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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

JPA Scholarship 2008 Interview Experience

The post below was written by wilson, an active member of Student Malaysia Forums. He blogs regularly at his personal blog.

Hihi, my name is wilson. Below is my experience for the jpa interview 2008.

On second of April, my father drove me to Pusat Konvensyen Antarabangsa Putrajaya (PICC).

The place is not difficult to find. In fact, my dad and I had gone there on last Sunday to determine its exact location and have a look at the building, so that I can prepare myself mentally. Yes, I would be having my jpa scholarship interview there.

My interview time was on 8am, but I had reached PICC at 7am. For one, I am afraid of traffic congestion (in fact, it's quite silly to worry about that...). Secondly, being early is much better than being late.

I went into the huge and rather-grand building and followed the directions along the way to the interview place. I then checked my panel and interview room. It's panel 5 and room 15. I put my signature beside my name and then went outside to take fresh air. I was together with my classmate. So coincidentally, we got the same interview time. This is called fate!! Haha.....

The sceneries out there is really beautiful. To the future interview candidates, You should actually bring along your camera to snap. How can you possibly miss it? Furthermore, this helps you relax and stay confident.

Finally, the waiting time passed and it's 8.

My friend and I went separated to our respective panels. I registered at table 5. By register, I mean I just had to sign on a paper beside my name. Then I began arranging all my certificates according to a sequence that was listed on a paper given to me. After submitting the photocopy certs, I had to wait again. Oh no! I badly wanted it to be over, as my heart was thumping faster and faster, harder and harder. I think my blood pressure was shooting up that time, will that be 150/110? Wow, this blood pressure is definitely incredible!

Eventually, it's my turn. The interview was-as usual- done in groups. A group of eight candidates including me went inside. The room is not very big. And the distance between the interviewers and us is just about 2 to 4 meters.

We started off by introducing ourselves one by one in Malay language. It's very kind of the interviewers to tell us what to say when introducing ourselves. But some of the interviewers won't do so, as what my friend had experienced. This was part 1. I talked about my family, my co-curriculum participation including the competitions that I took part in. In my opinion, a very important part (VIP) when introducing ourselves is to mention the reasons why we want to choose that course. Tell honestly and just bluff a bit if you want to.

However, I did not bluff at all. I said i want to do medicine because that's really my dream and passion since small. Then............blablabla........ I was quite nervous. And when I talked about my ambition to be a doctor, my sound changed a bit and it seemed that I wanted to cry. But I wasn't actually so. Perhaps, it's an effect being over-nervous. Honestly, I have no idea whether this is good or bad.

Next was part 2: group discussion. Our topic was "Handphones, a luxury or necessity?" Every one of us had to say something. Don't talk too much or too little. Be moderate. If you are not good in spoken English, talk slowly as you need time to convert your thought into words. For the english-ed people, the ideas and words all flow into their minds because they are already used to speaking English. Never try to talk fast to pretend that you are good in spoken English. You will only end up in trouble. This was what I noticed during the interview.

Finally, after about an hour inside the room, we are "released". I was so relieved.

I think I did not do very well in the interview. I just have to pray that I would get jpa scholarship offer. But I have also prepared for the unwelcome result.

Lastly, good luck to those going for scholarship interview.

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  1. Chill there mate, I think you'll be OK with it! Good luck for being chosen there!

  2. hey, wil, thanks for being so selfless and nice. Good luck in the future!

  3. hey wil..i also went to interview same day as u..but diffrent time..my interview time was on 10am..i agree with u..the sceneries is really2 beautiful as this is my first time i came to picc..i think i do not do well in da interview..i talked too little bout da tajuk given..coz of dat i have prepared 4 da unwelcome result..

  4. thanks for sharing. It is really kind of you. But the topic the interviewers asked is really shallow 'Handphone - Luxury or Necessity'. Quite shocking really.

    No reflection on you of course.

  5. thanks 4 sharing with us... congratulations, at least you have a nice experience n ur the scneneries is too beautiful if happen to me..hehehe. gud luckk

  6. halo~ i oso went to interview same day n same time v u~ Panel 5 Room 16 ^^ dats is de opposite room only~ hahaz

    de topic given is da same~ i felt a bit nervous at first bcoz all others candidates r too excellent~ XD but afterdat i felt quite ok inside da room d~

    good luck to everyone~ stay calm n steady is da most important element~

  7. Hi there! :) I've blogged about my JPA interview experience too, I was wondering if MS Blog would like to have it up on their site? The link is http://uhmelia.blogspot.com, would be happy for the post to be here as well, as I spent a long time typing it out ;)

  8. hey thx 4 sharing with us ur experience. i read this post a day before my jpa intrvw (urs was on d 2nd april o8, mine's 3rd apr 08) and it's very very helpful. thx!
    n oh, gudlux ok?

  9. i will being interviews this monday..14 april..im really2 nervous..especially when i read all these experience....i hate this kind of feelings..i cant do that!!!there's no way i will go to korea to continue my study..IMPOSSIBLE!i know ther's a people who is much2 better than me....

  10. So sorry to read about those who did weell and couldn't get what you want. You should all have been given places to study in the local universities to do your pre -U instead of getting the JPA scholarship. Why can we have more unversities and name them after each states? Surely it is cheaper to study locally than sending a hand few of them to France and elsewhere. The family income should not be criteria for chosen the right candidate as all have done equaly well meaning obtainig 10As. They should have informed the students what results they need in order to qualify for this JPA thing. I am sure those who scored 10A1 could also get 11As or 12 As if they had known than those who get more As stand a better chance of gettig the JPA thing.
    Those who intend to apply for the JPA scholarship in future should find out more about the requirement in order to avoid disappointment. Don't give up. You still have your matriculation and STPM to have another chance of getting into the university you want to further your study in. Regarding the JPA interview how on earth are they going to decide who to give to when they interviewed six candidates at a time.Sorry for any errors made. Have a nice day.

  11. so actually what are the requirements needed for getting the jpa scholarship?

  12. ehmm..i have a question? for those who apply law for jpa, what is the result should they get?

  13. hi,there....i have q question? ermm..let's say the group discussion you're not perform excellent then the chance for you to get the jpa scholarship is low? so the group discussion normally is debate is it? or it depends on what course that you had applied for?well i'm anxious to wait for the interview list...i choose law....i just want to try , give my best shot during the interview....wish me luck


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