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Thursday, June 22, 2006

STPM UPU - Appeal before 30th Jun & Co-cu Participation Explained

Posted by Chong

Congratulations to all successful STPM UPU applicants. For those of you who fail to get one of your eight choices or your information doesn’t appear in the database, you may appeal online using the official appeal form, E-RAYUAN on Ministry of Higher Education website before 30th Jun 2006.

In addition to that, you may appeal offline through Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) by completing and submitting the appeal form which can be downloaded from http://www.mca.org.my to Biro Pendidikan Pemuda MCA Kebangsaan, Tingkat 7, Wisma MCA, 163, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Bear in mind that you have to attach your letter with a certified copy of your Identity Card, SPM and STPM result slip each. If your information does not appear in the database, you should attach your PIN receipt on top of the copies of documents mentioned previously. Besides, you may call the friendly MCA person in charge of the appeal process at 03-21618044.

Co-curricular Activity Participation Explained
This year is the first year that participation in co-curricular activities is taken into account or in other words, contributes 10 percent of the total score in the selection system for entry into local public universities. I learn that the 10 percent is calculated by adding two of the highest marks from four categories which are the club or society, sports, uniform bodies and national service and then divide the total marks by 2. Much to my surprise, no mark is allocated for participation and achievement in activities outside the school. So, does it mean that Ministry of Education encourages form six students to participate in school level activities only?

Contrary to a few schools which count the School Prefect Board (or in Malay, Badan Pengawas Sekolah) as a uniform body, it is actually categorized as a club or society according to Ministry of Higher Education. For rare cases such as the president of School Prefect Board is also the president of Mandarin Society, he or she may only choose one of them to be counted as the club or society category. So, all lower sixth form students this year including me should be wise in choosing the right co-curricular activity categories combination.

Update: A Malaysia Students Forum reader, BooNBoX posted a great reply on the importance of co-curricular activities for STPM students.

BooNBoX wrote,
There are good and bad in every system introduced. It's hard to have a perfect and flawless system that can satisfy every individual in this world.

In the recent system, I got total of 8.5 out of 10 in my KOKO CRUNCH part. (Ko-kurikulum) Wow.. looked amazing isn't it ? How can I have such good mark ? You may ask... Well, To be honest, I have a 'quite' low-key profle in my Form 6 ... So where the hell you get you mark ?? You may ask again... My total 8.5 outof 10 were from my past activities since Form 2 to For 5 ... "So what's the point you telling all this ??" I'm not showing off here, I'm trying to imply that please take track and record of what you have done in the past !! If you had participated in some BIG event ... please record and remember it NOW ! So you won't have headache by the time you are filling the UPU form !!

Oh gosh !! What if I threw the certs ?? What if I feed it to my dogs ?? Haha... please you are Form 6 (or younger wishig to enter university) and I assume you know what to do right ? Go ask your in-charge teacher in secondary school whom she knew that you participated in such events and ask her to write an official letter to prove you have done that !!

The funny thing is ... What's the point of having COCO CRUNCH while you don't enjoy eating it ?? I mean ... extra curicular activities are for us to learn things other than becoming a reading n memorizing machine. So wht's the point if you join a club just because the ministry want you to ?? Think again !!

Hmm.. well.. another advice for all those who are going to choose competitive course once again ! OK .. i will tell you the real-life situation in my circle and you observe and analyse... See whether you are OK to choose the course. I won't tell you who's who and how they did.

In my school.. (SMK COCHRANE) I am one of the TOP 10 STPM student. One of them scored 4A,1A- and got 4.00. She chose UKM Actuarial Science as first choice but she failed. She got Physical Science in UM. How ironic ... I guess (personal guess) perhaps her KOKO CRUNCH spoiled her overall marks..

While the other scored 4.00 with the results 4A, 1B+ got his first choice which is Aerospace Engineering in USM.. It's not a very hot course so it can be predicted that he would get it...

Another who scored 3.84 chose to do Pharmacy ... ... but he ended up with 6th choice which is Biochemistry .. the weak point i think was came from his KOKO CRUNCH... he is a quiet guy so not much KOKO CRUNCH he had eaten...

My friend she got 3.83 and i knew she got very good KOKO CRUNCH (but still lower than mine) and she got her second choice to do BIOMEDICINE in UKM .. but she's going to NUS soon... Me who got 3.83 as well with my 8.5 KOKO CRUNCH ... The total point is 94.7 out of 100 .. i ended up with being one of the 506 Chinese (nationwide) who got Electronic Engineering in USM ...

Another great girl in my class got 3.92 ... she applied for medicine and dentistry for 1 - 8 choices ... ... PLEASE YOU MUST NOT DO LIKE THIS !!! why ? she ended with something called "Sains Perhutanan (SERAT KAYU)" ... ... PLEASE... each year things are different . plus more.. KOKO CRUNCH IS COUNTED so you must not choose competitive course i yo dn't have a nice KOKO CRUNCH to bite...

After all these examples.. I'm afraid that you can see how GREAT the influence of those KOKO CRUNCH ?? I believe the cut-off point for medicine is around 94/95 which means I would still had chance to get medicine even i din score 4 FLATS ... YOU SEE ?? 4 FLATS doesn't mean EVERYTHING nowadays !!! With some GOOD KOKO CRUNCH a guy with 3.83 like me can beat off many those 4 FLATS book worms who don't want to be involved in anything ... ... i mean something BIG ... You need to involve in BIG event if possible !! Because it just too difficult to get good marks i know since you need to represent the state if you wan to get 4 marks ... ... Anyway.. evey year the system will be different .. it is just an advice... so ADIOS and ALL THE BEST !!!
I asked some questions,
I am studying lower 6 at a school which has just opened form 6 classes for 2 year or so. So, everything in KOKO CRUNCH and other form six related things are very vague for both my teachers and I. Would you mind to answer some of my questions?

