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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Posted by Melanie

Malaysian University English Test (MUET) first batch is approaching soon again. To be more precise it will be starting on 28 April 2007.

Some schools arranged their students to take the 1st batch and some the end year ones. I've heard some schools forced their students to take twice too. Personally i think taking the first batch is much safer because you get to retry if you are not satisfied with your result.

MUET is not some English test you can take lightly. Those who do not take MUET might think MUET as some easy English test like the one we had in form 5. Heck , they're wrong. MUET is much tougher than that. MUET is not some exam you can just pass by , but some English test you must study for.

I know readers will be wondering what i got for my MUET . I got band 5 for my MUET. Honestly , I'm quite satisfied with it having the fact my teacher do not teach us and i wrote less than 3 essays before the actual exam. Most of us will strive for at least a band 4 because there are some courses in public universities that required you to score at least band 4. Not only you can't go for certain courses in universities, but if you scored below band 4, you'll have to take elementary English in universities which is time consuming or rather a burden.

There is a way to score well in MUET. One thing for sure , never rely on your listening part even though i can guarantee almost all of you would score a perfect score in school level. WHY? 90% Of the time , the speakers in school tend to play a prank on us. Yes, they're always very "echo-ish" and you can't possibly listen well. Besides, Listening only gives you 15 % of the marks. BUT , i am not asking you to totally abandoned it.Just , do not trust the school speakers.

The most important part is the reading comprehension. It weigh up to 45 % of your marks. that's like almost half of the total marks. So , this part is VERY important. I used to suck a lot in this part until one day , i found a very effective way to understand the passage. UNDERLINE. that's the key word. Try to just read through very quickly the passage cause the passage tend to be very long , and later read the question , so you know roughly what to find in the passage. Then read again and underlined what you think it is important. You do not need to be someone with bombastic English to score in this part. The most important thing is , you understand roughly what the passage is about, and trust me you'll have no problem answering it. For the cloze text, you'll need to do a lot of sample test for it. Buy a lot of model papers to do for this paper and later you'll find most of the questions are almost similar. Remember , this section is very important. If you can score this part, you won't need to worry about not scoring a band 4 again.

The speaking , honestly i do not know how they actually judge it. Cause , i do have a "quite" good speaking English , but i scored only 30 /45 . I was kind of disappointed because most of my friends who speak really lousy English , they scored almost the same marks . So , i think teachers are quite lenient if you cannot speak good English , while if you're good ,they will be strict. However , if you can't speak good English , do not ever try to use bombastic words. This part is not bout what word you use (of course , it's a credit if you use beautiful words) , but it is more on how fluent your english is. And if you really suck in speaking , just say it in broken english , but make sure you get a point there and said it clearly.

The writing section is often the most difficult part. I scored a "so-so" mark for my writing , but i would say the question for the essays are usually difficult. They'll ask you things you never really thought of. So , never underestimate any important agenda around , cause that's the one that most likely to come out.I don't know , maybe it's kind of like a spell. (haha) however, it is important to know what is the hottest news in the country because giving a realistic examples is a huge credit.

I know that most of the time , the 1st batch MUET exam often clash with school's semester exam and often you're on dilemma on which to concentrate on. I was like that too. However, i later found out the answer to my dilemma. That is, if you study for your MUET now and score well, you will be free and have ample of time to study for STPM. Remember , MUET is much more important than the school level semester exam. So , prioritized on your MUET before the school semester exam. MUET is what you need to enter university. You do not need your school semester exam for university entry. Trust me , you wouldn't have time to study for the year end paper cause STPM subjects is enough to make you go crazy.

I hope this help to those who are sitting for MUET next month. Remember , just spend one whole month on your MUET, and you'll have the rest of the time to study for your STPM subjects and concentrate on your reading comprehension!

All the best, yo!

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  1. Good news for lower sixer this year- New MUET specifications: For the listening component, the new specifications will see an increase in texts and questions. There is also more variety in question type. For the reading component, cloze passage has been removed. For the writing component, summary writing has also been taken out.

