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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-university Programme: Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)

Posted by Erlina

Pre-university Programmes Overview: Form Six, Matriculation, A-level, AUSMAT, SAM, ICPU, IB, Foundation

Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)

The Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) is a popular pre-university program administered by the Curriculum Council of the Government of Western Australia which is responsible for the development and accreditation of courses of study for post compulsory schooling and for the assessment and certification of student achievement.

At the end of this 10 months program, students will be required to sit for the Tertiary Entrance Examination (TEE) which is equivalent to the Year 12 curriculum of Western Australia.

Entry Requirements
SPM, O-levels or its equivalent with 5 credits including English, mathematics / science.

January and March

RM 8,500 - RM 11,000

The AUSMAT program consists of 5 subjects. They are as follows:
  • English studies or English as Second Language (ESL)
  • The remaining subjects must include one subject from each from List 1 and List 2:

List 1
  • Chinese
  • Economics
  • English
  • German
  • Malay

List 2
  • Accounting studies
  • Applicable mathematics
  • Calculus
  • Information systems
  • Human biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

In addition to these subjects, students will have to study the compulsory MQA subjects which include: Malaysian studies, moral/Islamic studies and Bahasa Malaysia (exempted if a credit in Bahasa Malaysia has been obtained at SPM Level)

50% of the assessment is based on course work and the other 50% on an external examination, which is Tertiary Entrance Examination (TEE). The TEE is recognized by most universities around the world, especially Australia, as an entrance qualification for degree programs in various universities.
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  1. What is the main difference between AUSMAT n SAM? Which one will be more encouragable if i am planning to take overseas course in Australia aft my pre-U study locally.

  2. basically it's the same but most of the colleges offer SAM. It's the entry requirement for those who planned to study at Aussie..

  3. Is AUSMAT recognised as a pre university course for Medicine. Where else is it recognised other than Australia ?

  4. If you are aiming for medicine,I dont think AUSMAT would be good because medicine is always high in demand and it doesnt require any courseworks. Mostly, Medicine students will came from A-level,Form 6 and Matricualtion (Local-U) because these 3 pre-u is going deeper compared to other pre-u courses.

  5. how to apply this AUSMAT program?

  6. hey i hope this information would be useful.
    there are 2 major differences between sam and ausmat, which is tht sam is regulated by the south australian government and ausmat by the western australian govt. The TER is also calculated differently where sam takes into account of all 5 subjects. ausmat is slightly different where the best 4 subject is calculated, which then gives a higher ranking =D

  7. Hi, i'm now taking ausmat at intec, shah alam, selangor. It's been 6 months now. i'm majoring in economics. And for the 2nd sem, commerce students i.e accounting and economics students are given a choice whether to take specialised math or malay studies as another additional subject. I'd love to take malay studies but my sponsor, Petronas, has obliged all its scholars to take specialised math. What's actually the most prominent reason if u take specialised math compared to malay studies? Is it more applicable or easier while applying for universities in australia?

  8. To Anonymous,
    Basically, malay studies is good when you applying for country that used malay.
    Like you said that you are majoring in economic so i think it's more applicable for you to take specialised math.
    I got a few friends here who are Petronas Scholar and they required to take Further math in A-level too because it's useless for them when they are doing their degree at australia.

  9. Hi.. Like u said before, it's going to be useless for students to take malay subjects like malay studies when they are doing their pre-university as they are going to pursue their degree in australia after all right. But then, my lecturer said that malay studies will help improve our TER. Besides, it will also give us more time and space to study and revise for the other subjects. Actually for many students, the first and foremost priority is that they want to pass the TER for them to get to australia. They don't want to take some heavy subjects just because it is 'said' to help them in their degree in australia. It's not even certain that students are going to excel by taking specialised math, what's more to pass the TER to go australia. It's like, who likes maths. If u said, taking specialised math is going to help students in their degree in australia, then why bother having malay studies as an option for the commerce students?

  10. hi,i'm a student doing my aumat prog in kbu college..
    actually,from what i know,the comsulsary subject such as malaysian studies will not be included in our TER score.it is just additional subjects that u hav to learn and pass the examination.
    like me for instant,i learn malaysian studies and islamic studies only for 6 month,then sit for the exam.basically u just have to pass the minimum score of 50% i think, then u will be just fine.

  11. can i get more information bout study and career planning in engineering??
    mybe that info will help me in future

  12. hi..
    can anyone tell me more details about study for australian matriculation..
    because this june i will futher my stdy at intec shah alam for australian matriculation..
    cn anyone tell a little bit about the subjects and the books for ausmat???

  13. I applied for social science and I managed to get the JPA scholarship. I'll be doing AUSMAT in KBU. I want to get a degree in English Literature. What subjects do I have to take while doing AUSMAT? Based on the list, the only subject directly related is English Studies. Do I have to take science and maths too just to make it 5 subjects?

  14. I m going to do ausmat at kbu tis july..

    KBU offers these subjects for AUSMAT students:
    applicable mathematics, calculus, bio, phy, chem, economics, accounting, information systems and german.

    since i m taking accounting, my choice will definitly be accounting, economics,information system and _______. I dun really think i need applicable mathematics and calculus but discrete math. Bio, chem, phy and german are totally out..

    can anyone pls giv me some ideas...

