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Saturday, March 10, 2007

PSD Scholarships (Biasiswa JPA) for SPM Candidates

Posted by Chong

Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships (also known as Biasiswa Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, JPA) are the most prestigious scholarships offered to Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidates in Malaysia. Although it has been years that this scholarship programme is a joint effort by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) and Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, the scholarship offered is still commonly known as the JPA scholarships (Biasiswa JPA) and not MARA scholarships.

Applications for Program Ijazah Luar Negara 2007 can only be done online through www.jpa.gov.my or esila.jpa.gov.my starting on March 12, 2007 (the day SPM 2006 results released). The closing date for applications is 22 March. Scholarship interview short list will be available on 30 March. The interview will be carried out on chosen stations in Malaysia from 3 to 6 April. Scholarship results for Engineering Degree Programme in Japan will be released on mid-April while others programme on mid-May, 2007.

Application criteria for Tajaan JPA/MARA untuk Lepasan SPM di bawah Program Ijazah Luar Negara 2007:
  1. Malaysian citizen (For MARA scholarships, you have to be Malays/Natives)
  2. 17 years old (18 years old for pre-Secondary formers, 16 years old for Penilaian Tahap Satu, PTS students) on December 31, 2006
  3. Be healthy (in other words, have no serious health problems)
  4. Get 1A or 2A in the following three subjects:
    • Malay Language (Bahasa Melayu)
    • History (Sejarah)
    • Moral Education (Pendidikan Moral) or Islamic Education (Pendidikan Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah or Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah)
For most of the science related courses offered, you have to get a 1A or 2A in Physics (Fizik), Chemistry (Kimia), Biology (Biologi), Modern Mathematics (Matematik Moden), Additional Mathematics (Matematik Tambahan) and English language (Bahasa Inggeris). Since the criteria or minimum grades for certain courses are slightly different than the others, I suggest you to read Syarat-syarat Permohonan PILN 2007.

You are allowed to update your application details thrice only and the latest version of your details will be used. So, you should fill in your online application form carefully. You should also remember to print your application slip which is available only after you have filled up the online application form.

Four documents that I strongly advise all scholarship applicants to read are:
  • Iklan Permohonan Tajaan PILN 2007
  • Panduan Permohonan Tajaan PILN 2007
  • Syarat-syarat Permohonan PILN 2007
  • Struktur Pengajian Program-program PILN 2007
All these documents can be downloaded at esila.jpa.gov.my

If you need technical assistance in your online application process, you can call 03-88853559, 03-88853550 or 03-88853533. This phone assistance is available daily from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm starting on 12 March. Further enquiry about JPA Sponsorship Programme can be made by calling 03-88853397 from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm or sending an email to [email protected] Meanwhile, for MARA Sponsorship Programme, you can call 03-26915111 (extension 1103, 1107, 1120, 1134, 1155, 3619, 3620 and 3631) from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm or send an email to [email protected]

If you are shortlisted for JPA scholarship interview, you should bring the actual and verified versions of the following documents along to your interview station:
  • Identity card
  • SPM 2006 result slip
  • Candidate's birth certificate
  • Parents' birth certificates
  • School leave certificates
  • Co-curriculum activity certificates
  • Parents' salary slips
By the way, our previous posts on JPA Scholarships 2006 at Malaysia Students blog are:
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  1. Hi,
    I just got my SPM results and I am thinking about the other options available for me.
    I got 8A1s, 3 A2s and 1 B3. I need a scholarship (as I am from a middle-class family) and I am trying for all the scholarships available here.But, I do realize the chances of getting one is very thin looking at my results.
    So, I am right now thinking about doing STPM. I am not sure of what I want to do next, I mean my career path.But, I am quite interested in Software Engineering (Computer Science) and also Actuarial Science

    I have a few questions in mind, and hoping that you could help me.

    1. Is it worth it for me to do STPM if I will be doing Software Engineering/Computer Science ???
    2. Do you think I should get a loan to do Software Engineering/Computer Science loacally? Because, one of relative says
    That it would be a waste to do STPM if I want to do Computer Science later on.
    3. Do you think I am capable of getting excellent results (straight As) in STPM, by looking at my SPM results.
    ( I believe I could have done a better job for my SPM ! )

    Thank you very much. Will be eagerly waiting for your reply.
    [email protected]

  2. Hi Sree, thanks for reading Malaysia Students blog. Here're my answers to your questions:

    1. If you're really sure that you're going to do Computer Science after your STPM, then I'll highly advise you to apply for diploma course in local public university using your SPM result.

