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Saturday, April 14, 2007

SAT De-solved

Posted by BooNBoX

Quite a number of students took SAT to further their opportunity of studying overseas in USA. Have no idea of what SAT is? Type "SAT" in Yahoo! or Google or any other search engine and it will return more than 30 millions results for you. Still no idea of what is it about? Well, to simplify the whole thing - it is like any other pre-U tests in the world including A-level, STPM, AUSMAT, etc. However, SAT is only acceptable in most USA universities and colleges (same level with university). Of course there are also other universities in other parts of the world but let concentrate on the most common matter.

Go to http://www.collegeboard.com/ and you can find out even more details on SAT. Here will give you a brief idea of what SAT is? What does it test? Why students taking SAT ? blah blah blah...

First thing - what is SAT ? " The SAT is a standardized test for college admissions in the United States. The SAT is administered by the public College Board in the United States and is developed, published, and scored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS)." (Wikipedia.org)

There are basically 2 papers for SAT. There is no compulsory paper as you may take any one of the papers (however, it is most likely that a student take both papers since it would be the entrance requirement for most colleges). SAT I is now called SAT Reasoning Test. SAT II is now changed its name to SAT Subject Tests.

For SAT I (it means Reasoning Test from now onwards), a student will be tested on Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing , with a specific number of questions related to content. For more details on the test you may refer to the website. For SAT II (Subject Tests), you may sign up for at least 1 Subject and at most 3 subjects. So when you sign up for SAT II (you may only take SAT I or SAT II at one examination time), you will need to indicate which subject tests you are taking. For example, last time I took Chemistry, Biology and Maths Level 2. You may do the subject tests in any order when you are in the exam hall.

So that's for the papers. Well to sign up in Malaysia for the test you can either mail your money order/cheque or pay a visit to MACEE. However I do not encourage this method as you will be charged (quite heavily) according to the exchange rate set by MACEE (plus administration fees.. omg). You can just sign up for an account on collegeboard.com and sign up for the test online. (Pay online as well) You need to indicate your exam venue as well when you sign up. It will let you to choose from a list. I'm not sure where are the locations available but last time I took it in Metropolitan College in KL. SAT I will cost around 250++ while SAT II's costs will depends on the number of subjects you are taking. I took 3 subjects and pay around 230+. (All quoted in Malaysian Ringgit)

Well for the preparation of SAT, I think they might be college that offer tuitions on this. Do ask around but I'm not very sure about this. However, in Malaysia most students taking SAT are those already studying for SPM/STPM/O-level/A-level/AUSMAT or other near pre-U level. Since you are studying the same thing, your mind will still have fresh memory on what you have studied and it will make SAT II easier. SAT I is a tough test, honestly. You will need hardwork on this paper. I can say SAT I is the crucial paper as most prestigious colleges will require this paper in high marks.

I guess that's all for now. So this is also one of the opportunities for students in Malaysia. If you scored well, you won't waste your money. As SAT is the golden ticket to USA tertiary education. So what is American Degree Transfer Program ? Is SAT same with that ? I'll cover more on this after my exam. Wish best of luck!
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  1. wow... This is what I'm trying to look for! Thanks mate!!

    Looking forward to hear from you more.

    Good luck with your exam, BTW...

  2. How's the syllabus for the SAT II though?

  3. There are several misconceptions/misunderstandings in your article about the SAT (No offense here! I just don't want the wrong information being disseminated here) Here there are:

    Firstly, there is no such thing as two papers for the SAT. SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Test are two different, separate tests (Despite they share the same word SAT, they are two distinct tests). As such, there is only one paper each for SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Test respectively.

    Secondly, SAT I does not mean reasoning test as you imply since it does not stand for anything at all. (Though I assume you might mean that it is called Reasoning Test as of now. Still, it can be confusing for some people).

    Thirdly, it is misleading to say that you could only take three SAT Subject Tests at most since you could take as many subjects that are offered as long as you want (And have the money and time for them!). Once again, yes I assume that you might mean three subjects at one time but you really have to point that out. Otherwise, your message will be misleading.

    Lastly, SAT is not a golden ticket to USA. It is just one of the factors that is considered in the admissions process since it alone will not guarantee admission (Ask all the perfect scorers who get rejected!). And, SAT Reasoning Test is not like any other pre-U tests in the world. It measures test-takers' ability in a totally different way than say, A Level Physics is. Even SAT Subject Tests format is different than those of corresponding A Level counterparts (And you have only one hour to complete it!). As such, they can't be compared to other pre-U tests. The closest comparison would be the Advanced Placement (AP) tests which are equivalent to first year university courses.

    Thank you!

  4. i just finish spm and i was considering taking SAT
    so how do u study for both SAT 1 and 2?

  5. Hey, i just finished my spm as well. Im abit confuse, i would like to know whether is SAT a so call foundation as well ? Are they the same level as STPM ? THANKS

  6. what is American Degree Transfer Program ?
    Is SAT same with that ? Which is better?

  7. how do you fill in the coursework part?


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