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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

SPM Mathematics Tips

I am currently 17 year-old and live in Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. I’m a secondary student in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Miharja. I will be sitting for SPM this year. Therefore, this submission is for those who have difficulty in scoring Mathematics especially Paper 2. I always hope to have my own domain and host for blogging. I would give a big thanks to Malaysia Students if my submission is chosen as one of the winner. This submission is also credited to my former teacher Pn. Noraslinda for giving speech on Mathematics in my school this year.

SPM Mathematics Tips

by Bobby Ng for Writing Contest 2008

Brief Introduction
Mathematics (is also known as Modern Maths) and Additional Mathematics are categorized as thinking subjects which you take your time thinking rather than memorizing facts. The formula will be given at the front page of the examination paper. Additional Maths is notably 4 times harder than Modern Maths. It’s like if students think Maths is shit, then take Add Maths. If you get 90% marks in Maths, you may have potential to get 40% marks in Add Maths. It’s near to impossible for someone who get A1 in Add Maths fail in Math. Well it’s not important. What I’m going to discuss at here is Mathematics.

SPM Mathematics
In SPM, mathematics is considered as compulsory subject. You must pass this subject in order to get the certificates along with Malay language. Malay language test takes a lot of time and your hand hurts like hell after writing so many words. It’s not simple either. However, the percentage of students fail in Mathematics is higher than Malay Language in real SPM, which is ridiculous. It is told that Mathematics is quite ‘difficult’ among Art students in seminar SPM, which I can't believe my eyes either.

In my opinion, Mathematics is the easiest subject in SPM for Science students. I believe PMR students can even do with their PMR standard knowledge because some questions like volume of solid and area and perimeter of a circle being test in SPM. It’s not being taught in SPM therefore you can only depend on your past knowledge in Form 2. Although the questions are a lot easier than Add Maths, There are still some pupils having difficulties in Maths.

I see some students leave the 'haven't done' answers after they get the formulae to be applied in the questions, which they didn’t really answer the questions. Some of them don’t understand the questions’ needs. Therefore, exercises and guidance from teachers are essential for improvement.

SPM Intervention KL 2008The questions are so direct and mostly the answers will less likely to appear in decimal. You need a little bit of logic compare to Add maths. Besides that, even if you do well in monthly test, you might end up tilting head during SPM examination hall. It’s because monthly tests don’t follow the real format of SPM. Like Intervention 1 for KL state this year, there's no chance in hell this question is coming out in real SPM.

Based on SPM Maths, it consists of 2 papers

Paper 1
- 1 ¼ hors
- 40 questions
- 40 marks

Paper 2
- 2 ½ hours
- working steps must be done
- Section A
= 52 marks
= 11 questions
- Section B
= 48 marks
= 5 questions (answer 4 of out 5)

Every chapter will be tested in Paper 1. The questions will be tested from Form 1 until Form 5. Since you have already mastered the some basics in PMR, these shouldn’t be a problem. Do past year objective questions will strengthen your basic.

In paper 2, there are only certain chapters that will be tested in SPM maths. That’s why I will concentrate more on paper 2. The whole paper 2 format based on past year questions in random order with brief tips below

Confirmed to be tested every year
Paper 2 (Section A)
1) Volume of solids (which was taught in form 2)
- most of the formulae given are for this question
- make sure the formulae are used correctly
- combined solid is sum of volume of the solids
- remaining solid is the subtraction of bigger solid and smaller solid

2) Angles of elevation and depression
-using trigonometry rule

3) Mathematical reasoning
- statement ‘and’ and ‘or’
- If p, then q. If q, then p.

4) Simultaneous linear equation
- equalize the same unknown and take out
Example : 4p - 2q = 15
(2p + 4q = 19) x2 (times 2 to make unknown 4p same)
- don’t use Add Math method, answers will be different.

5) The straight line
- y = mx + c
- gradient, gradient….
- What is c? c (y-intercept) is the point where the line touches the y-axis.

