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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

10 Reasons Why MBA in Malaysia is Perfect for International Students

Guest post by Trisha Mukerjee (Submit your guest post and get published here)

Malaysia has always been one of the most coveted tourist destination in South East Asia. People from all over the world come here for their honeymoons, family outing, to explore etc. Today, Malaysia is not just a tourist spot anymore. It has slowly become one of the best study abroad destinations. Plethora of business course aspirants come here to pursue world class education degree at a fraction of the cost.

Study MBA in Malaysia University College

Here are 10 reasons why Malaysia makes a pretty good higher education destination.

1. High quality education system: The higher education system in Malaysia is of international standards. The Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia has a vision to turn Malaysia into a Center of Excellence for higher education.

2. Ability to get a foreign degree qualification: This country has many universities that are associated with top universities in Australia, US, UK etc. They are offering a foreign degree; plus some of the universities have also opened their foreign university campuses here. If you want to get an international business degree from London School of Commerce, Westminster International College, Edinburgh Business School, Monash University, University of Nottingham, University of Southampton etc. – you don’t need to all the way to Australia, UK, US etc. all you need to do is come to Malaysia.

3. High quality of life: Malaysia is a newly industrialized country. They are miles apart in terms of development from their counterparts. Their infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and world Class University and educational structure – is definitely a catch.

4. Low expenditure: Compared to other international destinations – Malaysia is definitely has a lower expenditure rate. Both living and studying is easy and manageable. Apart from getting an international degree, studying in Malaysia also proves to be extremely light on your pocket. The entire expense for a year including tuition, living costs – you would only spend $9000 per year. Which is lower than half what US, UK and other international destinations cost.

5. Easy immigration procedure: Malaysia is definitely much easier to get visa than most western nations. They have an easy and straightforward immigration process. Once you have applied for a course and have received the acceptance letter, you have to apply for a student pass with the Malaysian Immigration Department.

6. Safety: Malaysia is one of the most political stable and safest countries in the world. It also has a relatively low crime rate. All these factors adds to be one of the best countries to live in.

7. Diversity: Malaysia is home to diverse cultures. Anyone who comes here, feel right at home. You could be from any ethnicity, you would find yourself at home here. Students who come here would have the exposure to learn and adjust to a variety of cultures. This quality makes them better and well-rounded human begins. Malaysia is truly a multi-racial culture. Anyone who comes here is bound to fall in love with this country.

8. Amazing food: Malaysian cuisine is one of the best; apart from that, Malaysia is truly a global destination. It has all the world famous cuisines here from Starbucks to Mc Donald’s – everything is available here.

9. Top travel destination: No one can deny the fact that Malaysia is most definitely a global tourist spot. People from all around the world come here. Being a student here, would definitely give you the opportunity to live in a country that offers you everything along with top class education. From traveling to diverse culture – Malaysia is one stop destination for a perfect life.

10. Easy communication: English is as widely used as Malay. But apart from that, there are a wide range of languages spoken in this country like Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, Mandarin, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, FooChow, Hainanese, Malayalam and many more.

Trisha Mukerjee
Living and studying here is definitely something all MBA aspirants should look at. MBA in Malaysia is at par with any top international destination. So if you are keen for studying abroad - make Malaysia your preferred destination.

Trisha is a professional writer and has been writing on a variety of topics. She also guides students who want to go to one of the top study abroad destinations. She is an ardent reader, a traveler and a passionate photographer. She wants to explore the world and write about whatever comes across her way.
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