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Saturday, December 24, 2016

7 Amazing Benefits of E-Learning / Online Learning

E-Learning: 7 Amazing Benefits

Guest post by Justin Goh (Share your insight with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

E-learning or electronic learning has taken the world by storm. Earlier this form of education wasn’t deemed so appropriate because it was presumed that machine learning seldom has a positive effect on students. Typical beliefs like bringing a machine (or more specifically we should a computer) into a classroom removes that human element in education that’s craved by many learners etc. vigorously prevented the implementation of E-Learning in classrooms.

There’s absolutely no doubt that education should always have the influence of human elements. But simultaneously, there’s also a definite need of implementing technology in education for the sole purpose of students. E-Learning is therefore becoming mighty important in education. It has a number of key benefits. In this article, we are going to discuss 7 such benefits in greater detail.

You get what you want you want

The beautiful think about E-Learning is that it’s completely malleable and hence, it can figuratively be considered a learner’s paradise.

If given the choice, most students these days, would want relevant, mobile, self-paced and personalized content for their lessons. Well, they seldom used to get it in the past. Digital learning or E-Learning makes it possible.

The digital revolution along with the Smartphone boom have revolutionized the ways through which we used to access, discuss and share data. And it’s good to see that learning is also following suit.

Through E-Learning, students will be able to access their lessons anywhere, anytime according to their convenience.

Faster content delivery

Another key benefit of E-Learning is that it has faster delivery cycles than that of traditional classroom education. In fact, E-Learning is capable of reducing learning time by at least 25-60% when compared to that of traditional learning. E-learning is faster and more effective because:

  • It doesn’t take a huge amount of time to start as well as wrap up a training/learning session.
  • The learners are capable of setting their own pace.
  • No travel time’s required to get to as well as from training events.
  • E-learning is primarily learner-focused and learners might be able to skip what they already know.

More nominally priced when compared to that of traditional classroom learning

The technology might look pretty avant-garde from the hindsight but from the point of view of funds, it can be said that E-Learning is not capable of burning a big hole in your pocket.

E-Learning is capable of delivering content within the blink of an eye. The process isn’t very complicated and even a layman can accesses it without much difficulty. Thus, the cost of development and learning gets reduced drastically.

E-Learning is also cost-effective on basis of course materials, trainers, travel as well as accommodation. So, it’s undoubtedly much pocket friendly when compared to that of classroom learning.

More effective education

Let’s get to the most important part now. It’s pocket friendly, fast, personalized. All those factors discussed above are really positive. But does E-Learning provide students with effective education? The answer’s “yes.” Reasons-

  • Students develop a better attitude toward E-Learning than traditional classroom lessons in general.  
  • Improved performance in exams.
  • Improved retention of information over a longer period of time.


E-Learning provides students with a host of freedom regarding time, place and content. It’s already stated before that E-Learning is more learner-focused.

Thus, students will be able to learn according to their convenience anytime, anywhere. They will be able to choose the content that they want to study. They will be able to pursue their interests to their heart’s content, know the subject in depth as much they wish to learn. How flexible do you want it to be? You name it; it’s got it.

Environment friendly
This factor is always important especially nowadays, when we are so concerned with the environment and striving hard to keep it from further harm.

E-Learning provides us with an alternative for paper-based learning. That’s almost priceless from the point of view of the environment. So if you want to reduce the carbon footprints, E-Learning’s the way to go.

No geographical barriers

You might get yourself stranded on a deserted island but that would never be a problem especially when E-Learning’s concerned. You would be able to get on your sessions on the same island provided you have an internet connection and a device that can access the same. So you see geographical barriers cease to be a barrier any more. You might be anywhere on the planet but as long as you have an internet connection along with a device to get on the same, you will be able to get on your lessons in the blink of an eye.

P.S. If you get yourself stranded on a deserted island with a mobile device along with an internet connection, do ask for help first before getting on your lessons.

So what do you think? Amazing; right? It certainly is!

Justin Goh
Justin Goh is a former teacher and prolific writer, penning blogs to help the parents, students and the educators alike. Regularly contributing articles for MyPrivateTutor Malaysia, he prefers to write on varying aspects of education ranging from learning strategies and preparation tips to the ways to reach out to the students better.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Moving to Malaysia for School & College

Guest post by Jason Mueller (Share your insight with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

Moving to a new country can be a very daunting task for most people, and moving to Malaysia is no exception to that. If you have never been to Malaysia before, you will want to know that although many diverse cultures live in Malaysia, it is predominantly an Islamic country and you will need to show respect for the religious customs while you are attending school or living in the country.
International Students Moving to Malaysia for School

Students may live in college dorms or, as many students prefer to do, in high rise apartments in the city or in condominium complexes where they can enjoy swimming in the pool, working out in the gym and having ample area for parking their car. Foreign residents living in Malaysia for university will need to take a written examination to convert their valid driver’s license to one that is legal to drive with in Malaysia. You cannot drive in Malaysia without a proper driver’s license. There are also a few things you will want to take note of, especially as a college student who will want to have an active social life outside of school.

What to Wear

The way you dress while attending school as well as when out away from campus is a very important thing to consider. Conservative clothing is going to be expected in most public places, and if you attend mosque or go to temple, you will need to dress quite moderately. Women should have clothing that covers their legs and arms. If you want to go swimming or take advantage of one of the beautiful beaches, be sure to wear a modest swimsuit. Bikinis are never allowed and most women you will see at the beach or at swimming pools in Malaysia tend to swim fully dressed to be appropriate in public.

Physical Contact

Due to Islam, physical contact, most especially intimate contact, is forbidden in public. If you are a man, it is very advisable to never try to shake a woman’s hand in public when saying a greeting to someone as it is not allowed. It is just fine to have lunch or dinner with a member of the opposite sex or to talk to them and enjoy their company but when it comes to being physical, it is best to leave things alone to avoid unwanted negative confrontation or other issues.

Working Off Campus

Many students in Malaysia have part time jobs off campus to help supplement their financial situations to allow them to go out in the evenings, buy clothing or purchase items for entertainment while attending school. Many work full time jobs while attending school to pay for apartments and other living arrangements off campus. In Malaysia, as an expat, you are apt to find work in hotels, markets, kiosks, restaurants and other shops. International students are not allowed to work as cashiers, massage therapists or singers but working in other positions is a great way to save money during school for travel during school breaks and to pay for necessities during the school year.

