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Friday, March 18, 2016

Post-SPM Experiences: Sincere Advices to Students Not Getting Expected SPM Results

Guest post by Stephen Kong Lik Soon (Share your personal experiences with 51,000+ Malaysian students)

After the SPM examinations are over, I am constantly being bothered by a question. “What if?” In the past we hate the teachers in school so much for making us stay in a boring classroom and revise boring lessons. We hate homework, especially when it is given before a long holiday. We crack our minds to figure out some way to trick the teacher to talk with us and forget everything about lessons. However, the moment we handed in our last paper for SPM, suddenly I am struck with this thought, ‘Now that it is all over, what now?’ I never felt this hopeless before, because in the past I always had too much stuff on my mind to think about, like, academics, co-curricular activities and all.

Post-SPM Experiences

After a few months our results came out. Before the actual day we were nervously waiting for the dreaded day to come and it came at last. The moment we received our results slip, I immediately slipped into an abyss of depression, because I did not get the results other expected of me. For days I pondered over my results, wondering what could I have done wrong during the exam, and how was I going to face the world after this. But here are a few tips for all the students who did not get their expected results in SPM.

  • Your SPM results are not everything.

    I mean, sure, a good SPM result slip is like an attractive prize to show off to your friends and family, not to mention nosy relatives, but other than that it is just another piece of paper. Getting bad grades for SPM does not mean you are not good. It simply means that other people do not get our point or opinion. Applying for scholarships are also easier with a good result, but what happens when you get into university? People care less about your results and more about what you can do and what you are capable of. When you get into society to work, people will not ask what you got for your SPM, but rather how good you are at your work. So that is why, SPM results are only means to temporary glory.
  • Your parents will be disappointed, but they will know you have tried your best.

    This is a universal truth that some parents might deny. Although our parents express how disappointed they are with our results, deep down inside they still care for us and they know that we have tried our best. I have strict parents myself. When I showed them my results, they said nothing except for “You could have done so much better if you had worked harder.” and “This is the result of you playing too much computer games”. I was heartbroken, no doubt, but I realise the pain is only temporary, because what my parents said might not be the truth. They do appreciate our efforts in trying so hard to succeed during the exam and their words are just another way of saying it. Bear in mind, you are never under-appreciated.
  • Not all the geniuses or successful people got where they are now with their SPM result.

    In fact, a lot of them failed to even complete their education process. The famous inventor of light bulbs, Thomas Addison, did not even complete school. Fuelled by nothing but his own imagination and determination he is currently one of the world’s most renowned scientists to revolutionise the world. The inventor of Microsoft is also another good example. He was a college dropout and still managed to work his way up to become one of the world’s richest man. Our future will not be secured just because we got bad grades for SPM. It is just a mere setback intended to test us, to see if we are strong and bold enough to get back up and rise up to the challenge. Do not let the obstacles have the last laugh, because you know you are so much more than that.

Having said these, do not give up your dreams just because of not achieving your dreamed results in SPM. It does not define who you will be in future, because we craft our own path in life. We are the masters of our own destiny. If there is no path for us to take, then we’ll create a new path for ourselves. Live out your life with exceptional colours and never let the world dampen your spirits!

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  1. Thank you for spending your time writing this, it helped me a lot.

  2. 2016's SPM candidate, I predict that am gonna revisit this site in 2017. :(


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