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What We Do

As you can see, we feature interesting articles on topics such as education, examination and experience from our talented readers who are mostly students in Malaysia. We cover a wide range of topics from secondary: PT3, SPM to pre-university: STPM, A-levels to tertiary education: college tips and life at universities. To sum up, we write on anything and everything of interest to students in Malaysia. Our main readers are students from 17 - 21 years old.

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  • Are you a Malaysian student with a tip or experience to share?
  • Are you interested in helping thousands of others to improve their education?
  • Are you interested to share your point of view on various issues of education in Malaysia?
  • Are you inspired by our previous guest posts written by students of different backgrounds?
If so, we'd love to feature your opinion, tip or experience here at Malaysia Students Blog

What are We Looking for?

  • We accept helpful major examination tips (any subject), informative preparation guides for PT3, SPM, STPM, MUET and A-Levels
  • We are looking for insightful tips, extraordinary experiences and outspoken opinions on everything and anything related to Malaysian education
  • We give you a byline and include a link back to your blog or website. Malaysia Students Blog is read by 50,000+ email subscribers and 3000+ readers daily – we can introduce them to you.
  • Submissions need to be original content that has not been (and will not be) published elsewhere online

Interested? Here's What to Do...

If you already have a good article in hand, then send it in!

But first, ensure that they are in the following format:
  • The piece must be written in English and in a properly formatted document (we prefer .docx)
  • State the source(s) of the image(s) in your submission.
  • Before submitting, zip the submission with any accompanying images – and other relevant materials. 
Send it via email to student [at] malaysia-students [dot] com along with your full name and author’s bio.

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