Bringing Your Car to School

Many international students in Malaysia want to bring a car to Malaysia for personal use. While most students try to find a home near campus, many opt for apartments that are farther away and having a car is beneficial. There is public transportation for students, but it can often take time to get to and from one place to another and driving a car can simplify travel. To have a personal car delivered during a move for school, you will need to hire a professional international auto shipping company to move it overseas and deliver it for you. To have a car shipped, you will need to provide the following documents to the shipper:
  • Vehicle Title
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Passport
  • Sales Invoice
  • Residence Permit
  • Proof of Ownership
You will also be required to pay shipping fees, customs fees and taxes prior to the car leaving the port to be moved overseas.

You can drive for up to three months with your current license but will need to take a test and obtain an international driver’s license after that time. You will need to have a work or school visa that extends one year from the date of application to obtain the license if you are not from Malaysia.

As a student, it is important that you carry your identification with you always when you are away from home and in case of illness, you may also want to check with the university to see if student medical insurance is available and where the nearest hospital, clinic or student health center is located. Knowing the local language, or at least having a general idea of how to speak will help you communicate with others at school and the community around you.

Jason Mueller is an expat from Canada who has settled in different foreign countries and loves to travel. His business A-1 Auto Transport INC allows him to travel and work.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Want To Become Smarter? 6 Ways Studying Abroad Can Do That for You!

Guest post by Kane William (Share your insight with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

It truly isn't astonishing that most youngsters nowadays have a desire to venture to the far corners of the planet and get acquainted with new societies and spots. We are altogether presented to a certain multicultural environment, simply by being a piece of different online groups and dynamic web clients.

As yet, moving for business or training purposes, for longer timeframes can appear to be unnerving to many people. It is a major move to migrate to a totally new environment, and not everybody has what it takes to simply get up and move.
Smarter Ways to Study Abroad

There are various studies that show how encountering life in an alternate nation can make a man more astute, wittier and more alluring. We should see what some of those advantages are.

1. It Makes You Independent

Moving far from home and beginning to discover your way around another and new environment is a bit trialing, however, simply like living alone, it will constrain you to end up distinctly more independent. There is no one around to bail you out and you have to adjust to various conditions, which regularly imply obtaining new abilities en route.

Youngsters specifically can profit by this, as they are left to their own gadgets, being in charge of everything from booking inns, pressing garments and arranging a fun night, to wheeling and dealing over costs and guarding everybody in the gathering.

2. It Makes You Creative

Translating a completely new social and social setting helps a man create significant critical thinking aptitudes. The objective of any non-native is to make sense of the new environment as fast as would be prudent and see it as a social and social astound that should be made sense of, and this sharpens your imagination.

You begin finding better approaches for speaking with individuals, you are motivated by the neighborhood social destinations, and you figure out how to ad lib when confronted with a new circumstance.

3. It Makes You Flexible

Being in another and new environment makes you understand that most social standards and social specifics are not an unavoidable reality. You understand that you are in an alternate situation and that the tenets that you are utilized to don't really apply.
Since the greater part of individuals around will take after an alternate arrangement of social principles, you will adjust all the more effectively and understand that the way individuals associate can be altogether different. This experience will set you up for future experiences of comparable nature.

4. It Make You Become Pro At Navigating Different Business Environments

Business manners are unique in relation from nation to nation, and something that is the appropriate lead in the western culture can be through and through inconsiderate in collaboration with eastern agents. An opportunity to get to know distinctive principles for various business situations is precious and grows your points of view altogether.

You can get a lot of opportunities to arrange and create solid business associations abroad. What's more, knowing the dialect, culture, and set of accepted rules among agents from various ranges of the world can essentially enhance your vacation later on.

5. It Makes You See Different Perspectives Of Life

There are more than a couple approaches to carry on with one's life. There are many people that don't know about this reality since they have never truly met somebody that is fundamentally unique. Ways of life are not the same and differ from nation to nation, and investing some energy elsewhere can expand your perspectives and potentially change your life totally.

6. It Enriches You From Within

You needn't bother with anyone to let you know this is genuine – you know it is. There are a couple of things that can build up your identity more than turning into a world explorer. Your brain and your spirit get to be distinctly richer, and you turn out to be all the more speaking to everybody.

A large group of fascinating stories, encounters that helped change the way you felt about issues and formed you into your identity, that knowing look and inviting grin every single experienced explorer share – these are all things that can help you enhance your social and love lives.

Photographs, the sights you see, keepsakes, everything blurs in contrast with the experience that progressions you from your center. The improvement is dependable, and it is dependably an esteemed memory for individuals at last. Try not to give fear a chance to keep you down – go out there and meet the general population of the world, it will be fun, I guarantee!

Kane William is a Writer by profession and Traveler by passion. He is also hooked on world cuisines and can’t resist himself from indulging in the best foods around the world. For getting in touch with him, you need to follow on his UK Assignment writer website

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Have You Ever Tried To Source for the Best Home Tutors to Help Your Child?

Have You Ever Tried To Source for the Best Tutors to Help Your Child?

Guest post by Chirag Patel (Share your insight with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

As children grow, so does the need to find a reliable tutor to help them with their studies. Your child’s education is one thing you don’t want to gamble with. If you are going to find a tutoring program for him or her it has to be the best and the most effective program.

Individual or a group tutoring program is a common strategy that has helped kids improve their chances of achieving impressive scholastic success, and not all tutoring are rigorous and unaffordable. Before searching for a tutor, you need to find out whether your child needs a short- or a long-term tutoring commitment. This is necessary to help your child focus on a specific subject. I know it may be difficult to know where to start, that’s why I came up with this guide to help you out.

Contact the School

Many schools have resource centers. This is usually a great place to help you establish what exactly is giving your child the difficulty in learning. The family resource center at your child's school will also provide valuable information on how to find the effective tutors, both through the school and through independent tuition service providers. Most of the schools offer after-school remedial which strengthen common problem areas. So there’s a good chance the school may have some relevant program in place that could be helpful to your child.

Find best tutor and feel the difference

We know you want the best for your child and consequently, we understand your urge to find the best tutors for him or her. That’s why we endeavor to help you get everything right first time in your search for a tutoring program that will help your child get the good results within the shortest time. Usually, children in good tutoring system see more consistent improvement in their reading and math than children who have not enrolled for any program so your decision to source for the best tutors to help your child is a good one.

Best source, optimized for speed

How do you source for a tutor that will assure you the best in reading, math and technology? Well, here is a reliable guide to help you decide on one by assessing their plans to help your child stay engaged on the right track to achieve success.
Have You Ever Tried To Source for the Best Tutors to Help Your Child?

All You Need To Know About Affordable Program

The first thing you would want to check on is the cost. The program should be affordable and fit your budget. If it’s too expensive to fit your budget, then you may have no otherwise, but to find an affordable option. However cheap or expensive the tutor is, their plan must show some proof that it will make some significant academic impact.

