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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The End, New Start

Posted by BooNBoX

Hi, I am the new contributors for MS. Nice to be here to guide you all. I've been typing a lot of stuff but it all went disappeared after some disconnection. =.="

This is Boon Ming. My nickname is BooNBoX and usually appear in CARI Chinese Forum and O2Jam community but I know it's good to help other people and that's why I am here !! I'm here to help so any questions you can just ask me through my email [email protected] . Don't spam me, haha...

I am leaving to Singapore tomorrow night to do my Materials Engineering at Nanyang Technological University. Hehe .. curious ? Wanna ask why I chose Singapore ? Wondering whether I got scholarship ? Well, don't be so furious cause I am going to tell you all that later. This time I would like to touch more on Singapore's universities.

Overall Singapore has 3 universities which are National University of Singapore (NUS - 24th World Ranking), Nanyang Technological University (NTU - 46th World Ranking) and SMU (business/management courses).

What courses available for each university ?
NUS - Wide range of courses, but it's the only place offering medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and law course which are quite hard (not impossible) to get.

NTU - Offering mostly engineering courses, and wide range including business, education, pure science and more.

SMU - This is a university based on business and management courses.

Who can enroll ? How good do I need to be ??
The most acceptable pre-university examination would be A-level, STPM and UEC (for Malaysian students). There are also students who enrolled with diploma from Polytechnic.

Well, the admission requirement in Singapore is not that clear. (Same like IPTA but/or they choose the best) The consideration for admission is solely depends on your academic (but they do ask you to provide extra curicular results). Honestly, for STPM holders, you need to be academically well, at least with CGPA 3.6/3.7 or at least 3As ... I earned my letter of offer with 3As and 1B+ CGPA 3.83. But to be eligible for the ASEAN scholarship or NTU scholarship, you need to be EXCEPTIONALLY WELL (from what i know, you need to be straight As student). However, you may try your luck. Who knows that they could be choosing anyone they like ?

Well i guess that's all for today's post. Will try to give updates from campus later. By the way, I got offer from NTU, USM (Kejuruteraan Elektronik) and NUS (Science). I've taken SAT II and planning to have my SAT I later in October. For your info, SAT is the requirement tests for USA University entrance.

Footnote: BooNBox blogs regularly on his personal blog too!
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  1. the results they want also depend on the courses you apply for.and they need to see ur muet results as well.what i mean here is for NUS.i'm now in NUS btw.arts n social sciences freshy.majoring in psychology.have just gone to NTU yesterday.the environment there is quite nice.lotsa trees.breezy.not like here in NUS...congested with buildings.ooppss.ha.y 'defame' my uni pulak.ha.btw,i like that new building in ntu.the sch of arts.nice.
    for those who r going to apply for local uni nx year,u can also consider applying for the 3 unis here in singapore.u'll b exposed more,esp to the stuffs that beyond ur imagination..trust me.u'll never regret =)



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