    The summary question has always been regarded as one of the tougher components in MUET. Even though I am appalled at the removal of the Summary question, I have to agree that it looks more like a reading rather than a writing question, as candidates spend a lot of time reading the text. However, I still think that the skill of summarizing is an important skill in life.

    All the best to all of you!!

  2. I want to know that what is the minimum band required for MUET to get into Local University? If I go to foreign university, did MUET required?

  3. Generally, you need to get band 3 or above to be eligible for most degree programmes offered in local public universities. Some popular or prestigious degree courses like medics and pharmacy, however, require higher band like band 5 or above.

  4. You don't necesarily need a minimum band to enter a local uni. To be honest with you most local uni MUET are band 3.

    The only difference between all these band is that Band 1 and Band 2 need to take two extra english course during the holiday. Which means they had two holiday shorter than most people. While those in band 3 and band 4 , need to take one extra course only. And those in band 5 and 6 , need not take any course.

    However MUET result can be the one that determine your entrance in uni if there's too many people. Say for instance A got Band 4 , B got band 3 , they needed another one. They will choose A.

    My advise is that .. it's better to score at least a Band 4 . But if posible , try to score band 5 , then you'll be free from the extra course conducted during holiday

  5. hi.. m currently working. i graduated abt 17 yrs back and i didnt take any MUET test b4. now, can i take this exam althou M not a student. I just want to know how good is my english.


  6. The Conspicuous Ethnic Polarization in MUET Test
    Beware, all candidates who are going to sit for this so called exam, for ethnic polarization is absolutely conspicuous here. If you happen to be so unlucky to sit the speaking test with all candidates of the same race but the examiners are different in race, prepare to get UNBELIEVABLY LOW MARKS. Yes, indeed, even if you are doing extremely well and feeling very satiated with yourself. This is just the beginning, though, as when you get your results you will feel like killing those examiners. Speak all the magnificent things you want and get cooperated, and then get frustrated. So, my advice is, just do not sit twice or thrice, as your results will remain almost the same. What's more, you cannot even check where you lose you marks at, because no scheme is given. And there is no appeal for rechecking, as they actually want you to sit for the exam again and pay more money. DO NOT GET DECEIVED! You can probably get very high marks in your objective questions, but, you still need to worry about your essay. From what I have heard and from my observation, the examiners will actually give you some very lame marks if you are writing an essay that is out of their understanding! I got an A1 for my GCE in STPM, and third prize in international essay writing competition, and all other prizes in school for my somewhat good command of English Language. Listen, I do not mean to boast myself here, but I just want to mention one thing, that is, the better essay you write in this exam, the lower marks you should expect to get. So, try writing an essay that even a primary school child will understand, to fit with the examiners' standard. I do not want to be antagonistic but I just want to speak the truth. So, don't bother getting low marks or band in this examination, for you may actually be better than expected. However, try to achieve at least a band 4 in this exam, because it may help you by a little if you want to further your studies locally but not going overseas. What I believe is, English is nothing but a worldwide language that is needed to be mastered if possible. There is actually no palpable measurement of it. Let the Examination Council put you to a grade as all they want, but do not care about it overly. All in a nutshell, study hard for STPM exam and do not worry about this test.

  7. muet is really something that tough for me because i'm not that good in english although i always got A for my english test since i was in standard 5..studying BEL in university had thought me that i have to learn more to be in a same level with others and to score in my BEL paper..in order to take degree next year, i've taking this examination and sadly i only managed to get band 3 because i can't score at speaking test. i quite surprised (eventough i know that i'm not that good) because i always score in my BEL paper..my speaking test marks has never been that bad..i decided to take muet again this semester so that i can further my study but unfortunely, the registration already closed..it is closed before the result come out..i wonder why is the system is like this..the result should come out first..if the students feel that their result is not that good, then they can take it again..but in my case, how am i supposed to take it again as the registration was already closed before i know my results?dont the authorities ever think of this situation? i know that i shouldn't blamed the muet system because it is obviously my mistake but with band 3, i can't go anywhere..i can't further my studies in TESL..n if i want to take law, i'm not sure with band 3, are they going to accept me? i'm really stress...please..i want to take the muet exam again this year...please open the registration again..i have to take it this year..seriously..