    2. Yes, you should. Here goes my story: I didn't know what I want to be after getting my SPM 2005 result. So, I chose form six. After that, I'm sure that I want to be a Computer Scientist and I'll choose Computer Science after STPM. In your STPM, you're going to learn Pengajian Am, Chemistry and Physics or Biology which are not related to Computer Science. I think only Mathematics T is somehow important for Computer Science. However, in your diploma course, you're going to learn Computer Science which means you're preparing yourself for your future while others like me are taking STPM.

    3. I got 9 1As and 2 2As in my SPM. However, I don't know whether I can get excellent result in my STPM. So, I'm not sure whether you're capable to get straight As in your STPM if you choose form six.

    Please make sure that you consider other options available - 'A' Level, Canadian Pre-University (CPU), Australian Matriculation (AUS) etc. ;-)

  3. Dear Chong, thank you very much for your detailed reply.Yes, I am considering A-LEVELS and the other pre-u courses.

    *About being unsure about what I want to do, don't you think it is much safe to do STPM than to do Computer Science now itself.Because,the only reason I would like to do Computer Science/Software Engineering is because of its market globally and the salary scale.What do you think???

    *BTW, STPM results are out.What did you get??

    Thank You very much.

  4. Sree, I do think that it's safer to choose STPM if you're still uncertain about you future (I mean your career). That's why I have chosen form six. Only after I've chosen form six then I decide to be a computer scientist.

    If I had decided to take Computer Science after getting my SPM result, I would surely choose Diploma course in local public university. Mind you I'm from a poor* family. Pursuing tertiary education at local public university for me is affordable and a high quality education. After deciding your future, you'll see everything clearer.

    I took my SPM in 2005 and will sit for my STPM end of this year. I personally think that STPM is tougher than I thought. Mind you I got straight As in my SPM ;-) If you choose STPM, I'd advise you to start preparing for it now. Don't waste your time like me or you will regret it later.

    *You don't want to know how poor I am. ;-)

  5. Hi..
    I just got my SPM results and I'm still not sure what I want to do next. So, I plan to do STPM. Although my results not that good, but I'm sure I can get into science stream. I just want to know if there are scholarships available for those who plan to do form6. I am from a middle-class family. I really want to help lessen my family's burden.

  6. As far as I know, there's no organization other than our government offering scholarships to students for taking STPM.

    Our government offers Biasiswa Kecil Persediaan University (Sains) and Biasiswa Kecil Persediaan University (Sastera) for some STPM students. I think you've heard of this kind of scholarship during your secondary school because there's Biasiswa Kecil Persekutuan for secondary school students.

    Scholarship Details:
    For Secondary School Students (Form one to five) - RM60 per month
    BKP2 Biasiswa Kecil Persekutuan (Bumiputera)
    BKP3 Biasiswa Kecil Persekutuan (Bukan Bumiputera)

    For Pre-university Students (Lower and upper sixth forms)
    BKPUA Biasiswa Kecil Persediaan University (Sastera) - RM90 per month
    BKPUS Biasiswa Kecil Persediaan University (Sains) - RM110 per month

    You can apply for the scholarship after you've enrolled into lower sixth.

  7. Chong,
    thank you very much for your answers.
    I have still not decided yet.But, I still have one question in mind.
    Why do you want to be a computer scientist???

    Thank You once again,

  8. "Go with my heart" was what I told myself when deciding what I want to be in the future.

    Besides strong interest in this field, I'm confident that I'll do well in this industry. My parents and relatives always discourage me by saying that a lot of graduates of Computer Science are either unemployed or doing jobs that are not related to Computer Science. Even if they're doing Computer Science related jobs, their salaries are relatively low compared to other jobs. However, I believe I'm the one and the only one to decide my very own future. Hence I always ignore their discouragement.

    Follow your heart and you'll see your future clearer. Of course, things like salary, unemployment rates etc should be seriously taken into your consideration.

    How about you? I would like to know more on why you choose Computer Science.

  9. Hi,
    I've got my SPM results and my ambition is to become an english teacher. However, this hope was crumbled as I got 4B for my English. I was so dissapointed with it because I never thought that my english was so terrible. I've obtained A's for my english in school and I felt confident for my SPM. So, I decided to recheck my english after the discussion with my parent.
    The requirement for me to become an english teacher is at least get 3B in english. But, "everything gone". Therefore, I've been thinking twice that I'm going to study form 6. I've passed my all subjects with 3A's, 4B's and 2C's. Is I'm qualified to study form 6?

