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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Malaysian National Service (Khidmat Negara)

Posted by Chong

Update 4 July 2014: Semakan senarai nama peserta Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) for Series 12/2015 is available this month. Submit your email address to this subscription form to receive free tips by Malaysia Students directly via your email inbox.

The Malaysian National Service 2006 / 2007 short list was available early this week. Any Malaysian who was born in 1989 has a chance of being short-listed to undergo three months of the national service training. You can check whether you are selected for national service on its official website by typing in your Identity Card (IC) numbers.
The objectives of the national service programme:
  • Develop a young generation who are patriotic and with love for their country
  • Enhance unity among the multi-racial communities in the country
  • Instill a spirit of caring and volunteerism among society
  • Produce an active, intelligent and confident generation
  • Develop positive characteristics among the younger generation through good values
Source: Wikipedia
Since I wasn't selected for national service last year, I don't have any personal experience to share with you. However, some of my friends who did complete the national service this year shared their lifetime experiences with me. Most of them agreed that most activities in the physical module were very exhilarating and challenging whereas the character building module and nation building module which were classroom based, were mundane and tedious.

Contrary to my belief, my friends have put on weight instead of losing it during the national service programme. They explained that they took five to six meals which were the breakfast, morning tea-break, lunch, afternoon tea-break, dinner and supper in the training camps daily. However, they commented that the food is unappetizing and as a result some of them 'learned' to throw away the food. Rather than eating the food, they cook themselves instant noodles such as Maggie Mee and Indomie, you name it.

One of the merits for completing national service is that you will get 10 out of 10 marks for your co-curricular participation in STPM UPU application. This is irresistible if you plan to further your studies in local universities. A typical student who isn’t selected for national service can get full marks for co-curricular participation only if he or she is the president of a club/society/uniform body and has participated in an activity at national level.

To sum up, national service programme is an excellent preparation for life in the real society outside. Through this programme, the youths have the opportunities to mingle with others from different races and backgrounds. Indirectly, they learn to be more open-minded and tolerable. We truly hope the national service to promote unity within our young generation successfully.
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  1. Hi. Do you know where can i find the names of people who are born in 1988 and chosen for NS?

  2. I think you should try to search the list in local newspaper archives. It is no longer available online.

  3. may i know where to find the list of people born in the year 1989 which are chosen fot the national service?

  4. You may visit here to check whether someone born in 1989 is chosen for NS by entering the IC no. As far as I know, those (born in 1989) who are chosen have received the official letters from Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara.

  5. is there any way where you can skip this national service ?

  6. There is no legal way to skip from joining the National Service (NS) programme if a typical one is selected. If the selected one has serious health problem, one nevertheless can skip the NS programme with the health certification from the approved doctor.

    Meanwhile, participants can apply for a shorter service duration for academic purposes such as further their studies to Malaysian Matriculation or Form Six. Both of these pre-university level education programmes will usually commence in June, affecting only the participants of third series. Moreover, selected one can also postpone the service for education purpose.

  7. is it difficult to approve a postponed date ?

  8. It depends on your reason to postpone the national service. For example, one of my classmates who will get into Upper Sixth Form next year, is selected. So, he has to postpone the service to a date after he finish taking his STPM examination. So, will NS Department approve his application to postpone the service? The answer is a solid yes.

    1. My friend as mentioned above is born in 1989 and is one of the successful Penilaian Tahap Satu (PTS) students. So, he has skipped Primary Four and is one year younger than those students in the same form.

    2. PTS examination has been abolished by Ministry of Education in 2001.

  9. hi. i was wondering when the draw dates for NS were.. and when do they recieve their letters or will officially know that they have been chosen to join NS...

  10. i was searching for some information online and subsequently found this blog...

    i was surprise that you actually link the article i've written in my blog (my experience in NS) to share with our fellow readers here...

    i am quite proud and honoured because of that (especially so because i'm aware that malaysia-students is quite a popular blog among students)...

    so, i'd like to express my gratitude to you for linking my blog here, and i promise that i'll visit here more often...


  11. Hey!

    What abt if ur from overseas and cant go for NS because your studying university there...is it possible to postpone it?

  12. It is possible to postpone (tangguh) Malaysian National Service (Khidmat Negara Malaysia) for academic purposes including studying abroad and even to skip it (dikecualikan) if one suffers serious health problem. For sure, one has to apply to postpone or skip National Service to not be considered as trying to break laws of Malaysia. Read my previous comment.

  13. erm..

    who can tell me..

    now can find the names of people who are boon in 1990 and chosen for NS? n wat time can noe ?

  14. yea...when is the list of people born in the year 1990 gonna come out?...im anxious!

  15. the list come out liao...
    is NS fun???
    i mean yellow-skinned ppl bcame negro when they lepas NS....
    n oso quite a lot of jenayah around....
    which region NS got de best food???
    i tried one before...
    i think the drumstick got artificial colouring...
    the colour is like yellowy-orange as if they rendam it with curry..
    but there is no curry taste...GROSS

  16. can anyone tell me that the list that came out in september is the first batch people or it's the list of people for the whole Ns programme?