Second, do they help your child with his or her homework? They must have a “homework help” service that will see the child through the challenging assignments. Children will always need a guide or on certain homework, more-so math. The tutor should encourage both independent learning and personal instruction to make sure the child understands the concepts and learn the necessary skills. When this strategy is applied effectively, the frustrations that come with home-works will be turned in jubilant high-fives and your child will always look forward to his or her home-work time.

The scheduling of home-work and tutorials is also important. Their time must not only fit into your child’s schedule but should also be the most appropriate time. By appropriate time I mean a moment of the day when the child is fresh and not when he or she is mentally fatigued or physically tired.

Another factor you should consider is the venue for the tutorials. Will the tutor be coming to your house to aid your child with the schoolwork or will the child be going for the tutorials at some specific location? If so, how safe is the place? The safety of your child is something you cannot overemphasize. Visit the venue and asses its safety before signing up for the program.

Eliminate your fears and doubts about teaching and learning

The teaching and learning materials is also worth considering. Does the tutoring service provide the ideal equipment that will support the child’s learning? Tested and tried materials should be involved in the learning program to help your child with both the theoretical and practical concepts of the subject they are being tutored on. Simple tools can simplify a great deal of complex phenomenal and help your child relate what he knows and what he doesn’t know with great ease.

Try out these tips and I guarantee they will help you source for the best tutors to help your child get better grades.

Best Home Tutor for Home Tuition in Malaysia

Looking for a reputable and reliable home tutor near your house? Visit Student Malaysia Forum Classified section for profiles of home tutors in Malaysia. Are you an experienced home tutor in Malaysia or are you an undergraduate students looking to earn money doing part-time home tuition? If yes, please visit Student Malaysia Free Ads section to post your job/service offer.

Chirag Patel is writer and passionate to write on an education, private tuition and home tutors. His passion is to bring smiles to parents & students who are looking for English tutor in Singapore.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Can't Meet Your Assignment Deadline? Here’s How To Ask For An Extension!

Can’t Meet The Deadline For Submitting Your Assignment?

Here’s How To Ask For An Extension!

Guest post by Lucy Coyle (Share your insight with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

Deadlines are scary – especially when you can’t meet them. It is very common and quite relatable that students often find it difficult to complete their assignments on time and often miss the deadline. It could be because of any other exam, a job, too many assignments to be submitted around the same time, some other commitments such as a game or a competition, or could be because of unexpected situations like sickness, a family emergency or an accident. Nevertheless, the only proper way to face such a situation is to be upfront about the situation and to talk it out with your professor about an extension.
Can't Meet Your Assignment Deadline? Here’s How To Ask For An Extension!

While some believe that the best way to ask for an extension is through an email, talking to face-to-face might also not be a bad idea. In fact, it puts you in a better place to explain to your professor more convincingly about your situation and you might not even have to wait for an answer for too long. But before you do that, here are a few things to keep in mind and prepare for, so that your effort doesn’t go a waste.

1. Be Clear And Precise About What You Wish To Talk About

Whether you are writing an email or talking face-to-face, make it clear in the subject or opening line of your conversation that you want to ask for an extension. It prepares your teacher for what will follow and not confuse or waste their time beating about the bush.

2. Apologise For Not Being Able To Meet The Deadline

The most polite way to go ahead with the conversation would be to apologise for not making it. It would build grounds that you are sorry for not being able to meet the deadline and show that you are feeling responsible for the situation.
how to ask for a due date extension

3. Give A Reasonable Explanation

Give a reasonable explanation as to why you are unable to meet the deadline. If you say you can’t make it because you have a party to attend, you can forget all about it. Make sure you have a decent excuse to give. If you have another exam around that time, explain nicely that the preparations for the exam are taking all your time. If you have an academic blog that makes your work difficult, put it convincingly before your teacher. Who knows they might be impressed with your efforts to set up an academic blog and give you a discount?

4. Ask For An Acceptable Extension

The extension you ask for must be acceptable and believable to your teacher. If the extension you ask for is too long, your teacher might surely say a “No”. Thus, be reasonable in your request.

5. Plan Ahead For An Extension

If you feel you might need an extension, plan ahead for the same. If you go up to your teacher on the last day before the deadline to ask for an extension, he/she  most probably would say a no. It is always better to ask beforehand.

6. Accept No For An Answer

If your teacher says no, accept their answer and plan and work accordingly. Remember, it was a request that you had put forward and your teacher is not obligated to accept it. They might reject your plea and hence, you should be prepared for the worst situation.
Deadline extended

Remember to build the grounds by making a good impression on your teacher before you go ahead to ask for an extension. Make sure you have been regular to his classes and been participative and attentive throughout. Also, use of some emotions always works. Thus, make sure your conversation is filled with touching emotional dialogues that makes your teacher believe that had he been in your shoes, he would have done the same.  All in all, it would never hurt to give it your best shot. And in case if you fail, never mind, you will still have some time in hand to give it your best shot. Good luck!

Lucy Coyle is a tutor, blogger & an academic researcher based out of Brisbane, Australia.Lucy is an amateur blogger and I love to blog primarily in the education domain. Lucy works an essay writing expert with ExpertAssignmentHelp.com which is a leading assignment help service provider based out of Australia.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

3 Unconventional Ways to Ace Your SPM Exams

Guest post by Que Levine (Share your insight with 53,000+ Malaysian students)

SPM examination is happening now. Now is not the time to play around. The dreaded dates are already here. There are so many chapters to cover, things to read, facts to memorize! Listed below, are three unconventional ways to ace your SPM exams (that I wish my teacher had told me).

1. Avoid heavy meals

Malaysia Signature Food Nasi Lemak DishImage via Wikimedia

At all cost, avoid heavy meals during the day of the exam. Yes, the nasi lemak looks sinfully good, with that delicious sambal and abundance of anchovies. That roti canai are the best in town. That you can eat one for just sixty-cents. That nasi kandar can easily make you burn with the heavenly spices. I’m sure all of those foods that I’d mentioned taste good, but just for a few days of the exam, avoid eating them. Your stomach requires a longer time to digest the heavy meals consumed, re-directing all your blood to the area and eventually transferring the nutrients to all parts of the body.

Here’s the thing, during exam, you would want all your blood to your brain. Why? So that they can efficiently transport oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide from the area. Hence, helping neurons to transfer their signals much faster and aid in easy recollection of memories. This is also a secret of chess players like myself. We had been drilled to eat small amount of food during the tournament, so our brain would be in full capacity to think on tactics and strategies. Chess requires plenty of cognitive function, and to achieve it, you have to eat less. Same goes for your exams.

