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Monday, October 16, 2006

Scoring SPM Bahasa Melayu - Karangan (Part 1 of 2)

Posted by Chong

A reader asked how to score an A in SPM Bahasa Melayu at Malaysia Students Forum. Since I was able to score a 1A in my SPM Bahasa Melayu, I have the responsibility to help other SPM candidates to get an A in this subject too. ;-) For your information, you have to pass SPM Bahasa Melayu to be eligible to continue your studies in form six or local university. Those who don’t pass Bahasa Melayu will sit for SPM July Paper (SPM Kertas Julai) the year after they have had their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination.

Firstly, I would like to share the effective tips to score well in Paper 1 (Kertas 1) with you. For section A (bahagian A), you will have to write an essay within 200 to 250 words based on the material (bahan rangsangan) given. You should ensure that the length of your essay is within the suggested length and should not exceed it though I learned from my teacher that candidate can actually write to the maximum of 255 words.
Lihat gambar di bawah dengan teliti. Huraikan pendapat anda tentang usaha-usaha yang perlu dilakukan untuk menangani gejala vandalisme. Panjang huraian anda hendaklah antara 200 hingga 250 patah perkataan.
Source: SPM Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1 (1103/1) November 2005 Bahagian A
One of the questions often asked by the candidates is should candidate write the whole essay on the material given or on the topic given. For instance, in SPM Bahasa Melayu 2005 paper 1, the question for section A is just four pictures showing public property being damaged as the result of vandalism and graffiti. There is a title in bold type read: ‘GEJALA VANDALISME (Vandalism)’. Some candidates worry that they might lose the content marks if they do not write mainly about the material (images).

Actually, candidates do not have to write about the pictures (the wanton damage of public property); instead they should write an essay on the topic Vandalism. They should write about the causes (faktor/punca), effects (kesan) and/or actions (langkah mengatasinya) taken to overcome problem depending on the question. So, for SPM 2005 (referring to the question), candidate should write on the actions (usaha) to be taken to overcome vandalism. However, to play safe, candidate can include a sentence or two describing the pictures given. (Sebagai contoh, telefon awam dirosakkan dan dinding bangunan diconteng dengan bahasa kesat.)

For SPM Bahasa Melayu 2004 paper 1, the question for section A is similar to SPM 2005 in the way the question being asked, in which show four pictures of various pollution as the result of development with the title ‘PEMBANGUNAN DAN ALAM SEKITAR (The Development and the Environment)’ at the centre of the pictures. So, student should not write the whole essay about the pictures. Instead, student should write the essay focussing on the topic the Development and the Environment.

Since section A of paper 1 tests mainly on the Malay language and not the content, your essay should be grammatically correct (ayat gramatis) besides showing wide vocabulary (kosa kata luas) and interesting phrases (fasa menarik). These tips work well for section B (bahagian B) too!
Pilih satu daripada soalan di bawah dan tulis sebuah karangan yang panjangnya lebih daripada 350 patah perkataan.
Source: SPM Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1 (1103/1) November 2005 Bahagian B
In section B, you have to choose one out of five questions provided and write a continuous essay (esei) more than 350 words. Please note that if you prefer writing formatted essay (karangan berformat), you have to write it in correct format to avoid mark deduction. Here is a secret to score well in this section: write a lengthy essay! Why lengthy essay? This is because a piece of lengthy writing gives the examiner an illusion impression that you can write very well.

Personally, I usually wrote my SPM Malay continuous writing more than 700 words (about three pages depending on your handwriting). Of course, your essay should not have too many errors including but not limited to grammar, spelling and word choice errors. If however you tend to make a lot of mistakes in your writing, I would advise you to write an essay about 500 words. (more than two pages depending on your handwriting). The trick is to write your words in big text size and ensure that there are not more than ten words in each line. In addition, use some relevant idioms in your writing. Some of the common Malay idioms which you should have mastered include but not limited to bulat air kerana pembetung, bulat manusia kerana muafakat; melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya; biar mati anak, jangan mati adat and berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing.