  10. If you want to be a teacher, you can actually apply for Maktab Perguruan using your SPM result. About your 4B in SPM English, I hope it's a mistake. However, if you can't apply to be an English teacher with your SPM result, perhaps you should go form six and sit for Malaysian University English Test (MUET). After that, you can pursue your tertiary education in local public university for the English language course like TESL. After you have graduated, you most probably are qualified to be an English teacher. Lastly, yes, I'm pretty sure that you are qualified to study form six with your SPM result.

  11. Hi,Chong!!!

    First of all, I would like to make it very clear that I have yet to find what my PASSION is...I mean in the career sense!Yet, I am pretty interested in Computer Science/Software Engineering because I have spoken to some programmers and they told me that it is a very rewarding career.Money is there! That was the only reason for me to consider computer science.Right now, I am even considering actuarial science and also Medicine...both careers are very much rewarding(MONEY wise) and are equallu straining.I used to think that Medicine is the thing for me, till I reached Form 5 and I felt that Medicine takes too long...and my BIO is not that strong...infact, I am not sure if I love to work in the hospital and be 24-hours alert!!!
    I know that my motivating factors are pretty weak...but, still finding out what my PASSION is!


  12. Hi!Chong!I gratefully acknowledge your adequate explanation for being a teacher. Yeah, studying form 6 is not an easy job. Could I dig deep about the MUET and Pengajian Am?

    As I was an Art Stream student, what subject should I take in form 6? I've been falling sick with account. However, I didn't take Economic when I was in form 4 and form 5. Additionally, I took commerce too. Is there some difficulties for me if I choose Economic?(My school has only provided P.A, ACCOUNT, ECONOMIC and HISTORY for Art Stream). Could I take three subjects?

    I'm afraid that I can't bear with all the complication due to I'm a weak student.
    But, this is my only option I can do to teach secondary school and I'm interested to challege MUET. This is the pathway for me to get started my ambition.


  13. hi everybody,
    i am new here as i accidentally hit this page when doing my fact finding on medical. i think it is an inspirational blog for school leavers like me..knowing what is in others' minds ..searching for their future..just like me.well, i took my spm on 2006 and i've got 9a1 and 1a2(it's still cant satisfy me for my competitor aka my 6-years-best-friend got 10a1). and the most unacceptable thing is the
    a2 represent my malay language--MY OWN MOTHER TONGUE! i've always wanted to be a doctor(the main reason is duh...money dude)but i instilled myself to like the contents of the field. and now i dun wanna be anythg excpt a doc..i do confess 2 myself that i'm a materialistic gal.ahaks..wut i wanna say is...look people around u..look at their lifestyle..look at the outcome in those people..and choose who's gonna be ur career-idol..do some fact finding..
    do u like it or not? if not..leave it or TRY to lurve it...gosh for me..if u r learning to lurve with ur heart..u'll lurve it at the end..just one thing BE OPTIMISTIC dude..gud luck in finding ur career +future path :)

  14. hey! i think this is a really a great website for malaysian students.
    bout jpa, actually, it's best to just apply no matter how many As or A1s you have gotten. just make sure it satisfies the entry requirements and you're up for it. i have a friend who scored 6A1s and got into UK medicine whereas for me i scored 11A1s and they gave me india medicine! hahaha. mind you, everyone's super kiasu. before the interview, i attended 3-days medical attachment. and there were a few parents who went around givin their numbers to the students, so that they can give them the topics given out during the interview! it's actually quite unfair but owh wells. anyways, bout the interview, it's 10 students to 2 interviewers. you'll be given a topic and you're suppose to talk about it in both english and malay language. actually, the topics are recycled everyday, so if you do have friends the day(s) before, you could ask them (if they're willin to share). and pls don't go in the interview room, thinkin if i raise my voice louder than the rest, i'll be chosen. just don't. there were a lot of ppls who gave pretty good ideas but they were like debatin and raisin their voices higher than the other and ended up gettin a scowl from the interviewers. just wait for your turn or raise up your hand and speak up. and once someone has used the point, you're not allow to use it anymore in yours. and don't think of kissin up to the interviewers. it's useless. right before the interview, a friend of mine wanted to personally talk to the interviewers about how he wants to become a doctor and everythin ended up bein crossed out of the list. do bring along your original certificates in a nice plastic-paged folder - don't assume you can just hand in a bulk to them and expect them to look through like that. if you do so, they'll put it aside and you'll lose marks. if you're academically better, you'll actually have the upper hand. tho ppls always said more extra-curricular activites is better, it's not true. there was a rumour flyin around ever since jpa scholarships came out. for girls, if you were to wear baju kurung, you'll automatically get the upper hand whereas for guys, it's a coat and a tie. most of my friends who did this got the scholarship and they were not straight As/A1s students. i'm not sure why but heee =)
    i think that's all i can think of right now for the interview. heee =)
    all the best to all the applicants!