Plus, eating heavy meals would only make you feel sluggish. Tell your mother about it (so as to not make you feel guilty when she cook them for you). Control yourself for the few days of exam. After that, you can be gluttonous and eat all you want!

2. Don’t study on the bed –it never works

Student Sleep Couch Book Tired Reading

How many times have you lie on the bed, with your text books, determine to cover at least one chapter and then fall asleep? Then you wake up, and curses about the time? Plenty I imagine. I have never met a person, that can study on the bed and stay awake. Never. Maybe there are some people out there who can defy the law, but for most of us, studying on the bed never work. So don’t tell yourself that hey, I’m just gonna lie down with this book and cover this chapter.. It’s a waste of time.

Instead, sit on a chair and study at your desk. Silent or switch off your gadgets and plug off your music. Have a bottle of plain water near you. And study you a** off. But don’t forget to take breaks! A good study or revision requires at least a 5-minutes break after an hour study, so your brain is not put on strain for too long. Another interesting fact is, you’ll remember better if you sleep after you study. Your brain would process all the materials in your sleep and when you wake up, it will be easier for you to recall all those facts. So, don’t pull the all-nighters hat. Have a regular sleep pattern and take a break once in a while.

3. Match your mood

Listen Music Mood Changing

I always feel a little bit sad and depressed whenever an exam is approaching. I feel like I want to escape to somewhere far far away. Somewhere where I don’t have to face this life-and-death exam situations. I feel sad during my studies as during my exams. Little did I know, years later, when I took “Cognitive Psychology” elective class in my university, that there’s a benefit to feeling that gloomy feeling. According to research, when you match your mood during your study AND during your exam, you’ll be better at recollecting memories. This is because, when a person records a memory, not only will they encode for visual and sensory data, but also mood and emotional states. Matching your mood will increase the likelihood of you remembering the facts! Being happy both during study and exams can also significantly improve your recollection of memories too. Watch sad shows, laugh less to be sad and vice versa to be happy. Try to match your mood, as much as possible.

As the exam dates are eerily near, don’t bother yourself with all the issues on facebook and twitter. Yes, Brunei is applying the hudud law and that guy from ISMA is inconsiderate to the diverse race in Malaysia. So what? You only have one chance in your SPM. Don’t get too emotionally attached with the issues and you’ll find a heavy burden lifted off.  I believe that the facebook can survive without you imposing your belief and judgement regarding any issues on the social networks.Focus on the big thing.

Que Levine was an undergraduate student in Biotechnology with a dean list on every semester. She likes to play footsie under the table, laugh for no reason and sprawl on any surfaces.  Villains that are clever and dressed in sharp suits make her happy. She is also a strong believer that the world would be better if people embrace love as they would embrace money.

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Don’t End Up Unemployed: 5 New Careers That Can Make You Big Bucks

Guest post by Lu Wee (Share your insight with 52,000+ Malaysian students)

When I was in my final year of A levels, my mother told me, “Lu Wee, you should take chemical engineering. I read in the newspapers a week ago that chemical engineers are the top three highest paid in Malaysia.”

It was the year 2007 and the oil and gas (O&G) industry was booming and my mother was right.

Big oil companies lined themselves up in college campuses after each semester to recruit the best graduates. Chemical engineering graduates were especially sought after because they were many vacant process engineer roles.

After I enrolled and became a student chemical engineer, I witnessed my seniors get hired and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle as process engineers with companies like Petronas and Shell.

I dreamt of having the same offers in the future.

Little did I know my career prospects would be very different from my seniors’.

Fast forward today, high paying graduate O&G jobs are no longer the norm. By the end of 2015, oil price had dropped so low that Shell Malaysia announced it would cut 1,300 jobs in the next two years. A few months later, Petronas announced its laying off of 1,000 workers.

As a young adult preparing to enter the workforce, what options do you have left when ‘golden rice bowls’ like these disappear?

The 5 New Careers That Can Make You Big Bucks

Today I want to show you five new and in demand jobs that you might not have considered yet. The best thing about these jobs is you do not even need to enroll in a degree program to learn the skills needed.

In fact, the people who are most skillful in these jobs often learn everything they need to know online.

This means that even if you are a high school student, you can start picking up the skills necessary for you to get a high paying job.

What are these jobs?

Let’s find out.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Specialist

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Specialist
What you do:

You help businesses move up their websites up in Google’s search engine rankings.

Why your job is important:

The higher a business’s website can rank, the more easily their customers can find them through search engines and buy from them.

How to get started:

Google ‘SEO for Beginners’ and ‘Neil Patel Search Engine Optimisation Guide’ to get an idea of what SEO is about and what you need to do to help improve a website’s rankings.

Content Marketer

Content Marketer
What you do:

You create content like articles, videos and graphics that bring people to a business’s website or social media pages.

Why your job is important:

When customers are exposed to a business’s through its website or social media pages, they are more likely to buy from that business.

How to get started:

Google ‘Content Marketing for Beginners’ and ‘Neil Patel Content Marketing Guide’ to learn how to produce content which drives traffic to a website.

Web Developer

Web Developer
What you do:

You help businesses design and build programs for businesses that want to solve their customer's’ problems.

Why your job is important:

Good programs that can solve customer problems effectively often become a sustainable source of long-term income for a business.

How to get started:

Google ‘Learn Enough Ruby on Rails’ to get one of the best free guides on developing programs using Ruby on Rails programming language.

Email Marketing Specialist

Email Marketing Specialist
What you do:

You create emails that help a business build trust with their customers.

Why your job is important:

Customer’s are more likely to buy from businesses that have built a long term relationship with them. Good email campaigns can often help a business generate a large portion of its income.

How to get started:

Google ‘Email marketing for beginners’ to learn how to create emails that translate into sales.

Web Analytics Specialist

Web Analytics Specialist
What you do:

You help a business analyse the behavior of its website visitors.

Why your job is important:

By knowing what visitors are doing on their website a business can make changes to their website to help them generate more sales.

How to get started:

Google ‘Google Analytics for beginners’ to learn how to use Google Analytics to understand what people are doing on a website.


The ‘good jobs’ of yesteryear are slowly reducing in number.

In order for you to secure an in-demand job, you need to learn new skills such as search engine optimisation, email marketing and web analytics.

The good news is that you can learn all the skills you need to become good at these jobs online.

By mastering these skills and helping businesses get customers, you will almost be guaranteed a job even before you graduate from school.