Some questions in section B are open questions which mean that you can write about the causes (faktor/punca), effects (kesan) and/or actions (langkah mengatasinya) taken to overcome a particular problem. For instance in SPM 2005, some questions have the keywords ‘ulas pernyataan di atas’ and ‘berikan komen anda tentang pernyataan tersebut’. Meanwhile, some other questions have limited the scope of your essay. You can easily identify this type of questions by looking for the keywords like ‘berikan pendapat anda tentang peranan keluarga dalam pembentukan sahsiah anak-anak’ and ‘tulis rencana tentang usaha-usaha yang perlu dilakukan oleh pihak berkenaan bagi meningkatkan mutu sukan negara’.

For your information, the fifth question is always a literature-type question (soalan berbentuk sastera). Most of the time, the question will ask the candidates to write a short stories (cerpen) based on a theme or idiom (peribahasa) given. Choose this type of question only if you have a sound mastery of Malay language. Generally, art stream students prefer this type of question more than science stream students.

To increase the use of textbook in classroom, our government via Malaysian Examination Council (Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia) has decided to limit the scope of some SPM essay questions to the SPM syllabus since 2004. Hence you can actually spot the essay questions by excluding the past years’ topics. Besides that, you can analyse the trial papers’ (kertas soalan percubaan) essay questions. Here I show you a real instance where the trial question was similar to the real SPM question. Last year, the fifth essay question (tulis cerpen berdasarkan peribahasa ‘bulat air kerana pembetung, bulat manusia kerana muafakat’) in the real SPM examination was identical with Terengganu second BM trial paper’s fifth question. Was it a question leak (soalan bocor) or just a coincidence? There are a lot more real cases in other subjects too!

Below, a recap of the main tips of this post:
Essays should be grammatically correct (ayat gramatis) besides showing wide vocabulary (kosa kata luas) and interesting phrases (fasa menarik).
Section A
  • Ensure that the length of your essay is within the suggested length.
  • Do not write about the pictures. Instead, write an essay on the topic given.

Section B
  • Write lengthy essay about 700 words.
  • Use some relevant idioms in your writing.
  • Analyse the topics covered in your form four and five textbooks, past years’ questions and trial papers.

I will post the second part: SPM Bahasa Melayu – Pemahaman some time this week because I am now busily preparing myself for my year-end examination. You are nevertheless welcome to add your own tips or ask a related question by commenting on this post.
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  1. Hi, i am one of the stressful guy sitting for SPM 2006 this year. Your bm tips are quite helpful but could you also please help me by getting the softcopy of the trial paper from various states and post it to your website. thanks a lot...(jamie)

  2. You may want to read this post to download the trial papers available on the internet.

  3. hey.. can anyone tell me whether it is really true that we can't write more than 250 words on the first karangan? A lot of my friends wrote about 400 words in this recent exam..

    1. hello, i am this yr spm candidates, is okay that u write about 400 u must just get the right point.. if your point is wrong, then all your 400 words are just rubbish, but is more safe lah to write 250 words, good luck ♥

    2. hello, i am this yr spm candidates, is okay that u write about 400 u must just get the right point.. if your point is wrong, then all your 400 words are just rubbish, but is more safe lah to write 250 words, good luck ♥

  4. You cannot write more than 250 words for section A (karangan berpandukan bahan rangsangan). The instruction (arahan) for section A has clearly pointed this out, hasn't it?

    In the post above, I wrote "I learned from my teacher that candidate can actually write to the maximum of 255 words". However, I should stress that I'm not encouraging any SPM candidates to write more than 250 words. I always advise the candidates to follow the question's instruction. Writing 400 words will deduce the candidates' marks for this section.

    For section B, candidates are encouraged to write more than 350 words according to the instruction. Why do you waste your time write so lengthy for section A and make yourselves run out of time to answer section B?

  5. hi, im one of the candidates this 2007...since form 4 i never get A in my exam no matter how hard i tried...bcoz i my BM teacher is the spm marker paper. She said to get A1...we must include bombastic words to make te essay more ALIVE...he thing is i dont know how to make the bombastic words...if maybe u have the tips or anything....

