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Monday, April 30, 2007

Lower Sixth Form Dilemma – Choosing Stream and Subjects

Posted by Chong

154,389 students that have passed Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2006 examination are eligible to further their studies at form six level (tingkatan enam). Certainly, the actual number of students that are enrolling into lower six this year will be far less than 154,389 since some of them have chosen to take A-levels or foundation programmes at private colleges, some have been selected to undergo Malaysian Matriculation Programme (Program Matrikulasi Malaysia), some have won Public Service Department (PSD or Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, JPA) scholarships, Petronas scholarships or other scholarships while some have decided to start working.

SPM 2006 exam takers can visit Ministry of Education Malaysia website from the 10th of May onwards to check the form six 2007 offer details like secondary school name, stream offered and enrolment date. While I could not find the official enrolment date for form six 2007, I guess it will be on the 14th of May (Monday) as last year the date was May 15, 2006 (Monday). Update: The official enrolment date for form six 2007 is May 15, 2007 (Monday). Those who have applied diploma courses at local public universities should enrol into form six while waiting for the application result to be announced some time in June this year. Update: The application result of diploma courses at local public universities have been available in May 2007.

A common dilemma that most of them (would-be sixth formers) will face is the choice of subjects that they are going to take. Stream is not much a problem since SPM art stream students will automatically be streamed into form six art stream while SPM science stream students will be offered either science or art stream based on their SPM results. Usually at the beginning of lower sixth form, there will be a few science stream students applying to change into art stream due to reasons like they have clearer pictures of their future jobs which are related to arts (humanities) or decided that they prefer arts over science. The change from science to arts is possible only if the students have strong reasons to do so. It is very uncommon that a SPM art stream student changing into science stream since he or she did not take Biology, Chemistry and Physics during form four and five.

Since Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) is an open-list examination, sixth formers can choose the combination of minimum four subjects or maximum five subjects including General Studies (Pengajian Am). The schools will offer packages of subjects for students to choose from. Common packages of subjects for science stream that are offered at most schools are General Studies, Mathematics T, Chemistry and Biology or Physics. Meanwhile art stream packages of subjects include Malay language (Bahasa Melayu), History (Sejarah) or Geography (Geografi), Business Studies (Pengajian Perniagaan) or Economics (Ekonomi). There are a few schools offering Further Mathematics T as the fifth subject for science stream and Accountancy (Perakaunan) for art stream.

Similar to SPM, if the subjects that you take are not offered at your school, you have to learn them by yourselves and perhaps attending tuition classes on those subjects. You should always consult your school counsellor or form six teachers (Guru Penyelaras Tingkatan Enam) before you decide to take additional subject or drop the subject offered. It is possible that you replace Malay language with Chinese language (Bahasa Cina) for example, if you are going to take arts. If you take five subjects, only the best four subjects are used in calculating the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) whereas if you take four subjects, all four subjects are used to determine your STPM CGPA.

For science stream, which one is more suitable for you, Physics or Biology? If you plan to do pharmacy, dentistry or any other medical courses during your tertiary education, you should choose Biology. Choose Physics if you have strong interest in civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering etc. If you do not know which of them suit you well, then you might want to take some aptitude, personality or career tests. I am sure that these tests are available at your school counselling room. Schedule a meeting with your experienced school counsellors and take those tests together with your friends to learn more about yourselves.

Being a science stream Physics student, I find that Physics is extremely tough. Unlike SPM, list of formulae will not be provided during the actual examination. In other words, we have to memorize hundreds of formulae! Did I mention that there are a lot of laws, principles and equations in Physics? Biology is also tough as students have to memorize a lot of facts. For Chemistry, students have to digest three thick books – Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. I would like to mention that the Chemistry, Physics and Biology practicals that you are going to carry out are very different compared to SPM PEKA. You are going to carry out the whole experiments yourselves with a little guidance from your teachers. I am quite sure that arts students are having their hard time like science students in their studies too! This is not joke; it is reality – welcome to form six – a huge leap from SPM.