Lu Wee is the Chief Editor of The Entrepreneur Campfire, a website featuring interviews with Southeast Asian entrepreneurs as well as business how-to articles. Lu Wee graduated with First Class Honors in Chemical Engineering from Curtin University Sarawak in 2011. After working in engineering for four years, she quit to pursue her interest in entrepreneurship, retail and journalism.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Malaysia Budget 2017 Highlights on Education, Employability & Entrepreneurship

Malaysia Budget 2017 Highlights
Below are the main highlights of Malaysia Budget 2017 for students (preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary), teachers (civil servants) and fresh graduates (especially those interested in becoming an entrepreneur or to venture into the digital economy) in Malaysia.

  • Expand MySuria Programme for 1,600 houses natiowide (RM 45 million)
  • Expand Mobilepreneur Programme for 3,000 participants (RM 30 million)
  • Implement Agropreneur Programme for 3,000 young entrepreneurs (RM 100 million)
  • Intensify eUsahawan dan eRezeki programmes for 300,000 participants (RM 100 million)
  • Encourage B 40 (BR1M recipients) to generate additional income by becoming ride-sharing drivers such as UBER – For those who do not own vehicles, down payment could be paid using BR1M & rebate up to RM 4,000 for the purchase of Proton Iriz

1 MALAYSIA PEOPLE’S AID (BR1M) (RM 6.8 billion)
  • Single Individual: RM2,000 and below: RM450 (2016: RM400)

  • Transform 9 IPG campus into Polytechnics & Vocational Colleges, including one for TVET trainers (RM 400 million)
  • Upgrade teaching equipment in TVET institutions (RM 270 million)
  • Skills Development Fund Corporation (RM 360 million)
  • Extend the double tax deduction for Structured Internship Programme until year of assessment 2019 for students pursuing degree, diploma as well as Level 3 and above, under TVET programmes
  • Provide matching grants to TVET institutions which successfully obtained assistance in the form of equipment from industries

  • Enhance graduate employability – Extend 1 Malaysia Training Scheme (SL1M) for 20, 000 graduates (RM 50 million)
  • Establish Malaysian Bureau of Labour Statistics

  • Tax relief up to RM 2,500 yearly effective year of assessment 2017 (combined as lifestyle tax reliefs) for purchase of :
    • Reading materials, computers, sports equipment, printed newspapers, Smartphones & tablets, Internet subscription and gymnasium membership fees

  • Provide Job Centres in every UTC for job matching
  • Implement NBOS initiatives: 1Malaysia English, Coding in schools, Volunteering for International Professional, Global Entrepreneurship Community 2

  • MDEC to implement digital programmes such as e-commerce ecosystem, Digital Maker Movement (RM162 million)
  • Introduction of new location categories as Malaysia Digital Hub to enjoy the benefits of MSC Bill of Guarantees, including tax incentives as well as introduction of Digital Free Zones.
  • Offer a more competitive price for broadbands (higher speed at the same price)
  • Increase ethernet broadband speed in public universities to maximum 100 Gbps 
  • Widen the coverage and enhance the quality of broadband up to 20 Mbps throughout the nation (RM1 billion)

  • Declare 2017 as Startup & SME Promotion Year.
  • Implement programmes under SME Master Plan (RM75 million)
  • Extend all schemes under Syarikat Jaminan Pembiayaan Perniagaan (SJPP) to 2025
  • Provide 2% rebate on interest rates charged to exports - oriented SME borrowers under SJPP scheme (limited to a total accumulated funding of RM1 billion)
  • WCGS fund for startups (RM200 million)
  • Introduce a new pass category, namely Foreign Knowledge Tech Entrepreneurs to encourage investment in high technology startups.
  • To invigorate creative industries & film production (RM80 million)
    • Film in Malaysia Incentive, Arts and Culture Revitalisation Agenda, FINAS Content Creation Hub in Santubong Sarawak, and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Artist Committee

  • Continue the Additional Food Assistance and Per Capita Grant to children in TABIKA and TASKA (RM 140 million)
  • Improve daily nutritional food packages to include 250ml of milk, raisins and eggs benefitting nearly 280,000 children (RM 60 million)
  • Improve access to preschool education in government schools for free benefitting 200,000 children (RM 132 million)

  • Reconstruct 120 destitute schools (30 in Sabah & 30 in Sarawak) using Industrial Building System (IBS) and upgrade 1,800 science laboratories (RM 570 million)
  • Complete construction of 227 schools, including 8 new schools (RM 478 million)
  • Strengthen English Language proficiency programmes such as Cambridge English, Dual Language and Highly Immersive programmes (RM 90 million)
  • MCMC to provide tablets to 430,000 teachers to lessen their workload (RM 340 million)
  • Schooling Assistance Programme of RM 100 each to students from families earning below RM 3 , 000 benefitting 3 . 5 million students ( RM 350 million )
  • Provide Hostel Meal Assistance Programme to 365,000 students (RM 1.1 billion)
  • Continue 1 Malaysia Supplementary Food Programme for primary school students (RM 300 million)
  • Provide Additional Assistance for Payment of School Fees ; Textbook Assistance and Per capita Grant Assistance (RM 1.1 billion)
  • Provide matching grants of up to RM 50 for accumulated savings in SSPN-i to Year 1 students in fully - assisted Government schools.
  • Provide Special Needs Student Allowance of RM 150 monthly to 67,000 students & replace buses or coasters for 21 special education schools (RM 107 million)
  • Maintenance of National Schools, National - type Chinese Schools, National-type Tamil Schools, Religious Schools, Fully-residential schools, Government-aided religious schools, registered Sekolah Pondok and MRSM (RM 600 million)

  • Provide allocation for 20 public universities (RM7.4 billion), among others:
    • 4 university hospitals (RM 1.4 billion)
    • Empower 5 research universities (RM 300 million)
    • Research fund for higher education institutions (RM 100 million)
  • Replace book vouchers with student debit cards worth RM250 to purchase books, stationeries, computer devices and internet access benefitting 1.3 million students (RM300 million)
  • Continue providing scholarships (RM4.3 billion) through Public Service Department (RM1.6 million), MARA (RM2 billion), MoHE (RM250 million), MoH (RM208 million), MoE (RM194 million), MoHR (RM28 million), and KBS (RM21 million).
  • Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) Discount on Repayment
  • Discounts to encourage repayments of PTPTN loans effective 22 October 2016 till December 2017.
    • 15 % discount on the outstanding debt for full settlement;
    • 10 % discount for payment of at least 50 % of the outstanding debt made in a single payment; and
    • 10 % discount for repayment through salary deduction or direct debit in accordance with the repayment schedule.