  6. I think the bombastic word is kosa kata in Malay. You've to learn some kosa kata and use them in your karangan. You can pick up these bombastic words from contoh karangan and newpapers. I didn't use this kind of words too often in my SPM Karangan but I managed to score 1A for my SPM Bahasa Melayu. Some of the words are konteks, pemangkin, warga emas, anjakan paradigma etc. It's hard to tell which are bombastic words because once you've learnt them, you will use them naturally and they are no longer the "bombastic words" for you.

  7. One more thing when you write an essay in SPM Bahasa Melayu, try dont to use other language like using english words when writing a malay essay. And also dont to use "bahasa pasar" because this is not allowed in spm and may drop your standard down.(Except when you are writing a script).

  8. Your blog is very helpful..... but i would appreciate if you could provide sample essays of some hot topics.....

  9. hi!!yes i agreed that your blog is helpful...i just want to share some tips..i am form 5 now and still in process of preparing myself for the "big day".last time in form4 i had NEVER EVER scored an A for my BM...not even b...my marks is ussually 5c or 6c..sometimes i think that addmaths is easier than bm(^_^)until one day i found that my chinese friends got an A for their BM in our final examination..and i feel ashamed for myself...then i start to work out VERY HARD on my bm...some of my efforts were:
    1.i do bank soalan(publisher:eastview) 10 q/day
    2.i read educational magazine such as fokus(it really helps)
    3.i memorise the bombastic words that i got from then internet to use in my karangan
    4.i do past years spm papers..
    i really work!!now,,i scored only an A so far for my past exam...hopefully i can score well in my spm.

  10. Hey , im sitting for my spm tis year 2007.Tobe honest ,I've never plan on getting A for my bm because i'm very weak at paper 2 especially the cerpen
    sajak and novel sections.Anyone here mind to tell me on how to improve on these criteria ?

  11. hi.. would you mind to tell me how to use the bombastic words?? and give me some example of the bombastic words?? yup... you did mention that you find those bombatic word from the internet... would you mind to give me the address plss??

  12. This blog really helps. I have been getting really bad results for my BM lately, eveb for my trials and now i dread not even getting a credit for my SPM. Hence, i won't be able to enrol into the college i desire. This is starting to give me sweaty palms as "THE DAY" draws nearer. Please submit some sampel karangan that i can learn from. Honestly? I never liked sitting down infront of a blank paper with a blank mind. and that's what usually happens to me whenever it comes to writing a BM essay. I get stuck and it terrifies me.

  13. Hi, I would like to ask..Is it a MUST to write our karangan Ques 1(a)not more than 250 words? will the examiners minus our marks if we exceed 250 words?

  14. hi..i'm new here.I'm siting for my spm next year..but i still need some tips.I'm weak in idioms!

  15. i am a SPM leaver now..i have scored very well in my school exams and also SPM...here i would like to share some tips with u all for the paper 1 only...in the first section, make sure u write 5 paragraph..every para must be of the same size..i mean almost same ..for every para, the first sentence must be the 'tema'..the second and third sentences must be the 'huraian'..the fourth sentence must be the 'ayat penegasan'..the fifth one is the closing for THE PARA...then for each essay..u must include at least 2 idioms..and 2 bombastic words..then of course ensure no grammatical mistakes in each essays ..for the second section..the essay is just the same as the first part..BUT this essay must have 7 para..1 for introduction, 5 for the body and another 1 for the closing....that is all for this paper....follow all these..u SURE can get at least an A in ur SPM ....

  16. to score well in essay (section B), it is very true that you need to master the "bombastic word" or the "high-tech kosa kata". it can help you gain more marks. but never EVER invent your own kosa kata because no one will understand it except you (it did happened to me XD). also insert some pantuns, peribahasa(s) & try to make your essay as interesting as possible.

    for those who are sucked in writing stories & dialogues (like me), forget about trying to write a cerpen in spm. you are committing suicide. i heard that many people said that cerpen is the easiest essay but its totally not true. i personally think it is the hardest. i prefer writing essays that involve facts.

    try using tips provided in the text books & most importantly, READ the text book (even though its boring) because the essay that may come out is based on the themes in the text book. i also read some sample essays from reference books & i think it helps. do a lot of practices as this can help you to be familiar to the real spm questions.