  8. is it true that the muet certificate has its expiry date???

  9. If i like to register for the mid-year MUET exam, where and how do i register because my school is not helping to register for the first batch for MUET exam. Is there a dateline for the registration and when is it?

  10. i got band 2 for muet the end of 2008 and i'm not satisfied with my result.i just had registered for repeated my muet.can give me some advice or skill to score in my muet test coming soon?

  11. i took my muet exam last november and surprisingly i managed to get band 5.. i think the key is to really understand the passages given to you during reading section and try to minimise your grammatical error in speaking and writing.yau dont really have to write a very long essay simply within the medium length and the contents must be precised.... try to use a wide variety of vocabs... it should be fine gudlack....

  12. i am going to take my muet this april.. i got b3 in my english SPM.. i got friend that got A1 in his spm english but still get only band 3 in his muet, sounds like hard 4 me to get better result but i will try my best... thanx 4 the tips ya.... xoxo

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. How to register MUET Test? Isn't it take it while form 6?? Can i take the test before i go toward to form 6? because i wan to know my standard to choose art or science stream..
    [email protected]

  15. thanks 4 ur advice..
    i'll appreciate it..
    im sitting 4 my muet on this may.

  16. hi...my english spoken n writing is not good but now i have take muet n i think i can't get band3..im scare coz tomorrow i have muet test..

  17. i'm going to take muet test this saturday morning(tomorrow)..i don,t know what i should do...God please help me...

  18. i really really worry this time..yea,my english is bad and poor...
    uh! please help me..i really want get a good band in my MUET soon..8least band 4..
    i really dont know if i can or not..pleasee:[
    what should i do?

  19. I m going 2 sitting muet speaking exam 2morrow in 2nd session. Oh god.... pls help me 2 speak clearly n fluently.
    I try 2 get atleast band 4. The writing paper is more easier than listening n comperhension paper.... I just memorize some idioms n preety vocabs 2 get some more marks.... That's all. Thanks 2 my parents 2 support me. I m really apperciate them. Thanks again. Hope having a nice exam.

  20. i'm going to sit for my speaking test tomorrow..and i'm very afraid..all of my friends had did their test last week,and i thought their topic are quite ok..i really hope that my topic will be easy and i have the ideas to talk and elaborate about..furthermore, i do not know who my partners are,only knowing their names based on the list pasted on the notice board..and..i have a foreigner,who is from botswana..owh God,help me please!! (very very scared :[ )

  21. Sadly, I have no experience of doing MUET, because I'm not studying in local university. So all the best to those who are studying for MUET

  22. muet is actually not that difficult...u ppl should not be too afraid of it..

    lets take speaking as an example:
    its very easy to score a high mark in speaking. for speaking ur marks basically come from 3things = ur language+content+communicative ability. having a good command of language is useless if u do not fulfil the task given to u. u need 2 really undertsand the question and respond accordingly 2 the question. giving examples using a current issues may give u huge credit as it shows that u are aware of what's happening around you.

    writing is the paper that most students are having problems, especially with the introduction of Question 1 where students have to decipher non-linear texts. the biggest problem lies in students' response where they dont know how to analyse and synthesize the question. most of the students also write more than the required number of 200 words stated in the instruction. one more thing, DO NOT (i repeat) DO NOT write your own ASSUMPTION in question 1. everything must be based on the non-linear texts ONLY!

    thats all i can share 4 now...
    good luck with MUET...

