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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

iTalk Buddy – Malaysia’s First Instant Messenger that Gives You More

Can you make cheap voice calls (both local and international) to fixed line, mobile and domestic and international destinations (with no access fee) using your instant messenger?

Can you keep and care virtual intelligent pet using your instant messenger?

iTalk BuddyNow you can do these with iTalk Buddy. What is iTalk Buddy? It is an instant messenger that has not only all the basic functions you could imagine like chatting, sharing files and folders, but also more advanced features like making voice calls (PC to PC / fixed line / mobile phones), keeping virtual intelligent pet, sharing your computer screen and even sharing Internet connection with your online buddies and much more.

MojiKan Sol-MojiiTalk Buddy has recently entered Phase 2 by introducing a lot of new features. One of the new feature in Phase 2 that I like very much is the 3D Moji. My Moji is able to move in 3D and show emotions and intelligent responses. It is able to understand the context of speech and hold conversations on its own due to the built-in artificial intelligence (AI) features.

Did I mention that you can buy food and purchase accessories like clothing, toys etc to customise and personalise your own Moji? You can get your own free Moji through iTalk Buddy too!
iTalk Buddy Chat
iTalk will soon introduce new feature i.e. mobile blogging and smsfeatures… maybe in early 2008. You can update your blog with latest posts and photos via your mobile phones. If you subscribe to the premium services at RM2.50 per month, you can get unlimited internet and screen sharing.

iTalk BuddyI like the concept of iTalk Buddy. It is a combination of all of iTalk’s features and the power of the internet. It brings the best from similar products like Skype or Windows Live Messenger with more useful features. Hence it is definitely value added to existing or potential iTalk users.

iTalk Buddy also offers free offline services (Self Organising Network, SON)! It allows you to create local area network (LAN) without hassle configuration, enabling files and printer sharing. You can play network games, chat and make PC call within LAN without connecting to the internet.

I meet a lot of new buddies through iTalk Buddy. Do remember to add me (my nickname is Student) to your buddy list so that we can chat (discuss) on topics like education in Malaysia, exams, scholarships, schools, colleges and even universities! If many readers of this blog use iTalk Buddy, we can organize chatting session so that readers can chat with each other in chatroom using iTalk Buddy.

So what are you waiting for? Download iTalk Buddy for free now!
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  1. mind to have a link to my blog?
    education guide in chinese
    email me if you approved, then i link it.
    thank you!
    yin kang
    [email protected]

  2. This is an advertorial uh?...Because I do not fancy italk buddy at all! hehez..

    There should have been a Christmas wish or somesort! This is posted on the December of 25th, which is a celebration day here in Malaysian, isn't it? :)

    Personal view: I think there should be a little reduction with the advertisements on this blog, it really makes it difficult to be read. =)

  3. Yes, this is an advertorial. The success of iTalk Buddy does not depend on you Karthik but the user base built by iTalk Buddy via various promotions and advertisements. Do you know that QQ is more popular (more users) than MSN / Windows Live Messenger in China?

    Personal suggestion: We do provide an alternative method of reading our articles for those who hate ads like you! If you hate advertisement banners placed on this blog or feel uncomfortable reading a blog with a few advertisements (read: this blog), you can always read our articles through feed or email subscription.

    A little information on how we've spent the earnings from advertisement banners in the last few months:
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    5. Donations
    There are reasons why we place advertisements on this blog.


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