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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Awards

Posted by BooNBoX

KUOK Foundation is one of the option for all students who are pursuing tertiary education and facing financial difficulties. The best thing about this award is that you can take up part-loan part-grant award and start to pay back half amount of the loan only after you graduate from the tertiary institution.

The other very good thing is that the loan is interest-free !! I'll describe the type of award offered by KUOK Foundation...

KUOK Foundation Berhad is one of the charity company subsidised by KUOK organisation, by a Malaysian Tycoon Robert Kuok (known as Sugar King of Malaysia). Every year this company helped a lot of Malaysians fulfiled their dreams of pursuing higher education without financial problem. The above awards are not scholarships but are financial assistance given to needy students in the form of interest-free study loans or part-loan, part-grant study awards. Study loans are repayable by monthly instalments upon graduation. The type of award to be offered to any one student will be decided at the absolute discretion of the Foundation.

Basically KUOK Foundation helps students from various backgrounds but concentrate more to those facing financial difficulties. The other rule from KUOK Foundation is that the student MUST BE ACCEPTED into one of the local public tertiary institutions, IPTA (or other higher institutions, IPTS as listed by KUOK Foundation) OR accepted into a SINGAPORE PUBLIC UNIVERSITY (National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University or Singapore Management University).

The loan is upto RM9,000 per annum for the whole course period for students from Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Science related etc courses while students doing Arts bachelor wil get upto RM8,000 per annum while for students in Singapore, only Medicine and Dentistry students may take the loan upto RM28,000 per annum while all other students may take loan upto RM20,000 per annum. To ease your eye-soreness, I've put the figures into the following table :-

Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Awards
*The above loan amount is PER ANNUM. The award will include the WHOLE DURATION OF YOUR COURSE with some regulations such as meeting minimum academic requirement to continue the award every year.

Conditions for Application

- Only Malaysian citizens are eligible to apply
- Applicants should possess good academic qualifications and should be active in school
- Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Awards are for needy students only
- Only undergraduates / prospective undergraduates reading for a first degree are eligible to apply.

Procedure for Application / Work Flow

Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Awards Work Flow

You are welcome to ask any questions !! By the way I am waiting for their money ... kinda poor in Singapore now ... lol

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  1. Kudos for the informative write-up and the attractive tables.

    How we know when the application is open? Through the websites or the newspaper? Which website or newspaper?

    Since you are successfully awarded, do you mind to write another post on the Interview when you are free?


  2. came across this blog from PPS. A very up to date blog.

    I'm currently a Malaysian student studying in Melbourne. Do you need any contributor to write stuff about the tertiary education in Australia? do contact me if you need one.


  3. oops ... i already interview him .. may i have your MSN so that i can send the ionterview session in text to you ?

  4. lolx, aren't you guys should do this privately? rather than posting it here....?

    u're one funny dude boon

  5. Hi, I'm Chloe..

    I'm a Mlaysian and now studying in NUS..and i've applied for OCBC Study Loan.Can i still apply for this Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Award?am i still eligible to apply for this since i've already started my study in NUS?or i can still apply for this in my second year?pls reply...:p

  6. You mean OCBC Tuition Fee Loan (TFL) ?? Or you mean OCBC TFL and NUC Study Loan TOGETHER ??? From what I know, you can have OCBC TFL at the same time while holding the KUOK Foundation. But I'm not very sure about the Study Loan ... For your info, taking many loans are not encouragable, especially high interest loans such a TFL and Study Loan (ranged 4%-6% when you graduate) ... since KUOK award covers much of your expenses hence you juz need to take up TFL only ...

    If you have more enquiries you can always ask me!


  7. Hi.I'm currently a student that just finished my SPM.I have intend to pursue my studies in one of Singapore's Polytechnic.I'm searching for some bursary or scholarship.I found out this Kuok Foundation Award. I get to know that in Singapore, those government offered a tuition grant, JPAE for M'sia students. I'm wondering which one will be better between Tuition grant and Kuok Foundation Award. Please give me a reply.I'm waiting.Thanks.

  8. first .. sorry for keeping you waiting ...

    then.. for your question.. i wish i can give you more convincing answer but i couldn't since I applied to NTU via my STPM results. Yes, NTU do accept students from Singapore Polytechnic.

    For the tuition grants I can tell you it is something like ... the actual tuition fee is very expensive (such as SGD22k for undergraduate programme) so the Singapore government will give out tuition grant to minus off and give a 'special discount' to student with a condition which is a bond in Singapore. Hence it is a totally different thing than KUOK Foundation Award. KUOK's award won't be enough to cover the actual fee and you will still need to take the tuition grant. By the way, I doubt that KUOK is giving out award for Polytechnic. So far I notice that KUOK only provide financial assistance to students from undergraduate level upwards. Anyway I hope you can approach their office for a more accurate answer. Their office contact no. is 03-21425319.

    Hope these will solve your doubt.