6) Quadratic expressions and equations
- ‘solve the equation’ is to find the unknown
- change the equation of the question into this form
- factorise by your own or using calculator
- must state x = ?, x = ?, there will be 2 answers

7) Matrices
- will mostly ask inverse matrix
- if you’re not sure about the answer, check if the whole outcome is identical to the inverse matrix in the question.
- the answer in a) is related to b)

8) Area and perimeter of circles (same as number 1)
- 2πr (perimeter or circumference) and πr2 (area)
- (angle/360 degree) x the formulae above for the area or perimeter of certain part

9) Probability
- is more of (number / total number).
- the formulae given are plain useless
- final answer is never less than 0 or more than 1, 1 > answer > 0

10) Gradient and area under a graph
- based on speed/ time graph
= distance is area of the graph
= rate of change of velocity is gradient of the graph
= speed is based on the graph (seldom being asked)
- beware of total distance and total speed

Can be varied each year
1) Sets (2004 and 2006)
- shading based on the questions (intersection or union)
- beware of the complement such as A’

2) Graph of functions (2005 and 2007)
- the inequalities (upper line is >, lower line is <)
- if slanted line, you can imagine it into horizontal straight line. Same concept as above.

What’s the conclusion? 2008 will be ‘Sets’! Wow, I can predict what will come out in this year’s SPM. :D

Paper 2 (Section B) Answer 4 questions
1) Graph of functions
- Linear functions (less likely to come out as it’s a straight line after plotted)
- Quadratic functions (2004 and 2005)
- Cubic functions (2007)
- Reciprocal functions (2006)
= this question is easy because you can detect the type of graph after you plot it.
= elastic ruler is recommended
= x-axis and y-axis should be stated in the graph

2) Transformation
- Translation
- Reflection
- Rotation
- Enlargement ( careful with the word ‘to’ and ‘from’ because it determines the image would be smaller or bigger)
= combination of transformation like VT
-do T before V. It's some kind of law.

3) Statistic
- Histogram ( 2004 and 2005)
= x-axis the upper boundary with an additional lower boundary at the front of the graph
= y-axis is frequency
- Frequency Polygon (2006)
= x-axis is midpoint
= y-axis is frequency
- Ogive (2007)
= x-axis is upper boundary
= y-axis is cumulative frequency
= additional upper boundary should be added to the table
= x-axis and y-axis should be stated in the graph

My school hasn’t come to these chapters below, but I will try my best to explain it.
4) Plans and elevations
-well I’m not sure but what I can see is you must be able to imagine the solid from every side
-plan is looked from above
-elevation is looked from the side of the solid
-the length and the edge (ABCD) should be stated correctly
-similar to a chapter of the living skills in PMR

5) Earth as a sphere
-no comment because I’m not going to explain something that I’m not sure
-latitude is vertical and longitude is horizontal of the sphere
-nautical mile

If you concentrate on these chapters and do a lot of past year questions, I’m sure getting A1 in Maths is not a matter for you. Choose the 4 questions that you’re confident in section B paper 2. Do all questions if you think you have much time to spend for taking a nap. Why study more if you know what kind of questions will come out?

Additional Tips
1) You know doesn’t mean you can get correct, try to make less careless mistakes in each paper.
2) See through the questions word by word as there will be some tricky part in the questions, especially ‘to’ and ‘from’ in enlargement.
3) Don’t be sad if you do badly in trial SPM because the odd might come to you in SPM.
4) Be sure to study smart, not study hard. Hope this helps.
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  1. I'm 16 this year, taking SPM next year.
    I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that "If you get 90% marks in Maths, you may have potential to get 40% marks in Add Maths."
    I'm form 4 this year but my teacher skipped the whole chapter on Probability. And it scares me hearing seniors in Form 5 saying that Probability is an important chapter.
    Anyway, Modern Maths is indeed easier than add maths!
    Thanks for posting this! ^^

  2. I also agree with that statement.
    I am a student who is taking SPM this year.

    An advice:
    If you don't know how to solve some questions, skip it first. It may waste your time and you also may not have enough time to solve the questions behind. Solve the question behind and come back to it.

    During my trial, there is a question in the paper is wrongly typed and I spent a lot of time in that question.

    So, I skipped that question and proceed with the rest. I worked with that question after that until the time is over. I never solved that question because I did not realise that the correction is written at the whiteboard. Some of my friend too.

    They complained that they spent too much time at that question and they do not have enough time to do the questions at the back.

    Moral of my experience:
    1. Do not spend too much time on one question.

    2. Make sure you look at the whiteboard when you cannot solve 'wrongly typed' question as the correction may be written there.

    Just another tip: When you do not know about the formula, don't be scared. The formulas is given in the paper.

    Good luck to all students who are taking SPM this year.

  3. i m quite surprise with wat the writer wrote. Paid lotz of effort. i appreciate a lot.N i hope others can get benefits from it too.

