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Friday, April 25, 2008

Toyota Eco Youth

Toyota Eco Youth LogoI think frequent readers of this blog (read: you) will notice the banner featuring Toyota Eco Youth by now as the banner is being featured from April 13 till end of May. We know and love Toyota, but what is Toyota Eco Youth anyway? Read on.

“Today's youth is tomorrow's future”, this is what Toyota strongly believes. And because of this belief, Toyota gives back to the society by launching Toyota Eco Youth programme to instill environmental attention in our youth as the right perspective can change the world.

The Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) programme is an exciting competition involving 16 teams from 16 schools across the country, each representing 1 state and Federal Territory. Each team consists of 8 students and 2 teachers. The challenge of the competition is simple: to reduce environmental impact in their respective schools. Sounds very interesting, right? How I wish I were able to take part during my secondary school years.

The TEY programme was built with the purpose of instilling eco-awareness and promoting environmental conservation in school children. UMW Toyota Motor believes that the more we know, the more aware we become, thus fuelling our motivation to act responsibly toward our environment.

The students involved have reported an increased level of awareness for environmental conservation, while vouching for the Problem-Solving Approach as an effective and practical strategy. The Department of Environment has also invited TEY into the “Sekolah Lestari” umbrella, a joint venture with the Ministry of Education.

Toyota Eco Youth 2008 PlayersThe players of 2008 TEY competition have already been chosen and are contesting for lucrative prizes with RM10,000 as the first prize. Is your school one of them? The TEY 2008 competition, which lasts for eight months, kicked off in mid of February this year with a training and workshop session to introduce the participants to the Problem-Solving Approach and existing environmental issues in schools. In the next stage, students submit proposal papers of projects to combat these environmental issues within their respective schools. Their finding will be verified by a visit from the organizing committee, who will also give them pointers on how best to proceed. Selected schools are given a RM1,000 grant by Toyota.

Even though most of us are not the players, we can declare our support by spreading the word about TEY programme or even just downloading cool desktop icons, email sign-offs, screensaver and wallpapers from its official website.

Visit Toyota Eco Youth official website today!
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  1. Wow. I was so happy when u guys posted this one.

    I was in TEY last year, from SMK Saint Elizabeth, Sibu, Sarawak.

    It was truly a wonderful and totally new experience for me.

    You get to make friends, learn to work in a team, get to know people of different cultures and background, learn various skills that you don't get to learn everyday, etc, etc... You get my point.

    Overall, it makes you more conscious about the environmental problem our country is facing. In addition, I believe that this programme can help to produce future leaders of our country.

    Great programme. Great money prizes ;p

    Hope this year's participants will benefit from the programme as much as my friends and I did :)

  2. I think that Toyota is seriously into the business of conserving the environment which deserves adulation. Only with such backing by corporates, we can spread out the message much more easily.


  3. The toyota thing doesn't seems to involve a lot of schools. I asked my teacher about it. She told me to find out how to participate. Seems to get nowhere near on hoe to get involve.

  4. You can't sign up for TEY. Toyota shorlisted the participating schools with the help of the Education Department.

    It's the only flaw of the programme. But if you consider again, the money prizes are quite a big deal.


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