  17. hello, how many batch's do they have for khidmat negara, is it 3 or 4? and where do we do the medical check up? can we go to private clinics? or is there a specific clinic/hospital we have to go to? what if we did not learn how to communicate in malay?

  18. can u let me know where can find list of people born in the year of 1990 which are chosen for the national service?

  19. PLKN only accounts for 17 marks out of 20 in the column"Penglibatan"in the cocoricular activities form(2007)

    Hope this should clear any doubt that
    once PLKN they will get 10/10.

  20. I want to know whether the list of NS trainees for those born in 1990 are going to be published in newspapers soon. In the news they only stated that they will notify the students via letters next month for those who are chosen for the first batch of NS.

  21. My NS was really fun last year..Although at first, you might be unwilling to join it, at the end, you will be the one who is unwilling to go back..Those who are chosen are really lucky, like me! If you didn't experience it, you won't love it! But just take care of your health and safety..

  22. how to chnage 2nd batch to 1st batch? i dun want to waste 3 months doing nothing. i have big plans ahead. plz reply.

  23. hi...i'm going to ns soon.
    i dunno wat should i bring to there.can some 1 tell me?
    and when my friend or parents can come to visit me?

    thx alots...

  24. i am 18 this year and will be sitting 4 my stpm next year (2008). im wondering on how to sing up for plkn(year 2009) after my form 6?

  25. wow... i didn noe national service could case so many problems like food poisoning and even deaths!!! scary...

  26. Hi,
    I want to know if I come back early for Form 6 then will I still get marks for curricular activities?
    Please reply me.
    I'm going for NS tomorrow! ><
    Wish me luck!
    Thank you in advance.

    - alexis17

  27. Yes alexis17, as long as you receive the certificate of National Service, you can use it in your co-curricular assessment. I believe you will receive the certificate via postal mail months after you've completed your National Service.

    Just for you information, I was not lucky enough to be selected to undergo Program Latihan Khidmat Negare (PLKN).

  28. Hi...my brother just left this morning for the NS in branang..:( It was a very systematic procedure to get the candidates to the camp from here in Kelana Jaya Stadium. Its a very beneficial program n there have been many ways to improve it. Just because there have been hiccups at the beginning doesn't mean that its goin to be a disaster.
    We as M'sians should be proud that we have such a democratic country and it definitely shows by seeing these kids from every walks of life n being 'multiracial' just join together and make friends in a matter of minutes.
    I really wished this program had begun years ago.
    Being a daughter of a ex military man i am even more proud to say...."Hats of the National Service..."

  29. do u no where to find my location for my national service for 2009..

  30. Do they speak English at NS? because i completely do not understand a word of malay since i grew up abroad.

  31. hey!my sister has been selected in NS.i'm pretty worried about the environment there?any commen or issues need to be look into?

  32. I too do not understand a word of Malay. I grew up abroad as well. Will they speak in English?

  33. About skipping NS with the serious health issues...
    can u eplain more details ?
    i dont know how...
    Need to get a medical letter from a PRIVATE doctor, then only to the gov hospital for a check up again ?

  34. May i know what is the telephone contact number so that i can find out which place i'll be sent to for Jan 2010 intake? Thanks a lot.

  35. Will one who is selected and not turned up for the National Service get penalty?

  36. let say if i'm having driving test on 29th but i have to go for NS on 28th .. what can i do ?

  37. wht is the consequences for not attend national service?

  38. Hi. I completed my national serve back in 2006. Can I register and participate for a second time? If so how ?

  39. i was an ex student whom just got back from national service on june 10th.i laud that national service gives us a lot of experiences that we will never get to find it anywhere.the memories that i've been through is still vividly in my mind as they serve the best thing for us as the next generation for our country..i'm ain't a malay but i'm a chinese.in national service, i was taught about 1 malaysia concept and i am strongly agree with this. i learnt to be tolerate with friends from different races and it even enhance my general knowledge on various cultural

  40. I was informed to be in batch 2 or 3. I would to be in batch 1. How to I go about it in applying to be in batch 1. Please help me. Thanks

  41. i want to know when will 2012 intake for plkn be publish?

  42. how many percentage of students of form 5 will be choosen for NS?

  43. may i know how and where to submit the postpone date of NS at my state? thanks

  44. i need to ask if a person has a hospital letter saying they have disorder on the age of 13 until now.. is it possible for them to send it to NS and stop them from going?cause im a home study student and i have seizure disorders so i need to kno how to send it to NS as well

  45. After I fill up the FORM 1 (JLKN/P/:01/Pin 2/10)for the postponement of my National Service, where should I send to ? Can I send thru AR Registered post or send by hand personally ?


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