Be mentally and physically prepared, armed yourselves with your powerful “weapons” like intelligence, dedication and consistency then you will succeed!
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  1. woah finally i found a blog wic can contribute me wit sum info on f6
    read thru most of d posts n they do help alot
    i gone thru dilemma whether 2 take f6 or a lvls in col 4 few weeks
    n nw i jz wonderin i shud take bio or physic as i don really sure wt i wana do in d future
    any1 thr tat can help me out?
    thanks guys
    gd day =)

  2. Ah..i'm just wondering what are the minimum requirements to enter form 6. As mentioned above, it says that all 2006 spm students who passed in spm can further their studies 2 form 6. Does it mean if i get a 7D for BM, can still enter form 6? I'm taking a diploma in hotel management and have been in this course for 3 weeks already and i didnt know the real reason why i joined this course..maybe its because all my friends are going to college so i just wanna follow them. But i dont know what i really want to do in the future at all. So now im opting to change to form 6 if i meet the requirements. need some advice..thanks

  3. Generally, you need at least a pass in Bahasa Melayu in SPM. To enter the science stream, a combination of points for maths and 2 more science subjects in your SPM mst not exceed 18 points. To enter the arts stream, a combination of points for maths and 2 more subjects in your SPM must not exceed 8 points.

    Prospective Form Six students need to take 4 to 5 subjects including General Studies (a compulsory subject). You are not allowed to take more than 5 subjects in one sitting.
    Actually, you may choose any combination of subjects, but most schools offering Form 6 stream their students into science and arts. Therefore, most schools offer a fixed combination of subjects. If you wish to take a combination of subjects other than those offered in your school, you may have to consider moving to another school that offers the combination of subjects you want.

    The list of subjects offered in Form 6 are as follows:

    The subjects offered are:
    -General Studies
    -Malay Language
    -Chinese Language
    -Tamil Language
    -Arabic Language
    -Literature in English
    -Literature in Malay
    -Business Studies
    -Mathematics S (may or may not be taken with Mathematics T)
    -Mathematics T (may or may not be taken with Mathematics S)
    -Further Mathematics T (may only be taken with Mathematics T)
    -Computing (may only be taken at certain schools)

    In addition to the 4 or 5 subjects, you are also required to sit for the Malaysian University English Test (MUET).

    Source: Doctorjob's Courses Now. (Published in July 2006)

    I believe the official enrolment date for Form Six 2007 is on the 15th of May 2007, or so I've heard.
    Students are required to show up at their respective schools with their offer letters on that day for Orientation.

    I hope this helps - please correct me if I'm wrong.

  4. Hii yeah snow you got it right,15th of may is the orientation date for form 6.ive got a question to all of you who are/have done form 6.when does school start? as in does it start the VERY next day after orientation or do we get a few days off before the official school term for form 6 begins?thanks to whoever answers this.=)

  5. hi guys.... 'bout the orientation things... it depends to your school coz mine goes for a week....

  6. ♫ ♪ ٠ ј ØąnЙë ™ ٠ ♪ ♫,
    I'm not quite sure how to solve your problem due to the fact you are unsure of what career you wish to embark upon.
    I suggest you stick to both subjects, then drop either one after you have gone through several school-based exams and discovered your preference?

    Lessons usually commence the next day after your orientation day/week ends. You may wish to check with your school to find out the duration of your orientation for it varies with different institutions.

  7. snow
    u mean i can take both of them 4 nw n drop 1 of them afta sum time?
    sch wil allow me 2 do so?

  8. i'm entering form6 diz year n i juz wanna ask... u said dat in science stream they usually offer chemistry and bio or physics... can i drop bio n chem n only take pysics??? thx.

  9. Re above deleted post: I'm sorry, there was a typo in my previous post and I couldn't edit it. Too bad Blogger doesn't do automatic spell-checks.

    ♫ ♪ ٠ ј ØąnЙë ™ ٠ ♪ ♫ ,
    I don't think it will be a problem at all. It is generally permissible to drop a subject at least one month before the mid-years or the trial examinations.

    You are perfectly entitled to do so. My old school was very reluctant to let me take an extra subject due to the fact my school did not offer said subject and they were worried I'd fail. In other words, they had not a single teacher qualified to grade me on the subject and they were worried about their reputation. Nevertheless, I insisted on taking the subject and got an A.

    The school may not stop you from taking the subjects you wish to take/ (or in your case, dropping the subjects you wish to drop) as long as it is an STPM subject approved by the government. However, you are required to take a minimum of 4 subjects including General Studies, and not more than 5 subjects. You may also have to pursue the extra subject (s) you are required to take up in place of Biology and Chemistry of your own initiative unless your school offers the combination you choose.

    May I suggest a combination of subjects for you? Since you are obviously what I dub "a Physics person", you probably have an aptitude for Math unless you're a weird exception like me (I like Physics and hate Math.)

    1) General Studies (Compulsory)
    2) Physics
    3) Mathematics T
    AND one or two of any of the following
    - Further Mathematics T
    - Accountancy
    - Business Studies
    - Economics

    Of course, it is all up to you and you may take unusual combinations if you wish. Just bear in mind that the subjects you choose will determine your future path, so choose wisely and with much consideration. All the best, I hope I helped. Please feel free to correct any erroneous information I may have supplied, anyone.

