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Monday, July 18, 2011

Exclusive: On Changing Course or Transferring into Another Local Public University (IPTA)

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Important dates:
July 21: Dateline for all successful candidates to confirm acceptance of the offer by the public universities (seven days after the official result announcementor before July 22).

July 24: Closing date for the unsuccessful candidates who did not receive any offer can submit their electronic appeal through the ministry website (10 days after the official result announcement).

September 3 or 4: The registration of new students into public universities is on the first week of September.
Now that UPU/STPM results for IPTA 2011/2012 intake are out, while some jump for joy for getting their first choice or any of their eight choices, many are depressed by the fact that they are offered a random course out of their eight choices or they are not even offered any course. This post is dedicated to answer those who wish to appeal or change course.

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Interesting facts and figures according the BERNAMA news:
  • A total of 41,267 applicants were successful in obtaining places to undergo first degree programmes for the 2011/2012 academic session at 20 public universities out of the 64,073 who applied and from the 53,216 who were eligible.
  • The intake was a 1.9 per cent increase compared to the 2010/2011 academic session which had 40,506 candidates.
  • As in the year before, the number of female students was higher than male students, where 27,001 were females constituting 65.4 per cent while 14,266 or 34.6 per cent were males.
  • From the aspect of applicants being offered places according to ethnicity, 29,838 out of 39,998 Bumiputra applicants were successful or 74.6 per cent, 9,457 out of 10,677 Chinese applicants were successful or 88.6 per cent, 1,511 from 1,813 Indian applicants were successful or 83.3 per cent and 461 out of 728 candidates of the other races were successful or 63.3 per cent.
  • The policy of intake and selection for entry into public universities with STPM/Matriculation or Equivalent qualifications is based on the principle of meritocracy by applying 90 per cent academic marks and 10 per cent on co-curriculum marks to determine the merit value of each candidate.
  • From the 41,267 successful applicants, 21,954 or 53.2 per cent were for science stream and 19,313 or 46.8 per cent were in arts stream.
  • There were 6,294 outstanding candidates in eight types of competitive courses namely Medicine 983 candidates (Malays 581, Chinese 339, Indians 50 and others 13); Dentistry 174 candidates (Malays 91, Chinese 77, Indians 4 and others 2); Pharmacy 283 candidates (Malays 151, Chinese 125, Indians 7); Chemical Engineering 919 candidates (Malays 648, Chinese 217, Indians 45 and others 9).
  • In Electrical and Electronic Engineering, there were 1,163 candidates (Malays 923, Chinese 209, Indians 18 and others 13); Mechanical Engineering 1,601 candidates (Malays 1,251, Chinese 311, Indians 20 and others 19); Law 367 candidates (Malays 221, Chinese 105, Indians 37 and others 4); and Accounting 804 candidates (Malays 509, Chinese 269, Indians 18 and others 8).
  • There were 38 Orang Asli, 49 disabled and 990 state and national sports personalities who were also offered places in public universities in line with the government's desire to produce holistic graduates capable of realising the national agenda and vision.
  • 3,108 outstanding candidates with Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.0 had already been placed in 20 public universities that is 2,045 candidates in 19 public universities while the balance in USM which is an APEX university.
Ibnu Sina Residential College (Sixth College), University of Malaya
Ibnu Sina Residential College (Sixth College), University of Malaya

So before we start discussing the practical or known ways to apply to change course, we shall look at why this situation happens. During your IPTA application with your STPM results, there is a compulsory crucial question that you will need to answer – Do you agree to accept a course offer out of your eight choices?

If you answered yes, then if you do not get any of your eight choices, you will be offered a random course. You will not be able to appeal even if you do not like the random course being offered. You can accept the course and either be grateful that you are offered a place in local public university or apply to change to another course only after you have registered at the university being offered.

E-RAYUAN is only for those who failed to get any offer not for switching course. If you have already been offered a course, you cannot appeal through E-RAYUAN even if you do not like the course being offered.
Hanya CALON GAGAL mendapat tawaran IPTA sahaja yang boleh mengemukakan rayuan melalui Aplikasi e-Rayuan yang diselaraskan oleh BPKP JPT dalam tempoh 10 hari selepas keputusan permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA diumumkan.
If you answered no, then if you do not get any of your eight choices, you can choose to appeal online through the official E-RAYUAN by ten days from the UPU/STPM results release date. When you appeal, you will be able to select two choices. The appeal results usually are available in about three weeks from the closing date of appeal. There will be risk that you are not offered any course even after appealing if you put highly competitive courses as your appeal choices.

How to change course? Although the whole process might not be smooth and easy, there are four known and proven ways to change course successfully.

Transfer to a Different University and Course
Send an appeal letter to the dean of the faculty of the university that you want to transfer to. Let say you are offered course A at university Z, you can actually apply to transfer to course B at university Y by writing letter with all the supporting documents to the dean of the course B faculty at university Y. If the dean of the course B faculty at university Y replies yes, you can straight away register at university Y skipping the registration at university Z. It does work. Amazing isn’t it?