  15. @ Pam: Thanks for sharing your JPA scholarship interview tips. Wish I had read them before I went to the interview. For your information, I didn't get the scholarship partly due to my broken English during the interview.

    @ HL: It's not possible to take three subjects only in your STPM exam. The minimum number of subjects to be taken is four while maximum five. Since General Studies (Pengajian Am) is a compulsory subject, you're allowed to take another three or four subjects. I'd suggest you to talk to your school counsellor for more information about what are the subjects suitable for you.

    I really don't know whether you can deal with STPM Economics as I am a Science stream student and know nothing about subjects like Accounting (Perakaunan) and Business Study (Pengajian Perniagaan).

    You might want to read these two blog posts to learn more about MUET. For Pengajian Am, I think I'll write a post or two on this subject at this blog in the future. If you don't want to miss it, I'd suggest you to subscribe to Malaysia Students blog via RSS feed or email to receive latest posts.

  16. Just one more thing you should remember to bring - the Borang pengesahan pendapatan bulanan keluarga (JPA(L)LSP-PPBKPILN). If you're wondering what it is, you can get it at this URL ->


  17. Yikes it ate my link, get it HERE.

  18. Hi....
    Wow... this malaysia student website really wonderful!! I get many information here... thanks...

    But now, i'm confusing...

    I'm currently get my STPM results. I get 4As and my CGPA is 4.0. My dream is to become a dentist. However, i think i will just stay in malaysia to further my tertiary education.

    I'm from a middle-class family. Actually i truly hope that i will get scholarship or education fund to cut down my family's burden.

    I'm now applying for the Kuok Foundation. May i know how u prepare to go for the interview? The interview is one applicant to one interviewer or...

    Also, what common questions will they ask? Hehe.. i really nervous... Actually i ever go to JPA scholarship interview 2 years ago. I didn't get it maybe because of my "broken" English... haha... My english is not fluent.. so i really scared for that interview...

    oh... right... What should i wear for the interview?

    Also, what scholarship else can i apply? Do Hong Leong Scholarship offer to dentistry student? Also.... I want to ask u that Kuok Foundation stress on the results or the financial background?

    Can u pls help me to solve my doubt above? So sorry that i ask so many question... Thanks for your kindness to reply me...

    Can u pls answer my doubt by email me? My email address is [email protected]

    REally thanks a lot...

    Im waiting for your reply...

  19. Hi everyone! I m really new to this iste. I find it very useful.

    Let me straight to the matter. I am one of the canditate chosen for the JPA Scholarship interview. My interview wil be on this coming Friday. I am actually really nervous. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to present myself on the day of the interview? I am not sure what should i prepare. Does anyone know what they will ask on that day ? Will there be any essay writing task?
    Plzzzzzzz help me someone to clear my doubts and do it as soon as possible. I am waiting eagerly. u can send me mail at [email protected].

    Thank u very much.

  20. hye!!
    im goin 2 seat 4 spm 2007,but i just wonder about the'fast-track programme".i got good results 4 my trial...so,do i have a chance to participate in dat programme before i know my real spm results?then,i wont waste my time during holiday...hope you can reply..:>

  21. hey guyz...i wud really appreciate some assistance here.. i will be sitting for my SPM 2007 exams in a month or so..i'm the top student in my school n most probably will be getting straight 12 A1s...if i do , i'd just like to know whether i stand a chance of gettting a JPA scholarship. here are some of my performances in schoool

    1. Head Prefect
    2. President of a uniform unit
    3. head of editor for the school magazine
    4. Member of board of directors for some other clubs
    4. been actively participating in a great deal of extra curriculur activities at district level, state level n national level.
    5. not really good in sports
    6. Got awarded the Role Model student
    7. competent command of english and bm
    8. a Chinese

    initially i was quite confident i cud get a JPA scholarship but when i read comments posted here i was kinda doubtful bout that..apparently there is just INTENSE competition and so many strong competitors..
    to be the top student in my school isnt tat easy cuz my school was the awarded School of Hope for our State n is currently still one..but i dont even think the examiners take tat into account..i really hope to get a JPA scholarship as it wud really ease my dad's burden. so i hope u guyz cuz be kind enuf to perhaps speculate some probabilities of whether i can get a JPA scholarship n how to enhance the possibilities of obtaining one..thankx!

