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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Writing Contest Winners

Posted by Chong

About three weeks ago, we held a writing contest on this blog to reward loyal readers. A few readers wrote and sent in posts (articles/essays) to take part in this writing contest. The winners are selected based on the quality of writing and usefulness of the content. In other words, will our readers benefit from the post after reading it?

I had a difficult time choosing the winners as most of entries are very well written yet the prizes are limited. All entries will be published on this blog on the coming Wednesdays. For those who do not win this contest, please do not give up and I hope you learn something during the process. Thanks for your participation. Perhaps having more than 2600 subscribers and more than a thousand readers reading your post can be considered as the consolation prizes?

Now it is the time for me to announce the winners. The winners are Afiqah Syamimi binti Masrani, Oh Coyin, 23 and AWhite. Winners will be contacted shortly for prize redemption.

Prizes: Student Web Hosting Package X 4

Each of them has just won a one-year Xtudent Hosting Plan worth RM99. Exabytes' Xtudent hosting plan is a web hosting package specially designed to meet students' web hosting needs and affordably priced at RM99 per year (just RM8.25 per month!). It offers 5GB monthly bandwidth transfer, 1GB web space and one free top level domain worth RM55.

One of the many interesting features offered by this student hosting plan is the pre-installed scripts, which enables you to create a full-fledged blog, forum or photo gallery within a few clicks without any hassle. Besides credit card and PayPal, payment can also be made via cash deposit to Exabytes' Public Bank account.

The 4 winning posts (in no particular order):

Policy vs Practice: The Multicultural and Anti-Racism Education in Malaysia's National School by AWhite
Malaysian Students by 23
My Ups and Downs as a YES Scholar by Oh Coyin
Marks Aren't Everything! by Afiqah Syamimi binti Masrani

Exabytes Xtudent hosting plan

Other entries:

Art is Fun! by Tany
Are students entitled for the substance commonly known as Health? by 3POINT8
Why do public school students discriminate private school students? by Richmond
Should form 6 examination be replaced with a better pre-u examination? by Ang Meow Ning
Why The Monthly Tests Should Not Be Abolished? by Ong Ru Shan
Is Examination a Reliable Assessment? by AWhite
Filling Up Your Resume by Faisal
Scoring Band 6 in MUET on your first try by Manager
SPM Mathematics Tips by Bobby Ng
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  1. Congratulations for those who've won! And good work from those other contestants too!

    Seems like this competition is quite popular, maybe next time we'll have more?

  2. Will you guys be showcasing the winning entry?

  3. Congratulations for the winners!
    Thanks for all your hard works and times to take participate in this contest! =)
    Keep it up and don't give up if you didn't win anything.
    At least,you learnt how to type an article~ Appreciate it a lot!

  4. can't wait to read the submitted articles! :)

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