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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How to Score in SPM Pendidikan Moral Part 2 – Section A

Posted by pianolover

In this post, I will talk about how to answer SPM Pendidikan Moral Section A in much more detail.

Paper 1 Section A:
  • Structure Questions
  • 8 Questions
  • 80 Marks of Paper 1
  • Usually 10 marks for each question.
  • Questions consist of moral values, definitions and KBKK (That means reasoning or logic.)
So, HOW you can actually score the Paper 1 Section A?

Here is an example taken from SPM Pendidikan Moral 2005 Section 1 Question 1.

One more extra information for you all, starting from SPM 205, for most of the papers in SPM, there will be around 40% or more pictures in each of your question paper.

Berdasarkan gambar di atas:

(a) Nyatakan satu nilai yang dapat diinterpretasikan daripada situasi itu. [1 markah]

(b) Berikan definisi bagi nilai yang telah dinyatakan dalam jawapan di (a). [2 markah]

(c) Nyatakan empat kepentingan amalan di atas. [4 markah]

(d) Namakan tiga aktiviti lain yang boleh diadakan oleh sesebuah keluarga supaya setiap anggotanya dapat berkumpul bersama-sama. [3 markah]

Note that there are questions consist of
  • moral values - Question (a)
  • definitions - Question (b)
  • KBKK - Question (c) and (d)
And when you go through more exam questions, you will know that the marks of each question are the same most of the time.
  • moral values - 1 mark @ answer
  • definitions - 2 marks @ answer
  • KBKK - 1 marks @ answer
From above, you can know that memorizing the definitions and the moral values correctly is important. If you manage to memorize all the moral values and definitions, it will be not too hard to get a Bs’or Cs’ for your Pendidikan Moral.

Let’s look at the question.

At the beginning there, they mentioned Berdasarkan gambar di atas. That means ALL your answer must be relevant with the picture above. And what you can get from the picture is a family having their dinner at Chinese New Year.

So the question (a) asked for ONE moral value that you can get from the picture above.

Always remember,
  • When they ask ONE, you can give two BUT NOT THREE!
  • Always place the answer that you most satisfied with in the front.
  • Always answer in FULL sentences.
So your answer should be:

Nilai mengekalkan tradisi kekeluargaan dan kasih sayang terhadap keluarga diamalkan.

In this kind of case, it is most suitable if you answer only Nilai Berkaitan Dengan Kekeluargaan but not from the others.

Note that if your alternative answers (…kasih sayang terhadap keluarga…) is wrong, you can also get the full mark of the question (1 markah)

In question (b), they want for the definition for the moral value you provided in (a). So don’t go and write something else others than the definition you written on (a) or else you are WRONG!

So your answer should be:

Definisi untuk nilai mengekalkan tradisi kekeluargaan ialah Menerima, menghormati dan mengamalkan sesuatu kebiasaan, adat dan kepercayaan yang diwarisi secara turun-temurun dalam keluarga.Definisi untuk nilai kasih sayang terhadap keluarga ialah perasaan cinta, kasih dan sayang yang mendalam dan berkekalan terhadap keluarga.

This will give you the full mark if the question: 2 markah.

Here we come to question (c). Question c is KBKK question. That means on the marking scheme, there is no definite answer. Your answer will be accepted as well as it makes sense. For KBKK question also, as I said for question (a), you may answer one MORE answer, that means the fifth answer is also accepted if one of your answer in between wrong.

So, this question wants for the importance of the activity in the picture.

You may answer like this:

Hubungan di antara keluarga boleh dieratkan. Ahli keluarga boleh duduk bersama dan mengemukakan masalah yang dihadapi dan menyelesaikan masaah bersama.Selain itu, aktiviti ini juga membolehkan ahli keluarga lebih memahami antara satu sama lain. Generasi akan datang juga tidak melupakan adat ini.

Four of the answers are correct. So this answer will be given full marks of 4. Thus, you are advised to give FIVE answers instead of four.

The last question, question (d), is also a KBKK question.

They asked for THREE other activities that you can do with your family members together.

If I answer like this:

Aktiviti-aktiviti tersebut ialah berkelah, melancong, makan bersama dan gotong-royong.

As you all see, I provided FOUR answers.

But actually got one of my answers is NOT acceptable in the marking scheme that one is makan bersama. This is because they want for OTHER activity (Namakan tiga activiti yang lain...) so the answer is repeating the activity of the picture.

Although I got one answer is wrong, I will be given full marks of 3. This is because I give FOUR answer and the forth answer is correct.

So, always name the maximum (number they want +1)

Sometimes they will also ask some question based on general knowledge.

As an example: (SPM 2005 Section A Question 3(c) )

Apakah perkara yang dilakukan oleh Dato’ Abdul Malik Mydin dan Datuk Azhar Mansor dalam menaikkan imej negara di persada antarabangsa?

You will not able to answer this question if you do not know.

The correct answer will be:

Mereka berenang merentasi selat Inggeris.

And I think question about Akta will be asked this year SPM. So, you may want to read more about it.

Do more questions or SPM model papers that you can found at bookshop or ask from your teacher. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Any question, you may ask me by post a comment down here.

My next post will be writing about section B, the essay question part, the hardest part for some of the students but it actually quite easy for me.

Update: pianolover is no longer the contributor of Malaysia Students blog.
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  1. how come the SPM Pendidikan Moral Part 2 - section B still haven come out ah??? but still hav to thanks for ur information.... really learn alot... thanks... ^^

  2. Can you post up the tips on how exactly do we have to answer section B? Btw, thanks for the tips you've given.

  3. thx for ur teaching with section A!i learn a lot of teknik in ur assigment!!!i'm take a lot of bad result in the pendidikan moral in the year!!!but i want take a good result in spm,i hope u can post the section B n help me in the pendidikan moral!!!thx!!!

  4. your tips are great!n i wana ask what is the keywords for each moral values?the key words can be used in KBKK Que.?

  5. are you sure that KBKK questions can be answered ONE MOre only?
    I hope someone can give me the comfirm answer,Thank Q

  6. the answer need to write like urs? or can be written in point form?

  7. pls reply....
    i remember my teacher gt say when answer wat question cant use the words jangan and tidak???i 4get ady

  8. They will ask general questions that we did not learn from our textbooks? Then how to answer if we did not read the newspapers and are not up-to-date?

  9. Hey. I think it's for the kind of questions like 'lala sangat malas. apakah nilai yang harus diamalkan oleh lala'. Then the way you answer should be 'Dia sepatutnya mengamalkan nilai apa' instead of 'Dia tidak mengamalkan nilai apa'. Is it?

  10. ur tips really great and helpfull..nway..i need more tips on section b and c which i always score less.help me..i want to get A1 in pendidikan moral..ples give me some more useful tips..really need in..help me to ful fill my dreams...


  11. in question c or d..they always asked bout our general knowledge such as..pencemaran alam sekitar..nyatakan akta yang terlibat dalam masalah tersebut...im always left it empty without answering it coz im totally zero..nway..can u give some tips on how answering this type of question..and one more...my pendidikan moral teacher asked me to put 5 moral values in section c..last 2 months ago..got pencemarah give us some talks bout tips on how answering section c..she says we only need 3 moral values and some penerangan and contoh..im getting confused...help me...


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