Another way is to wait till March next year when the IPTA intake 2012/2013 application open for STPM 2011 and you should apply using the same STPM 2010 result you got under the category Diploma (not current STPM 2011). But of course this time you should be more careful with your eight choices. This is possible and does work. Unbelievable isn’t it?

Zaba Residential College (Seventh College), University of Malaya
Zaba Residential College (Seventh College), University of Malaya

Change to a Different Course at the Same University
Unlike the above, the following two ways require you to accept whatever course being offered and register at the university before you apply to change to another course at the same university. Let say you are offered course C at university X and you want to change to course D at the same university.

The first way is after your orientation week (known as Minggu Haluansiswa at University of Malaya), immediately send an appeal letter with all the supporting documents to the dean of the course D faculty. To get a higher chance, although optional, get a supporting letter from the dean of the course C faculty approving you to change to course D.

The second way is after you have studied course C for one semester, submit application letter together with your first semester result to the dean of course D faculty. This way is the most common and highest chance among all possible ways. If you fail to get it, try the same way next semester. The downside of this way is that you will waste at least one semester (some even two semesters or one academic year) studying a course that you do not like.

At the same time, as an additional effort, it certainly doesn't hurt to get some help from those in the corridors of power - political parties. Fill up the appeal forms which can be downloaded from the parties' official websites, meet those politicians in person, ask for supporting letters etc.
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  1. Does the method to change course applies to all IPTA?

  2. Yes. But those listed are the general methods. Each case is specific hence the specific way might differ slightly. Check with your faculty staffs for more details.

  3. tq for the very2 useful advice & info on our local public uni's offer. however i'm rather confused with the following. i've indicated that i've agreed to accept a course offer out of the eight choices. in that case, i'm NOT able to appeal.

    but in the appeal form from mca's website, the 1st thing to do is: sila membuat e-rayuan ...

    i would appreciate if u can pls clear my confusion. do i confirm acceptance, then appeal e-rayuan & finally send the copy of e-rayuan to mca??

  4. If you are offered a course, then you are not able to appeal through E-Rayuan. The MCA form is primary for those who are not offered any course. For those indicated agreed a course offer out of the eight choices and do get a course, if they get an offer, even if it is out of the eight choices, they cannot appeal through E-Rayuan. Call 03-21618044 (Biro Pendidikan Pemuda MCA Kebangsaan) for more specific details regarding the appeal process with their help.

  5. wat about the appeal letter to the dean ..? which comes 1st, accept the offer & send in the appeal??

    tq & rgds

  6. let say result is cgpa 3 something, and want to transfer to medicine course cause have strong interest in certain universtiy, is that possible?
    or although change course it must depent on the cgpa?
    reply to my email [email protected]

  7. How can I appeal to transfer to another university without changing the course that I got??Please help...

  8. what is teknology persekitaran in usm is study about?
    i like no hear before this course. and i feel unsecure if take up this course. and i also get the chemical engineer in ump , but the university i have no confident with it, so can you give me some advise?please

    1. What did u choose at the end? Please help. Im in the exact situation as u right now. Please help me out. ;(

  9. Hi. it will be really helpful if anyone can answer my question. I really appreciate that.
    Is that possible to change local uni if i already offered by upu?
    Above state there are 2 alternatives to change local uni, but i saw a comment from your another link said that it is impossible to change uni. so i'm little confused now. So is possible or impossible?

    I have to prepare what kind of supporting documents to the dean of the course B faculty at university Y??

    So that mean i have to directly send an appeal letter to the related faculty in the uni i want?

  10. Brenda, can you post the link? I am trying to change local uni and my course too, so I am kinda confused now. Anyway, do I accept the offer letter if I am trying to change uni?

  11. I have to prepare what kind of supporting documents to the dean of the course B faculty at university Y??

  12. I do want to change course and uni . Can i have more info bout that?

  13. i studied in a local uni a for a year and i want to transfer to another local uni b with the same course. Is that possible? Pls help me....

  14. Hi ! I would like to change university and course may i have more information on it ? Kindly advise me. Thanks

  15. I am a STPM 2014 student. I did not apply public university because I wish to pursue my degree from a private u. Can I still apply next year?

  16. Are there any chances of a student tranferring from a public university to other public university for a same course?

  17. It's already 2020... yeaa the wawasan 2020 that every student will write in his karangan years ago... After so many years there's still problem like this... I can't believe im reading a 2011 article, searching for methods to change the course given to me. Why isn't there any improvements from the MoHE ha? I obtained good grades(CGPA 4.00), MUET Band 5, full koko marks, active in sports and co-curriculum but still couldn't get what i want. Same goes to my friend, he fulfilled every requirements(cgpa4.00, muet band 5, koko full marks) yet couldn't get into his desire uni.... ok la i know u guys wan band 6 muet isit. sorry lo we only get band 5. but why ah ppl with cgpa 3.3, muet band 4 can get into the course but i cannot? Is there any guidelines in selecting students? haiyaaa no transparency in selecting students. Hello it's already 2020, u want ur country to grow or nt? enough of nagging, I'll just stop here.if u managed to read till here, i thank you for ur patience and i know this wouldn't help in neither urs appeal nor mine hahah i just want to nag.. soweyy


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