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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Have Fun And Stop Worrying!

Lim Shu Xian
Written by Lim Shu Xian, 20 years old (Join us and apply to be a contributor now!)

Hi everyone, just like any of you, I came across this site when I was surfing the net the other day and I decided to share some information that might help some of you readers out there! Just so you know, I am a University student, currently doing a degree at Help University, 20 years old this year. To others I may seem like a quiet person, but the truth is I’m doing a lot of thinking inside, there are so much going on in my mind. I personally love reading inspirational quotes about life, love, health you name it!

Well, not long ago, my mum signed me up for a religious talk by a well-known religious representative. I thought it would be so boring that I could fall asleep during the talk. Unexpectedly it was much better than I thought, and honestly I have learned a lot from that less than 8 hours session. One of the topics that I personally find really interesting was what the speaker mentioned by ‘Having fun no matter what you are doing‘ we should just have fun doing the things we do! We can have fun while doing our exams, house chores or even interviews, anything and just stop worrying! You’ll get an outcome better than expected!

Ever wondered how to speak in front of an audience without running out of topics, or having panic attacks and your mind just go blank? Here I would like to share a story. I know this may be easier said than done, but the speaker mentioned himself that because he is widely known across his country and worldwide, he is used to getting interviews and live shows invitations. People often questions why wouldn’t he get nervous or bored or run out of topic whenever he speaks. The reason he does not get tired or tensed is because he has fun while doing whatever he does. During the interview, he would just say whatever his mind persists, he does not need to please the interviewer or the audiences, when he is just being himself, naturally he will make people laugh by telling all his jokes. I mean who doesn’t like humors right? Laughing is the medicine for the heart!

Also, this can be applied to all Malaysian students who will be sitting for an interview waiting to go for their desired universities or colleges. Stop memorizing all those facts and get so nervous at the end of the day, my advice would be just be yourself, let your humors shine their way, have fun doing the interview! Just think of it as if no one’s watching, like you’re catching up with an old friend of yours. This can also be applied if it happens that you become a representative of some clubs or organisers of an event, when you need to give a talk on stage, just relax, and give it a go, you can treat the audiences like your family members, or imagine you’re the boss of a big corporate company where everyone listens to you, do not hold back anything! Or just think of the audience as a bunch of your crazy friends that you love to hang out with, it will not hurt right? They will not laugh at your mistakes at the end of the day or eat you up!

One thing that he discussed during the talk which impressed me most was that you should find something that your heart truly desires, for example choosing a course, you can't choose it because your parents want you to do it, you can't choose it because it’ll earn you a fortune in the future, you should pursue something that really makes you happy! I’m sure no one would want to go to work feeling so grumpy everyday because they are doing it for the money, not for their interest. If you don’t like a job you’re doing, leave it! If you dislike the subjects you are studying, register for a new one, your parents will not be living your life for you, you are the one who will make your life decisions in the future!
Similarly, I have also come across one of the famous Chicken Soup books, one of the article mentioned was regarding ‘Dancing in The Rain’. Dancing in the rain from this context means learn to have fun even at the hardest time! I’ve had many friends who cry whenever they could not cope with the stresses of their exams, but if you learn to have fun while studying for exams, those tears may not be necessary.

No matter how easy you school syllabus may be, try to study consistently everyday, try to get it in your brains, you can do it for an hour a day or few hours, it wont take up that much time, and remember between studies, take some breaks, do whatever you like! Eating your favorite ice cream, watching your favorite TV shows or sleeping, do your favorite sport or breathing some fresh air outside! It will help you to focus a lot more later. Staying indoors too much will make you crazy!! After studying, you can even reward yourself once again, by doing yourself a great job, such as playing your favorite online games, watching some movies, or anything that makes you happy. You see, who says computers and televisions cannot be allowed when you’re having exams or studies?? It makes the perfect excuse to have it all back if your parents ever confiscates them (hee, sorry for teaching you to be naughty!)

Finally, all this sums up to having a positive attitude, which means you must always look at the bright side. Before you’re sitting for an important exam, do not keep thinking about what happens if you fail that paper, instead ask yourself if you do it properly, how much benefits will it get you in return! Change your thoughts and you change your world (another quote which I got from the Chicken Soup Book)! I really hope all these will help some of you, stay tuned! ☺
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  1. Thanks Lim, I enjoy reading this and it totally makes my morning today! =D

  2. What an interesting read! This reminds me of a church camp I once attended (possibly even moderated by the same great legend)where I got the greatest advice about how to be a teenager and cope with everything in life- stress, school, friends, family, teachers etc. Oh, those life-giving words I would never forget!

    Thanks for the great article and for sharing it so generously. Hopefully many people will benefit from this.

  3. wow such an inspiring article , really enjoy reading it. i would give u a 10/10 rating for this article. thanks for the sharing


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