    Well, i m also a student taking SPM this year。Moden maths is thousand times easier than Addmath~ i support this statement.

    Since form 4 i catched up well in mathmo. maybe i had a good teacher.^^ but it was different in addmath. i got a "B" for addmath before.Destroyed my plan to score straight A's.

    Err...maybe i got no tuition for addmath. Everythings have to settle by myself.N my school teacher seem to'drive'too fast,so i end up in desperate way...

    I will be very nervous when sitting for addmath's exam. Even a test. Dun noe why...feeling stress tat end up everything blank in my mind~ Sob~ almost everybody in class got tuition for addmaths.. except me.N i m the top student in class....tat stress....i cant describe..

    but after the trial, i seem more confident.i told myself to relax. N tat really worked. Human's brain will not function well in chaos mood.

    Back to mathmo,what my advise is ~dun be too confident with urself~
    eventhou u are well-prerared.==

    for addmaths, i think i cant talk much. The only thing is dun be too nervous..let God decide what will happen..at least u had tried ur best.

    Lastly. i hope coming days will have more post about science subjects..etc, Bio,Che,Physics.
    Thankx a lot...

  4. hey i took SPM last year.. and i must say that Maths is one of the easiest paper to score... anyone need help? im willing to help... my fav topic was earth as a sphere... =D... gdluck ppl!! =D

  5. im an ex form 5...tot i help out and give some tips...

    chem - do as many past years' papers as you can... you will be able to get the flow of it....questions are usually repeated each year.. i used to fail my chem in form 4, but once i get the hang of it, my marks were getting better in form 5..e.c.s is very important... in the end, got A1 for SPM...luv chem till now...

    phys - practice as much as you can...noe the applications.. understand the concept... memorising does not really help, try understanding it...

    Bio - memorise memorise!! ahaha.. most questions are repeated as well, so past years' papers!! =)

    Addmaths - fav subject... if you think u are unable to get the answer, is okay, just do watever you can and you may get some marks becos of that... this was wat i always tell my friends.. and it helps... if you do not noe at all,move on.. dun waste time...

    maths - maths shudnt b a problem actually... my classmates used to joke around saying that maths syllabus is almost similar to english lessons...

    accounts - excel in both dokumentasi and penyata... that was wat my teacher used to say...

    moral - noe the technique of answering the question and you will be fine... used to focus on the definition of the moral values.. didnt help much... so knowing the technique of writing is important as well..

    gdluck to all SPM 2008 students... im willing to help out anyone who needs help...

  6. hye..
    thanks for the super-helpful last minute tips form MAths.
    may all the SPM candidates 2008 succeed..~~

  7. Hey, I can't believe the reception of this post will be that good. I'm the author of this post. :) I may give brief tips on other subjects too.

    Bio - No choice but to memorize the important terms and facts. However, there's a good thing in essay part, inheritance about the outcome from the parents are very popular as it's simple to get 20 marks. Do some research and refer past year and other states' questions and scheme :)

    Chem - If I'm given a chance to write a post again, I may write for this topic. :D Remember all ECS's position and charges using alternative method like 'Kalau NaK Kahwin Mesti Ada Zakar Fitra Supaya Perkahwinan Kekal Abadi'. Then you have to memorize the colour of the substances and experiment as essay part always ask for experiment. Anyway, do other states' questions with scheme can solve these problems.

    Phy - I always heard physics cannot be memorised. Well, explain the safety features of the car (10marks) and you cannot get full marks without memorizing. Take a look on past year questions, physics still needed to memorize. However, having good theory is best way to score A1 in Physics. Take more time on choosing material in essay part.

    Add Math - there's actually some formula not given in Add Math. I may post it if there's demand on it. Most students don't have good basic on each chapter so they screwed up on other questions. You must analyze each questions you have done because same questions will be asked every year. Put more time on Paper 2's Section B and C, then you will find Paper 1 is like Physics' Paper 3. :P

    Moral - memorize till you feel like you don't have life. Well, be a smart memorising student. Memorize definition for those easier to come out like Bertanggungjawab, rasional, cinta akan nagara, mematuhi peraturan dan undang-undang, hidup bersama secara aman dan saling membantu dan bekerjasama. Also seek for the way to answer essay part. Who says Moral is hard? It's still easier than digesting whole history books.

    What did you realize? All subjects are memorizing subjects.