    P/S: Most schools offer a package of General Studies, Physics, Mathematics T, and Further Mathematics. I'm sure the alternatives I suggested earlier isn't that uncommon either.

  10. Hi, I'm SO glad I found this blog! It'll be lots of help as I fully intend to do form 6 next year. Please keep me updated. Thanks!

  11. well im very interested in studyin sports related courses, but can n arts stream student like me take da sains sukan subject in stpm??? though i do not know wich school is offering this subject =(

  12. Hi, in your earlier comments, you mentioned that we need at least a pass in Bahasa Melayu in SPM. and to enter the science stream, a combination of points for maths ( is this add maths or modern maths? ) and 2 more science subjects in SPM must not exceed 18 points. points? can you elaborate, please?

    and i got an info that we need at least B4 in order to enter science stream? is that true?


  13. fuh..... finally i found a blog to clear my confusion.i just want to ask whether is f6 really something that is very tough?i mean science stream...the problem is everyone around me except my family members discourage me from taking f6 telling that it is risky.but for me,i prefer to take f6 so that i can have another chance to get the best result for myself.although my spm result is not very bad,it is just i feel that i can do better.so do you think if i get B3 in Bio,B4 i Physics,C5 in Che and C6 in add.math have the chance to obtain a good result in stpm if i really study hard?or maybe i should try for something else like teaching and nursing which i have no interest in doing them?what should i do???i need your advice.thanks.....:)

  14. i am an exchange student, currently in USA, i start stayin there since january 08 and wil come back at 4 th july..my parents not elegible to put me in any private colleges or a-levels..so i decide i will do stpm when i came back as i can do that because of i am an exchane student..i am going to do stpm on the same school i did my spm(they will reserve a place for me)i just wondering am i doing the right choice because i will be late entering into STPM..or there is other things i can do when i came back..i am also in confusion chosing art stream or sciencestream..just wanna ask if i enroll in my chool lately can i till catch up with the studies or there is anything i can do while staying in usa for the prepartion to ENTER STPM..hoping a reply!!

  15. nelson,it's up to your decision actually.
    normally,the form 6 teachers will start the syllabus after the mid-term holiday which is on june. It's all depends on whether you are willing to spend a lot of time to catch up all the syllabus back.
    Form 6 isn't easy because the teachers wont be able to finish the syllabus within 1.5 years.They will request you to come back school during holiday sometimes so you will need to be prepare for it. Or you could ask your teacher a favor whether they willing to teach you back or not. Normally,the first 3 chapters they taught is the starter syallbus which mean it was taught in Form 5,just added some specific fact on it.
    You need to be prepare yourself no matter what.

  16. I'm enrolled into science stream in form 6 and I'm really determined to switch to arts bcoz i just don't see my future in science anymore.

    I looking into studying law and there r 2 choices 4 me to choose in arts stream... It's about choosing the right combination...

    First choice - PA, Maths S, Econ, Accounts
    Second choice - PA, Econ, History, Malay

    I feel like taking the first choice bcoz I I'm not in favour to study BM anymore...
    And, is history a key subject in getting into law in public university? (my target is UM)

    Will i be able to get into law studies in public U if i take the first choice?

    Plz reply! Desperately in need of a reply.. Thank you!

  17. Hi, currently im studying in lower form six.
    im taking PA, Economics, Pengajian Perniagaan and Arts. I wanna know if my combination of subjects will affect in applying any courses? Plan to pursue interior design or business.

  18. thanks god i've found this site..
    thanks snow..
    finally i can stop thinking those hectic question about wat shld i do next after spm n wat shld i choose..
    u r amazing!!!

  19. Can art stream student take math T and further math? I decide to take business course at university...Will it affect me?

  20. Take the package of Chem and Physics although you probably will have to take Math. you can drop that and take accounts privately. Peng. am is compulsory so you'll have it in any package anyway.

  21. i can choose 5 subject that i wan?or?

  22. Just got my SPM results:

    B/M C5
    English A2
    Moral A2
    History A1
    Maths E8
    Add Maths G9
    Physics E8
    Chem D7
    Bio C6
    EST B4

    Can I enter lower 6 Arts (Govt) with the above results ? Can someone help me out with this combination thing ?

  23. i am science stream class student. i got 9 A1 for my spm 2008. what make me upset is i got c5 for my est. does my est result will affect my chance to study abroad?

  24. Anonymous,
    You got 9A1, right? So I assume that for your English you also get A1. My advice: have your EST re-checked at the Ministry of Exams.....just to be sure they got it right
    You got nothing to lose by re-checking it

  25. hi,i'd like 2 switch stream 2 art,hence i might ned 2 study businnes or account,bt i didnt hv te basic of these sub wen f5,can anyone tel me wat can i do?thank...