  22. Hi,

    i would like to ask tat should i take Form 6 next yr if i wanna be dentist in future?
    ( p/s : i will sitting SPM tis year)

    is it A-level better than STPM?
    what is the differences between them?

    is it jz bout the former needs fees while the other one dont need?

    what if i fail being chosen to enter IPTA? what shud i do?

    thx n hope somebody can answer my questions~~


  23. hye,
    i am one of the spm candidates for the year 2007 and of course, i am now waiting for my spm results to come out-hopefully it will be as great. i am now thinking of taking dentistry course and it is undeniable that someone like me would want to persue my studies in overseas, and i think the best choice to persue my studies abroad without having to pay even a single cent is JPA scholarship, but is there any other options that i can refer to because i just don't want to put 100% hope on it. Other than that, how can i improve my skills in speaking in English? how can i have good commands in that language? other than attending the British Council Programmes. I also want to ask about how can i actually overcome my inferiority-complex while speaking in front of te public or when i have to express my thaughts because i usually have the feeling that tells me that i am not good enough though the fact is everyone would have their adrenaline streaming down when they have to speak in the public.. i am looking forward for the answer and your cooperation is highly appreciated. thank you

  24. Hi teyha, I think that the only proven-effective way to improve your spoken English is by speaking in English frequently. Don't worry, most of us start with broken English and improve it gradually. Chat with your friends, classmates and family members in English.

    For JPA scholarships, you don't have to speak in front of the public (hey, this is not public speaking ;-) but a small group consisting of seven to ten scholarship applicants and two interviewers. Once you're familiar speaking in English, you'll be very confident discussing the given topics during your JPA scholarship interview (assuming you've a lot of points to discuss in the first place!).

  25. tis is the first time 2 leave message. i m form 5 n wait 4 my result.i m going to apply jpa 4 medicine n i want thanks u all a lot let me learn so much.
    for jpa, i dun think i hav much hope on that 4 my broken english n no so active in kk.but i will try it, n thanks to all the tips.

  26. well. first i want to say "thanks" for the information about the JPA scholarship. my result in spm trial wasn't good enough so i don't put much of hope on my real spm result. but i still want to try this scholarship and i want to ask is this scholarship include the psychology? because i look ant the syarat-syarat i didn't find it.

    hope u can give me answer and pls send it to [email protected]

    thans ^^

  27. hey,my name is aisyah
    i have some questions regarding the jpa/mara scholarship.this year students who want to do medicine must attend this 'program kerjaya seorang doktor'.i was told that not all students who attend the programme will be called for the interview later on.so my question is how exactly they evaluate us?will there be some sort of test during the programme?

    i am worried sick bcoz this year there are about 6000 students scored straight a's in spm07'...so it'll be a very tough competition.eventhough i'm one of the straight a's students,but i'm worried tt i will not ace the interview.so if i hope u can give me some tips in acing the interview.

    i really hope u can reply soon.
    this is my e-mail address

    [email protected]

  28. Hi,
    I was called for the JPA interview on 14 April 2008 in Putrajaya. I am a student from Sabah.I went for the interview and I think I did pretty well. Unfortunately, I did not take the PILN test. What is the purpose of the PILN test?

    Do reply soon,
    [email protected]


  29. hi, i'm just taking my spm last year, and my result was not pretty well (i got only 6a1 and the rest are all a2)
    but still, i am qualified to apply for PILN for JPA scholar. honestly, i 'm no so good in english and i cant speak fluently during the interview session. for me,after the interview i think 'dah xde harapan dah' because the other applicants are so superb! i also take test on9. then
    , a good thing happened when the result came out, i was chosen! i imagine that my performance that day wasn't good, my broken English as well. furthermore, I'm not so active in co...one of the secret i did during the interview was i kept smiling to everyone(pretending that i am a friendly girl..haha) tho my point was rejected by the interviewer. i accepted it with a smile..thats all bout my experience.now, i'm preparing myself to go to India to further my study in dentist..to JPA scholar, thanx a lot for choosing me! i love u soooo much!