  9. Hi.... i'm currently a student who just get the STPM results.I get 4As and my CGPA is 4.0.

    I don't think i will go overseas to further my studies. I think i will just stay at local University to fulfill my dream to become a dentist.

    My family is not rich. Therefore, i really hope to apply and successfully get this fund.

    May i know that how u prepare for the interview? May i know that what common questions will they ask? Actually im really nervous..... because i don't think that my english is good and fluent..... so can u pls help me?

    hehe....... really thanks a lot...... im waiting for ur reply..... Thanks.....

  10. Hi there...!!

    The Kuok Foundation Awards is up to RM 9000 for those who study medicine and dentistry? This means that any succesful applicant who study that course will sure get RM 9000 for the duration of course?

    Hot to differentiate part loan and part grant? is part grant means that one does not need to repay?

    thanks ...

  11. To Anonymous,

    To prepare for this scholarship. You will need to know very clearly, what is your course about? Why you choose such course? Why is it your dream? Depends on the interviewer, some interviewers might ask you even more abstract questions such as what do you think you will do after your graduation or how are you going to repay the loans/awards after you graduate. The questions they asked were roughly about my course, career prospect, how do I see myself in 10 years' time. They do asked some about your family background.

    Of course, the interview will be conducted in English and honestly you will just need to speak fluently. You shall speak to a level that you are able to communicate your information clearly to the interviewer, then it should be good enough already.

    Sorry for late reply since I am dying in the sea of assignments. lol

    To Jeemays,

    For local students in IPTA, yes, the loan is upto RM9000 PER ANNUM (PER YEAR) for science students. This means that successful applicants will be awarded RM9000 in 2 separate installments every year (need to renew every year).

    You will be informed on the type of scholarships you will be rewarded. There are 2 types : FULL LOAN or HALF-GRANT-HALF-LOAN. You will just need to repay in half of the total awards after graduation in the latter case.

    Hope it clarifies everything.

  12. hi i have applied to NUS for the AY2007/2008 which will commence this August. Since you are a Kuok Foundation holder, I just want to know whether the RM20000 per year they awarded to Malaysian students in Singapore public universities is enough to cover both tuition fees and living expenses in Singapore?

  13. To honest with you, no. Since the tuition fees itself would take up most of the award hence it would most likely that you choose to take the tuition fee loans from Singapore DBS or OCBC. This loan will cover at most 90% of your tuition fees and after that, together with KUOK award then it will be very enough for your whole year's expenses. Of course you may choose not to take up the tuition fee loans or just partial of it...

  14. Why wouldn't Kuok Foundation be a thorough loan/award provider for needy students pursuing LAN accredited/IPTA/S approved tertiary(degree) courses in terms of the entire course fees and living expenses of the qualified students?

    I know Kuok Group is doing something good but it has some similarity of a typical commercial/bank loan whereby the borrower has to come out with his/her own capital first(i.e. you must prove that you can afford (with a KuoK-approved funding source) the balance after deducting the loan/award).

    Being a Foundation, my opinion is that it should do more than just "assisting" the needy. It wouldn't help in the study when the student is carrying an empty stomach and living in a poor condition/environment.

  15. can matriculation o asasi students how want to pursue their study apply for this loan???

  16. hi, I am Architecture student. I finished my 1st Degree in University Malaya and now I continuing my 2nd Degree of Architecture at same university.
    Can I apply for the study loan for 2nd degree???And when is the closing date for application?

    Wayne Ng

  17. Kuok Foundation have offered me a full grant before ... not just LOAN alone ... or half-grant ... good luck!!

  18. hello,
    I am selected for kuok foundtion interview...May I know what question will the interviewer ask? On family background,what question will they ask?

  19. Hi there..
    I am a Malaysian and interested to further my degrees in Singapore. I am stil waiting for the NUS reply, but recently i received an offer from Singapore Raffles. Their offers sounds very interesting, and i am stil considering about it. Due to my previous education results, they offer me $15K instead of their original price $24K FOR Biomedical Sc. However,since i am Malaysian, they informed me that they dont provide any loans represent their college. I was thinking of to apply for any loans from bank. Would you like to suggest me any good opinions? Is there any chances for me to get help from KUOK foundation?

  20. i scored 8 A's in my spm...only chemistry(B+),moral(C+),seni(B+) i didnt get A...i have a few strong international certs with me...i got A for my kokurikulum and have no dicipline problem...i want to do architecture...my ideal choice would be Taylors...could u give me any scholarship?

  21. Hi,
    I would like to know whether Kuok Foundation Scholarship is full loan or depends on academic achievement? Thanks!!

  22. I went for the interview last week. Will I be given the chance :(
    And I saw the previous comment in which ng was granted a full grant before, may I know that's for which category?
    Thanks a lot.

  23. Only STPM holders..What about A-levels completers? Any chances for them available to apply for this award?

  24. Can I have the application foam and how to get it

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