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Monday, January 26, 2015

Exclusive: Buy Cheap Bus Ticket Online Malaysia & Singapore Using Our Discount Codes

Have you bought your CNY holidays bus or train ticket? If not you better buy it online now to avoid disappointment. All bus and train tickets to all destinations are selling out fast now. Book your bus tickets now!

Do you know, you can now buy bus ticket online and purchase KTM train ticket online at discounted price without going to the counters at bus terminals like Pudu Sentral (Puduraya Bus) Terminal, KL and Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) at Bandar Tasik Selatan, KL?

Enjoy More Convenience, Buy Bus Ticket Anytime Anywhere

Gone are the days we need to go to the bus terminals or nearest coach agents a few days or weeks earlier to buy our bus tickets and then travel on another day because the bus tickets to popular destinations like Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Penang are usually sold out last minute and almost every weekends or during holidays like Chinese New Year (CNY). It is way more convenient to buy bus tickets at home anytime using your computer or anywhere using your mobile phones instead of going to the bus terminals, especially those bus terminals with touts and illegal bus operators. Mind you, it is dangerous to travel on buses operated by illegal operators as passengers are not insured. Furthermore, some bus operators allow you to choose your seat when you book your bus ticket online. Skip the long queues and buy bus ticket online!

Get Cheaper Ticket Using Our Exclusive Discount Codes

Even though it is more convenient and the online bus tickets are sold at same price as counter price, many of you are still reluctant to change your behaviour to buy bus ticket online. To help you Malaysian students save money and to encourage you to try to buy bus ticket online, we are offering exclusive discount codes or promo codes when you use the following three online bus ticket sellers. They are the top three online bus ticket sellers in terms of bus operators and popularity.

Compare Bus Ticket Prices Online Before You Purchase

Go to Buy Bus Ticket Online Malaysia to compare bus ticket fares online before you make your purchase. Different websites might have better deals for different routes, so better compare all three websites before you make a purchase since it is very convenient and fast. Apply the following discount codes for cheaper bus ticket fares!

BusOnlineTicket.com (link)

Bus Online Ticket
Purchase coach tickets to Malaysia and Singapore
Discount Promotion: 8% off with this Bus Online Ticket Malaysia discount code 2015
Expiry Date: No expiry, report to us if it does not work

Easybook.com (link)

Easybook Malaysia
Singapore and Malaysia's largest bus ticketing site, also offering train ticket and car rental
Discount Promotion: Get up to 7% off with this Easybook Malaysia discount code 2015
Discount Code: MsiaS56x
Expiry Date: 31 December 2015

Discount Promotion: Get up to 10% off with this Easybook Malaysia discount code 2015
Discount Code: MsiaS42w
Expiry Date: 1 March 2015

CatchThatBus.com (link)

Catch That Bus Malaysia
Catch that bus to Malaysia and Singapore
Discount Promotion: Apply Catch That Bus discount code 2015 to receive 5% discount when you book any destination using its website or 10% discount if you book using its mobile app
Promo Code: MYSTUDENT10
Expiry Date: 28 February 2015

Which one offers the cheapest bus ticket online?

We compare the ticket prices of the same bus journey at these three websites using our exclusive discount codes. For the sake of comparison of these three websites we choose a trip offered by all of them. We choose return ticket (round trip) of Transnational coach from KL to Penang on 6:00PM 18th February 2015 and 10:30AM 23rd February 2015 for 1 pax to travel back to celebrate CNY. The Transnational bus trip is departing from Hentian Puduraya and arriving at Terminal Sungai Nibong.

Bus Online Ticket: RM75.67 after applying discount code (RM81.27 before applying discount code)
Buy Bus Online Ticket Malaysia & Singapore Buy Bus Ticket Online Malaysia Easybook
Easybook Malaysia: RM75.16 after applying discount code (RM77.40 before applying discount code)

Buy Bus Ticket Online Catch That Bus mobile app
Catch That Bus website: RM73.52 after applying promo code (RM77.40 before applying discount code)
Buy Bus Ticket Online Catch That Bus website
Extremely low price when purchase using Catch That Bus mobile app: RM69.66 (RM77.40 before applying discount code). Please take note that using the mobile app, you need to purchase KL - Penang and Penang - KL in two separate transactions as it does not support return trip selection yet.

Conclusion: Catch That Bus website offers the cheapest bus ticket fares for the time being (during the validity of the promo code) with clean and slick user interface. Buy bus ticket through its mobile app and apply promo code to get the cheaper than cheapest website price. Easybook Malaysia offers cheaper ticket fare compared to Bus Online Ticket (BOT) and Easybook also offers KTM train ticket and various other amenities such as attraction tickets, coach packages, hotel room booking and vehicle chartering services to customers within Malaysia and Singapore. After the 1st of March 2015 when the promo codes expire for both Catch That Bus and Easybook Malaysia, we recommend you to use Bus Online Ticket to buy cheapest bus ticket using our exclusive discount code.
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    Hi. You have providing very useful informative information to all get the deals for booking bus tickets. Thank you for sharing this great information.


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