  • Loans for Chinese Communities through:
    • KOJADI (RM 50 million)
    • Malaysian Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Foundation (RM 20 million)
    • 1 Malaysia Hawkers and Petty Traders Foundation (RM 20 million)
  • Programmes to increase capacity and income of Indians (RM50 million)
  • Business financing programme, SPUMI through TEKUN (RM50 million)
  • Programmes for financing Indian entrepreneurs (RM100 million)
  • Preschool programme in National - typed Tamil Schools involving 50 schools (RM10 million)

  • To enhance the viability of entrepreneurs and to expand their business capacity through SME Bank (RM 100 million)
  • To implement entrepreneurship programme under AIM (RM 100 million)
  • To assist TEKUN small - scaled entrepreneurs , including a new scheme, TEMANITA (RM 300 million)
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Premises Financing Programme through Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (PUNB) (RM 200 million)
  • MARA entrepreneurship programmes such as halal industry enterprises, youth entrepreneurship development & training (RM 120 million)
  • TERAJU facilitation fund (RM 500 million)
  • Exports Fund under TERAJU (RM 100 million)
  • Peneraju Skil dan Iltizam, Peneraju Profesional as well as Peneraju Tunas through Bumiputera Education Steering Foundation (RM 100 million)

  • To increase allowance for KEMAS assistants to RM500, benefitting 11,000 assistants.
  • Establish the Top STEM Talents Excellence Centre at Academy of Sciences Malaysia.
  • Transform IPG Raja Melewar Campus, Negeri Sembilan and Tuanku Bainun Campus, Pulau Pinang to PERMATA Pintar and Berbakat Centre.

  • Fully Paid Study Leave with Scholarship to the Support Group.
  • Quarantine Leave up to five days for civil servants whose children are infected with infectious diseases and required to be quarantined.
  • Extend the existing computer loan facility to include smartphones, with a limit of RM5,000 for every 3 years.
  • Increase the limit of motorcycle loan facility up to RM10,000.
  • Increase the public servants’ housing loans eligibility to RM200,000 and RM750,000.
  • Complete 30,000 units of 1Malaysia Civil Servants Housing (PPA1M) with selling price between RM90,000 – RM300,000.
  • Extend the contract of service and contract for service officers for one year.
  • Introduce grade 56 for medical and dental specialists.
  • Expedite the appointment of 2,600 medical doctors, dentists and pharmacists latest by December 2016.
  • Special assistance of RM500 to all civil servants and RM250 to government retirees.

Source: Malaysia Annual Budget 2017 / Bajet Malaysia 2017

YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance table Budget 2017 on the 21 October 2016 in Parliament.
pdf: The 2017 Malaysia Budget Speech / Ucapan Bajet Malaysia 2017
pdf: List Of Appendices / Senarai Lampiran
pdf: Touchpoints 2017 Malaysia Budget / Touchpoints Bajet Malaysia 2017

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Looking at Social Media as a “Volcano” of Studying Opportunities for Students

Looking at Social Media as a “Volcano” of Studying Opportunities for Students

Guest post by Jessica Freeman (Share your insight with 52,000+ Malaysian students)

According to Oxford’s dictionary, the definition of social media looks like this: “Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking”. There’s a misconception that’s flying around, making people believe that social media means just socializing through Facebook, or Instagram, or SnapChat, or whatever. But it’s not just about socializing, it’s all about the concept of sharing and connecting, without having an opportunity to see your friends in person.

Social Media as a “Volcano” of Studying Opportunities for Students

Nowadays, the popularity of social networks is currently reaching its peak, especially among young people. We are totally into social media, and some of us don’t even realize it anymore.
For example, you’re looking for a tutorial on how to make pancakes. Easy tactic: go to Youtube.com, type in a question, and there you go, in a matter of seconds you see how the pancakes are made. Now, what just happened was you, reaching a piece of content which has been created by another person, and it’s meant to educate you.

Social networks are also extremely useful for students, they offer great opportunities and advantages. With the use of social media, they can now connect with their friends, make new friends, meet different nationalities, cultures, and open their eyes regarding this complex world. Now students are much more intelligent than our previous generations just because they, unconsciously accumulate information though most of the things they do online. They are educating themselves without even realizing it.

How Social Media Educates You & Also Makes You a Smarter Student

Besides the fact that there are tons of information out there, there’s another great advantage of social media. It all spreads extremely quickly because of the smart options you can use. For example, the sharing option is an amazing feature which spreads a lot of free information. The only thing you have to do is grab it, and consume it.

If you’re a student, looking to improve yourself, if you’re working and you want to acquire new skills, if you are looking to change your mindset – it’s all out there, and you can have it! You can literally educate yourself up to the point where you know more about a topic than a MBA graduate. You just have to look for what you need using social media – a source of any information you possibly need to look for, and then work.

Daniel Goleman quotes “Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others and collect information easier and faster than ever”. That, in my opinion, is a concrete affirmation.

Nowadays, the youth, and by youth I’m talking about students, is extremely influenced by social media. Social networks have an extremely powerful influence on students, and that’s because it’s something different from the “normal education” you get in college. With social media, you can choose your own study materials, and you gain much more interest rather than having assignments you didn’t really ask for.

Did you know that 75% of all Internet users use social media? It’s a pretty impressive statistic. When we talk about social networks, we’re referring to many types of networks, many with different usages. For example, Facebook – connects people, provides a lot of shared content, educates, and helps with social needs. On the other hand, YouTube is great for learning. Whenever you want to learn something new, type in the keywords, ending with the “tutorial” or “how to” words, or even share your own thoughts through tweets.

On the other hand, social media offers a great deal of opportunities. For example, LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network that helps professionals connect and share their experience, which is something incredibly useful for the future career of any student. If you want to find like-minded individuals, or meet new people who share the same profession or career which you would like to find after college, LinkedIn is the place that can give you that. There is no need to go and meet those people, you can just as easily communicate online and exchange, share or get new, interesting thoughts and experience. You can get a great amount of opportunities like meeting millionaires, future business partners, a lot of creative people, and so on.


Social media is basically a “Volcano” of opportunities for you, as a student. These are education opportunities, career opportunities, and most likely, any kind of opportunities you can get. If you’re smart about it, you can use it very wisely and gain a lot of traits, benefits, and advantages over time.

