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Friday, July 07, 2006

Educational Websites, Forums and Blogs

Posted by Chong

Below are the educational sites which I find very useful to Malaysia Students readers. This post will be updated regularly to include the related sites which I discover on my online journey.

BMSPM.net by Teacher Mohd. Zaki bin Awang Mat – Notes on SPM Bahasa Melayu papers and past-year questions.
Wikipedia – Free online encyclopedia. Resourceful articles on education in Malaysia, SPM, STPM and A-Level.

Student Malaysia Forums - Official online student community of Malaysia Students blog. Update: This forum has been relaunched in 2014.
Malaysia Students – (Update: defunct) Some interesting topics are How to Score 1A in SPM Chemistry and STPM UPU Co-curricular Activities Participation Explained. Update: This forum has been closed for new discussion since November 2006.
ReCom.org – (Update: defunct) Well-known and growing forum where students around the world gather to discuss almost every topic under the sun.
QuanSheng.org - Student forum in Chinese

Berry Berry Easy - SPM and STPM guides written by school teachers covering many topics on many subjects.
CEKU - An online student magazine run by Malaysian students for Malaysian students, focusing on issues concerning Malaysia and its youth, and serving as a platform for Malaysian students around the world to contribute to intellectual thought while advocating for common hopes and beliefs.
EducateDeviate - (Update: defunct) Thoughts and experiences related to alternative education, often from a Malaysian perspective.
Education in Malaysia – (Update: defunct) Blog about various issues surrounding the state of the Malaysian education system, both private and public, the resulting products of the system as well as the job market in relation to fresh graduates. Read the great posts on scholarships.
Good English Essays - Free essay writing guide on how to write an essay in five simple steps. Read SPM EST introduction, EST notes, SPM English 1119 essay past-year questions and Malaysian University English Test (MUET) Tips.
I Want to Take MUET by Teacher Mohamad Mariti Bin Siran - MUET tips for aspiring candidates who are sitting for the MUET Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Papers.
Malaysia Students – The blog you are reading right now. ;-)
ReMag - (Update: defunct) A youth-run online magazine run by students, with a Malaysian flavor, covering a broad range of topics and genres: serious commentaries to humorous fiction and everything else in between.
SPM Physics - Written by full time SPM Physics tutor with notes on most SPM Physics topics.
STPM Further Mathematics T - Written by past candidate who obtained A- in STPM Further Mathematics T, covering the syllabus of STPM Further Mathematics T topic by topic.

Sharing is caring. Please leave your comment if you know any educational or academics site which is not listed in this post.

Last Updated on March 4, 2016.
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  1. http://www.malaysia-scholarship.com/


  2. For anyone interested in physics, high school level or phD level,

    please join this forum,
    it is very helpful in grasping concepts, academic and career guidance etc.etc


  3. This blog is very informative, just that everything is a little bit crowded. Anyway kudos to all the contributors of the blog. =)

    To make your blog more informative, I would like to suggest a link to www.quansheng.org for the following reasons:

    You'll be able to cater for both English and Chinese readers.

    You'll have a complete coverage of all courses in major public universities such as UM, USM, UKM, UPM, UTM etc.

    You'll have reference marks of different course intakes in major public universities.

    Similar to your site, www.quansheng.org is by Malaysian public university students for all students wishing to move further in their academic lives in public universities. We could synergize and everyone especially the students will be the winner.

    I sincerely hope that the blog team would seriously consider this application for the benefit of all Malaysian students. Thank you for your attention.

  4. Hi..
    My friend scored 3A 1B- in her STPM and couldnt get thru local uni. So, she intends to pursue her studies in dentistry in Universiti Padjajaran, Indonesia since it is cheaper. She have already passed the entrance exam.. But she is still confused whether is it recognised by the MQA, JPA and Malaysian Dental Council..

    Can anyone help what to do??

  5. Thanks for all the posts!
    In my opinion, it is not an easy job to make all these stuffs reach students. You know, Malaysian students are still too raw to cyberworld. Sekolah Bestari?! No, Microsoft Word also cannot ler...
    Hope improvements...

  6. http://www.stpmwiki.com/

    Don't know where this will fit, but it's an ongoing project still at its infancy.

  7. Hi,

    I love your blog - so packed with information! You might like to add my blog for creative writing onto your page:-


    Ms. Wee

  8. hello..can i know where can i get the list of students that study in Hong Kong right now? i want to contact them. or is there any website that gathering all the malaysian student that study abroad? thank you.

  9. I am a distance education student and wanted to commend Prof.Dr. Gopal Paudyal for the education he provided in International Marketing and Ethics. He was a visiting profession on silicon institution of technology in Penang Malaysia. I went to attend his lecture about international marketing. I am very happy to see his perfect lecture. He accommodated students' needs by providing MP3 downloads of lectures and consistently assessed whether students understood concepts. When he sensed the need for clarification, he would provide an additional lecture or supplementary explanation. Additionally, I felt he treated students with respect and encouraged them to share information on the discussion board. I truly believe he is an outstanding professor who deserves recognition.
    Lee chung chai

  10. Have you ever though on doing some post-grad??

    That question never cross my mind until I started to work and realize that my knowledge and skills were not enough, so I decided to do a post grad and also to practice my English. I didn't expect to have a wonderful experience like the one that I had during my studies at the University of Newcastle, not only because the classes were of high quality but also because all the people that I have the possibility of meeting and being their friend.
    I highly recommend and encourage student from around the world to do that, study abroad in another country with a different language and you will see how wonderful this can be. I recommend to go an explore Australia, specially Newcastle city, it is just amazing and it was a lifetime opportunity..

  11. Hi, found a couple of links for SPM Biology:
    The second link doesn't have much at the moment though.

  12. MathsAchiever.com is an educational blog focusing on Additional Mathematics for SPM. It has a lot of videos explaining the topics as well as videos on exercises. Worksheets are made available for further practice.

  13. Any suggestion which college are better for diploma in mass communication? Thank you

  14. Hi, I saw a few questions in the comment sections on the best places to study for diploma / pre-u courses.

    I recently stumbled upon SPM Student Malaysia forum, which I think is a great website for SPM leavers. Do check it out!

  15. Anybody know why Malaysia primary and secondary school students nowadays have to go for Tuisyen.It is because of the school teacher unable to make our child to understand the contents?


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