  26. Yang,
    I understand that different school offers different packages in terms of subjects available-so pls. consult your school counsellor rgds to this when you enrol for Form 6 Arts

  27. Hi,i'm very afraid to enter science stream lower form 6..actually, i have frustrated with my spm results whereby i didn't achieve my actual target.therefore now, i'm in dilemma whether to choose art stream or science stream.Well can you help me by give me some tips or good advise so that i'm not afraid anymore.i really want to achieve well in my stpm and that's why i willing to enter form 6

  28. my spm results also didn't achieve my actual target.so,i will not choose sains stream..i choose sastera..

  29. Anonymous
    If you did not do well in your Science subjects in SPM, then it's advisable to opt for Arts stream....believe me, the Chem, Physics & Bio for STPM is even harder! Not to mention the Add Maths, too !

  30. this is my spm results....
    i have chosen to go form 6... they offered me science stream but i prefer to take arts stream..
    my combination of subjects are bm,sej,economics and pengajian am....
    but im having a big problem right now...
    i wanna know what occupation i can choose in future related to the subjects that i have chosen....
    plz let me know that as fast as can...
    i am really frustrated...

  31. Anonymous,
    You have quite an impressive SPM result. You did well in your Science subjects & you should have a go at Science class for F6.

    If you want to know what courses are related to the subjects that you're taking for F6, pls visit www.mohe.gov.my OR consult your school counsellor abt. this

  32. thanx alot.... if i wanna become an accountant in future but i have no basic whereby i never take accounts in spm and stpm...can i still do it in the university or should i juz forget about that???

  33. If you wanna be an accountant without any basics, you still can provided you have the interest to work REALLY hard. Take a foundation course WITH accounts tuition (you'll probably have to take private tuition which will be expensive since University levels is a bit different AND in English). Another option is to hold off applying for university until you have finished with tuition which means you'll be ok for entry exams (depending on whether you wanna go private or local U)

  34. thanks for ur information....
    how about law??
    i got a1 in sej and bm for spm...
    now im taking sej in stpm too...
    what are the qualification to study law??
    and do you think i can do law?

  35. i'm in lower six now...and taking science...but i still confuse that should i take science stream or art stream...because i did't did well in my spm..my result is just enough for me to enter science stream...in this few week study in science stream i just felt vey stress because it's really tough...since my basic in science subject is not strong...friend around me advised me to continue in taking scince stream because there got many occupation to choose in my future...if study in art stream what you can do is limited...i just wish to be a teacher...should i choose science or art stream???

  36. Dear stress-out
    Form 6 Science is no joke. Unless you have a strong foundation in F5, the going will be tough but if you have the interest/determination to give it a go, then good/kudos to you. You must first examine yourself as to where your interests lie. From there, make a firm/solid decision. Gd luck

  37. I'm in lower6 art stream now,I having problem in choosing sejarah or BM as my fifth subject.Any suggestion?

  38. Lower 6 Arts,
    Based your choosing on these 2 criteria i.e. first your interest & second your past SPM results

  39. hey guy..may i ask u about ur opinion in which stream i should taking while i'm in f6 ..
    i interested in business ..
    now i having my spm in science stream ..
    so should i take art stream during my form 6 ?

  40. if my results are not good. what should i do after spm? Or where should i go to study?

  41. hi,,
    i want to ask a question..
    is it add math or math mode is the subject that need to get below 18 points to enter science stream???
    or maybe both of the subject are required??
    i hope you can help me because this year i want to enter form 6.
    this is my email: [email protected]

  42. hey there, I'm SPM'09 leaver and still waiting for the result now... So worry if i can't get any scholarship to overseas such as JPA, BNM, Khazanah, Sime Darby and a lot more... and i wonder if and only if i failed to secure one of them, i would have to go F6 as my last option. I can't really get into A-Level in private college albeit some of them provide 100% tuition waiver or maybe less according to my result. In my Trial SPM JPWP KL last year, i have achieved 8A1 2A2 and planned to study A-Level in private college but my parent don't let it. My family is a medium income family, thus i think i won't able to get any FAMA(father and mum) scholarship to study A-Level. Just wanna ask... If i have to go study F6 in the end, what subjects should i choose? I heard that Pengajian am is a must and how about the others?? I'm interested in pursuing Actuarial Science in my degree so i guess Maths T and Further Maths T would be very beneficial for me. Can i combine science stream subjects and art stream subjects??? Can i take Maths T, Further Maths T, economics, accounting/business studies and PA??? or i must take chemistry and physics/bio together with the maths T and Further Maths T??? Just wondering... and which school will i get if i study F6??? which school around KL/Klang Valley offers Further Maths in the F6 study package??? hope to get the answers soon from the seniors... Thanks in advance... =)