    i don't like bm even though i have a very good bm teacher. i practically hate to write three long papers of essays. i even hate it when i ran out of ideas on how to elaborate it. i still remember when the bm spm exam was finally over, my fingers were totally numb...but im happy knowing i scored A1 :)

  17. the thing is i can write essays in the range of 450 to 500 words but the problem is that my teacher always refutes my points by marking it as irrelevant. She also says that my essay cannot be considered to be given an 'A' because my essay lacks the KOSA KATA (vocabulary-bombastic words). Can any good samaritan out there help me by guiding me on how to improve my vocabulary. Also, i read a few posts saying that it is possible to find those bombastic words on internet. If that is the case, can somebody actually tell me what is the webpage so that it makes my life easier. Thanks in advance.

  18. satbir,

    try to do a lot of reading especially from the text book. my teacher always said that some of the "bombastic words" or the "high-tech kosa kata" can be found in it :)

  19. I am happy to read your tips in BM of SPM. Hopefully I can score
    A1 in BM ,too.

  20. hello... i will sit my spm in 2008. my mid-exam is totally....well bad. this is because all of question in paper 1 section B is a fact questions. i'm bad in that kind of questions. it ask for, huraikan, berikan pendapat anda, bla..bla..bla.. how can i improve my karangan then?

  21. dear anonymous,

    read more. the thing that gonna be ask will always based on what happened in our everyday lives. to me, answering a fact type of essay gives you more advantage because it would show your maturity to the marker in writing but when ask to write an essay based on a peribahasa, don't answer it if you're not sure what its meaning. that type of essay is a "death trap".

  22. Hi, i've read some of your advice and found something quite different (I mean a lot...) from what I have been doing since last year. for kertas 1 section A, karangan bahan rangsangan, my school teacher has taught our whole school to write 5-6 paragraph which have 4-6 sentences in it. And, the most important thing is, my teacher said that we don't need to bother about the word limit. This really go against what you had advised us here. what to do? :(

  23. Hi cagalli, I wrote the tips and I was a SPM 2005 candidate. So I'm not sure whether the format or the proper way to write to score for SPM Karangan has changed. Could anyone shed some light on this? Thanks in advance.

  24. Ur article was very helpful.In my recent trial BM paper, i made a little mistake. I wrote the first essay
    for like 300 words, and the second one for 250 word. And i never use peribahasa in my BM essays.
    im tired of gettin D's in my BM, what else can i do to get an A?

  25. Hello,
    I'll be sitting for my spm in a month's time. My tuition teacher is a spm examiner. She told us that it's ok to write beyond 250 words in our karangan bahagian A. But it's better if you don't write too many words as this will take up your time and you won't be able to finish your karangan bahagian B on time instead. 3 isi would be sufficient enough...

  26. hello,

    Your article was somewhat helpful, and I would like to thank you for sharing it with us.However, I was partly confused with the part you said when the scope of SPM was limited and hence we can exclude our past years. So in other words does it mean that the past year questions would not recur?

  27. hey, actually there is no really restriction to the words of part A essay. the main purpose they put the 200-250words is to ensure that v do not spend too much time on the first essay n forgot to allocate enough time 4 d second essay......so, if u r sure that u can manage ur time well, feel free to exceed the words limit....i'm actually posting this bcuz i wrote almost 450-500words 4 d 1st essay in my trials(PERAK)n got 28/30 from my teacher which is an examiner.....even my tuition teacher which is involve in spm marking too encourage us to write longer than the limitations....

  28. Is that true? From what my teacher told me they wouldn't continue reading your essay if it exceeds 250 words .Only if you exceed the 250 capacity in your last paragraph, the kesimpulan part, the examiner will continue and take your words into account.

  29. oh my~i am so so stress and hopeless...i have totally no confidence in scoring a credit in bm...i really hate language subject!!!can anybody tell me is 50 marks enough to get a credit,since 40 marks is pass already??your helps are so useful to me~~i have resit july paper and i get a result worse than the first time i sit for the bm exam,but i have answer all the question in this july paper, and i understand the pemahaman too, o well,yet i only score an 8!!my goodness!!!!what can i do now?!!! and soon i am going to have the test again in next tuesday,o gosh!!