  23. i have taken already for my MUET in MID-Year 2009 but i did not achieved any band..i got "X" at my slip result and what suppose it means?Previously..i had not been seated for MUET exam in part of "Speaking" and yet i'll rather confused..is it that i have failed..?But now in process i have to take back for my MUET and will be seated on this October for speaking.Now, i'm just self-study for preparation taking MUET exam that will be running on October..started with "Speaking" papers.So my question is, what a minimum band should i obtain that qualify a person to enroll at local university?i have intended to continue my study at local university next year..i hope.Because i had reads so many times admission on local university, it says the student should has a muet at least band 1.Now, i'm just waiting for my diploma convocation but has been postponed for H1N1 disease.I am taking diploma in engineering..and many of my friends and colleague talked that for engineering courses, the person should obtained at least band 3 because a lot of references in university mostly in english..i'm not denying about it.so..plzz help me!

  24. If you are in matriculation programme,which should be concentrate on???MUET or Final Examination???

  25. hello all..
    a very good piece of advice from the writer..
    i just wanna share my experience here..
    to all muet test takers, u dont have to be so panic. n dont expect the worst.. bcoz it's not as hard as how u might have been thinking of.
    well, i've taken ielts recently. n i tell u the truth, muet is much much easier compared to ielts.
    so don be so panic n try as best as u could in muet

    may luck always be with u
    =) chill out ok! good luck all!

  26. Dear Melanie,
    this article that you wrote was not fully true/acceptable. Why I said this? Because you can't simply said that the examiners were too lenient or in a simple word; reacts/responds differently towards different candidates. That's not true. You can't simply mark your friends as 'lousy speaker' just because you thought that you were 'quite' good. Your tips was good, but please, I think that MUET examiners were better that what you thought. Your statement really means that you underestimate those professional examiners. Please write responsibly next time.

  27. i'm going to take muet this year.i just got c5 english in SPM.
    do u have any tips for me to make at least i got band 4 or 5?
    i'm ready 2 work had..thnx..

  28. To those who taking MUET or IELTS.I think both tests are difficult but there is a bit different to compare them according to their list of band.For MUET,exactly 6 band for us to know which one is the suitable band for us,but for IELTS,it have 10 band.Suprisingly if we got band 3 for muet it will be the same if we got band 6 in ielts.And for my advice,put a great effort on it so that we can excel well in this test.:)

  29. tomorrow i'll be sitting on MUET..
    hopefully i can do my best and confident with myself...

  30. hello..
    hye..i'm going to sit for my speaking test tomorrow morning..but,my problem is..my slip was missing..
    as i know,if we want to sit 4 tis muet..we need 2 bring the slip togethr with IC rite??
    SO..wat should i do now..please give me the fedbck as soon as posible...!!!please...!!!

  31. To do well in muet and for that matter any language paper in any exams whether public or otherwise you need these ingredients :
    good preparation i.e. studying, practising and having good techniques and strategies
    AND luck i.e. easy test topics, lenient or really fair and professional examiners and markers.
    I DON'T BELIEVE that all the examiners and markers are uniformly professional. Some are really good, many are just average and the rest are bad. You cannot deny this. They are just human. They have their weaknesses and biases. If you are really lucky then, you may end up being either leniently or fairly assessed. If not, your result will surprise you.

  32. Why some of thestudent are weak in listening?

  33. hello everyone. actually I'm still in lower form 6 and I am quite interested taking MUET. So, do share more of your knowledge about MUET as i'm reaaalllyyy excited to study MUET.. XDD sorry for the extremely broken English.. hahahaha

  34. hi!
    actually i was very afraid right now. That is because i taking muet exam on this november 2010. i have sit mid year exam 2010 and i've got band 2. So, i decided to take again just want to better my result. But. i need a help. Please give me support. One more i also have to sit STPM exam in this year. The same goes for Muet. I don't know how to imagine if i do not get a good result in MUET. Please...
    From. Upper 6 student.

  35. thanks for your tips here..
    i will take MUET end-year exams. Here, i find it some extra technic. thanks again...besides that, this entry a little bit release my worrying about facing these MUET exams. thanks again..

    regards: red

  36. Don't worry, if u failed, you still going to be a great person. I'm here to fix all the equations made by stupid human being.Let me tell you the truth that MUET is nothing. It's just a test to make you afraid of. If you afraid more, the government will supply more MUET books for you. Can you imagine how many coins went into the government pocket? They did that all for money because you afraid. I have MUET this monday. I will use F word.

