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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Future Trend of Jobs - “Trend” Your Choice For Further Studies

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Future Trend of Jobs

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I believe it must have been a tormenting period for most of the STPM graduate to wait for the arrival of offer letters from universities or colleges. First of all, congratulations for those who finally gets into their desired course, congratulations!

As for those who are still at the junction heading nowhere, take a deep breath and reorganize your thought. Please don’t get panic. Choose the direction only when you keep a level head, unless you just want to follow suit and compete for the sheer piece apple pie being shared by mass (or called “red ocean competition”).

Play an active role to determine the path that leads you to a career, both satisfying and highly-demanded. Defining yourself with a fulfilling career is as easy as doing what your passion and be the master in it! You wouldn’t want to see yourself preoccupied with laboratory white mice, grunting at mundane lab life, only to find that you have a flair for engaging kids in your own stories, striking a difference in their lives- would you?

Let me give you some insights to help you make your right decision!

Living in constant change of trends, most of us might somehow feel as if a sand grain drifting with the wave, however hard we try. We can totally capitalize on the change of major trend, by understanding the cores of the change. Some of the cores entailed by future jobs are:
  • Efficiency in terms of speed and competitive cost 
  • User-friendly and portability 
  • Safety 
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Creativity
Having known about the cores- some of them have been emphasized as the mandatory requirements for most of the current jobs- you should start to connect the dots based on the area of your passion (*this can only be done after you have identified your own interest.)
By mapping out an overview of the areas that will rise as the future leading industries, it should be easier to help you narrow down your potential niches of interest. They are:

a.) Environmental-friendly applications and solutions to energy depletion
Global warming and deterioration of environmental quality in recent years sound the alarm bells in us, followed by a rise in global awareness regarding environmental conservation. Mankind’s exploitation of natural non-renewable energy resources due to unabated development sparks off the search for renewable natural resources, until recently most of the countries advocate sustainable resource management. Accept it or not, environmental-friendliness is penetrating through the cores of the future industries; this makes environmental-related expertise, consultation, and innovations highly sought after.
Suggested courses: Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, etc.

b.) Aging
As human population is shifting towards demographic with longer lifespan, there occurs an increasing demand towards services and products in relation this massive group. As a result, this will boost up healthcare related industries, social service, insurance, etc. Some of the suggested courses will be

Suggested courses: Anthropology and Social Science, Social Work, Human Development, Psychology, Counseling, etc.

c.) Biotechnology and nanotechnology
Budding in 21st century, both of these areas are perceived to serve as the mainstream technologies that address practically all the needs of humans. Not only widely applied in myriad of areas, for instance engineering, medicine and technology that require bioproducts, biotechnology also plays a vital role in boosting the above niches. Nanotechnology, on the other hand, can be vastly applicable to medicine, electronics, healthcare food products, and a variety of other areas.

Suggested courses: Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedic, Biochemistry, Genetic, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, etc.

d.) Holistic education
The era of “Hard work pays” gradually fades in the tide of history. In this age where intellectual economy predominates, creativity and problem-solving skills are the prerequisite in employment. On top of it, future employees are supposed to be equipped with social and communication skills as well. Are children well-prepared for these future challenges, given current education? Therefore, education system will undergo a revolutionary change, in the direction towards wholesome education- with core focus in academic, complemented with the development in creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, social and communication skills.

Suggested courses: Education, Early Childhood Education, etc.

Risk breeds opportunity. This works exactly the same for the future career trend. If we are willing to pay more attention to the world issues daily, and think critically, it won’t be so hard for us to discover the glimpse of opportunities. Don’t have hard feelings to spare your money in investing yourself with the newspaper, magazines or potential career development seminars.  Strike it while it’s early!

Whatever choice you make, don’t live up to other’s expectation, and live for yourself!
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