  30. Hi, does anyone know what jpa means when it says 'excellent leadership skills and active in cocurricular activities' ? Does this mean state level sports , national level competitions and president of a club ? I'd be grateful if someone could give an indication.. :-)

  31. Hi, Im Rachel. I just wish to that I can get the JPA scholarship because my family condition does not afford my further studies. Frankly, I'm quite confident with my SPM results which will come out next year, but I am worried of my co-curricular achievements since I am not a active person and I never hold any important position in my school, is co-curricular certificate mean so much during the interview?? Thanks for reply.

  32. Hi! I am waiting for my SPM results. I hope that I can get 13A1 in my SPM. I am not good in my spoken and written English.Does this effect my jpa scholarship? Should I get A1 in English 1119 if i want to get the scholarship? What are cocuricular qualifications for one who want the jpa scholarship. Iam quite active in cocuriculum in school level but i can't represent my schhol more than the district level.I am a chinese. Here are some of my perfomances in school:
    1. president of Red Cresent Society
    2. president of taekwando society
    3. secretary of chess club
    4. secretary of sport house
    5. represented my school in district level chess competition
    6. reperented my schhol in state level in essay competition(b. cina)
    7. represented my school red cresent society camping
    8. have black-tip belt in taekwando
    9. district level science and technology competiton

    Can I get scholarship with these qualification. Does our NILAM achievement affect our jpa scholarship. Does our race effect our scholarship. Can you tell me what are qualification that we need to get a jpa scholarship to overseas. Reply soon. Thank you.

  33. Hi everybody. After reading all the comments here, i felt that actually choosing which way to continue our studies is quite trouble people. I am still studying Form 5. What i want to study after Form 5 is Computer Science. I don't know whether students graduate in Computer Science still easy to find job(or earn money)in 2014/2015. This is because the economic now is very disappointed and many of the graduates can't find their job. So can anyone please tell me whether my choice is correct or not? Thanks first.

  34. helo..i am new here...thanks a lot to Chong and to all of the contributers of the blog..it helps a lot...really ^^

  35. Hey everyone, I'm in need of serious help from all you experienced ones here.

    I am in indian who recently attended my interview on the 1st of april 2009 in kedah, in which i stated i wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

    1. I scored 8 a1 and 2 a2 for my spm 2008 ( a2 for est and bm)
    2. I am the president of the squah club and represented kedah state in squash
    from 2006 until 2008.
    3. Champions in the district drama competiton and attained consolation prize in
    the state level drama
    4. Hold a commitee post in the drama club
    5. Commitee member of the sports house
    6. normal member of red crescent
    7. awarded school colours for contibution in squash.
    8. total parents income is RM 6 800
    9. stammered a little bit in bm during interview but did well in english.
    10. won many medals in the inter-school championship in squash in both 2007 and

    What are the chances of me getting the scholarship based on the 4 criterias jpa imposed?

  36. Well the chances of you getting the scholarship is pretty high i would say. You seem to have excelled in your co-curriculum as well as your academics. In fact, getting school colours award from the school is indeed a tremendous thing to achieve. As you know, co-curriculum does play a major role in jpa, especially medicine. Usually jpa go for sports achievements in national-level (like representing the state in some competition) rather than normal activities like national-level essay writing competition. This is because any tom, dick and harry can sign up to participate in the essay competiton whereas getting called up to represent your state in squash is what jpa is actually looking for. Keep your head high mate, the chances of you getting is rather thick.

    Chong Yew Ming
    jpa applicant spm 07

  37. hi~ i m lee. i just got jpa scholarship but it isn't stated to go which country. So now, i m waiting for their surat rasmi.
    normally how long wil they take to send you the letter?

  38. yea... yea... everyone can tell the world get excellent result in spm without a proof!

  39. Hi, ALL Students, do you want to SCORE Straight A in your future exam ? Leave your contact to [email protected], Grauntee Satisfied or Money back.

  40. I think have a huge problem. I'm a Form 5 Science Stream student, who just lately realise that I want to further pursue TESL degree and become an English lecturer. Am I too late? Would Form 6, or Foundation studies, disallow me from taking up a direction more to arts and English?

  41. i'm scare to face any interviem session...
    why there's have interview for scholarship and wahat ever....
    i need to grip my english...well!

  42. Want to do acturial science.Went to mara office to find information.Found out that it is offered only for bumiputeras and not non malays.Surprised!!Pls give a feed back on this.Got straight As


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