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Thursday, May 03, 2007

If college/poly/uni life is a game, these are the rules

Posted by elie

Don't you think the first day of your college/polytechnic/university life is quite daunting? Especially if you're all alone and you know nobody. No worries, cause this post will help you kick off a great start to your post-sec education life.

1. Orientation!
Orientation is always been thought of as a waste of time. Actually, orientation is a great chance for you to find your way to the institution and a great chance for you to explore the campus. You might think that those ice-breaking games they make you play are quite childish, but it helps you a lot to get to know your classmates and your course mates. My advice to you is, be sure to be there for the orientation, it might suck but it always helps you to adapt.

2. Contacts, contacts..
Get your hands on all the contacts that you can. Seniors, classmates, lecturers, tutors, anyone that's somehow related to you or your course. Ask them whether they have MSN or Yahoo! too; even my Engineering Maths lecturer had a MSN account. That way, you can contact any of them easily if the need arises such as to inform your tutor that you will be absent.

3. Smile!
It's good to keep a smile on your face all the time because people form first impressions of you during the first few minutes or even few seconds that they see you. You wouldn't want people to think of you as someone who is unapproachable right?

Any other tips/advice that you have in mind? Please share them!
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