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Monday, August 21, 2006

Summary of Experiments of STPM Practical Physics

Posted by Chong

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The summary of experiments for STPM Practical Physics below is written in the following format:
[Experiment number] – [Topic] - [Purpose] ([Mode of working], [Completion of practical report])

1* - Physical Quantities and Units - To determine the density of a substance (Individual, In the lab)
2 – Kinematics and Dynamics - To verify the principle of conservation of linear momentum (In pairs, At home)
3* - Rotational Motion of a Rigid Body – To determine the moment of inertia of a flywheel (In pairs/Stationed, In the lab)
4* - Statics – To determine the coefficient of static friction between two surfaces (Individual, At home)
5* - Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) – To determine the acceleration due to gravity using a simple pendulum (Individual, In the lab)
6 – Oscillation – To study the damped oscillation of a spring-mass system in the air (In pairs, At home)
7* - Stationary Waves – To study stationary waves in a string (In pairs/Stationed, In the lab)
8* - Sound Waves – To determine the velocity of sound using a resonance tube (Stationed/In groups of 5, At home)
9* - Deformation of Solids – To determine Young’s modulus by cantilever method (Individual, In the lab)
10 – Kinetic Theory of Gases – To verify Charles’ law using the air column trapped in a capillary tube (Individual, At home)
11* - Thermal Conduction – To determine the thermal conductivity of glass (In groups of 5, At home)
12* - Capacitors – To determine the time constant and the capacitance of capacitors in R-C circuit (In pairs, In the lab)
13 – Electric Current – To study Ohm’s law and to determine the total resistance of resistors in series and parallel (Individual, In the lab)
14* - Wheatstone Bridge – To determine the resistivity of the material of a wire using a Wheatstone bridge (Individual, In the lab)
15* - Potentiometer – To determine the internal resistance of a cell using a potentiometer (Individual, In the lab)
16* - Magnetic Fields – To study the behaviour of a bar magnet in varying magnetic fields and to estimate the horizontal component of the Earth’s magnetic field (Individual, In the lab)
17* - Electronics – To understand the characteristics of an operational amplifier by measuring voltage gains and bandwidths (Stationed/In groups of 5, At home)
18 – Geometrical Optics – To study the magnification of real image by a convex lens (Individual, In the lab)
19* - Geometrical Optics – To determine the refractive index of a glass using a concave mirror (Individual, At home)
20* - Physical Optics – To study the diffraction pattern formed by a diffraction grating and to determine the wavelength of a laser beam (Stationed/In groups of 5, At home)

* Compulsory experiments to be carried out for assessment

Note: Each of the experiments listed above, is allocated a duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes. For the experiments of which the reports are to be completed in the laboratory, the duration should not exceed an hour.

Source: STPM Practical Physics Paper 960/3 Student’s Manual Session 2006/2007 © Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia 2006/2007

If you have the summary of experiments for STPM Practical Chemistry and/or Biology, please share them with us.

Update: A reader just sent us the assessment and summary of experiments of STPM Practical Biology.
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  1. This summary of experiment also apply on 2008/09.


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