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Monday, April 04, 2016

SPM 2019 tips: How to get straight A's in SPM and excel in other activities.

My experience in struggling to get straight A's in SPM while succeeding in other activities.

Guest post by Ammar Syafiq (Share your tips with 50,000+ Malaysian students)

I do know majority of us aren't living 100% for study. Indeed myself hate to study without doing my favorite hobby. It's no life and it's also not worth to spend your whole teenage time on study only. So, today I would like to share my experience on how I got straight A's in SPM while doing my hobby to release my study stress. In my case, I do love doing multi activities at school specifically I'm talking about the activities I did during my examination year.  It's mountain biking, participated in innovation competition and the last which I was insisted by teacher to participate in perbahasan ala parlimen which is the most killing part for me. Thank god I won each of the tournament even one of it I'm qualified to progress the tournament in Korea. So the question is, how did I survive and succeed in all of my activities and not fail in SPM examination?

mountain biking

1. Passion.

Since at small age I have been always wondering how things work like how does radio wave get transmitted, how the TV shows the movie and etc. The questions that's buzzing in my head since my childhood made me passionate to learn at school to find the answers. And now, after learning physics in form 5 (TV works by a CRO concept and wave is transmitted by different frequency of electric) I felt so satisfied and relieved. Passion does play a role in succession and it also helps to create questions in our mind to prompt us to find their answers.

astronomy hobby telescope

2. Give full commitment on your study and respect your teacher/mentor.

At school or tuition it's so critical for you to focus on teacher's teaching. Even if you don't like the teacher it's still important for you to respect her/him. Like a pilot saying, attitude determines altitude. It's doesn't matter how smart you're, if you don't respect your teacher you'll live in misery. Trust me, I have seen my friend not getting straight A's by doing so even he/she worked intensively.

3. Do SPM past year and trial questions.

This may sound trivial but for me it's one of the major effort to invest in if you're getting straight A's in SPM. Especially for add math, I'm so glad that I followed my add math teacher's advice to finish the whole add math past year questions before trial. Before that, I never got an A in add math and usually I got C in average. The result in doing so was I got my first A- in add math in no time. Yes now I do believe practice makes you perfect. Past year trains you on how's the SPM question pattern and makes sure you set up your strategy to tackle the question. In addition to that, it's also important to do SPM KBAT question as they train you the basic and understanding. Finish your past year and then proceed on KBAT question. No past year means no KBAT.

science pasir gudang

4. Stop playing video game and detach yourself from social networks.

OK this may sound hard for some to do so but you have to sacrifice to succeed. Before that I was also rigid gamer and had spent averagely 2 hours on Facebook daily. In form 4, my most respected teacher (BM teacher) changed my mind while she's giving motivation and advice to whole class. Until now I'm still thanking her because her motivation changed my whole life from ordinary student to an extraordinary student. From that day I started to think about my future life and deleted all the game I had. Then the next part was the most painful to do, deleted my Facebook account permanently. Later, I do realize social media doesn't benefit me anything except a waste of time and distraction to study. All in all, to succeed you have to get out of your comfort zone.

5. Share your knowledge and teach others.

Ammar Syafiq bin Sabaahul Ahmad
For the first time I had to teach whole class and to make it more challenging I had to teach a class of MRSM student (under student exchange program) in physics which that moment I taught a quite tough chapter. Before that, my average grade on physics was just like add math. So, my brain performance increased by 200% at that moment to understand the chapter before teaching them. Later on, I continued to share and teach others in different subject such as chemistry, physics and add math. As the consequences, I had a boost in my grade from C's to A's in trial and I succeeded to gain 7A's in trial. In my opinion, teaching others works for me and I will use this method even in university.

To wrap up, all you need is to be persistent in your effort. If it doesn't work, change your strategy and improvise. Have fun and cheers!

Ammar Syafiq bin Sabaahul Ahmad, an astronomy and mountain biking enthusiast, graduated from SKK SMK Dato' Penggawa Timur batch 98 SPM with straight A's in pure science stream. He previously attended schooling in Johor and is currently living in Sepang, Selangor.
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