my semester 3. As I'm not taking MUFY, do you think students from FIA could study at Monash for their degree? Will it be very hard for them?? Furthermore, as I can see from my sem 1 and 2 results, I'm not very good at calculations...! Could you suggest any degree programme?

  39. haiyoo...i want to know can maticulation student purse their studies at oversea....im atcually spm leaver with result 4A1B3C1D..IN my pre-university studies i manage to score CGPA 4.00..and i decided to purse my studies in medicine at oversea...can my result purse studies in medicine.??..i very interested with bio and che subject...and i want to apply for scholarship...can me selected.....please give RESPOND...

  40. Another popular pre-u programme is Asasi IPTA but the admission is very limited and is mostly for bumiputra students only.

  41. Hi, in my opinion, if you are to apply to overseas institutions and in different types of countries for that matter, the two most favourable Pre University courses would be A levels and IB. This is especially so in the US and UK, whereby majority of malaysians actually use this as their general entry qualification. However, please note that I am not ruling out other pre University courses because there are real life cases (my own friends) who do get into the Ivy Leagues (waitlisted from harvard for that matter) with a South Australian Matriculation qualification. Even for local qualifications, there are people out there who do get in to Oxrbridge and the like with STPM and local matriculation. Still, if you know where you're planning to head to after pre U, it is better to choose a pre U option whereby the application process becomes less tedious for you, possibly increasing your chances of admissions into good unis with scholarships, and also according to your learning style.

  42. What about Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) ?

  43. If i study Foundation In Arts in Sunway College,can i continue my degree studies in Monash University?

    1. No, you cannot. If you want to continue your degree course in Monash University, you should take the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) in Sunway College instead.

    2. If u do the FIA, you CAN apply to Monash later on for degree. But depends on your results and what course u apply for . If u apply for accounting i think your results have to be good.


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