  8. Can the admin or anyone give stpm tips and trial exam paper from each state for download?

  9. I guess you all won't believe this, but often times my add maths marks is higher than maths marks... maybe I am too complacent in Maths... erm...

    But I think, to excel in maths, one really needs to lot's of pratice. Then you will surely get the hand of it.

  10. i m form 4 this year. For me add.math is easy than model math.. maybe i just form 4 student only got the basic of add.math. For me model math the most hard part is all about the angle.. ever my add.math get A in monthly test but my model math get C.. sometime is see a student got put effort to learn or not.

  11. hi!modern maths is easy to score when you do a lot of practises.The same thing goes for add maths.however mod maths is much more easier than add maths of course.DOING ADD MATHS EVERYDAY REALLY WORKS.!!SO, GOOD LUCK FOR BOTH.!

  12. Hi..i think maths and add maths is more easier than history and economics and this trial exam my add maths and maths paper get higher than 90%,but history less than 40%......so sad!!!!

  13. whoa..nice one la.good good good.anyway,as the sating goes,practice make perfect.so,gud luck!

  14. sejarah paper1 08 answers:
    i find all da answer in text book =.="
    2-A PG-33
    3-B PG-43
    4-A PG-43
    5-C PG-76
    6-B PG-77
    7-A PG-102
    8-B PG-102
    9-B PG-120
    10-? P-133
    11-C P-151
    12-A P-166
    13-C P-180
    14-C P-190
    15-A P-197
    16-A P-201
    17-D P-222
    18-D P-216
    19-B P-err..4gotten
    20-A P-259
    21-D P-16
    22-D P-16
    23-D P-15
    24-A P-33&36
    25-B P-68
    26-D P-88
    27-D P-100
    28-A P-95
    29-D P-108
    30-B P-121
    31-C P-117
    32-A P-146
    33-C P-143
    34-A P-179
    35-C P-166
    36-D P-202
    37-A P-198
    38-C P-233
    39-A P-246
    40-D P-252
    searched by me: -ikki- T-T

  15. there is something wrong in ur answer...
    d 2nd ans should b B...
    the art of war of sun tzu "digunakan sebagai taktik dlm perniagaaan hari ini."

  16. i just want to know if they will mark all your answers for paper 2 for mod math the section b part..i did all of it but im sure 1 of the q's is wrong..plz help!!

  17. Do anyone have an answer for Mathematics paper 1 SPM 2008.

  18. im sorry~
    my mistake~~
    i've got wrong 4 dat~
    yea, da answer is B...


  19. hey.. about SEJARAH paper 1..
    question no. 22
    is it da asnwer is D [ tuntutan kemerdekaan] ??
    coz lots of my friends said it is B [penindasan oleh penjajah] !!

  20. assalamualaikum.i want to ask you about mathematic result for spm paper 1.why you do not insert that in this blog?

  21. The Answer for Mathematics Paper 1 SPM 2008 is

    1.C 2.B 3.C 4.C 5.B 6.A 7.D 8.A 9.D 10.C

    11.B 12.A 13.D 14.B 15.A 16.B 17.B 18.C 19.C 20.A

    21.B 22.A 23.D 24.B 25.A 26.D 27.B 28.C 29.C 30.B

    31.A 32.D 33.A 34.D 35.D 36.C 37.C 38.B 39.A 40.D

    If my answer is wrong please tell me.

  22. answers for sejarah some are wrong
    22. B
    are you sure that all is correct?

  23. Answer of mathematics
    19. D
    26. B

  24. i think the answer 4 the que 22 in sj paper 1 was B..pleasz refer 2 page 15 in form 5 teks book..

  25. wait no, 26 is D (maths)

  26. add math, xde soalan bocor ke????
    tip ke, soalan spot ke?
    help me

  27. assalamualaikum.i wonder if any of you got answers for the pendidikan islam's objective question or some physics tips.

  28. i've got da answers for BIOLOGY PAPER1...!!
    anyone would like to have it??

  29. I wan BIOLOGY Paper 1 answer. Can u post it? thanxz

  30. I wantttt! Biobiobioo
    Screwed up my paper 3. it was so hard :(
    I got my values wrong.
    Ripple effect? Would it cost my observation and graphs to be wrong too?
    Cause if it does, I just lost 20+ MARKS. Ahhh!

  31. i also screwed out my paper 3 BIO..!!
    ecspecially da question 2..
    it's really unfortune..!!
    ok i will write da answer now.