  30. hye,im f4 student and will be taking SPM next year..
    im quite worried about my karangan coz altought im malay but i dont know to build a perfect karangan..
    and ur article really help me a lot..

  31. aarrrggghhh!!! im relly not good at karangan u know..,,, i cant get the ideas 2 do the words...,,, and i do the words is short,,,.. siriusly i cant target it... but im good at english..,, hurm plz help me..my no 0176139843..,, jgn nk gtal!!! juz who those can help me on karangan only!! =,(

  32. i go to tuition and the teacher always focus on our kosa kata and frasa menarik...she said that these are important to score....so I have practising since i m form 2 ....now i m form 4 and learning more words and idioms ....

  33. Hey, I also need to improve my BM. I'm Brunei, and know much about Bahasa Brunei than Bahasa Malaysia. When comes the exam, I write much words, but these are the bahasa brunei. I don't know how to use bahasa malaysia even that I know the words. Sometimes I couldn't figure out what I need to write in it. I also wanted to get at least a little improvement. I am going to sit on Form 5 Exam Next year. Please help me whatever it takes me to get A. I'm now practice on Malay, but I always get 60 below. I'm afraid if I failed to write on the next year Exam. Could you post some sample karangan that can help me. Or suggest some site to me. 2 years isn't much. Hope that you help.

  34. may i know what is mean by "but not limited to bulat air kerana pembetung, bulat manusia kerana muafakat; melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya; biar mati anak, jangan mati adat and berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing."?is that anything else can use besides these words?can give example?
    thanks Chong

  35. actually, u can write more than 250 words for sec A(P1) accordin to my teachers. they are very experience teachers. no doubt. most of them have been teaching for more than 10 years.
    for cerpen n sajak. u've just to understand them first. try ask yr malay friends for some diff words in the cerpen or sajak. try read the answers provided in some reference books.

  36. The use of bombastic words in BM essay is higly encouraged. If you want to get a 80 marks above which is "cemerlang" for your BM long essay, you surely must include bombastic words. If your essay is good and hardly has any mistakes but no bombastic words, the examiners would give you about 70 marks only that is "kepujian".

  37. Read this introduction for BM essay:

    Tajuk: Peranan rakyat dalam pembangunan negara

    Pascakemerdekaan negara Malaysia telah menyaksikan pertumbuhan yang pesat, rancak dan drastik dalam rencaman bidang perdana dan dominan. Dalam menongkah, meniti dan menelusuri arus deras modenisasi dan globalisasi yang menerjah negara, negara kita telah banyak mengalami anjakan paradigma daripada sebauh negara mundur kepada sebuah negara maju. Pada zaman muasir ini, negara kita telah berusaha gigih bagi lebah menghimpun madu untuk menempa kejayaan serta mendukung, melestarikan dan merealisasikan visi kudsi Wawasan 2020 agar dapat "berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah" dengan negara atas angin dan gergasi di persada mayapada. Sebagai seorang rakyat yang cinta akan ibu pertiwi kita, memang tidak dapat disangkalkan bahawa kita memainkan peranan yang vital, signifikan dan mustahak dalam proses pembangunan negara. Persoalannya, sanggupkan kita melihat negara kita terus berada pada takuk lama tanpa berikhtiar dan berikrar untuk memperkasakan kemajuan negara? Apakah peranan setiap rakyat dalam proses pembangunan untuk mengemudi negara kita ke arah kecemerlangan, kegemilangan dan keterbilangan? Jauhari jua yang mengenal manikam. Tepuk dada tanyalah selera.

  38. mine is quite diffrent.I've used the bombastic words but my teacher
    simply rejected it by reason i'm writing not more than 3,4 pages.Ayoo!!!

  39. im not bad in bahasa malaysia , just always get B & C
    its very shame for me .
    im so sad and very dispointed .

    after this i want try harder for get A1 or A2 in my Bm :_)

    btw,thanks for sharing this .