  37. huhh....thanks dude...u know wat?i`m repeating m muet tomorrow cuz i juz get band 3 in last muet exam..n my teacher said my name is not there!i`m not registered!!what da hell they do???then i`ll go myself to MKM n register again..such a big burden..wish me bez of luck guys...

  38. hye..i wanna know is there are expired date of MUET cert??cz i took MUET in 2007 in form6 n i cont stdy in polythecnic..2011 is my final sem in dip..should i retake my MUET or cn i use my 2007 MUET cert??

  39. im a students currently studying in UIA. my university does not recognize muet exam. therefore we the students here are insisted to sit for a university paper which is known as " English proficiency test" i have seated those papers last year and I've passed with flying colors. so, now i an perplexed whether I've to take muet again or not? my lecturers said that EPT test is sufficient and more qualified than MUET. Is tat true?

  40. wishing Good Luck to everyone whom resitting for MUET.. Break a Leg =)

  41. i hope i can do the best in my muet paper nex month,and do hope i can speak fluently,aftr reading all ur post,i more nervous + afraid if i stuck

  42. muet is quite tough for me ..as i will enter the u at the end of this month so i need to sits the Muet as their one of entry requirements ...oh god! i so scared right now .i not very good in english ..and i get b in my english paper for spm 2011 ..actually i know that i can speak but i'm very shy person and lack of confidence.please help me!!

  43. i just sat for Speaking Test on April 6th, 2011. The question is "What subject should be made a compulsory subject at pre-university level?" Give your reason.

    Candidate A= Sex Education
    Candidate B= Financial Management
    Candidate C= Personal Health Management
    Candidate D= Religious Education

    I had a very good group discussion. We talk, we listen, we interrupt, we ask opinion, we give opinion, we oppose, we discuss and then we agree and come to a close. It was an interesting participation.

  44. ai..really2 nervous right now..tomorow i will take my 1st muet..i'm not good in english..and i scared if i can't speak tomorow..coz my english are so weak..and i don't know what preparation that i do..argh.. stress..feel like want to delay my muet tomorow..

  45. i'm nervous too right now cause i'll seat for my muet for reading, listening and writing tomorrow. i dont do any test and my friends said that for engine student, they should get band 3, oohhh,, that scary me.. what should i do nowwww.. help me god..

  46. Band 2 can go where?

  47. Does anyone here remark for MUET before??

  48. this 19/10/2011 i will attend my speaking test ..muet..nervous scare..i'm totally out in may english... just get c5 in may spm... right just want to get band 3..to continue my stdy in deg engin..but right im nothing do..no revision... no time... work..help me!! how to get at least band 3 just for the last minute test!!

  49. ~h0pe i can prepare totally g00d for MUET .. t0 all the MUET takers , please d0n't be t00 nervous.. just believe in y0urself .. actually, it's about 0ur mind set .. if we think that MUET is difficult t0 sc0re and c0mplicated t0 be d0ne, then we'll l0se 0ur c0nfident .. just trust y0urself . but yet, d0n't be t00 c0nfident ..it'll suffer y0u later ..never miss praying t0 G0d als0.. Relax and just be well prepared !

  50. Hye there ;D I just want to ask you a question . Is the MUET in matrikulasi is same like stpm level ? Cause as far as I know , stpm students roughly have 4 sems / 2 years so it's kinda bit different from matrikulasi . Some of the matrikulasi students got a 1 year or 2 year programme . So is it any different from that ? Thank you ;)

    1. Malaysian University English Test (MUET) is conducted by the Malaysian Examination Council.

  51. Great Blog! I am preparing for IELTS preparation & looking forward to get admitted to USA top university. I really enjoyed your blog and definitely share with friend. Thanks


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