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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pre-U Course I - Cambridge GCE 'A' Levels

Posted by TyplotioN

I guess it would be a little late to talk about Pre-U course offered in Malaysia since its already February. However, for the benefit of those readers which still wondering what to study right after getting their SPM result, this post might be a small guide to let you know more about the Pre-U course offered in most of the private University college in Malaysia.

Cambridge GCE 'A'Levels
Duration : 1.5 years (3 semesters)
Origin : UK
Offered in : Most of the major University college throughout the whole Malaysia. Eg. Sunway University College, Taylor's University College, Inti College, HELP University College and alot more.
Academic qualification :Five (5) Credits in SPM, 'O' Level or equivalent. Conditional offers will be given to students with forecast results.

The so-called sister of Malaysia's Form 6 (STPM) because of its similarity of duration and the "General Paper" subject offered in both course. Cambridge GCE 'A' Levels is the general certificate of education offered by the university of Cambridge International Examination (CIE). 'A' Levels is one of the world's most recognized Pre-University course which allow their student to pursuit their tertiery studies in almost any university in the world (of cause, subjected to the subject taken and results).

Basically, the 'A' Levels syllabus is divided into two different part which is AS and A2 paper. AS is the first part of the course which student required to complete before picking up A2 paper.

Unlike other Australian Pre University course, 'A' Levels is 100% external examination based. It simply means that the final result of the course is purely based on the final examination which would be held at the end of the course. However, class test,quiz,debates,assignments are held throughout the entire course to monitor the student's progress. Warning letter would be issue if students failed to maintain a certain average marks and subsequently, followed by suspension from the course.

Because i did not pick up 'A' Levels, it is not fair for me to assess how difficult is this course. However, according to some of the my friends who studied this course, 'A' Levels is considered as the most difficult Pre-University course in the world. Certain effort and determination are required in order to complete this course.

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  1. Typo:

    A-Levels is one of the world's most recognized Pre-University course which allows their students to pursuit their tertiery studies in almost any university in the world (of course, subjected to the subjects taken and the results).

    My comment :
    I do agree that it is one of the most recognized pre-U courses, but definitely not any university in the world. If not mistaken, only Commonwealth countries accept Cambridge A-Levels. However I don't thik that it is the toughest pre-U programme in the world. There are much tougher pre-U courses such as IBDP, or maybe even STPM.

  2. Thanks for the typo correction.

    As what i said, tough or not, easy or not, is purely depands on individual.

  3. And I would like to add one more thing:

    If not mistaken, HELP UC doesn't offer Cambridge A-Levels. Instead, they offer London A-Levels, which uses modulus system.

  4. A-LVLS sucks big time, more uni turning in IB instead.

  5. yup, i did a levels. damn tough. damn hard. but as org tua kata 'susah dulu senang kemudian', i find my 1st year in uni really easy. most of the subjects, i had learn during a-levels with some few new things.

  6. I am currently taking CIE a level and I didn't find it challenging. However, I just could not find any reference for CIE a level. It seems most people opt for Edexcel a level.

  7. Well, I just hope turning into GCE A Levels wont fail me.
    So far, a little bumpy but I've decided to spend this year-end holiday to revise all the subjects in AS again.

    Will be sitting for AS next March.

  8. hyes !=) i hv a ques 2 ask al d seniors out ther as i;m startin my a levels nxt week in 1 of d colleges...can ne1 tel me how wud d timetable b like? as taylors is realy far frm wher i stay at , abt a half an r drive excludin traffic..so i was wonderin isit advisable 4 me 2 stay sumplace nearer 2 d coll or jus travel?cos i;ve heard frm my fren hu has asked ard her church frens tht ther r often extra classes as wel as doin researches in library n they;d only reach home abt 10 =S sigh..is tat true?
    i nid sum advice regardin tis matter as i wud like 2 choose d most convenient way available 2 access it.thx !^^

  9. in order to start with a level,is it necessary for student to pass in particular subject.For instance,i would like to do sci but i didnt pass in bio and maths of igcse.

  10. hahah! you guys must have not heard of international baccalaureate if u guys think a-levels/stpm is the hardest :)

    do a research on ib, or u guys can google "ib quotes", where u can find tonnes of webs about the "goodness" of ib :)

    i suppose stpm and a-levels dont have them

    that is enough to show our suffering in 2 this deadly 2 years program

  11. Can any A- Levels student tell me can we home study for A-levels in Malaysia and take the examination as an individual student ?


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