    01.C 02.B 03.A 04.C 05.B 06.D 07.B 08.A 09.B 10.C
    11.B 12.C 13.B 14.A 15.C 16.D 17.A 18.A 19.C 20.D
    21.B 22.C 23.B 24.D 25.A 26.C 27.A 28.D 29.C 30.A
    31.D 32.A 33.D 34.C 35.B 36.C 37.C 38.D 39.B 40.B
    41.B 42.C 43.B 44.B 45.B 46.D 47.B 48.D 49.C 50.D

  32. if da answer above wrong please let me know...! =]

  33. Hmmm...

    The last. It's chiasma worh, cause the genetic information isnt exchanged yet.
    And carbon doesnt cause ozone damage, chlorine does.
    29) is artificial ACTIVE immunity, so shouldnt it be vaccine?
    26) is eutrophication right? Algae marh.
    19) Potato is full of starch. Shouldnt it be spinach? o___o
    13) I think it's C
    10) You sure arh?
    8) It's D. Seriously.
    5) I thought it was A! 20% is more conc than 10% right?
    4) D, i thought. No ATP.
    2) WHY IS IT the HEART!?!?!!? WHYYYY?

    But thanks man ;)I screwed up my paper 3 like hell. Die pleurococcus sp.

  34. Can you post Chemistry paper 1 answer?

  35. Sorry bro, I agree with hs comment.
    29A,26A,19B,13C,10A,8D,5A,4C,2A,44A,27C,22D,14B...., anyway thnks 4 sharing.

  36. sorry.. it think i wrongly read da answers.. i will rewrite da asnwers again..

    01.C 02.A 03.A 04.C 05.A 06.D 07.B 08.D 09.B 10.A
    11.B 12.C 13.C 14.A 15.C 16.D 17.A 18.A 19.B 20.D
    21.B 22.C 23.B 24.D 25.A 26.A 27.C 28.D 29.A 30.A
    31.D 32.A 33.D 34.C 35.B 36.C 37.C 38.D 39.B 40.B
    41.B 42.C 43.B 44.B 45.B 46.D 47.B 48.D 49.C 50.A

    check da answers from da textbook if ur curiousity turns u up..!

    01.C 02.A 03.A 04.D 05.A 06.D 07.B 08.D 09.B 10.A 11.B 12.C 13.B 14.B 15.C 16.D 17.A 18.A 19.B 20.D 21.B 22.D 23.A 24.D 25.A 26.A 27.C 28.D 29.A 30.A 31.D 32.A 33.D 34.C 35.B 36.C 37.C 38.C 39.B 40.B 41.B 42.C 43.B 44.A 45.D 46.D 47.B 48.B 49.C 50.A

  38. This is answer for Chemistry..
    01.C 02.A 03.D 04.C 05.D 06.B 07.A 08.B 09.C 10.D 11.C 12.B 13.B 14.D 15.A 16.D 17.B 18.A 19.B 20.C 21.A 22.A 23.A 24.C 25.C 26.D 27.C 28.A 29.A 30.D 31.B 32.A 33.C 34.D 35.A.36.A 37.C 38.A 39.B 40.B 41.C 42.C 43.B 44.B 45.C 46.C 47.A 48.B 49.B 50.C

    Enjoy it!!! huahua...

  39. Oh my god! Here has become the place for getting SPM paper 1 answer. Anyway the spot for mathematics paper 2 question 1 was correct right? It's set!

    Can anyone comment if this mathematics tips' post useful for you guys?

    Anyway, SPM is so tiring. Last time aiming with flying colours, now only hope it's over as soon as possible.

    I can't believe that now I just left EST paper. After checking the answers above for objective, my answers were like less than 7 incorrect answers for every paper (proud). I was so relieved and hoped paper 2 and attain more marks since paper 3 in bio chem and phy were like screwed up. :P

    And also please post EST answer here tomorrow. :P

  40. number 4 is C la for biology..!!
    it is active transport!!

  41. heyy.. chemistry tu jawapan die btol ke hhaaa??
    apsal byak yg salah? cbe check balik..!!

  42. bobby, active transport must have ATP maa.,.

  43. chemistry answers sure correct? different with mrsaimun.blogspot.com
    btw, bio which 1 is correct? THE REAL ANSWER or the 1 above it?

  44. it is facilitated diffusion..
    active transport needs atp..
    i sucks on biology maaa...
    don't know what kind of grades i will get..
    what can i say is dat BIOLOGY was harder than PHYSICS!