  43. hi i just wanted 2 ask that if my current school does not offer a subject that i want 2 take can i change 2 another school and what is the procedure.... thanks

  44. I am SPM'09 leaver as well, can anyone tell me about when we will enter Form 6..

  45. sir,im spm 2009 leaver
    i would like to knw whether can i take akauns subjects during stpm but i dint take it during spm......?
    plz reply me
    im ttlly confuse

  46. hai,i am one of the student after finished form 5,,now i am waiting for form 6...i dont know whether i should take science stream or art stream...because i scare i will do a wrong decision,,i wanted to be a teacher in the future,,so i should take what stream to be my best choice?i din take account during f4 and f5,,can i take in f6?anyone from this blog can answer me?thank a lot ^^this is my email address([email protected])

  47. hi..i'm stelly in form5 i'm not a art stream student is kesusasteraan cina student can i study f6?

  48. akaun and Pengajian Perniagaan wht diffrent is that

  49. if i want to be an architect in the future, which stream should i choose? i'm okay with physics but very bad at chemistry. also, i didn't take acc during my spm. please reply . thank you

  50. I'm an upper form 6 this year, taking arts stream which consist of PA, Business, economics and sejarah. My result in SPM 2009 is not as good as i'd expected since i am a science stream student. Now I was selected to art stream, and i really not interested in business and economics, and i hate sejarah since in year 6(although I love Tamadun Dunia very much), and especially economics, which have to memorize thousands of craps like physics. My dream career is to be a forensic doctor STPM biology or chemistry student. I tried to appeal to PPD to change my course, however my appeal was rejected. I am so upset, making me wanna kill myself. Now i am just like a man who chase nothing, because I'm going to sit STPM this year, but my future is blank. That means I sit for the exams for nothing. What should I do now? Should I take bio, maths and chem as a private candidate next year after i finished my STPM?

  51. F6 got pjk all tat? which subject compulsary?

  52. hi..thre..umm...i want to be an accountant or what ever jobs in bank..so,in form 6 what sbject should i take.??pliz...help me..

  53. I am a science student who is chosen to enter science stream in form six..unfortunately i managed to get all C+ and one D for my science subs in SPM and after reading and weighing facts about the difficulties one should expect in science stream form six,i wonder whether i can cope and score well in STPM..i am in dilemma because i want to study law but my father advised me to stay in science stream...by the way i would like to apologise if my english is not good..

  54. is form 6 really tough until i could'nt even imagine,
    is f6 going to be a hell for me??
    and i wish to continue my studies by taking f6 science stream!!
    can i do this??

  55. hi.this is my spm 2011 results
    A+ for BI, A for Maths, Sej, Bm, A- for Physics, B+ for chemistry, biology, pend.island and B for add maths. i want to take medicine. should i enroll form 6? i've to struggle in matrix and i dont think i can make it. i'm thinking of STPM.

  56. hi,may i know when is the intake for f6 2012.. n I want to know if im a art stream student in f4 n f5, can I study the architecture?

  57. Hi there, may I know what are the subjects needed in order to study actuarial science in the future? I'm going to enrol in sixth form soon. Should I take science stream or art stream? Any suggestions? Thanks

  58. hi. i think you should take science stream in form 6. Because most of the uni that provide acturial science course required maths T/further maths T

  59. Hi, i got C+ for biology and chemistry and C for physics. Should I take science stream or arts stream? I still can't decide what I want to be in the future.. any suggestions? Thanks ��

  60. It's all depends on you. Do you have high passion in science subjects? I can say that form 6 science subjects are totally different compare to spm...might little related. It's like what you learnt in spm are just the basic for form 6 syllabus.

  61. Science stream require strong foundation in form 5 pure science and add math and have strong interest in those subject. physics and chemistry(not sure about biology) in form 6 is alot more tough than those in spm.I dont know about art stream but they definitely wont be as easy as spm too.

  62. Hye, fyi I'm a spm 2015 leaver.I Just got my result. My result was bm(A),bi(A+),sj(A),Pm(A),Mt(A-),phy(B+),chemi(B),Bio(B+),Adm(D). Will i get to continue form 6 in science stream with this result. I am willing to work hard.please advice me.

  63. Can I drop Math T and take physics with bio che and compulsory subject please replied me TQ my school offer all the subject I want but in different class.


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