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Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Spend Your 2 Months Holiday After STPM Semester 1?

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Well, let's be frank, who will want their two months precious holiday to be spent in tuition centres and study room just to do the ordinary student-have-to-do-chores: S-t-u-d-y. But dear Sixth formers, please do not just waste your holiday doing nothing. You have to do something useful for the coming Upper six because my experience told me that Upper six is completely different from the previous Lower six in every aspects!

After the hectic Semester 1 in Form 6, I really learnt a lot of things. From being really discipline in studies to acquiring new skills on how to organize an event in the school. As we Form six being the 'oldest in the school' have to be responsible of many school events, for example we have to in charge of the price giving ceremony during Sports day or any state competitions being held in the school. Okay, let's get back to the topic. Knowing how to spend your two months holiday wisely is really important as it will 'indirectly' affects your Upper six next year. Below are only my suggestions for reference.

1. Look back
Well, this may sound weird as it is more of a mental approach. This is because personally I think Form 6 is not easy for both Science and Arts Stream. Try to look back your Lower six , what kind of attitude that you have displayed in Lower six? Were you hardworking enough? Did you always procrastinate every time a task is assigned to you? If you are the latter, it is time for you to ponder upon your mistakes and change for the better. If you are the diligent kind of students, well done! All you have to do is keep up that spirit and ready for semester two and three to come. Having a positive mindset can guide and steer you through all the hardships in Form Six. If you feel like you have not been doing very well in all the exams in semester one, IT'S COMPLETELY FINE. There are still two semesters to go. All you need to do is work extra hard from now on.

2. Check out what really PBS is all about
By now, you should have heard of PBS, which is the School Base Assessment/ Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah. This is more like a medium-size project that will make you run here and there in the upcoming semester because you have to travel and go on field trips especially for the subject Pengajian Am. So, it is always better to get a general view of what is PBS at first. You will have to understand how does PBS work, the weightage, the format (which you can ask your teachers/ seniors/ search at the MPM official website). If you already know the topic (MPM will announce in their website in December) start researching on the topics given, find relevant information online. There will be 2 topics to choose from for Pengajian Am, choose the one that you are more comfortable and confident with.

3. Do 'Pre-study'
Pre-study means looking into the syllabus of the new semester. It is crucial because the syllabus for every semester in the new STPM Modular System is very different from each other. You don't have to really start studying or go into details. You just need to download the syllabus form MPM website and print it out. Browse through the topics that you are going to study in semester 2. Trust me, it helps. Getting an overall view of the topics can help you get to know your study scope and you can be more focus while studying the subject.

4. Take up part time jobs
It is always good to earn your own pocket money. If you are able to find a job which you only have to work on weekends, go for it! You will definitely learn many things while you engage in any part time jobs. This experience is very valuable and useful for Sixth formers as you can include your working experience while writing your resume or personal statement in the future. Part time jobs will make you tough both physically and mentally!

5. Research
It is time to think about what course that you want to take up and which university that you want to enter after Pre-U (STPM). Some of you may think that it is too earlier to do so BUT if you want to apply for scholarships and study abroad, you must start researching now about the application procedures and processes especially for those who want to pursue undergraduate studies in the UK (Apply through UCAS). You don't have to worry about the qualification recognition part as STPM is internationally recognised by many countries even after MPM has introduced the new modular system.

6. Work out
Want to look good and study smart at the same time? Solution is exercise. Don't get me wrong. You don't have to spend in order to sign up or become a member at the gym to look fit. All you have to do is jogging or walking. Jogging here means jog everyday at the nearby park or (if you really are a 'lazy bone', opt for walking but walk at a faster pace). I don't think you want to hear me bragging about the advantages of exercise on studies, I guess you have heard enough before this. Just allocate some time for working out, you will see the difference for sure. You will feel good about yourself. Confidence level up!

7. Reading
Reading is essential. Sixth formers have to read materials that are related to the global. Start reading BBC, CNN and local news by whatever methods (Phone Apps, recommended: Flipboard; Newspaper; Magazines; TV News). If you find it a little boring to keep reading all these, spice up your reading list with some novels (in English). The language and vocabularies used in novels can really help you in scoring MUET.

8. Relax
Last but not least, relax. But before that you must make sure you have done what you need to do as a Sixth former. (Refer back to the suggestions above). Spare and treat yourself to some entertainment and do the things you enjoy the most. Just watch some k-dramas or some reality shows which will make you laugh to release stress like Running Man or We Got Married etc before you kickstart your STPM semester 2.

Before we meet again in the next post, I wish you all the best in your STPM Semester 1 result. No pain, No Gain @ Preparation makes perfect.

Kerri C was born in KL breed in Klang. A person that is fond of music and poetry. Dedicated in guiding all the Form Six juniors out there through their one and a half-year Form Six life. She just got her STPM 2013 overall results in March this year.
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