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Saturday, March 03, 2007

SPM and STPM 2006 Results Out in March

Posted by Chong

Update: STPM 2006 examination results will be released on March 15 (Thursday), 2007.

There is news reporting that Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination 2006 results are expected to be released on March 12, 2007.

The timing of the release after the National Service (NS) second first intake (Kumpulan 1 Siri 4/2007) and before the third second (Kumpulan 2 Siri 4/2007) intake was to ensure that all SPM candidates could get their results from their schools respectively.

Though the date for the release of Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) examination 2006 results have not been fixed, I believe it will be within two weeks after the release of SPM examination results. Last year, SPM and STPM examination 2005 results were released in the same week on the different days.

I expect to see the number of straight As scorers of SPM 2006 to be fewer than SPM 2005’s 4779 (including 945 straight A1s scorers). It is due to the fact that there were 416,717 candidates that had taken SPM 2006 examinations while there were 438,132 candidates for SPM 2005.

After you have got your SPM results, you can visit JPA eSila to apply for the prestigious PSD scholarships (biasiswa JPA). In the past, SPM candidates have to get an A (A1 or A2) in Bahasa Melayu subject to be qualified for the application. I believe this requirement will be applied in this year too. The application form will only be available after the release of SPM 2006 results. Good luck!

Update: Correction made. Thanks to May.
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  1. Oh no, I am so worry of my results. Eventhough I think I have no problem with all my subjects, I am still worried of my Bahasa Melayu and English 1119 as I made a lot of gross grammartical error during the examination.

  2. Oh yes, I forgot to mentioned this. Wish all of you good luck on your SPM and STPM results.

  3. The PSD and MARA scholarships for overseas program will be available on the same day as the results.

    I've posted the important dates and contact numbers in my blog in case you guys score straight As.

    Here's my link: http://hcfoo.blogspot.com/2007/03/calling-out-all-spm-students.html

  4. Aren't the results going to be released after the 1st and before the 2nd NS intake, instead of after the 2nd and before the 3rd intake?

  5. Hi,
    Being a candidate of SPM '06 myself, I follow with profound interest, the avalanche of both public and professional views expressed following the glare of the national limelight upon the country's top scorers. As much as it has elicited
    publicity, the announcement of the results has, too, seen the engenderment of much disquiet apropos to the true nature and orientation of our examination system. Nevertheless, where are we actually heading in the rat race for straight A's? An illusion of immense and destructive proportions is percolating irrevocably within our education system with much reverberations whose ripple effects are yet to be manifest, albeit already felt in the air. One that appeals to the egoistic nature of students, evermore justifying grounds for taking an extraordinarily excessive amount of A's. Take, for instance, the recent trend of fifth formers taking up extra subjects for their SPM examination. Upon sober reflection, when has this trend actually emerged? Noteworthy is the fact that such a trend did not manifest in the late 90s, at least not until the acquisition of A’s of a surplus amount elicited public attention and highlight. Since then, the race for A’s has seemingly been on an inexorable, exponential rise. It has even been regarded as a record to be held. While such phenomena may signify a justifiable and even perhaps, a postive revolution in our education system, care must be taken lest the purpose of the examination be distorted and veiled. Indeed, the current emphasis on academic performance heralds a looming, though unforeseen catastrophe to be unfolded disastrously within the nation in the distant future. Then, human capital will be no more than a functional asset to the country whose work serve the sole raison d etre of its mechanical existence. The race for A's finally over then, will take on another subtler form of race anew, one of personal judgement that may well herald an unforeseen era of prejudice, based not on the real individual, but rather, his or her paper qualifications - ultimately, the identity of the bearer, on which either ego resides, hurts dwell or discontentment lingers. With regard to the former, the race for supremacy and superiority over the rest, will take on a new unprecedented dimension. The glory of achievement, as well as the scar of failure, will inevitably remain perpetual throughout the course of an individual’s life. From a national perspective, the course towards which our education system appears to be heading, seems more dangerous than it is promising.
    Is our current evaluation of individual achievement based on straight A’s an embodiment of justice? Does a scholar who obtains straight 10A1’s merit more attention and consequently take precedence over his or her “less perfect” counterpart who secures 10 A1’s and an A2? How then, is the government’s top 100 SPM scorers list organized?
    Our examination system, sad to say, is not one that seeks a holistic approach of assessment. Perhaps it’s time to adopt a new education policy. Take, for instance, the History test in SPM '06. To have an immeasurable, seamless ocean of information and facts compacted for evaluation into a mere 2 and a half hour test (History 2nd paper) whose nature of assessment is therefore measurably constricted, is tantamount to stuffing a tonne of flour into a paper bag while expecting to secure its contents. The random selection of topics for the test no longer exemplifies a wholesome, overall picture of the subject fit for evaluation. For example, much to many a students’ disappointment, Chapter 6 of the form 4 history syllabus did not appear at all in the 2nd paper of the History exam. A colossal chapter indeed, it required much memory work which, in effect, became wasted when the 2 and a half hour test completed, especially taking into consideration its religious nature of facts which is naturally alien to most non-Muslim students. The unfair random selection of topics for evaluation is compounded by the paradoxical fact that the topics aren’t really that “random” after all; some candidates had had the privilege of hindsight beforehand, having been given so-called “tips” that turn out to be true. Little is left to the imagination as to the source of such reliable information.
    I look forward to a day when examinations no longer dominate the hearts of the young ones, spared thus of the heartache we experience at the present yet driven by a source of motivation of a different nature. A future whereby paper qualifications do not solely represent individual ability and efficiency. Beyond the examination, after all, lies a life yet to be lived.

    p/s: A thousand apologies should my comment be irrelevantly placed in this post.

  6. SPM Boy, thanks for leaving such a thought-provoking comment. You don't have to apologize because it has now been reposted as a post entitled Reader's Comment on Current Examination System.


  7. spm boy, you have just elaborated in great detail almost everything that i have wanted to express since i took my results slip. bottomline, the race for a's is ludicrous and overrated.
    I believe the disaster due to the emphasis on academic achievement has already begun judging from the devastation of the spm 2006 candidates who didn't achieve straight A's. It is not after all the end of the world. You cannot blame the child either for being ridiculously depressed for the parents itself place too much pressure on their child to the extent of physical violation. This is partly due to the embarassment of these parents because their child didn't perform well which stems from the insane expectations of the society. You said the catastrophe would begin in the distant future. I'm afraid it has already begun.

  8. SPM students from a nearby school cheated on their paper. I was very mad the teachers in charge didn't take any serious action.
    I didn't cheat on my paper but I scored a very bad result. This made me very angry. I felt like burning looking at my result.
    My friends said SPM this year was unfair, unlike PMR and UPSR which are easy to score A. My school aimed my best friend to achieve 11A on her SPM, but she only scored 5A. She always did well in the school examinations and her SPM result was just so different.

  9. anonymous,

    you must be fully aware that SPM aren't like UPSR and PMR. they're easier to score .. but SPM is not. STPM is twice harder.

    so , teacher's forecast, is just a forecast . you must remember that. dun ever trust a forecast. look what happen to that gal who scored 19 A1 in her forecast?

    you cant compare what u did and how u did in school. perhaps ur school has the easier questions to score. of perhaps , students are so used to what kind of questions the teachers will be up to and with hints here and thr , so it kinda make it easier to spot questions school exams. so getting good result in sch exams doesn't guarantee u a straight A's in public exam.

    Last but not least , dun be disapointed with ur results. true enuf , humans wants the best. but , you can never change ur result. Look forward , and do the best u can with ur result.



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