Use this powerful tool in order to bring yourself to the top. If you are looking for connections, you are one click away. If you want to learn, you can. If your plan is to make a fortune, social media comes for your help. Whatever you want to do, you can use social media to succeed in your life!
Jessica Freeman

Jessica Freeman is a professional journalist and a freelance content writer at the company Australian Writings. She focuses her content writing on education, career, success, and academic topics.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

SPM Tips 2016 & SPM Trial Papers (Kertas Soalan Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM 2016)

SPM 2016 Trial Papers & SPM Tips 2016

The most complete and updated list of SPM 2016 trial papers and SPM tips 2016 (kertas soalan percubaan SPM 2016 dan tip SPM 2016). Email this post to your friends, siblings and SPM 2016 candidates you care. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter. This post will be updated regularly, please check often. Press CTRL + D to bookmark this page.

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SPM 2016 Countdown to SPM Date (Tarikh SPM 2016): 7 November 2016

Jadual SPM 2016 Timetable

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Actual SPM Past Years' Question Papers (Kertas Soalan SPM Sebenar Tahun-tahun Lepas)

2005 - 2014 SPM past years' exam papers for all subjects

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2016 Trial Papers by Subjects

Click here for Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP) trial papers, Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM) trial papers and other SPM subject such as Prinsip Perakaunan, Pendidikan Seni Visual (PSV), Tasawwur Islam, Kesusasteraan Melayu...

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Koleksi Kertas Soalan Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM 2016 Tips Trial Papers
Koleksi Kertas Soalan Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM 2016 Tips Trial Papers

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

9 Tips to Crawl through College Freshman Year

9 Tips to Crawl through College Freshman Year

Guest post by Jasmine Demeester (Share your favourite tips with 52,000+ Malaysian students)

Remember those times in high school where you were a class, president? Or the times you scored a clean sweep of A-grades? Well, that’s all that they are now – just memories of the past. Yes, those were fun times, but college is a whole different ball game when it comes to studies and culture.

Tips to Crawl through College Freshman Year

We should warn you right now that this is no cake walk. Many students pull out even before the end of their first year. You need to be attentive and vigilant at all times. Any misstep and it’s game over for you. Unless you follow the instructions below, you have as much chance of making it through as an elephant crawling into a mouse hole:

1. Go To Every Orientation

You have attended one orientation, but that won’t be enough. College campuses are usually massive and there is a lot to take in. You need to know where the classes are, the gym, the library and more. That is why you need to attend as many orientations as you can.

2. Always Attend Your Classes

It is basic but it is just as important as anything else. You may have been able to bunk your classes back in high school, but never at college. Not only will you be missing out on taking important notes, but your final grade depends on it. If your absences exceed more than 25 percent, you won’t be able to sit for your finals.

3. Get To Know Your Class And Roommate(S)

If you think you are surrounding yourselves with a bunch of strangers in class, you need to be more social. Try and mingle with the group that you will be hanging with for the next four years. You don’t have to be best of friends to excel in your class. But it wouldn’t hurt to keep a few good besties around till graduation.

4. It’s Okay To Be Nervous

Thinking about the next four years that you will be spending on your own without your folks around is pretty scary. There are many thoughts going through your mind at home that you wish had never come to pass. But you knew this was coming. You wouldn’t be going to college if this wasn’t supposed to happen.

You’re not the only one that feels this way. So why not hook up with some of the other freshmen and try to get along with them? You will feel more secure when you are with people who are in the same boat as you.

5. Do Some Research Before You Go

You will get to know your way around the place at your orientation, but a little prior research wouldn’t be so bad. The research will help you see what kind of classes interests you. You can even have a deeper look into your program’s course and the schedule at that. There is also a more detailed overview of the campus online.

6. Get Over Your Homesickness

Don’t think that this is the last time you’ll be seeing your parents, siblings, and neighbors back at home. You will be going back to them once your program has come to a close. But you can still communicate with them even through social media or by mail.

Every student goes through such a hard time adjusting to a new life without their loved ones. You just have to get used to your new surroundings and accept that you need to be here for your own good. It is not an easy phase to deal with as it takes time. But in the end, everyone comes around.

7. Find The Best Place To Study

Some of the most crucial parts of our college life are about finding the right place to study. It could be your dorm room unless you have noisy next door dorm mates. The library is, of course, an ideal choice as no one utters a peep when they’re supposed to be there.

It shouldn’t matter as long as you find a place that you’re most comfortable with and away from all the noises and distractions that pull you away from your studies.

8. Do Your Own Taxes

Understand that your parents don’t have much time before they retire and are already near the end of their prime. You have to get as much of the burden on their shoulders as you can. Learn how to do your own taxes and opt for FAFSA. It will make you more financially aware of your budget.

9. Meet With Your Professors

There is a great advantage of meeting up with your professors especially if you have problems with your courses. You can always count on them to help you out whenever you run into a wall. There are office hours for which you must take note of. Don’t get left behind in your studies.

Let your college freshman year be the best year of your student life.
Jasmine Demeester

Jasmine Demeester works as a Career Counselor for DissertationHelpDeal.co.uk. She is always looking to help students whenever they’re in a snag.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Get The Financial Support You Need to Fund Your Education

Get The Financial Support You Need to Fund Your Education

Guest post by Mark De Jesus (Share your favourite tips with 50,000+ Malaysian students)

The opportunity to study in a university hangs in the air but yet there are so many of us who fail to grab this opportunity. Why is that so? For starters, the high price tag of a tertiary education can be a huge turn-off for many. Add this to the growing list of expenses, which include lodging, administration fees, books, meals and so on. Getting a higher education opens doors to a promising future, so don’t allow the financial side of this to throw you off from pursuing your dream.
Malaysia Students Financial Support Tips

To help you out, here are some funding ideas in Malaysia you can look into:

Scholarship for Malaysian students

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation or Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) is an agency under the Ministry of Education that is authorised to provide study loans to eligible students who want to pursue their tertiary education. A qualified student can avail up to RM16,000 per year for a diploma course. Admission to this scholarship is subject to the PTPTN officer’s approval upon submission of the required documents. Students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship once they passed into an approved degree course at a local or private university. You may read this article to learn more about PTPTN.

Student financial loans and grants

Student loans and grants are given to eligible students by foundations, private companies, government and non-government organisations. However, there is a difference between these two entities. Loans are usually borrowed funds and must be paid back at a specific time with added interest cost. Meanwhile, grants are awarded to students based on proof of their financial needs. Grants are non-repayable like scholarships.

Tuition fee discount

Many universities offer discount schemes of more than 50% on tuition fees for students who can maintain a particular grade every semester of an academic year. The amount of discount varies depending on the grade. In short, the higher the grade, the bigger the discount. This is a win-win situation for both the school and the student. The students will be motivated to excel while the school aids the less fortunate but bright students to study.