  45. overall, all the paper 3 were tough this year.. i screwed up almost all my paper 3.. sigh.. anyone knows what's the minimum marks to secure an a1 in those science subjects?

  46. the answer for biology... shouldn't it be B?
    hormone J is oestrogen while hormone K is progesterone, right?
    oestrogen is to repair endometrium while drop of level of progesterone cause the endometrium to disintegrate and cause menstruation, isn't it?

  47. actually da minimum frade to score for da usual SPM scheme is as follow...

    * 1A (75 & above)
    * 2A (70 & above)
    * 3B (65 & above)
    * 4B (60 & above)
    * 5C (55 & above)
    * 6C (50 & above)
    * 7D (45 & above)
    * 8E (40 & above)(pass)
    * 9G (39 & below)(fail)

    source from WIKIPEDDIA...

    but actually da graph maybe will be increase or decrease depend on da KECEMERLANGAN of da students.. if lots of them got A.. da graph will increase.. example subject maybe EST.. if lots of student failed.. maybe da graph will increase and da failure maybe pass like from grade 9G to 5C or maybe 4B... well.. we cant predict da result.. it's all up to da ministry of education who will decide.. let just pray to score straight A's in our SPM 2008.. insya-ALLAH... aminn.. =]

    Ipoh, PERAK..

  48. Actually, question 4 should be facilitated diffusion.
    1) Diagram doesn't have ATP energy stated
    2) The movement of ions is from high concentration to low concentration
    3) Pore protein only carries glucose and amino acid.
    4) Carrier proteins carry charged ions.
    - active transport occurs in sodium potassium pump
    - facilitated diffusion occurs in less electropositivity such as calcium ion etc...

    Btw, A1* and A1 is different. It's confidential too. A1* means you get the real and deserving A1 while A1 is kinda like fake grade which might be A2 or less. XD Anyway, who cares as long as it's A1. Science subjects have to so many students below passing marks and thus, it's easier to score since the graph is lowered.

  49. My teacher said that for subject like chemistry,biology and physics the passing marks is 20 and above..and if u get 55 and above its either A2 or A1...

  50. how is it possible that 50 or 55 n above is A1? usually we have only a small number who managed to secure an A1 in all science subjetcs.. i dont think is that low...... probably 70 or 75 n above...

  51. dear bro's,,I'm a STPM student this yr,,When I flip through the BIo1,,it's so so so so easy,, and when i just came to this postings,, Question 10's answer is rely sickening..It's nt right at all,,, A cat has 38 chromosomes,,after meiosis 2,each gammete will posess 19 chromosomes,, bt it doesnt separate in meiosis 1 it means 1 has xtra and 1 has less, answer is 18,,,,

  52. im taking spm moder nmath july paper but i dont know is it going to be as hard as 2007 paper.and what is the fromat?is it going to be difficult as the normal spm ?what shoul i prepare?the reason why i retake spm is because in order to enroll in local IPTA u got to have at least a credit for your mod math! even now my CGPA is 3.6 u still cannot enroll!! please help

  53. i bad in addmath..
    wat can i do..to lot practice i do..
    dun noe..

  54. i'm s00oo bad in add math,maa..
    juz g0t 50% 4 test...huuaarrghh!!

    d0n n0e what 2 do,mehh..
    but pratice makes perfect,rght??

    4 me too..(0_0)..huhuhu

  55. I'M form 4 this year.I only got 3a's 3b's and 1 c for my PMR.I was very depressed.I was expecting at least for 5a's.I am still sad now and i still coudn't believe that i got only 3A'S.Even my UPSR result was better.At least i got 4A's.I got 85 for geografi but in PMR,i got C!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so so so sad.I never thought all the effort i put on all my subjects are all wasted and useless.I finally manage to get into science stream and so far i'm doing well.I hope i'll pass my SPM result successfully.I don't want to face another failure in my life.Eventhough i am not a top student in my school,i will try my best to become one and i hope everyone out there won;t end up like me.Try your best and don't ever take anything for granted.Believe me you'll regret if you do so.
    Thank you for posting this comment which i consider a sad story of mine!