  15. hi, I got scholarship to study AUSMAT in kbu. I'm going to take chinese in ausralian university. However, KBU doesn't offer me chinese, so I'm afraid I can't study chinese later. So, can anyone point me a way? or at least brighten me up? Pls...

  16. what if happens if my TER did not pass the requirement that allow me to fly to overseas..can i continue my degree in this country or i'm will be taking a diploma only

  17. Hi...i am a form5 student this year and i am planning to take SAM programme next year for the january intake...
    i have a few questions to ask :
    1) i am planning to take medicine too but i saw a few comments which said that if taking medicine A-level or STPM will be better but my sir told me that SAM does the same thing as well so i am confused if i want to take medicine should i or should i not take SAM?
    2) if i really want to take SAM programme which college have the best quality in SAM programme plz kindly reply me questions

    Thank You:
    my email is ([email protected]) plz reply to my email thank you ^^

  18. Hello all! ;) i really need some advice on choosing the right pre U. I'm form 5 this yr as well. Like John, i am still contemplating whether to take SAM or ALevels. I'm also really interested in doing medicine. Well, many say tht if u intend to do ur med in UK, ALevels gives u a better chance in applyin for med course. For my condition, i dont really intend to go to UK (yea, it's far, and the weather is sorta extream, dont like cold tht much) So i received an advice fr a yr 1 med student (he did A Levels), tht if i choose A Lvl, i would be wasting a yr or more AND money. bcuz most intake is in Jan for med. Also, the 1st yr in med would be the repetition of their Alvl content. As such, SAM student have to struggle more compared to Alvl's. So i am thinking, M'sia top U tht offer med course (such as Monash) would they prefer SAM students/ A lvl? And is it true tht we hav to get nearly perfect pts (99.00) fer SAM to enter? And is it hard to get 3A(S) fer A lvl? bcuz they (Monash) only opt fer 3A(s).

  19. Hi. I need immediate feedback if possible. What options do i have if i don't pass the TER for the scholar but i pass the TER for the Uni in Australia? Is it possible to convert the scholarship to loan or something like that? Are there any other forms of financial aid available for me? And if i were to continue my studies locally, what are the Uni's here in Malaysia which Ausmat students can enter, but 2nd year?

  20. hi,i am a student now waiting for my spm result .i ll go for psychology after my pre u .and now i am confusing wehther i should go for which kind of pre u.is it SAM suit me ?and if i m going to take SAM i ll be joining the march intake .is it very hard for the march intake ?why everyone also said that the march intake would be very hard?

  21. { SAM and AUSMAT } between these which 1 wud serve me better to get to Australia..

  22. hey.. i'm planning 2 do my AUSMAT in KDU & then continue my degree in IMU... is there any scholarship available for pre-U courses?? i've searched bt gt no info bout it... mostly is for degree courses... there's none for pre-U.. :( i hope u could help me, s i'm not so good in searching details.. thank u... :)

  23. hi,i'm about to go to intec this july doing ausmat too..
    but i don't know the details about the subjects and the studies there..ihope you could give me some information regarding this..since experienced people give the best advice..thank you.

  24. I'm planning to take SAM at taylors college or INTEC. But then if i dont get scholarship, most probably will pay for it la. but can we get scholarship from government to go abroad if we get excellent TER at the end of this pre u? i still wonder.

  25. What is the difference between ausmat, sam and candian pre u? From what the consultant have said that aus accepts cpu too aside ausmat and sam. Which one is easier to get into Aus? The said that cpu is accepted world wide as a level do plus more choices to choose from universities. While ausmat and sam mostly availeble in aus only... It s that true?

  26. does German universities recognise AUSMAT?

  27. which country is the best in doing mechanical engineering? UK, US or any other country? and which pre u programme should i take?

  28. hmm..i will be studying in Uitm Shah Alam this July..my major is accountancy..ya in Ausmat programme..actually i am worry becoz i don't have any basics in account and economy...never learned it before..so,i hope someone cn give me some advices..lastly,about specialised math..how hard is it?

  29. is Ausmat hard? i heard many people failed it

  30. hello ... i would prefer to major in zoology .. wat pre u university course shld i choose

  31. Hi do a levels. Don't waste your time money sometimes life by doing SAM or AUSMAT. Many people have regretted taking thinking it'll be easy . Just because of 6 months difference many people take Sam ausmat without knowing much about it , later they regret especially some engineering and medicine students who can't obtain the required atar as it's very very high compared to a levels. For example psych in Imu requires 70 atar for a levels JUST pass 2 sub .

    If you wanna suffer , take Sam. It will be the worst year of your life with stress,cries,and anxiety.

    Imagine this : Thursday - test Wednesday-test every week tests. It's very stressful . Alongside studying for test , you also have to do a lot of other things like investigation lab report , very strenuous.

    A levels choose the one you're good , unlike Sam 5 subjects , where you have to do equally good in everything, you mess up one you mess up all.

    It wants to act like IB but is no near to the standar of IB. The ideal pre u in the world is a levels and IB , any part of the world it's accepted.

    Read more http://southaustralianmatriculation.wordpress.com

  32. Hi I just finished my SPM if i want to study for a degree in Germany what should i take for pre-u courses? A-levels or AUSMAT

  33. Hi is it available to ausmat and continue my study at Australia by taking the vertinary course??

  34. Hi, i just want to know if im a social science student, can i study science by AUSMAT of SAM?


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