Student assistant jobs

Working on part-time jobs at the university is a good way to generate income while studying. There are professors who need a hand when doing research, checking test papers, and other paper works. You will just need to devote a few hours of your time for these tasks. You are not limited to work inside the campus, you can try freelancing and online jobs like writing and editing documents.

Now that you know the different options you have to fund your college education, it’s time to get acquainted with other tips that can help you score the best financial aid in Malaysia:
  • Follow social media channels of institutions, companies, and organisations that can possibly provide scholarships, student loans, or grants. You will get updates when they have opened their fund for new entries, and other relevant news.
  • Take a chance on referrals! Ask your friends or even tap into your social media accounts and post a status that you are looking to apply for a scholarship. A friend of a friend may refer you to something worthwhile!
  • Subscribe to newsletters and mailing lists of companies that might give away scholarships to qualified students.
  • Do your rounds inside the campus and browse bulletin boards for postings about scholarships, students loans, and job opportunities.
  • Take note of deadlines for requirement submission. This will prevent you from cramming and you will have time to plan your schedule to meet these requirements.
  • Look out in the news for any individuals who consistently give back to the community and help fund students from low-income groups to further their studies.
It will entail a lot of patience and perseverance when applying for financial assistance for tertiary education. There will be times when you will feel that luck is not on your side. You will need to prove to the individual or organisation that you are worthy of the resources they will invest on you.

When you have successfully made the cut and received the scholarship, keep your priorities straight and make studies your top priority. Remember how much effort you put in to be granted financial assistance, so don’t let this chance slip away.
Mark De Jesus

Written by Mark De Jesus. For more trusted financial advice and tips, visit www.CompareHero.my!

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Be a better you, for a better Malaysia.

For a Better Malaysia

by Sanjay Madhav (Share your thought-provoking opinions with 54,000+ students in Malaysia!)

Malaysia Flag Bendera Malaysia Jalur Gemilang
"But I'm free."

The conveyor belt doesn't stop going round. Component after component gets placed by different, possibly disgruntled workers in each station.

"But I'm free."

The time doesn't stop all year round. One class takes the place of the other, often without a break, and is populated by different, and again, possibly disgruntled students.

"But I am free."

At the end of the conveyor belt, the finished products get their final inspections and are placed in their packaging, ready to be shipped out to whoever that has ordered them.

Approximately 15 years later, when the youthful joie de vivre has all but died down, these finished "products" get a roll of paper or two to signify their "passing" of final "inspections" and are shipped out to the outside world - the real world - to be employees, or if fortunate enough, employers themselves.

And then both products of the system outlive their purposes and are forgotten.

"But I'm free!"

It is imperative to know that yours truly is also a student, currently pursuing a diploma in a college not far from where I live. And to be really honest, I was not the best student ever back in secondary school, and my SPM results are not what exactly most would categorise in the "high achiever" category. Thus, most people revert to say that I've wasted my time, and I'm not a smart student.

Bring yourself to understand the first few paragraphs that I've written. Do you see the likeness between factory made products and the products of the Malaysian education system? We've mostly been products of the system for so long now, under the false pretense of freedom, financial security and whatever else that has been thrown at us just so we can complete our terms in school with a string of A's - thought to be a viable gauge to who we really are.

I say mostly in the paragraph above because I know I am not the only one who thinks this way. I am also very certain the most of you would want a more progressive nation, populated with thinkers - young and old. All of this brings me neatly to the crux of this essay - we as students of this beautiful country really have got to wake up, now more than ever.

I am going to say what you might have already know, just to drive the point home. The current education system is getting increasingly archaic, and the reliance on examinations is doing more harm than good. An exam-oriented system is never a good thing in fact. In my humble opinion, it actually contradicts the Government's Transformation plan in some ways.

To serve as an example, the present system actually encourages the "every student for themselves" mindset. This is borne due to the fact that students these days are being forced to work on their own. There's no real learning going on. It's plainly just memorising. I have firsthand accounts of this taking place. The small talk still takes place, but when it comes to academia and helping each other, they barely know each other anymore. The "weaker" students resort to copying the work of the "better" students, just so they can score better in the upcoming exams. And if this is being bred during school years, what hope do we have that these students will grow into responsible adults who can appreciate the value of teamwork, especially among other races?

Now, I cannot shoulder all the blame on the students for this taking place. You are formed from the mould you are shaped in. When everyone they know - and I mean everyone - puts emphasis on exams, exams, exams....they'll crack under the pressure. They feel obliged to do their best FOR them. "I want to prove that I can be the best in this set of prerequisites." "I am not a nobody who can't get ten A's."

Don't you think these words coincide with the notion, "I am free."?

Truth be told, the current batch of students we have nationwide are really living under a false pretense of freedom. We hear all this talk of being good students nets us good jobs which in turn, brings in the good money and supposedly results in better lives. This is what all of us has been forced fed with. These days, success is a cheap thing, get some good grades, net yourself some good money, don't complain about anything because things are all fine and dandy.

It's only fine and dandy if you're ignorant. That is what the higher uppers want us to think, but ultimately all thought control is in our hands. Everything is twisted right now. The education system, thought patterns, lack of curiosity....everything.

I keep driving this point home because it matters to me so much. I love this country, and I would do my best to see it prosper and rise amongst the best nations in the world. One that is constantly looked up on, not like the position we are in now. Unfortunately society's perception of success these days is a twisted one; top grades shouldn't be the number one thing on every student's mind.

What I mean is this - more of us need to stand up, be awake, and not just confined to being yet another mass produced graduate to be used and abused in the working world. There is more to life than that. Each and every one of us have our brains which we should be using for more than just memorising dates and chemical equations.

We should use them for thinking; for learning. It will be a waste to leave them as it is and just be "sheeple". Think more. Think about whether all you've been learning for so long have really entered your minds or otherwise. To those dipping their feet into tertiary education, do what you really love, what your heart burns for and not just what people say "can make you rich wan..."

Think about how you can enrich your lives. Looking at it only from a financial perspective is thinking small, think about how you can educate the others, how you can help our country break from its shell and be what it really is. Because as Abraham Lincoln said, it's not the years in your life that count - it's the life in your years.

That said, let's all be who we really are first. Learn about ourselves, what makes us tick, what makes us who we are. I want to end with my favourite quote from the legendary Bob Marley, "None but ourselves can free our minds."

Only you hold the key to a better you, a better nation.

Sanjay Madhav
Sanjay Madhav, is an 20 year old car enthusiast born and bred in Kuala Lumpur. He is currently pursuing a Diploma in Mass Communications. Whenever not caught up between assignments or on the computer, he passes time by collecting scale model cars.

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