  56. hello you guys.. i'm graduate student from ipta..i want to share my some of my xperience with you guys here.. actually, when i was in Form 4 and Form 5, i was really bad in modern math and some other subjects too (because i play too much that time^^)..i always got D for my modern math and F for my add math (may be because i didnt like the teachers for those 2 subjects..hehe..)
    then, about 2 weeks before the SPM, i started to do past years papers, trial papers from another schools and city.. and guess what i got for my SPM!huhu.. i got 1A for my Modern Math , and 2A for Add math..hehe.. so, my advise is..do a lots of xercise! do past years papers! and last but not least..please dont hate your teacher..hehe..dont be like me lor..huhu..
    SPM means a lot u know..your future depends on it..ermm..well, if u dont do well in SPM, u still have STPM and Matriculation..but believe me, you will regret it later if you dont do well in SPM.. i think thats all.. all the best you guys^^

  57. I'm the author for this post. I just got my SPM result and it's straight As (7A1 3A2) which is a part of the 6000++ straight As students. I'm quite glad since I was graduated from a not so well known school. Thx for the support for this post!

  58. the add math and math spm standard is not high at all just do all the past year question.In the end, u will probably get A in your exam.........Honestly speaking, when u enter college the normal math is tough unlike math spm. The syllubus is all from add math so add math is quite important. If u can score well in your add math, there shouldn't be a problem for u when u take pre-university course such as SAM, cambridge A-level, CIPU,AUSMAT and so on

  59. Thanks for the useful tips. I wasn't so good in Maths but after lots of practice, I'm able to answer questions with confidence. Are there any other tips to obtain as many marks as one can?

  60. For statistics, are you required to draw histograms and cumulative frequency curves in spm exams?

  61. did u have 2009 mathematic tips???

  62. mmcm ne nk wat kte mnat kt math?????tell me plesssss......

  63. I want to comment something on the Mathematics of SPM. The first and foremost is, don't too emphasis on tips. Tips is not the correct way to survive in mathematics. Moreover, avoid yourself for excessive emphasize on practicing past years questions. The moderate amount is enough. Before your examination, the most important thing you need to do is make sure that you really grasp the concepts of Mathematics. In addition, if your teachers are half-baked products from local university, you have to take the INISIATIVE without relying on tuition or spoon-feeding.

  64. lolx
    its 6:36am now and my SPM math paper will strt on 8AM!!
    thx 4 these last minute notes though
    God bless =)

  65. plez help me...i don't understand math modern subject..bcoz...the teacher teach like...huh..!!!until now im stilll angry with myself...ermmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  66. any tips of the way to faham more when the teacher ajar ?
    or how to do revision at home ?

  67. this blog is very usefull.tq

  68. hi.. im taking spm this year..i really weak in math... i didn't pay attention in math since i was in form 2.. so how can i improve my math?...thanks

  69. Based on the mathematics analysis, I'm guessing that maybe sets will come out for 2010 spm...

  70. Hello there...

    Im 18.. n i re-sit for spm exam his year. i'm a nursing students. My major problem now is.. i can't focus eventho math is quite easy. but i still can't figure out each question. However, i do understand the concept but i can't really understand it. I forgot how to study modern math, its sounds silly but yeah.. it is really hard not to studies at school, im stdying at home. No one teach me.. i think that is my mayor probs.. i don't have place to ask.. what should i do now??

  71. hi, it is weird actually, i can score add maths but not maths,bcos add maths can give many answers as we want unlike maths you should give only one answer,if more they will choose the least mark,bcos maths is understanding,add maths not.one girl from my tuition she never passes her add maths until her trial,but spm she scored A+.she really work hard after her trial.she didnt compare her results with others.confidence in ourseves can change everything.just ignore the smarty's and do much practise study smart at last minute.do all the trial papers from 2008-2011.it will make difference in ur grade.trust urselfand just keep moving. so maths and add maths is just easy .

  72. So the Maths subjects in SPM is it different between Art and Science students, or both take the same paper?

  73. A good post to help out SPM students. Mathematics at SPM is no fear. To be or not to be, that is the only question.

  74. What if I'm not good in maths during lower form? Like I mostly don't mastered most of the topics because I don't listen during teacher teaching in class

  75. hello,i am 16 years old. i don't learn anything so far.on my previous upsr 4 years ago, i get A in mathemathic. but after i went to new school,the school is special. they don't focus on academic so i really don't know what to do with me, how i can take spm next year?how?. and sometimes i feel give up but after i see how my other friends are struggling for the spm, it's make me motivated but at the same time make me feel sad.so anyone know, how can i learn spm subject in this short time? i want to success. i really want..


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