  40. Hey may i know if i started my Huraian in paper 1 wrongly do i lose all the marks or they only give me the minimum mark? That morning i was so stress and nervous, i accidentally begin my Huraian with the pendahuluan of Rumusan. I wrote petikan in membincangkan!! but it is Huraian! But at least i got have all the isi and huraian. Would they just ignore my pendahuluan and mark according to my isi so i can get higher mark? My school teacher told me i might only get the minimum mark if i got the format wrong. Help!

  41. Contoh Pendahuluan yang Mantap:

    Tajuk: Kepentingan Sektor Pertanian Kepada Negara

    Negeri indah negeri Kedah,
    Tumbuh melata pohon cemara;
    Sektor petanian membawa faedah,
    Menjamin pembangunan mapan negara.

    Kalau bijak meniti buih, selamat badan sampai ke seberang. Persis kata pepatah Melayu yang jelas mengungkapkan usaha gigih bagai lebah menghimpun madu untuk memajukan sektor pertanian selaras dengan Dasar Pertanian Negara. Sekiranya kita menyingkap kembali tabir sejarah, sektor pertanian merupakan tonggak dan tunjang kepada ekonomi negara sebelum sektor perindustrian menerajui ekonomi negara kita pada tahun 1980-an. Sesungguhnya, sektor pertanian dapat menjamin pembangunan negara kita yang mapan dan utuh supaya negara kita dapat "berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah" dengan negara gergasi di persada mayapada. Persoalannya, apakah kemaslahatan sektor pertanian kepada pembangunan negara kita? Fikirkanlah, bayangkanlah dan renungkanlah.

    Essential Points When Writing Introduction:

    - Give a good impression to the examiner.
    - Write an effective an interesting introduction which
    creates a great impact.
    - Use various types of introduction.
    - Use proverbs (peribahasa, mutiara kata, pendapat tokoh).
    - Use bombastic words.
    For example,
    memangkin, modus operandi, prakarsa, jitu, konkrit, etc
    * Make use that the words are used correctly and precisely.
    - Add in facts.
    - If can, start your karangan with a pantun or sajak.
    - Pantun:
    - Make sure that the rima akhir is a, b, a, b.
    - Make sure that the suku kata is between 10-12.
    - Most importantly, suits your karangan.

  42. your Bm tips is helpful but i am weak at BM grammar ~ could u have some ways to help me some ? *PL*

  43. thanx so much for your tips. the introduction examples are awesome! my SPM is in two months time, and i still have much room for improvement especially in the usage of good kosa kata and peribahasa. wish me the best!!

  44. how to make an excelent writing with the bombastic words

  45. Hey. Thanks for the tips. I'll be sitting for a bm test tomorrow. I will be sure to try out your technique. I will be sitting for my SPM soon and I hope your techniques will help me greatly in my examination.

  46. I will be sitting for the BM test spm in this coming spm= = i very weak in my BM text.. your tips may be helpful for me.. thanks... but i really don't have confidence in it ... i very scare if my BM fail zz...

  47. I want to know July paper format ( BM),is it sama with SPM BM paper? tq.

  48. I'm a forigner student, I came six months before the SPM and until now I can not get a 50 words essay correctly, I do not speak Malay and my SPM is next week, can u help me with fast tips I can score withand what should I foucus on studying ? Thank you for your tip :)

  49. Hello..I would like to say thank you for doing all this for us. Oh, and I also have a few questions too:
    1. I've been having too much trouble on remembering or writing Malay words and composition compared to English..is there any tips for me to improve my vocabulary than reading alone?
    2. I find Malay boring as it is..so I need an exciting/interesting example for my guide. Can anyone provide me some?
    3. I keep having low grades (mainly Ds) in Malay, while my English is usually the second/third highest among my other subjects. I don't have tuition and I have no idea how to improve my Malay orals either. How do I change my habit of using my Brunei/Kedayan and English for words or to chat with other people..and well, use 'proper' Malay instead?

  50. is really helpful here, but my problem were i cant think of any point for paper 1 both karangan, that's the worst thing

  51. is really helpful here, but my problem were i cant think of any point for paper 1 both karangan, that's the worst thing


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