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Friday, July 08, 2011

UPU/IPTA 2011/2012 Intake Results for STPM Leavers

Posted by Chong (Write a Post for Us)
Helpful: When and how to apply PTPTN?
UPU/IPTA 2011/2012 intake application results for STPM-leavers (Semakan Keputusan Permohonan Kemasukan ke IPTA Lepasan STPM / Matrikulasi / Asasi / Setaraf Sesi 2011/2012) will be available on July 15, 2011 (Friday) from 12PM onwards as confirmed by a link on Universiti Utara Malaysia website.
  2. LEPASAN STPM/SETARAF SESI AKADEMIK 2011/2012 [Semakan boleh dibuat mulai 15 Julai 2011(Jumaat) mulai jam 12 tengahari.]
  4. LEPASAN STPM/SETARAF (KES RAYUAN) SESI AKADEMIK 2011/2012 [Semakan boleh dibuat pada tarikh yang akan dikemaskini kemudian]
Check UPU results online and confirm acceptance
Visit any of the following websites and enter your MYKAD number to checkIf you are offered a course in IPTA, you will need to confirm the your acceptance by 7 working days and print out the offer letter from the MOHE website.

For those not getting a place in varsity, you can appeal through the MOHE website by 10 working days from July 15, 2011. Please take note that you can appeal only if you ticked 'no' at accepting course out of your eight choices during IPTA application (permohonan IPTA). You can check the status of UPU/IPTA appeal result (semakan keputusan rayuan IPTA/UPU) at the same website.

Check UPU results by SMS
Type: UPU[space]RESULT[space]Identity Card (IC) Number and send to 15888

Check UPU results by Call
Hotline : 03-8883 5858 (10 lines)

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Tuanku Kurshiah Residential College (Third College), University of Malaya
Tuanku Kurshiah Residential College (Third College), University of Malaya

What's Next?
Inside the official FAQ by UPU, it is clearly stated that you are not allowed to change IPTA or course after you click accept to confirm the offer.
11. Adakah saya dibenarkan menukar program pengajian yang telah ditawarkan oleh sesebuah IPTA?

12. Adakah pemohon dibenarkan menukar IPTA setelah menerima tawaran?
This is, however, not entirely true. It is true that you are not allowed to change university but transferring to another course offered in the same university is possible.

In most of the local public universities, you can apply to change to another course of your choice only after you have finished the first semester. Of course, your application will be rejected if you do not have valid reason or poor result in the first semester. Even if you manage to transfer to the course of your choice, you will be at least one semester behind your course-mates of the same batch. So, there is risk to consider when you decide to change to another course. The good news is, there are some successful cases for the determined ones.

Please take note that first year students' intake registration day is September 3 (Saturday) or 4 (Sunday), 2011 and will need to attend an one week orientation. For second year and above, the new semester term commences on September 11 (Sunday) or 12 (Monday), 2011.

Ungku Aziz Residential College (Eleventh College), University of Malaya
Ungku Aziz Residential College (Eleventh College), University of Malaya

There are some huge differences between school and university. So, be prepared and learn some things you should know before stepping into university!

Trivia: UPU stands for Unit Pusat Universiti which has been upgraded and renamed as Bahagian Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajar (BPKP) since January 1, 2005. However, it is still widely known as UPU among students even until today. UPU is responsible for the IPTA intake and appeal results checking (semakan kemasukan dan rayuan ke IPTA).
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  1. what happened if i had ticked 'ya' at accepting course out of my eight choices during ipta application? can i still appeal?

  2. If you ticked ya, you will be given a random course if neither of your eight choices are selected. If you ticked ya and do not get any course, then you can appeal. You cannot appeal if you get a course, even if it is not one of your eight choices.

  3. hi there,

    how if i want to appeal for the change of course ? is that do-able?

  4. sorry, change of location as well ? means i dont want to be station in sabah / sarawak.

  5. My GPA isn't very appaling (it's 3.3) but apparently my appication got rejected anyway :(

  6. Course and university together is considered one choice. If you already given a course+university, you cannot appeal to change to another university of the same course.

    If you want to change to another course in the same university, this is possible as there are successful cases. Usually you can apply to change to another course of your choice only after you have finished the first semester. Try to call their hotline to double confirm.

  7. Chong, can i have the direct link to make an appeal, i can't find it anywhere.

  8. thanks for the speedy respond chong. thank you.

    one last question, sorry but i want to change the university itself? i don't want sabah, is it do-able?

  9. change the university and the course itself. because they gave me a course that i dont want at all to do it. Not my interest at all.

  10. The appeal link is only available to those who are not offered a any course at any university. If you are already offered a choice, even if you do not like the course+uni offered, you will not see the link to appeal online.

    If you already given a course+university, you CANNOT appeal to change to another university of the SAME or DIFFERENT course. There successful cases of student transferring into different course in the same university offered, but it is only possible after you have registered at the university and finish your first semester.

  11. "after you have registered at the university and finish your first semester."
    - yeah, this is what everyone's is telling me as well. i still gotta finish the 1st sem,. i'll heed to this then.
    many thanks Chong. appreciate your prompt respond. i really appreciate it.

  12. after appealing btw 15 and 24 of july, when can i noe the results of whether i gt offerred onot?? frm the info above "If you are offered a course in IPTA, you will need to confirm the your acceptance by 7 working days and print out the offer letter from the MOHE website."
    is it same for those who r appealing n offered course??

  13. Do they directly reject your application if your BM was not credit? Coz i was my cgpa was 3.43 but also being rejected. Kinda disappointed. Ok.. That not a big deal, one of my friend has been accepted by Ums eventhough his BM was not credit. WTH... So hard for me to believe it since our cgpa was almost the same. What that means? Government = Hopeless! I was fighting hard for my diploma because i want to further my study but the government seem like don't even give us a chance. They just grab our hope away. If i got money sure i won't apply for IPTA. :(

  14. Dear Chong,
    I am currently awaiting the results for my appeal to upu and am not sure who to send my personally written appeal letter to.. Should i be addressing the letter to the general bahagian akademik or straight to the faculty department that I wish to continue my studies at? Thank you=)

  15. I appeal for mechanical eng in UTM UPM UM UKM UTHM UMP. But i didn't get any offer coz i say no at accepting other course. Now i would like to reappeal it is wise or no if i select mechanical eng once again? I got 3.09 CGPA n i am a science stu.

  16. My friend cgpa is higher than me he got 2.58 and i only got 2.42.. but why i got offer and he didnt...he apply courses almost same with me and his kokoriklum is also higher than me...i wonder why...i scared that i put wrongly my cgpa during applying on upu website..answer plz and i am art student

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  18. let say if a student withdraw from IPTA, can he apply for IPTA next year through UPU? Or will he be blacklisted from UPU? or just blacklisted from his previous University he study in?

  19. Can I appeal for upu if I got usm d.

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