1. When A takes 5 subjects in STPM and get let say 4A and 1B+, will he still get 4.00? So do you mean that when someone takes 5 subjects, he can choose the 4 highest grade to be counted and neglet the remaining 1 grade?

2.May I know how the KOKO CRUNCH be counted? I learn that the 10 percent is calculated by adding two of the highest marks from four categories which are the club or society, sports, uniform bodies and national service and then divide the total marks by 2. Am I right? Can you please tell me the exact marks being allocated for attendance, participation, achievement and position?
BooNBoX replied,
I'm ready to help. Here are the answers for your questions..
1. When A takes 5 subjects in STPM and get let say 4A and 1B+, will he still get 4.00? So do you mean that when someone takes 5 subjects, he can choose the 4 highest grade to be counted and neglet the remaining 1 grade?
MPM only chooses the highest 4 subjects (not chosen by the students) in your STPM examination for the calculation of your GCPA. So if you took 4 subjects all subjects will be counted for the GCPA but if you took 5 subjects only 4 highest subjects will be chosen. My friend got A in his PA, Maths T, Physics and Further Maths T but he get B+ in his Chemistry. Anyway his final GCPA turned out to be 4.00. Honestly I didn't know about this, becoz if i did i'd sure take all 5 subjects that i wanted...

Anyway when you trying to apply for scholarship it may be a bit eye-scratching results for the only B+ in your straight A results slip...
2.May I know how the KOKO CRUNCH be counted? I learn that the 10 percent is calculated by adding two of the highest marks from four categories which are the club or society, sports, uniform bodies and national service and then divide the total marks by 2. Am I right? Can you please tell me the exact marks being allocated for attendance, participation, achievement and position?
OK.. make it simple.. next year it'd be a different and new system if not mistaken.. but it is more or less something similar.. it won't care for your attendance participation etc... the only thing is you need to join and make some acheivement ... and of course being recognised by your school... you can't say I WON IN COUNTER STRIKE COMPETITION ... UNLESS YOU ARE REPRESETING YOUR SCHOOL'S IT CLUB then it would be a different story

the point scheme is something like below

0 - no participation
1 - member
2 - AJK .. etc...
3 - Vuice secreatary/vice treasurer.. etc...
4 - Vice president/Treasurer/Secretary.. etc
5 - President (etc..)

0 - no achievement
1 - representing class
2 - representing school
3 - representing zone/daerah
4 - representing state
5 - representing country

for uniform there will be a different point scheme.. depends on your rank... like my uniform i joined scout and i got 4 for my pangkat (i forgot what's the rank ... since i got it in Form 4) and i joined International Jembory i got another 5 points for it so totaled 9 points out of 10 IN UNIFORM CATEGORY)

Another category for PERSATUAN i got 5 points for my PENGERUSI rank and another 4 points since i won in a national competition...

(there's no need to consider my sport category... because it's lower than 9 points) so my highest 2 categories are UNIFORM and PERSATUAN which are 9 points each.

Hence my average from this KOKO CRUNCH is 9 points out of 10.

I got 3.83 in my STPM hence i got 86.175 plus the 9 marks i got total 95.175 which qualifying myself to enroll in Electronic Engineering course...

Hope this helps..
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  1. I am the president of six form association, but how can i ensure that i can get full mark? what activities can i join so that i can get ful mark for my "achievement"?

  2. What if I only a normal member in club and uniform body? ( I am currently study Upper 6)

  3. well .. honestly you better ask from your school about the new system of current UPU point awarding system since i think this year will be a little bit different ... but ... honestly since you are the president of form 6 council and doesn't seem possible to score high marks in achievement... you may try to add in your score from other ACADEMIC CLUB ... i'm not sure about this whether this year they allow to like this or not ...

    and to the other that asking what if you are only a member. .. hmm.. try to find your achievement ... figuring what competition you have participated .... if you are really just a member ... sorry ... ... ... member won't get higher than 4 points if no schievement .. but i can tell you it's quite normal if you score around 2-4 ... ... many people score around there ...

  4. does the co-cu score i got when i FORM1,2,3,4,5 count in 10% when i want to apply IPTA??

  5. hai, i m lynn, i m taking STPM lower 6 this year , and my ambition is to be a lawyer. I heard tat LAW must taken history . the problem is i m in the science stream , the STPM package doesn't offer history.May i drop my mathematic T and replace wif history? Is that any effect to roll into IPTA if didn't take Mathematic( coz i hate 123 so much)!! Or maybe i could take history as the 5th additional subject , but i know that jus burden myself , coz i m not so brilliant n i cannot cope wif too much subject , especially the mathematic ...Maybe u would say tat i could change to art stream , bt my principle does't allow coz i score well in all my science subject in SPM , tat is all A1 .i hope that u would reply to my mail address([email protected]), thank you very very very much!!

  6. Hai.............
    I got a CGPA of 3.92 and a KOKO CRUNCH of 7/10, but still I don't get any offer by any local U!
    Does anyone has any idea what can I do in order to make myself into local U?

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