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Friday, April 13, 2012

Reader's Comment on Scholarships Allocation & Education in Malaysia

Editor's Note: A Malaysia Students Blog reader left a thoughtful comment on our previous post on National Scholarship Programme and Education Ministry Bursaries for SPM scorers. What do you think of the current Malaysian education system? Is examination a reliable assessment?

Nowadays, it seems too much emphasis has been placed on how many A's a student scored like 8A+, 9A+, 10A+, 11A+, 12A+ and so on. Though it is good to have excellent results, not every Tom, Dick and Harry are able to have string of A's. This being so, what about those who scored mixture of A-, A and A+ or some have above average results like mixture of A's and B+. This category of students may also deserve some forms of financial assistance/scholarships as they may be at the socio-economic disadvantaged group or they do deserve to further their education but due to their family financial constraint, they may be deprived of the opportunity. All people have the right to education.

There is also another category where a student may be very talented in something like painting, drawing, comic creativity, acting, dancing, singing, writing, automobile repair, cooking, carpentry, computer repair and etc but they may not excel in the academic results. Should we nurture these talents by giving them special scholarships to achieve their dreams so that this cream of talents can also contribute to make Malaysia a more inclusive and vibrant nation. I believe scholarships should NOT be given for ONLY students with string of A's but also for those who can really excel in their own passions/talents and in return, contribute to the society, the nation and the world.

For the less fortunate category like the OKU, opportunities should also be given to them so that they can be useful in one way or another to our society. We should be a caring society. Good things are NOT only meant and reserved for those who excel academically and in the extra-curricular activities but also for those who are less fortunate but really deserving to be supported.

In the following I like to extract some words of Dr Sun Myung Moon. His teaching is the HOPE of many young people today throughout the world.
Sun Myung Moon 문선명
"Many young people today seem to be studying just for its own sake. Unless you have a purpose in life, your studies will lack the passion needed for happiness. Everything we have is borrowed from Heaven. Happiness is a life lived for others.

What could be more short-sighted? Getting into a university is not a purpose. A university is a place to go to study particular subjects in the course of pursuing a larger objective. It cannot be the objective itself.

Also, do not define your life goal in terms of how much money you want to make. Money is a means to do something, not the goal. Before you make money, have a plan for spending it. Money gained without a prior objective will soon be wasted.

Your choice of occupation should not be based on just your talents and interests. Whether you become a fire fighter, a farmer, or a soccer player is up to you. But what I am referring to transcends your occupation. What kind of life will you lead as a soccer player? How will you live as a farmer? What is your objective in life?

To set your objective is to give meaning to the life you will lead. If you are going to be farmer, then you should set your objective to test new agriculture methods, develop better species of crops, and help eradicate world hunger. If you are going to be a soccer player, then set a meaningful objective such as to heighten your country's image in the world or to establish soccer camps that will nurture the dreams of economically deprived children.

To become a world-class soccer player takes incredible work. If you do not have a definite purpose in your heart, you will not be able to endure the difficult training required to reach the top. Only if you have an objective will you have the power to maintain your course and live a life that is a cut above those around you."
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